We Are Masters of Illuson
by Laura Elliot

The Angels woke me the night before last with the first line “We don’t live in a vacuum” repeating in my head. Even mostly asleep I realized they wanted me to write something down since the first line repeating over and over is usually how they let me know they’d like me to start writing. Once I finished, I went back to sleep. The next morning, when I read what they’d written, I felt that this wasn’t just for me, it was a message they wanted me to share. This is their message:

Laura, We don’t live in vacuum.  All effects all.  We are co-existent.  Life depends on life.  Each organism is not a world unto itself, but a part of the whole, just magnified.  It is so easy to forget that we are but one small organism of the whole while we wear this skin, but in fact our skin is an illusion created by us to experience separation.  The separation is the illusion.  You gave yourselves the challenge of remembering this.  Some of you have been lost in the illusion for a very long time and have strayed so far from the plans you had for yourselves that you truly have bought into the illusion of separation.  So much so that you treat the world around you as other than yourselves, when in fact, it is a part of you.  Another aspect of you expressing itself differently.  This is important to remember.  As Jesus said, treat others as you would be treated, this is because you are all the same being, there is no “other”, only you, and when you treat others a certain way, you ARE treating yourselves that way.

Separation is an illusion, ALL is the same, and one.  You are not a Universe unto yourselves, but a part of a Universe combined and whole.  Until you see and understand this there will always be a divide among your civilizations and peace will not be attainable.  The time has come to remember who you are and break through the illusion of separation and reveal the Oneness of All.