Victim or Student

This is your play and everyone in your life is playing a supporting role in your little drama that we call the life experience. I remember Maitreya stressing that everyone is mirroring for you an aspect of yourself that you don’t want to see. Your lower-self will do all it can to try and prevent you from seeing that aspect of yourself, it will fool you into assuming the role of the victim and unfortunately your emotions will prevent you from seeing the learning opportunity that the Universe is trying to show you. This is the trap of the lower self and it is so easy to fall into. As one of my early teachers, Peter use to say, “The Self is a formable foe” and Maitreya would often use that line in his channelings.

I know I am guilty of playing the “Victim” quite often, it is so easy to fall into the trap of the emotions of the moment and get carried away by blaming someone else for the pain or frustration I am feeling. My emotions will often drag the “Self” of others into my scenario to comfort me and validate my need to be right. The “Self” can be so crafty and have you believing the most preposterous things when it triggers your emotions.

What is lost in the emotions of the moment is that the energy playing out is from another time and those villain’s playing in your drama are just triggering the energy. So, when you hit them with your anger, frustration, hatred or contempt, they are blindsided by your actions and it may cause real harm to them. We can hope that the Universe has setup your reaction to trigger something for them to learn from, but that shouldn’t be the justification for your actions.

Jean and I have just finished teaching a Master’s of Metaphysics course in Beijing and an ugly scenario played out in all its glory on day 4 of the 5-day course. The scary and out-of-control energy from a past-life for one of the students came to the surface in all its glory. Fortunately, we had seen this drama play out before in our own lives and past classes, so we drew on all our experiences to navigate the situation as best as possible and turn it into a real-live teaching moment.

I remember a scenario in my own life with my son when he was about 5-years old. He did something that triggered so much anger in me and I took my belt in the heat of the moment and made him bend over and I gave him a spanking. After a couple of whacks, I caught myself and suddenly had the scary realization in that moment that he triggered in me what my mother had done to me as a child. It was chilling experience for me and this class episode reminded me of how easy it is to get lost in the emotion of the moment and take a very stupid action.

It is so critical to not repress the energy when it comes to the surface, but the “student of life” will hopefully have the knowledge to release the energy in a non-destructive way and not let the victim mentality take them down a road that they will regret when the emotions are extinguished. Jean has a plastic bat and she goes in and beats on the poor and helpless bed. Then she comes out and with love in her heart, speaks her truth. I could say often at my expense, but that would be poor Alan playing the victim! LOL

Have a great month and remember that everyone is just a teacher in our curriculum as we attend the school of life.