Welcoming in the Energy of Cancer – The Importance of Self-Love

On 21 June 2022 the Sun moves out of busy, action-based Gemini and into the more intuitive, sensitive and compassionate energy of Cancer.  Whilst in Gemini the Sun gave us all the energy to get things moving again.  In the last Solar Month Mercury Retrograde ended, so not only did we have the Sun in Gemini encouraging us to get moving and make things happen, we had also done the due diligence of Mercury Retrograde and so we were ready for that green light.

Now the Sun moves out of this busy energy into a deeper more emotional based energy.  Everything we do in life sends out an energy; from what we think inside our own heads to what we actually do and act upon, and now more than ever it is ESSENTIAL that we all look to how we treat ourselves, speak to ourselves and give to ourselves to make sure that it is of the highest order.  The greatest life lesson that goes with Cancerian energy is the lesson of self-love and self-worth, So, every year when the Sun moves back into Cancer we are given the timely reminder that if we want to be loved, cherished, cared for and nurtured by others, then we HAVE to treat ourselves in this necessary manner first.

This may mean that the month ahead can take you on a bit of an emotional journey to help you to become more aware of what negative or debilitating thoughts and actions you are consciously, and unconsciously, dealing out to your precious self.  The last 2 years or so on the earth plane have not been easy, and one of the most challenging aspects of this time has been the lack of connection that we have been allowed with one another on a daily basis which has resulted in many of you feeling unsupported, un-loved and unsure of your purpose and way in this world.  It is far too easy, with this lack of human connection and with our immensely creative minds, to fall into negative thought patterns and to tell ourselves “stories” to feed that almost perverse need we sometimes feel to continue our suffering and to justify it to ourselves and others.  At this time on the earth plane, we are being fed fear and negativity on a daily basis, and so it is now time for all of us to call in our highest protection from this unprecedented assault, and to do the necessary work to keep ourselves strong, positive and full of self-love and self-worth.

The energy of Cancer loves to care for others and to be there when others are in need.  It is the energy of the earth mother, and although it has SO much love, nurturing and understanding to give to others, so often it cannot find the necessity to treat itself in the same way.  This month is our timely reminder of the importance of WHO WE TRULY ARE.  You are a spirit having a human experience, and that experience is one of learning, evolvement and progress.  Therefore, it is vital that we all learn at this time the importance of our own needs, our own thoughts and beliefs, and our own soul journey.  We all came here with our own plan and our own destiny, and we all chose to be here at this time to create a New Earth.  Nothing can be built or sustain itself without the integral foundation of self-love and self-belief.  When we are strong and solid in who we are, what we have to offer and where we are going in life, we send out a very positive energy that others will react too in kind.  We ALL have to take responsibility right now for the energy we are sending out to the Universe and to the Collective, because we are ALL responsible for this planet and the life we live on it.

Society for centuries has encouraged us to look after our neighbours and to be kind, and to even go out of our way to help and assist those who need it.  But how often do you see yourself as that person who needs some kindness or help?  And how often do you actually give yourself that positivity and compassion that you so readily have available for everyone else?  The energy of this Solar Month is about changing this around so as you can give to yourself with as much understanding and priority as you do to others.  Until we can all validate ourselves and put a worth on who we truly are rather than on what we do, or the title that we have achieved, it’s like we are fighting a never-ending battle with our own selves.  How is it right or fair for you to go out of your way to show another soul compassion when you don’t do this for yourself?  Where did you learn that everyone else’s needs are more important than yours?  And how often do you beat up on yourself through negative self-talk that you would never put on to anyone else?  Think about these questions and ask yourself, is my mother, friend, child, partner, sister, brother, whoever, more worthy of love and nurturing than I am?  And if you answer yes to this, ask yourself why?  These people whom you love and care for are part of your world, and you are a part of theirs and we are all equal.  Therefore, the value you put on them should ALWAYS be equal to the value you put on yourself.

Due to the emotional energy of Cancer, this can be a month where you feel a lot more sensitive to the world around you – words may sound harsher, actions more intense and it can be too easy to fall into “poor me – no-one understands me” mentality and there is no strength or power in going down that road!  Rise up my friends and rise above.  Don’t allow your negative Ego talk to pull you down.  You don’t deserve it; you didn’t ask for it so don’t do it to yourself.  This month can be a very powerful time for you to be aware of what you actually do and create in your inner world and to see where it lacks love and nurturing.  When you notice a negative thought or action on your part, stop and apologise to yourself for it, just as you would if you were saying or doing this to another.  Use this month to be your own mother and caregiver; say kind and positive things to yourself and to soak up all the self-love that you can create.

Cancerian energy is also a highly intuitive energy, so this month I would ask you to also pay more attention to your dreams and to what you “feel” to be true or right.  The more we can all work with our Higher Self energy and our intuitive energy (and yes you ALL have it) the more empowerment we feel and the more peace and support we will also feel.  Your Higher Self wants nothing more than for you to be able to see, embrace and love your wonderful self, and to do only what is for your highest good in every way.  Connect with your inner beauty and love and allow yourself to stay in this energy as it is where you truly belong.  You came from LOVE, you are LOVE and you are LOVED.