What Is Ascension Really About?
by Jean Luo

The earth plane is going through a great change, so is Mankind on the Earth plane. This change has been taking place since the early 70’s of the last century with the discovery of The Photon Energy and Asteroid Chiron, and this change is becoming more intense. This change is the process of ascension for both the Earth plane and Mankind. What is ascension? To put it simple, Ascension is a process of raising the vibration individually and collectively to a higher consciousness and higher dimension.

In the Universe of our solar system, there are many dimensions; each dimension has its own vibration and consciousnesses. The higher the dimension is, the higher vibration and consciousness it is. The Earth plane and Mankind inhabiting the Earth plane have been given the opportunity to raise their own vibration and consciousness so that they can ascend to the 5th dimension and join the star family of the Brotherhood of the Universe. This is what the Ascension is about for both the Earth Plane and Mankind on the Earth Plane.

Everything is energy and consciousness in the Universe. Without the human physical body, we all are pure energy and consciousness. We are all connected and there is no separation even though we seem to be individualized and separated while we are in physical form. The physical body is dense and is a form of the 3rd dimension. Thus, in order to ascend to the 5th dimension and be able to carry the higher vibrational energy, the physical body needs to raise its vibration. This requires DNA of the human physical form to be activated. It will allow the physical body to channel more light and love, allowing the soul in the physical form to resonate and become in-tune with its soul essence.

Each of us is a beacon of light. Light and love is our birth mark as we are all created by light and by divine love. Light and love are the essence of our soul. When we stay in light and love, we are in the best of ourselves; when we stay in fear, anger, and hatred, we are lost in the worst of ourselves. Unfortunately, Mankind on the Earth Plane has been sleeping in the darkness for so long, and NOW is the time to awaken and allow our light to shine greater and brighter from within. This is what we are all experiencing at this moment. We are being given this rare and great opportunity to move out of the darkness and move into light and love. The Corona Virus is playing a big role in this process, it is a catalyst to wake up us. It is up to our free will choice whether we choose to go with the change and ascend without fear, or we stay in darkness with fear, anger, and hatred, etc.

The ascension is a process of raising your vibration and consciousness, it is each individual soul’s responsibility and the process is from within. One cannot raise their vibration and ascend by looking upon others and seeking ascension externally, it can only take place individually from within. It is an on-going process, not an over-night experience of rapture!

