There is such a strong conditioning in our society today to push to make things happen, to perform many tasks at once and to rush through them. This creates a strong sense of urgency, anxiety and high stress levels in much of humanity today. Urgency is a creation of the Self, worrying about not getting things done correctly, perfectly, or fast enough. The Higher Self already knows when the best timing is (regardless of what others around us may say).

When we are completing tasks out of urgency (which feels much different then an intuitive prompting to complete something), we are much more prone to make mistakes, miss important steps and other pieces of needed information. Whenever you are completing a task, sending an email, making a call, or having a discussion, ask yourself is there a part of me that is doing this out of urgency?

Perhaps that urgency comes from fear of not letting others down, or maybe it comes from a past life experience where you have a fear of authority, fear of betrayal, etc. Whatever energy is at the heart of urgency for you, it will be rooted in some sort of fear.

Many years ago, I used to be so afraid to be even 1 minute late for work. We had a time clock where we had to scan our time card when we arrived. It would be 8:01am, and I would be rushing to scan my card out of fear of getting a negative review. Later on, while still at the same company, I became the person in charge of monitoring attendance. Guess what I was told? The company does not even mark someone as late until they are 11 minutes late or more!

I was wasting so much energy worrying about what might happen, and yet I was never in danger of getting in trouble. However, my Self had me convinced that I had to be in a rush and thinking in urgency each and every morning. This was just my first experience with understanding my Self’s need to push urgency on me. The drive for urgency still pops up every now and again, sometimes triggered by other people, sometimes triggered by past life energy, and others times it is a tool the Self uses to make me feel overwhelmed and stressed-out.

Whenever I feel the urgency coming on, often accompanied by frustration, a sense of panic, and even a faster heartbeat, I know I need to take a break. When this happens I go within and intuitively ask: What do I most need to do in this moment? Sometimes the answer is “Nothing,” other times the answer is a task from my list, and still other times it is a task I had forgotten about, or not even thought about. When the urgency becomes really strong, I have to remind myself; “What is the worst thing that could happen if I do not finish this today?” It is a question I ask to shake up the Self part of me. Usually the Self’s reply is a worst case scenario situation; a totally unrealistic response. However, the answer itself is quite revealing about the past life energy involved.

I have learned that for me, my urgency is rooted in a fear of disappointing others; a fear of not appearing to be capable and perfect. I am sure there are many past life layers here to go through, but at least by having awareness of the topic, I am more able to neutralize the effect of the Self than I would be without this knowledge.

Look to your own life. Do you feel urgency with certain situations, people, or circumstances? Why is this urgency affecting you? What fear is your urgency a mask for? Instead of rushing through your life, take the time to listen. By slowing down and listening to your inner voice, not only will you still be able to complete your tasks on time, but also you will not need to go back and correct that mistakes that were made out of urgency in the first place!