Walking Inner Earth with The Source

Today’s message in meditation

I was taken to a waterfall and went through it on the other side it was a path that took me to the inner world. Once I crossed the water and path to sacred land …everything, place, person, animal, insect turned pure. Whereas you could see their highest form of God sense codes.

I was led to the Trinity (3) White light Beings who told me how much we are loved for all we do for Gaia, all the Galaxies and Star Council soul families.

I was told a massive wave of pure white light will be sent in waves starting today for all to feel within their hearts as an upgraded heart activation on a higher source self-level. This is the seal of pure light source for all who serve for the highest and greatest good of self and God source prime creator within the central solar sun of suns.

I was then led to the council of ancestors where we all sat in a circle around holy fire.  This was removing all remaining  density and alchemizing the best golden grid work foundation of ancient wisdom key codes for energy alchemizers, wisdom keepers, gatekeepers, light bearers, shamans , hermeticism and laws of one teachers, metatronic galactic creation stations, and recalibrations of all inner earth crystals through the eye of pure source, Farm to table land with the best views and upgraded source technology connecting all four corners to teach stars children spiritual hygiene, ancient integrity of ancient ancestor community and honoring Gaia and astral travel journeys through earth space and so much more.

God sense master alchemy C8 codes of Intuitive Arts including Music, Knowledgeul (3), Freedom Lover of Self within One, Trinity/Triad.

Reset, Renew, Rebirth for all master DF and DM level from a pure heart sacred space of the I AM unlimited being of love true reality.

Masters Star Academy

Bright Future

Stay in Gratitude

We R

Thank you,

Frankie Wintersteen