Wander Thru Past Life Energy

If you’re like me, you’re feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster. Whether it’s the external world or your internal realm, things just seem to be on edge and don’t make a lot of sense. While we’re caught in the emotions of the moment, we often forget that if something triggers us, then it is something that needs attention from US! I know it’s easy to get lost in the emotions and happenings of the outside world, but the Universe is just putting things in front of us to trigger energy within us to look at, and then hopefully we can release it so that we can move on.

I just returned from daughter’s wedding where I was put into a setting with my ex-wife, family, and in-laws. When I stepped into my role with Margaret and Maitreya, I left everything behind and became an outsider. Maybe a better word for it would have been ‘Outcast.’ While I fully accepted the consequences of my actions, I know there was a lot of present life energy that was pushed down into my being, and I also came to know that there was a lot of past life energy within me that was playing out. In May, at my Son’s wedding, a lot of energy came to the surface, and I had my share of Aha moments as things unfolded. Naïve me thought that I had pretty much dealt with the energy, but the simple replay of the situation 4-months later at my daughter’s wedding brought a much deeper level of energy and understanding to the surface. It was like a play unfolding in front of me with each player ‘Replaying’ their unique role from our incarnations together. I must give thanks to Margaret and Maitreya for the knowledge of Past Life Energy and their assistance in helping me to have a full picture and understanding of how all these players walked with me in these prior incarnations. With this knowledge, it put things into perspective rather than getting lost in emotional upheaval. The Self tried to play the Victim card with me, but how can I be a Victim when it’s my play and everyone is playing their roles trying to assist me.

In the end, I released some energy, had some great reflective moments, and met some new souls from England and Australia. One English gentleman on the groom’s side talked my ear off like a long-lost brother. He searched me out at every event. It was easy to see there was a Past Life between us and when he out of the blue showed me a picture of a statue at the Nottingham Castle that he had helped construct, that cemented our true bond unbeknownst to him. Past Life energy is what is inside us from days gone by and we’re here to release it by delving into it and understanding it. It will give us perspective and knowledge to process and release energy that has been keeping us trapped like a hamster on a wheel in a cage going round and round lifetime after lifetime.

I encourage you to delve into what’s inside you, it’s a very important ingredient to navigating the emotional moments in the upside-down world in which we are living. Oh, did I mention, Jean does incredible Energy work in Astrology (Who are YOU?) and Past Life Energy (What’s Trapped Inside YOU?).

Have a great month,