One of the lines I’ve learned from Maitreya over the years is, “How do you know?” It tends to usually come up in the context of what some ancient wise man or holy book supposedly said. The conversations a lot of times turn quite passionate, as we tend to get on our high horses and pontificate what we believe to be. I must confess, I am as guilty of this as the next guy. It is really tough sometimes when one is confronted with a different point of view from his or her childhood rearing, or a new piece of information that seems to fit their thinking or situation at the time; but upends an old way of thinking that has been held dear. But, at the end of the day, what may be sacrosanct to one individual or group may be folly to another; only the Universe knows.

Taking this concept a step further into our everyday life, which is where we all spend the majority of our lives no matter how we try to escape it, many things happen to us along our journey. Some of it seems to benefit us, and give us great joy, fulfillment, and contentment, but other times the results bring us much sorrow, anger, resentment, or jealously to name just a few. Why is that? If it was only due to our current actions, then if I constantly do good, why do unfortunate things still happen to me, or other good people? I think you could agree that it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I, just like you, have had many things happen to me in life that could be termed good, and in some cases could be termed less-than-good. I am sure that my actions could also fall into those two categories as well. But, I have had a very unique thing happen to me that I feel not many individuals get to experience. About ten years ago, I came to meet Maitreya, as I became an integral part of his channel’s life. Now some may be surprised to know that the good and no-so-good experiences continued as I continued to make my choices.

What did change is that I was in a most fortunate position to have things explained to me once I made a choice and a subsequent outcome transpired. It would be very similar to taking an exam in school, then going over the test with the teacher. What I also came to realize is that Maitreya did not always know what the specific outcome of my choice would be beforehand.

I will give you an example. I think it was December of 2007, Margaret told me she had a strong feeling we should do a couple things prior to her children and grandchildren arriving for the holidays from Australia. She felt we should buy an electrical generator in case we lose power, and she also felt we should buy some portable water fountains for the living area where the guests would be staying.

To me these were just “honey-dos” that were debatable. I bought the water fountains, but I put up an Oscar winning performance on why we didn’t need a (expletive) generator for God’s sake. For those that know me, I can tend to get a little passionate at times, and maybe just a tad stubborn. The water fountains were to control the energy in the space that 4 adults and 5 grandchildren were going to be living in. Metaphysically speaking, we had what is known as a spiritual portal in the house and we had a lot of interesting activity in that house. Maitreya told me the energy in the space would negatively impact the children. He told me it was not part of their life plan to experience these types of energies at this point in time. He informed me the water of the fountains would alleviate the situation.

So what transpired? 3 days before they arrive, we get a massive ice storm that knocks the power out for 6 days. We all end up in hotels, all the food in the house spoils, and in the turmoil I forget to setup the water fountains. 2 days after moving back in, the whole basement floods mysteriously for 6 hours from a toilet. Now, me being the calm soul I am, handled the hotel situation fairly well, Margaret was not a happy camper with her husband; but the flooding of the basement was another matter and tipped me over the edge. I will summarize my conversation with Maitreya minus the expletives. I know I didn’t setup the fountains, but the water in those fountains was not be equal to 6 hours of flooding, so why did “You” guys flood my (expletive) basement.

The answer was like the teacher reviewing the test with the student. He says, “first of all, I told you that you needed water in the basement and second, we didn’t flood your basement. The Universe flooded your basement. We only sense the energy of the event, we don’t always know the specifics of how the Universe is going to solve its problem.”  Wow, this was news to me, my life was in the hands of the Universe?

So now I come full circle. I tend, we all tend, to get all wrapped up in what is right, what is wrong, whose belief or religion or holy writings are correct from 1000’s of years ago, do I need to get revenge because a particular person wronged me, etc. etc. At the end of the day, only the Universe knows, and you, just like me, get to continue to make choices and roll the dice with the Universe in your present situation. But, is it really that bad? If your life is in the hands of the Universe, wouldn’t it make sense to get some knowledge of how the Universe works and how you fit into it?

For me, that is where Maitreya’s teachings opened a whole new level of understanding that made sense to me. What he promotes is quite simple, find out through your astrology who you are and what areas of life you have chosen to learn from during your journey in this lifetime, look into all the trapped past-life energy that will inhibit that journey if you don’t face it and release it, and lastly, embrace those who owe you karma and who you owe karma. With this knowledge, you may find that the choices you make may come from a completely different perspective. One thing is for certain, only the Universe will know if the outcome is going to be good or less-than-good; but I guarantee you, there will be much learning along the way.

In closing, I had a rather significant learning experience this month. As I mentioned in my newsletter Life and Death, last month, my father passed and I prophetically proclaimed I was sure he would surprise me with more learning. I found out that I was dis-inherited; boy that was not what I was expecting, and it hurt and impacted me on many levels. My father and I had a great relationship and talked pretty much once a week. I could go on and on and explain in my truth what transpired, but back to the topic of the newsletter…… Only The Universe Knows!!

I would encourage all to read Maitreya’s latest Wisdom Card, Acceptance; it may provide some insight into when the not-so-good things happen to you.