Walk Bravely (Proudly) into the NEW Consciousness

Our World is going through a Shift towards a Higher Consciousness and this Shift is dynamic, constantly changing and charging forward. This creates an illusion that our world is coming to an end to some people as more and more Darkness is exposed. Doomsday preppers start to strengthen their underground bunkers, some may even start to hoard canned foods, bottled water, etc..

Let me say that Darkness is in existence since the beginning of mankind. Darkness thrives on the survival instinct of fear and is governed by the Ego. But as more and more souls awaken and reclaim their Light, Darkness Cannot be in Hiding anymore. Look around and you will see more and more Truths are exposed each day. E.g., The Catholic Church’s cover-up was exposed, #MeToo movement, etc. These unfavorable activities have been happening under our very noses and just because one by one of them is being exposed doesn’t mean that our World is becoming worse. Some of you told me that you do not use social media because there is so much negativities going around in this world.

May I say that no matter how gloomy things or situation look to you, have faith that Light is winning. Each and everyone of us carries a spark of Divinity inside us. We create our own reality, and that spark carries the Divine blueprint of Love and Compassion. The COVID pandemic was a re-boot mechanism where everything came to a “standstill”. Some may even argue that it is political. It is not. There cannot be a more synchronized event happening worldwide where everyone, regardless of status, background, beliefs, etc. was affected. No one would have such power to create such synchronicity except the Infinite Source/Creator. Let me give you a metaphor. If you need to upgrade an old system that doesn’t serve you anymore, you need to stop everything, in order to upgrade and reboot your system again. If it is a production system in the factory, you may want to re-oil your equipment, may be include automation, upgrade the software, or even include robotics. Hence, everything has to come to a “standstill”, and it may seem that some people lost their livelihood too in that process as the factory is shut down.

Buddha taught that Life is an Illusion until we are able to pierce through the veil. All is not lost though it may seem so to some people. The Universe brings forth new Tools to help humanity in the “upgrade” as we move into the New Consciousness. As in the metaphor above, one may have lost one’s job but perhaps by learning new “tools”, one may be able to handle the automated system better in the factory. Therefore, hold your head up high and shine the Light within you bright and strong! Walk proudly into the New Consciousness knowing that everything will be better.

I leave you in Peace and Love.

My NEW Mindfulness Meditation Group entitled
“Journey into the New Consciousness” series is meant to prep
you to handle the Shift better by using the new tools available in the new paradigm. This is an Advanced class. The earlier workshop that I taught was “Making Sense of Your Life? To register, please message me with your email and location. This is a monthly class. My Group 1 started in November. Registration will be for Group 2 intake.

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