We Are the World We Create
by Jean Luo

It is no accident that we are here on the Earth Plane to experience the worldwide Pandemic at this moment of time and space. We are here because we have chosen to be here, and we are meant to be tested on many levels from the experience. We are all in this together and as we face this crisis, the choices we make individually and collectively will create our future on Earth. Each of us is playing our own unique part. We all are an equally important force in the creation of our future. Each of us matters and is responsible for the evolution of mankind regardless of who we are, what we are, or what role we have chosen to play or experience. It does not matter whether you are a president, or you are a beggar, your energy, and the choices you make are playing a vital role in this time of change. Each of us is created out of unconditional love by the source energy, which many refer to this energy as “GOD”. As such, no man is better or above anyone else, everyone is unique and equally important. Each of us plays a different, yet unique role in this huge Symphony Orchestra of creation. When we fully play our part together without ego and the Lower Self, we are an invincible force of energy that has unlimited potential to make the most beautiful and powerful symphony music by creating a peaceful and harmonious future for mankind.

You may wonder how you can participate and what you can contribute while all of us are in the situation of social distancing and staying home. Yes, we are separated or isolated physically, but we are deeply connected energetically regardless of whether we consciously know it or not. We are also easily affected by the external world events, social media and media, which have brought out many people’s deep buried emotions, wounds, hurts, beliefs as well as confusion, creating separation and discordance. Who is right? Who is wrong? What is true? What is not true? In truth, there is no right or wrong. “One man’s truth can be another’s folly.” – from Maitreya Quotes App, and there is only what resonates with you.

Often, what invokes your strong emotional reaction connects to your past life experiences. The energy from those experiences are still deeply buried in your soul memories. The current circumstances are triggering this buried energy and bringing it to the surface to be dealt with. How you deal with this emotional energy and more importantly, what you do with it is totally up to you. You can choose to take this opportunity the Universe is presenting to you at this time to clear away these deep buried energies, patterns, beliefs and conditioning so you can heal your ancient wounds; or you can choose to continually react to it emotionally, which will continually keep you on the wheel of incarnation, never finding the peace we all strive to attain. The choice is yours and yours alone. Nobody has the right to judge you or condemn you, but you are responsible for your choices, actions, and subsequent consequences.

The choices we make, both individually and collectively, do have a great impact on the reality we are trying to create together. Our thoughts, words, intentions, actions, reactions and choices are the force of creation. They matter crucially and greatly, never underestimate you and your voice. Use your words and choices wisely. Always go within, enter your heart and connect to your higher self. Ask what has caused your strong emotional reaction, where does it come from. Find the root cause, work on it to release and clear that cause. Once it is cleared, then, and only then, can you see the situation and what is really going on clearly from a big picture perspective. Be mindful and be aware, practicing discernment and emotional detachment, try not to allow your intense emotions to drive your choices and decisions. Most importantly, “Do not become angry with others. Everyone who comes into your energy is a teacher. See them as teachers and ask not “Why is this happening to me”, but “What can I learn from this experience?” – from Maitreya Quotes App. Only when you have released the emotion, can you then clearly see the true nature of the situation and see through the illusion. Remember, life is a game and an illusion. It is created for each of us to learn and experience so we can attain soul evolution individually and collectively as mankind. Everyone, every situation, every event in our life is a mirror and a teacher so we can learn and grow from it.

We are the world we create; we are the world we are in. We create our own life and the world we all live in every moment with our own thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and through our choices and decisions we make individually and collectively. We can create a world of peace, harmony, and unity, or we can create a world of war, conflict, disharmony, and discordance; the choice is ours. It is up to every one of us as an individual soul and as a unique contributor to the whole of mankind. Each of us is a powerful force of creation. We must be mindful, discern the information coming into our energy, and use our own thoughts, words, and reactions wisely. The source of creation lies within each of us, it is in our heart, not in the external world. Do not allow other’s truths to become yours without discernment; find your truth in your heart, then, and only then, can you truly create the truthful reality you desire. If we all do so, we will create a world of respect, equality, acceptance, peace and harmony. The outer world is not a creation, but a manifestation of our inner world. Be still, go within, connect to your heart. Your heart is the center of creation, and the true source that will give you clarity, guidance, grounding, and direction. When we all connect to our Higher Self, allow our Higher Self to be our true inner guidance, and make choices and take actions out of our heart,  we will, for sure, create a human world of peace, harmony and brotherhood on Earth. We are the world we create!