We Are All Mirrors and Teachers for Each Other

by Jean Luo

As Alan always says whenever he teaches, gives readings or consultation to people, “if you don’t know what you need to learn and to grow from, you just need to look around you at who or what pisses you off; the Universe is using the person or circumstance to show you something you need to look at. You may wonder why this is. It is because each of us is a student in the school of life, and we are all here to attain soul growth through our chosen life experiences. Thus, we are all mirrors and teachers for each other.  People who come into our life are here to teach us something or mirror for us something that we are not aware of, or we do not want to deal with. What we don’t like seeing in another person is what we need to look at within ourselves. It is an aspect of ourselves which is being brought to our attention as if it is saying to us, “Hi, I am showing you what you need to see that you are not aware of within you, and the Universe is trying to nudge you to deal with it.” This is a simple but profound metaphysical truth that can directly assist each of us to learn and to grow in spirit if we learn to accept and embrace this concept. Yet, we often are so frightened, we either banish the person from our presence, or we angrily, or negatively blame the person, or we run away from it altogether.

Thus, whenever we are in a situation where we are annoyed, agitated, or angry about something or someone, before we act or react to it, we need to ask ourselves, why do I have ‘negative’ emotion towards them/it. Try and take a deep breath, and calm the emotions and ask yourself, “what do I need to look at it within myself.” If we do so, we can often find the answer. By doing so, we can learn and grow in vibration and consciousness. The truth is that until we can understand that we are mirrors and teachers for each other, and we see a mirror of ourselves in another, we will continue to have challenges and difficulties struggling through all aspects of life; no direction, feeling stuck, and feeling confused without realizing that what we must look at is right in front of us, but we cannot see. We cannot see because we either don’t want to see, or we are in fear, or in denial.

Therefore, the next time we do not like something about someone, we need to ask ourselves what it is that I do not want to see in myself. We will then raise our vibration to a higher level of consciousness.

Recently, I’ve encountered a few situations that illustrate this. A lady who had just been informed that she had cancer. She and her daughter came to have an Aura photo and reading. As I looked at her aura, it was depleted with repressed emotions. As I told her about it, she got offended and started to yell at me and was ready to leave. She yelled at me that she was perfectly ok until I told her she was not. She said that she tried to stay positive for her loved ones because she didn’t want them to worry about her. She then started crying and I knew that I had triggered her deep emotions by telling her something she didn’t want to hear. I gently asked her to sit down and held her hands while explaining to her about her repressed emotions. Her daughter and friends couldn’t help but nod their heads in agreement with what I was telling her. She finally calmed down and even smiled at the end because she finally understood the importance of releasing all the emotions within herself. By doing so, she can assist herself in her own self-healing greatly.

Another incident was that I functioned as a mirror for a beautiful and wonderful medium while doing astrology readings at a fair. Her booth was next to ours without any buffer space between us on the side where I was doing my astrology readings. We made sure that everything we did was within our booth line. However, it seemed not to be so in her truth. It was a crazy day, I had four full natal chart readings, which lasted more than 5 hours nonstop. I didn’t realize that our neighbor – this beautiful lady became very angry with me. The following day I received an email from the organizer who informed me that I invaded that beautiful medium’s space. She made a complaint about me because she felt I had invaded her space. At the beginning, I was shocked as we were strictly within our table line. So, I drew a diagram about how our table was set up and expressed that I didn’t have any bad feelings or problems with this lady. The organizer’s email came back to me as if she heard more complaining about me from this lady. I could sense the intensive anger from this lady. Then, I knew that no matter what I showed with the map I drew or any explanation from me, it would never satisfy the energy I had triggered in her. Thus, I decided to let go of it, not get into a back-and-forth justification. I stopped replying to the organizer’s email because I knew that I could stand in front of the energy of Ultimate Being and know that I was not guilty. This was all that mattered. I knew also that I had become a mirror and trigger for this beautiful lady, to bring her deep anger to the surface! The issues might lie deep within her psyche, and she might not realize it! It was also a test for me of how much energy I was going to give to a situation, what could I be manifesting with that energy that I was wasting in trying to justify myself.

Our friends, lovers, partners, family, and enemies are mirrors and teachers for us in our life; They are the actors in the play we created before we came to the Earth plane. Each day they mirror for us what we do not want to see in ourselves. People we meet, even strangers, are also mirrors and teachers in our life. They come into our life to teach us valuable life lessons. Everyone in our life becomes a teacher, or a mirror, to assist us in learning our lessons and setting us free from the trapped energy that resides inside us, which in many cases is ancient, old, and stagnant, and most of us don’t have any awareness of it!

Imagine an Iceberg, the part we see above the water are the superficial drama’s we play in our everyday life that trigger us. When the Universe brings a person or circumstance  to trigger us, it is the deeply buried energy (the part of the Iceberg we can’t see) that is triggered and comes bubbling or raging to the surface. It is this trapped energy that if we can let it come to surface, process it, and learn from the experience, then we can grow from the experience and raise our vibration . How do we know that we are in such a situation? We will know whenever we are acting or reacting emotionally. How do we know it is our lesson? We will know if the person or the situation keeps returning to us, because if we walk away from one situation, the Universe will create another situation exactly the same; if we have not finished our karma or lessons with people whom we have chosen to deal with in this incarnation, they will keep returning to our life again and again until we have faced the lessons, past life issues and karma we have with them. Thus, if we are repeatedly in the same situation or are struggling with some people, we need to ask ourselves what we need to see and learn from these situations or from these people. No matter how challenging or difficult, we need to keep reminding ourselves that these are “Our Issues, and Our Lessons.” When we see those around us as mirrors, like actors on our stage, then the lessons do not seem so hard as they become experiences to learn from. If we take time to understand this, our life will become so much easier.

We cannot run from our mirrors – people will continue to come into our life to mirror the energy for us until it is faced and released! The release can sometimes take a long time. The lessons can be emotional detachment, belief in ourselves, communication, compromise, humility, honesty, etc. We should not blame anyone else for what happens to us, or for what we experience; it is all chosen by us to help us towards higher consciousness. Thus, finding out what mirrors are, or what people are trying to teach us, will enable us to learn, to grow, and eventually free ourselves from the old energy and issues that have been trapped within us for many incarnations! This is a true spiritual and conscious living.