As I write this the planet Saturn has just passed through the exact coordinates it inhabited in the Cosmos on the day I was born close to 59 years ago. Some know a lot about Astrology, some know nothing and a few like me know a little. I would encourage those that know nothing to try and gain some knowledge on the subject because it is the blueprint to the energy that YOU are in this lifetime. At a minimum, try and have an astrological reading about your birth chart, which is known as your natal chart. It will give you insight into where your attributes are and where your challenges in life will be. It will also point out where your hardest lessons will be encountered (Saturn) and where you will need to transform yourself (Pluto) as you seek and continue to grasp for your true happiness and fulfillment.

These are just the big picture, low hanging fruit areas contained in a proper astrological reading. Another suggestion would be to glance at what is known as your solar return chart. This is a chart cast on your current birthday related to where you physically spend your birthday in the current year. Your particular location actually anchors the energy for the next year and can have strong implications on what you will have to deal with over the next year. Margaret and my birthday are only 2 days apart and we had a year where Margaret needed to spend her birthday on the Gold Coast of Australia and since the energy in that location would bring some potential health related challenges for me we flew 4.5 hours to Darwin Australia for a day and a half for my birthday and then flew back to the Gold Coast for her birthday. With no knowledge of Astrology you may call us crazy, but that’s ok, I’ll deal with the Universe in my way and let you deal with it in your way. LOL

So, what about Saturn now transiting my natal Saturn position some 59 years later? Think of Saturn as that no nonsense teacher you had in school who was focused only on teaching you what you needed to learn in his or her class, with no excuses allowed. Their mantra was this is the material that you will be required to master and I will create the test to challenge the A student, heaven help the lackadaisical C student.

First of all, your natal Saturn placement is where your hardest life lesson lies. My Saturn sits in the 1st house in the sign of Scorpio. The 1st house placement indicates issues with self-confidence and self-expression and these are issues that I have battled my whole life. I excelled in sports and leadership positions in school, which one might assume on the surface to indicate confidence, but it was actually my strong Scorpio energy always being able to control my situation that masked my real issues of self-confidence and self-expression. i.e. As long as I was top dog, where I could control the situation and keep my insecurities hidden, I was a happy camper!

As I take stock in my life, I’ve been continually pulled out of my comfort zone, or should I say control zone, and been asked to start over. Sometimes this was of my own choosing and other times the Universe left me no choice. At 16, my father’s job transferred him to another town in another state, about 300 miles away from the domain that I had literally ruled for some 16 years. The reality was the captain of all the sports teams and the president of the school was now just a body in a 3,000-student high school. I must say that my self-confidence in my abilities really took a hit. It is one of the few times in my life where the strength of my Scorpio energy could not hold back many nights of tears. I then graduated and skipped off to the Navy for 6 years and poked holes in the ocean on a submarine. Once again I was just a number that chose to start over again. There were many more instances of the same record playing over and over.

Ten years ago, I jumped off a cliff to start all over as I left my family and dove head first into my personal journey of self-awareness of how the world really works and how each of us fits into it. My rewards from the Universe in the beginning for making the leap could be classified as more than incredible, but I can now see that I was being subtly seduced by my lower self-aspect into believing that the learning was over. As anyone who understands astrology will tell you, as long as the planets, signs and houses continue to transit the sky, the journey never ends because there is always something to be learned about yourself and your attachment to all the emotional goodies that the Earth plane has to offer.

In Astrology, as mentioned before, your hardest life lesson centers around the planet Saturn, the disciplinarian, and the one who restricts until the lessons are learned. Your mid-term exams coincide with Saturn returning to the position it was in at your birth; ages 28-30, 58-60 and 85 if you make to your final. It is a good time to evaluate and contemplate where you are in your life and what is happening around you. These time periods often represent some of the most life changing episodes of your life.

I am still, at age 59, being asked to start over, and I am still struggling with my self-confidence and self-expression when I am around those I don’t know or situations that are out of my control. I guess once I pass the test, I won’t get swept off to India at age 58 or whipped back to California at 59! Or just maybe I’ve grasped more of the lesson than my lower-self wants me to see because I have seemed to not just survive, but I have actually thrived for these 59 years.

Have a great month! Delve into Your Astrology, have a reading….; Deidre;