We Are The Creator of Our Own Reality
by Jean Luo

We are all souls on the journey of life to attain soul growth and expanding consciousness through our own chosen life experiences. We are all created as an equal yet unique Divine Being of the creator. As such, we are all co-creating the Universe that we are living in our own unique way. Thus, each of us is the center of our own hologram or our own micro-universe. Collectively, each of our micro-universe’s is contributing to the creation of the macro-universe we are experiencing. During this process, we are attaining our soul growth. The utmost goal of attaining the soul growth is to learn total acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love. In other words, we are here to learn to accept each other’s uniqueness, respect each other’s differences, and live together in peace and harmony.

Everything is energy and everything has consciousness. What we think, we create. If we think to have peace and harmony in our reality, we will create it; If we think out of fear, insecurity, anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. then, we will create our reality filled with fear, insecurity, anger, hatred, etc. We are the creator of our own world, and we are responsible for creating it! I truly hope that each of us can see the beautiful and bright light we possess, and the power of creation we carry within. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize, or have no comprehension of this truth. Instead, we give our own power away, without realizing that the only power that the others have over us, is the power we give away because of our own fear, insecurity, anger, hatred, jealousy, and disbelief in ourselves!

Ever since the Pandemic disrupted our lives, each of us has been experiencing the most difficult and challenging tests and trials relating to how we are creating our own world and what reality we want to live in individually and collectively. There are no accidents as always! The Pandemic occurred and was fueled by the energy of the astrological transit of PLUTO (Transformation) in Capricorn – a sign of power, control, government, authority, social structure, and society, etc. On top of this, the United States is approaching its PLUTO return. Pluto is a planet – the lord of the underworld. It carries the energy of transformation through the death and rebirth process. It is exposing the darkest and ugliest side of the Lower Self aspects of mankind by forcing each of us to face and confront our own deepest fears, and all other negative emotions – the darkest part of our being (the Lower Self). Like a phoenix, the Lower Self part of us is experiencing death, and the Higher Self part of us is rebirthing, reconnecting, and taking control. It not only affects everyone who lives in this country, but also the whole world on the Earth Plane because we are all so interconnected. All the negativity – fear, insecurity, anger, hatred, inequality, racism, nationalism, power of control and manipulation, fighting against each other, division, separation, killing and war, etc. are all being brought out in front of our naked eyes; invoking fear, separation, conflicts, confusion, and chaos, etc. among people. As a result, most of us are wrapped in these emotions, allowing them to consume us and to control our reality, – fear of death, fear of loved ones dying, fear of getting Covid-19, fear, fear, fear!!! Unfortunately, when we are wrapped in the fear, we can’t see through the illusion it creates, we are simply consumed by it, if we don’t face it, it will eventually destroy us!

There is a reason for all these happenings because the US as a nation is not only approaching its Pluto Return, but it is also approaching its Chiron Return (in the US natal chart, Pluto is 27 degrees 33 minutes in Capricorn; Chiron is 20 degrees 8 minutes in Aries). In astrology, Chiron represents our deepest wound. It is deeply residing within each of us, anyone and anything can easily push its button to make us feel betrayed, attacked, abandoned, ridiculed, and deeply wounded and victimized. On the other hand, Chiron is the rainbow bridge to connect to Higher Self and attain Higher Consciousness of the Universal brotherhood. The only way to heal Chiron is let go of our victim mentality, and take full responsibility for whatever we have experienced, and are currently experiencing as part of our soul growth. Chiron in Aries provides each of us as an individual soul, and the nation as whole the opportunity of a self-healing path to heal ourselves and the nation’s deepest wound by releasing anger, hatred, conflicts, fighting against each other, self-destruction, etc. Only when we realize that we have the power either to heal ourselves and the nation, or to destroy ourselves and the nation, and that playing a victim is not going to heal us, but will feed our own self-destruction, can we own our Chiron and take full responsibility to heal and to create.

Fear is nothing but an illusion! It is an emotion, and it connects to our mind, but not our heart. The only way to get out of the fear trap is to confront it. Once we do, it will disappear immediately as if it never existed.  Always remember, life is an illusion, we are here attending the school of life. The purpose is to expand our consciousness and soul growth through our chosen life experiences. In this learning process, we are co-creating our universe and reality by focusing on creating our own reality and becoming the master of our own life. Thus, whenever we are afraid, experience fear, or other ‘negative’ emotions, we should stop, and take a deep breath, then ask ourselves, “what reality do I choose to create, fear based, or love based? How can I become the master of my own life, by listening to my heart or by listening to my head?”

Make a plan and start working on manifesting it. Focus on you and your own life because you are the center of your universe, everyone else is just a mirror and teacher to assist you to fulfill your destiny. If you focus your energy worrying about anyone or anything, you will not only leave no energy to make yourself and your life the way you really want, but also affect other people’s lives negatively because of your worry about them! The real enemy is not the virus, not the Pandemic, not the people who make different choices or have different points of views from you, but your own fear! The more you are fearful and worrying, the more you draw that fear and worry into your energy and manifest it in your own reality!

The US is approaching its PLUTO return and Chiron return very closely, we are experiencing some radical change and transformation for healing and for the betterment not only for this country, but for the whole of mankind and the world at large. Each of us is equally, but uniquely important in this process. The future lies in the hands of each of us. What a future do we want to create? Death, or rebirth? Destruction or transformation? The choices are ours. Just imagine, if everyone on the Earth Plane is focusing on doing their own things, focusing on creating a life they’d like to have without fear, anger, hatred and all other ‘negative’ emotions, the Earth Plane would be a much better place. Then, and only then, can we live together in peace and harmony.

Maitreya Quote, “YOU and YOU ALONE are realizing that YOU are the power in your own life.” from Maitreya quotes app.