What Do We Need to Focus on in 2023?
by Jean Luo

Time flies so fast that we have now officially entered 2023! Since the Pandemic in the beginning of 2020, life on Earth has been like riding a roller coaster. The pressure, tension and stress of the ride has been building up stronger and stronger as if it is reaching a critical point of release. This is the process of ascension and transformation if the Earth Plane wants to survive from the destruction of the Lower Self aspect of humanity, and if humanity wants to evolve to higher consciousness. This is also a process of transformation from the negative to positive – some call it ‘the dark night of the soul’.

So many people are experiencing life crisis – health, relationships, careers, finance, beliefs, family dynamics, etc. Because of what happens on the surface, the situation often looks ‘bad’ and ‘scary’; whoever has been experiencing such challenges and difficulties is inevitably going through the crisis.

A few days ago, I received a text message from a client who has been going through the battle with cancer in the past few years, “What dark dense times are these??!! Where is the light?!” It happened to be on the day after we went to Walmart to buy a glass feeder for the hummingbirds that visit us to replace the plastic ones that froze due to our unexpected cold spell. We all came out of the store with feelings of anger and depression as if something big was going to explode! Then, I received this client’s message, and I felt even more depressed and angry. I didn’t know how to save this client from such a dark place. But as I was thinking while I was lying on bed and feeling helpless, I started to pray to the Ultimate Being and sending white light to this client. As I was visualizing completely enclosing this client in a pyramid of white light, I finally felt a deep sense of peace.

The Earth Plane and humanity are in a process of fast speeding ascension. Change is necessary and inevitable. Before everything settles down, there is going to be chaos and uncertainty as the deep buried stagnant energies must be cleared away and replaced by the higher vibrational new energy. Unfortunately, when the deep buried stagnant energy comes to the surface, it inevitably causes all sorts of crisis – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There is a saying, “before it gets better, it always seems to get worse.” However, if we understand what is really going on in the world and with our life, and have no fear of embracing change, the crisis we are facing will not be as scary and unbearable as it seems to be.

We are all souls on the journey of soul evolution through ‘our’ chosen earthly experiences of learning and growth. The ascension of the Earth Plane is a golden opportunity to enable each of us to participate, to assist, to serve, to ascend, and to become a higher vibrational soul. Thus, we all have chosen to incarnate on the Earth Plane during this incredible time.

You may ask, “How can I assist? How can I ascend?” The answer is simple, “Focus on your own life, and your chosen life lessons by following your own designed life plan – your natal chart.” Your natal chart is your soul contract that you have chosen and signed to work through with the Universe or the Divine Source. It is your roadmap and compass that you need to carry while you are navigating through the journey of life on the Earth Plane. It is the blueprint of your soul, containing your life lessons, karma, and past life energy that you have chosen to work on and release in this lifetime.

Each of us is a force of energy and a powerful being who can create anything positively or negatively in our own unique way, depending on our thoughts and how much we do believe in ourselves and our relationship with the Universe. The key is to focus on ourselves, working on our own life lessons, releasing our deeply buried emotional energies, paying and receiving our own karma. The more we focus on letting go of the old stagnant ‘dark’ energy, the brighter we shine our light, the higher vibration we attain, and the faster and easier we create and manifest our wishes and dreams. The more we change ourselves positively, the more we change the world positively. We are the world, and the world is within us, with us and around us.

The Universe is constantly recalibrating to fully assist us according to our choices and decisions. When we have worked on our own life lessons, karma, and past lives, we enable the Universe to bring us those who are struggling with what we have struggled with, who are experiencing the challenges, difficulties, hardships, and sufferings we have faced. Thus, we can help them from what we have learned with deep understanding, compassion, respect, caring and love. This type of service is the utmost heart service and true help from the heart. I have witnessed so many souls who were sent to me for help by the Universe. When they came, they were so worried, depressed, and fearful, but after a two hour session, they came out of the darkness with hope, upliftment, encouragement, and consolation because they knew that they were not alone, and what they were going through was temporary, it is only there for their learning, and they will go through and come out of it with more understanding and soul growth.

We cannot change the world without changing ourselves positively from within; we cannot truly serve and help others without working on our own karma, past lives, and life lessons first. Only by doing so, can we clear the old and stagnant energy from our subconscious and raise ourselves to higher vibration and higher consciousness, and then, and only then, can we truly enable positive world change and serve humanity without ego and LOWER SELF manipulation. This is never an easy path, but we should never give up, because it is a path to free our souls from the enslavement of the LOWER SELF and achieve the enlightenment of humanity. The more we do so, the more we help the world change and the more we serve our human brothers and sisters with deep understanding, compassion, and total acceptance. The journey itself is a reward!

Make 2023 YOUR Year, focus on yourself, truly appreciate who you are, love yourself unconditionally, and be proud of who you are!