How can you raise your vibration and in the process of ascend? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Face your fears and insecurities, work on releasing and clearing all the emotions that are trapped within you. All the ‘negative’ thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and conditioning are of lower vibration, and this vibration traps us in the darkness and blocks our light from shining from within. Do not allow your fear, anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, or judgement to consume and control you. Practice forgiveness and let go and move on! When you are forgiving, and not holding onto any ‘negative’ emotions, you are ascending to a higher vibration and higher consciousness. The more you clear the ‘negative’ energy, the higher vibration you become.
  2. Focus on you and your life only. You are here to be you, and you are here to become the master of your own destiny. By listening and following others, you are allowing another’s truth to become your truth, and you will lose yours. Therefore, you must be true and honest to what resides in your heart, listen to your intuition. Discern what resonates and speaks to your heart. Always go within your heart center, for it is the seat of your soul and the connection to your Higher Self. You will be guided by your Higher Self in your ascension process.
  3. Recognize and understand the mirrors and teachers around you who are assisting your ascension process by triggering your emotions. If anyone or anything makes you angry or invokes a strong emotional reaction within you, try not to react with anger, instead, turn in and ask yourself, “why it makes me angry?” you will always be able to find the answer. It resides within you. Then, you need to release the emotion, not repress it, or hold onto it. You do this by yourself through crying, journaling, exercise or punching a bag; make sure not to throw your emotions to anyone. Process it, forgive, forget, let go and move on. If you do so, you are raising your vibration and you are ascending.
  4. Do Not take anything or anyone personally, whatever others say or do is not necessary towards you, but a way to vent their own fear, anger, frustration, and all other emotions trapped within them. Detach from their emotions, do not give it any energy. The more you do, the more you simplify the situation and pass through it quickly and smoothly. The human world on the Earth Plane is fed by emotions and human drama, from our family to the media we listen to. Once you stop playing the emotional victim, and refrain from getting pulled into the emotional drama around you, you will then be able to see the real cause and reason of the issues and the situation. Just remember, everything on the Earth Plane is an illusion. What you see on the surface is not what is really going on around you. Only through emotional detachment can you see through the illusion and be truly objective.
  5. Respect. Respect each other’s truth. Everyone individual is unique with his/her own vibration and truth. As such, everyone will have his/her own point of view, perspectives, beliefs, distinct emotional reactions to the same person or event, and it can be totally different or opposite to yours. It is perfectly fine because we are all different and unique. When we respect each other and each other’s truth, we can still live in peace and harmony. Because we allow each other to be true and genuine to his/her own individuality. When we all are truthful and honest to be ourselves, we are in our best version of our soul. If we all have respect for each other, we will create a wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful human society on the Earth Plane. We can all be different yet live together in peace and harmony, nature shows us this every day.
  6. Have an open heart. When we open our heart, we connect to our Higher Self, and we are in higher vibration. Our Higher Self is compassion, unconditional love, and total acceptance. Thus, be always connected to your Higher Self, if you do so, you will have compassion, total acceptance, respect, tolerance, understanding, and appreciation for another human being even if he/she is totally different from you; and you will for sure be in higher vibration and higher consciousness.
  7. Discernment with your own truth. There is no right or wrong, only what resonates with you. There are no accidents either. There is a reason for everything that happens in the world. Try not to get involved in another’s truth or issues. Stay with your own truth, space, and energy. In this way, you will have more energy to work on yourself.
  8. Speak your truth quietly and clearly with love and respect, and with no fear. Let the person or people know that it is your truth and thank them for giving you the opportunity to speak your truth, then let it be. This is the most powerful energy to overcome and it creates many conflicts and disagreements. In the same token, do not impose your truth onto others, and do not interfere with other people’s lives because you think that you know better or think you are better.
  9. Gratitude. Always be grateful and thankful for people, things, events, and situations. There is always a reason for what has happened in our life. The worst enemy in your life could be your best friend in the world of spirit. Because they love you and care about you deeply enough, they have chosen to play the hardest role in your life to assist you to raise your vibration and consciousness, so that you can become the soul who you truly are.
  10. Enjoy life and have fun, go into the nature, near the water and hug a tree. Life is a game; it is a school and a playground for your soul evolution. It is all about learning and experiencing. Try not to be too serious and easily knocked down by obstacles, hardships, difficulties, and challenges. They are all chosen by you as opportunities for soul growth. Once you step away from a survival mode mentality, which comes from the Lower Self, the animal part your being, you will be able to see the real reason and purpose for your life on the Earth plane clearly. You will embrace your learning and raise yourself above the emotions of the moment and thrive.

Every soul on the Earth Plane has been given the unique opportunity to raise his/her own vibration and consciousness. Every soul on the Earth Plane is in the ascension process along with the Earth Plane. However, it is each soul’s free will choice and responsibility whether he/she takes this unique opportunity to do so. You and you alone are responsible for making the choice. Each of us is an important part of raising the collective vibration and consciousness of Mankind as a whole. Our own individual choices affect the future of Mankind. Therefore, choose wisely and choose to stay with your Higher Self. You are the creator of your own reality. Hopefully, we all will choose ascension to a higher vibration and higher dimension; we all will choose unity and to work together on creating a beautiful human society on the Earth Plane with equality, peace, and harmony. As a human being, each of us is a powerhouse of energy; each of us is a force of creation! Let yourself be led to the light. Let the light shine through from within you! Let your creation be the love, peace and harmony!