Walk In Beauty
by Linda Zeppa

It’s winter in Canada, and it is easy to get caught up in the complaining and misery of many who have grown to dislike this time in nature. And so, I choose to look at the bright side. A favorite activity of mine is participating in a Drumming Circle. Recently I was moved by one of the songs, which is known as a Navajo prayer. The words are simple but powerful, especially when accompanied by the drum beats. The words are:

Now I walk in beauty

Beauty is before me

Beauty is behind me

Above and below me

After attending a Drumming Circle recently, this is the writing that came through.

There are times when my eyes become clouded with affairs of the earth and I lose sight of the beauty that is always there. Clear away the guck! Walk. Gaze at the sky. Smile at people. Notice the flowers and plants (indoors here in January).  Feel the fresh cold air. Let the white of the new fallen snow astound you. Yes, it is destined to melt and darken, but that is its purpose. It will nourish and revive the resting world beneath. Remember also that you are always covered in love, and when you choose it will nourish and revive the beautiful Spirit within.

It is said that to walk in beauty is to walk in harmony with all things. In this lifetime, in this world today, it is difficult to always walk in beauty. Find a way! Find an activity that nourishes you, even if it is just for a short time (which has the possibility of stretching into a long time).

Note: I find the wisdom and spirituality of Indigenous people awesome and practical, and have come to admire their courage in attempting to overcome the adversity and pain of the past. I have learned much from those in my area, the Anishinaabe people, and I am so grateful.

Linda Zeppa
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