Unsolicited advice and comment

This morning, Maitreya’s quotation “When you make a comment and give an opinion, you stop yourself and others from growing”, is not leaving my mind.

I did exactly that, I gave a comment and an opinion (good heartedly and in the best manner) online and of course, it offended the person. The person asked openly for our opinions and got really annoyed and angry when people gave it. Ego got offended and it’s really sad because I’m talking about a spiritual community.

I was led by that famous quotation:” ask and you shell be given”;) but I completely forgot this “don’t give comment..” Oh, what confusion!

I can see through shadow of self and illusion around this situation, but I couldn’t help but to ask myself why I felt called to try to help a person for who I knew had big issues with receiving help of any kind and is only grateful for compliments; even obviously false ones? Then again, if we are untitled to give comments, but we work as mentors, coaches, therapists, energy workers what is the point of us? Or, better yet, where and when we are supposed to draw a line?

And here we are, after my quick psychological checkup and breath work, I noticed that I’m THE one here with issues and who is annoyed for not receiving any opinion or advice from anyone. I am the one lacking support. Sometimes I feel stuck or I need guidance, sometimes I wish to receive just a sentence, and I’m not getting it. I’m not getting a critique, hate, approval or “good job” applause. Nothing! It’s like I don’t even exist or matter in the world.  So, my conclusion is that I’m not giving myself an approval or credit for anything so why should I expect it from anyone else? Everything is an illusion, we are directors of our life movie, we are creators and manifesters.

My point is, when we feel any of negative or self-destructive emotions trying to blame anyone around us (and, oh boy, it’s so easy to find those escape goats in infinite social media interactions), we should pause and find the answers inside ourselves.

As Maitreya says: ‘There are no accidents, everything is your choice’ and we should, in that manner find connections between dot A) everything is happening because of me and dot B) not taking anything too personally (detachment).

Let’s all be aware of giving unsolicited comments but try being grateful for receiving one when we ask for it.