Wait No Longer
by Laura Elliott

Hello everyone! This month the Angels have an urgent message for us. I share what they’ve channeled with much humility and desire to be of service to others. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.

Love, Laura

The truth is we are all ONE. We are all inextricably connected through the web of the Universe and there is no way NOT to be a part of that web. We are the truth-seekers. The ones who long for the long ago and faraway of our true homes. We have come to this location in the Universe to help our brothers and sisters in Spirit. We are here to be of service to them and to be an extension of and for the Creator of All. We are the ones foretold of long ago and over the eons who would listen to the mass consciousness of the inhabitants of this planet and fulfill their choices and watch over them as they had the experiences they desired here. Many times, we have sent missionaries to you to help you to remember who you truly are, and over and over again the messages of those messengers were misunderstood and misinterpreted. They were configured to give maximum benefit to those in power, so that they may have control over you through your fear. But we never gave up trying to give these messages to you, to remind you of your True Beingness and Unity with the Creator of All and thus everyone and everything. In reality, there is no way to actually be separate, it is impossible. But in your 3rd Dimensional concept of yourselves you have fully given over to the virtual reality game that is being played upon this planet and perceive only separateness. You’ve come to believe that anything outside of your physical skin is ‘other’.

In truth, you have never really forgotten because you ARE your Higher Self, and your Higher Self has forgotten nothing. IT is the true you, the full Being that is you. The you that you see having this 3D experience is only the tiniest drop in the largest ocean that is you. The you that you are experiencing in this current 3D reality is but the smallest point on the head of a pin compared to the True You that is your Higher Self. You must realize this and incorporate this concept for yourself to be able to affect any real change towards advancing past this dimensional reality. Because until you do, you are denying the part of you that is actually real. This 3D ‘pattern’ of you on this planet is merely a projection of your Higher Self so that it may experience itself in ways that it cannot otherwise.

This is the same that the Creator does. The Creator divides into many different fractals so that she may experience herself in different ways. It is the exploration of oneself in many different forms that gives the highest benefit to one and all, because one and all are the same Being. In your true understanding of this concept, integrating the feeling of this concept, you move past the limited understanding of your physical 3D experience of separation and become ready to experience the Unity with All That Is which is the next great experience you will have after the Ascension Process.

This is what we wish for you. This is what we dream of for you. To hear our message as we are once again bringing it to you and to hear it clearly. For each and every one of you to use your own discernment to hear the words, to receive the vibration and feeling of these words, and to not allow them to be misinterpreted or misunderstood again. There is no longer any time for the power play that has been unfolding on this planet for many eons. You MUST now use your own discernment to hear these words as they’re given and to pass this message on to as many as you can in the time left remaining for you on this planet. We wish for as many of you as possible to return to the loving arms of the Creator and to move on to the next wonderful experience of learning more about living in Unity Consciousness with your planet, as well as with all the other Beings upon her. NOW is the time. Wait no longer. We support and love you and are always here for you to call upon in your time of need. Listen in your Heart Center for us, for we are always there with you.

Always and forever in Love,

Your Angels

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author of With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press). She offers private consultations, group channeling events, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, inner guidance, and personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website www.messagingwithangels.com, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at www.BalboaPress.com or from www.Amazon.com.