The month of April has been very energetic and unsettling due to some major planetary movements in the Sky. Chiron changed sign from Pisces to Aries, Mercury Retrograde turned direct, both Saturn and Pluto moved into Retrograde motion and the New Moon in Aries in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, etc. As such, it has created an interesting energy shift. One thing we know is that when we are on the spiritual development or raising our vibration path, we become more sensitive to the energy. Thus, whenever there is an energy change or shift, it will cause within us all sorts of energetic reactions physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We can then become out of sorts, restless and unsettling. This pretty much sums up our current situation. We all somehow felt the dynamic and energetic simulation of the energy shift and honestly, it has not been easy to handle. So we decided to take a day off and to get ourselves out of the house and into nature with the hope that the energy of nature would help us deal with this intensive energy movement.

April is also a special month in WA State as it is the month of a Tulip Festival every year. 2018 is the 35th anniversary of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We had never taken the Tulip tour at the tulip festival before although we had passed through the tulip fields a few times when we went out with Margaret a few years ago. Alan suggested we visit the tulip town attraction in Skagit Valley WA with the hope that it would help us deal with the restless energy. We made the trip last Thursday when it was a sunshiny day.

The owners of the Skagit Valley Bulb Farm, THE DEGOEDE BROTHERS, were immigrants from Holland during World War II. They eventually started their own business in 1948, and then started the Windmill Gardens’ Nursery greenhouse, show gardens and flower business. The most incredible gift they have brought to the WA state, and to the tourists from around the world is to have successfully migrated tulips from Holland to WA, USA. The very first tulip grower started next to their farm. The tulips and tulip fields they have farmed each year have become one of the most beautiful tourist attractions and have enabled so many people to enjoy the wonders of color, beauty and entertainment.

I visited the international Tulip festival in 1996 in Holland while I was doing a one-year post-doctoral fellowship research project there. Holland is the home of Tulips. That visit was my first time seeing Tulips with different colors, types and shapes in my life. I was so impressed and intrigued by their colors and beauty. Thus, I was more excited and eager to see the tulips here in WA, USA.

The Tulips in Tulip Town are absolutely beautiful and vibrant. The different flowers with their different colors not only contain the healing energy of the flowers, but also the specific vibrational healing energy of the colors. The healing power is greatly intensified, more prominent and powerful. Indeed, the moment we were exposed to the tulips in the field, we felt their positive vibration and healing as if each color was embracing us with unconditional love and total acceptance – the yellow Tulip having such uplifting and fun loving energy; the deep magenta Tulip sending its’ powerful healing energy to each of its’ visitors for deep and multilevel healing; the purple tulip awakening and making connection to the spiritual energy of each visitor; the magenta and pink tulips radiating the most beautiful compassionate and unconditional love to the surroundings and to every visitor; the orange tulip stimulating our imagination and creativity and the white tulip assisting us to connect to the light within and to the universe…; No wonder as we finished the walking circle around the tulip field, we all felt rejuvenated and refreshed, and we were happy and more grounded in the here and now. All the restless and unsettling energy was dissipated. It was indeed the most wonderful and powerful energetic experience! Nature surrounds us with priceless healing remedies and medicine. Undeniably, the power of love and healing of the tulips is freely given to all the people who are walking around them, and is beyond  our imagination. It is indeed a precious and invaluable gift to all of us from the Universe!