What is Abundance?

Many tend to associate abundance with monetary aspect. During “cavemen” or the Paleolithic Era, where no currencies were available, bartering was the most common form of transaction being carried out. If one so wished to eat meat or berries or even to have a wife, abundance then would mean having all those things.
Therefore, as you can see, abundance is much more than having wealth. Abundance goes hand in hand with manifestation. Abundance is having what you need (or want) at the “Right” time, basically having no lack in any area of your life. It can be having good health, the right car, house, job or even a life partner (love) when you need or want it. Yes, you can manifest anything in your life with a caveat attached to it, that is not to impose on another’s freewill. Eg. Do not step on others to climb to the top of the ladder to get to the job you desire. Everyone has their own skills or gifts. There is no need to put another down in order to glorify yourself. Also, there are 7.96 billion (2022) people in this world. There bound to be a lot, a lot of singles and lonely hearts out there. Why not manifest the right partner for yourself instead of telling the Universe to bring a certain person to you against his/her freewill.

I have been manifesting as long as I can remember. Those of you who are in my class have heard my story so this is a repetition to you. I came from a  poor family in a third country (Malaysia). After I finished my First degree in Malaysia, I told my mom I want to go abroad to do my postgraduate studies. My mom said to me “but we have no money to send you abroad”. I was determined to go abroad by hook or crook so I put out my request to the Universe. The Universe brought me the Head of the British Council (from UK Headquarter) to Penang at the right time and place to interview me. It so happened that he was visiting Malaysia at that time. What a coincidence! So that was how I got my Commonwealth full scholarship (paid for my flight tickets home yearly, tuition, warm clothing, foods, etc.) to do my PhD. in London. There was no way my family could have the money to send me to London to pursue my PhD. considering the pound sterling exchange rate to RM is multiple times and the cost of living in London is exorbitantly high.

Manifesting also eliminates the energy and time required to find things that you want. I put out a request to the Universe to find us a house with high ceiling and near a body of water before we moved here. So I let my husband go NC alone to purchase a house while I stayed in Boston looking after my baby. I trust the Universe to bring me the perfect abundance. True enough, we bought a house with a creek view from our master bedroom and a ceiling so high in our living room that is impossible to clean or re-paint on our own. Remember, you get what you ask for! Lol

Also, I spent very little time in buying my cars. I manifested them. I bought my first car while walking home from work. I saw an old Nissan Sentra for sale parked outside my apartment. Cost me $2K, had it for 9 months, used it mostly to buy groceries because my workplace was walking distance from my apartment. As for my second car, I searched for a quote online for a silver Nissan Sentra and forgot all about it. One day, I saw on TV that a dealership in KY was having a big sale. I went there with my husband and bought a 4 months old Silver Nissan Sentra for a deep discount that day. Spirit guided me to buy the perfect car because it lasted me 21 years with few minor repairs! My third car was shown in my dream but was parked on my husband’s side in our driveway. It is silver in colour. Shortly after this dream, as I woke up one morning to go to the toilet, Spirit told me “it is time to buy a car”. In my groggy state, I searched the internet and found that Avis, a rental car company was selling their rental cars at very deep discounts due to no business during the pandemic. I went with a friend to test drive a Silver Nissan Sentra that had only 37K mileage. As soon as I saw the car, I was overjoyed because it was the same one in my dream. It took me only 20 mins to make up my mind to purchase the car at a very deep discounted price (almost the same price as my second car) and it is a 2019 car, so only 1 year old when I purchased it. I only realized the significance of my dream when I had to park my car on my husband’s side in the driveway because my old car was still in the driveway on my side. And of course, the COVID stimulus checks helped in paying for my new car.

There is a Chinese saying “Man proposes, Heaven disposes”. As a former scientist, I worked in countries that required my expertise. I was so tired of leaving my boyfriend behind each time I moved. By the time I was in the USA, I told Spirit/God, “bring me my soulmate now!” Lol May I say that there is a time constraint for certain things to manifest because certain events have to happen before your wish can be fulfilled. The fast forward time frame Spirit presented me was an accelerated 6 months. I met my husband in the lab when he was doing a lab rotation, changed his mind to do it in my lab first instead of last (that is your 6 months fast forward!). Anyway, I felt the chemistry when I first met him. Rest is history.

I manifest all the time. I have manifested composters, rain barrels, planters etc…(as you can tell, I love gardening!). I usually put out the request to the Universe and then forget all about it until I receive the abundance. Eg. A friend who is moving back to the Phillipines texted me one day and asked if I wanted 2 unused rain barrels (each costs $100 in the store). I told her I would be right there. Lol May I say that once you put out your request to the Universe, let go of your expectation on how you should manifest your wishes. Once you start to scheme or plan, you block the energy of abundance. Eg. You want to find a cure for your illness. Don’t expect how you are going to be cured. Spirit works in harmony with the Qi in this world and will draw the perfect solution for you. Sometimes, it could mean healing your emotional baggage that causes your illness. Other times, it could mean guiding you to someone who is a healer or knows an herb that may help.

We can all manifest and draw what we want into our energy. The higher your consciousness or vibrations is, the faster you can manifest. Fear, doubts, expectations etc. block the flow of Qi/Consciousness and thus, block your manifestation. At low Consciousness, one will be slogging even to move forward, let alone manifest one’s desire because one’s antennas to receive guidance are blocked. So why not raise your consciousness/vibrations today and start manifesting the kind of life you want.

I leave you in Peace and Love