Virtual Reality
By Laura Elliott

Happy June! It’s hard to believe the year is half over already! Time is flying by and changing so quickly it’s difficult to keep up. The Angels are telling us this month about the illusion of time and how existing in no time is the reality of the Universe. They are providing another lesson for us that will help us to expand our Awareness and to envelop ideas that are foreign to our 3D concept of reality. I hope you enjoy this month’s lesson and find it helpful in your continued growth and journey towards Unity Consciousness.


Today we speak to you of a concept that will be new to you. We offer you a chance to let go of the confines of your 3D reality. A way to accomplish this is to pretend you’re participating in an online gaming platform where the world around feels real yet not real. This is actually what you are already doing with the world as you are experiencing it. You have put yourself inside an online game and have forgotten that you did this and now believe that the game you are in is the “real” world when really it is just a virtual game. Now we ask you to imagine yourself in a virtual world with the parameters we set.

For the purposes of our explaining this new concept to you, pretend that you are in a virtual game where anything is possible. The only limitation is your imagination. In this world there is no time, there is no hate, and there is no fear. You may say, “what a boring game this is” but we tell you that living in perpetual peace is very exciting indeed. In this world there is no judgment, no condemnation, and no requirements to be someone that you are not. All do what they love for the sake of love and all benefit from the input of each and every person.

In this land of “no time” there lives a tribe of people that have never known lack, who have never known fear nor hate.  They exist in each moment that they are in and each person cares for the others by doing what they love and providing and contributing to the community in this way.  There is no homelessness, no poverty, no starvation, and no war. Everyone lives in perpetual peace experiencing unconditional love, forgiveness, and non-judgment. This is the reality of Unity Consciousness, and this is the next step in your spiritual development.

Time is a construct of humanity in an attempt to find control and to make sense of their surroundings. When you again travel through dimensions and portals you will understand how useless the concept of time is. Everything is now wherever you are. The concept of time has no meaning as you cross galaxies and universes, and a true understanding of existing in the moment will truly be realized when you experience this.

You are currently struggling to hold onto this concept of time that you have but it will soon be extinct. The harder you hold onto this decaying concept, the harder for you it is to move forward in your growth and expansion. Do not bemoan the loss of time but find the freedom in timelessness. You are holding yourselves back by insisting on holding onto a concept that is becoming archaic and unnecessary. You no longer need this marking of time as you have used it up until now. While it may be necessary for you to float in between the old and the new during this transition period, you make it overly hard on yourself by keeping a death grip on this and many other concepts that no longer serve you in this time of change. Let go and truly experience each moment that you are in when you can, and then function in the old 3D pattern only when it is required by the situation.

In this virtual game that you are participating in on Earth, you are the creator and participant in the game. And while there is the one that created the major components of the game there are many things you yourself created through your choices when setting up the game. At times, these components may change as you “level up”. Freedom of choice is left to you as the player and the participant. But the overall programming of the game was the Creator who set the rules that all must abide by.

We are reminding you now that it is time for you to awaken to the understanding of the virtual game playing out around you and to the part you have played in structuring that game. It is time to let go of these concepts that no longer serve you as you transition into a new Being of Light that will no longer be constrained within or by the game. You are ready now to move beyond the limiting experience of this dimension. A part of this process is releasing what no longer serves you, and one of those things is the concept of time, because the concept of time inhibits your understanding of the true vastness of the entirety of the Being that you are.

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author of With Love, From Your Angels (Balboa Press). She offers private and group consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, inner guidance, and personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from