What is Change?
by Laura Elliott

There have been occasions when I’m at a Psychic Fair or doing a personal Intuitive Reading for someone that I’m asked, “Are these my Angels or your Angels who are talking to you?”, and I say they are OUR Angels.  While I’m aware it can be fascinating to find out we are hearing from someone we feel is specific to us, I know because I’ve also been in that position, the Angels would like me to stress that the focus should be on the message and not on the name of the Being giving it or if they’re “my” guides or “your” guides because we are all One Being and only our perception of separateness keeps us fascinated with a specific “who” and the need to place a name to the voice.  Having said that, they do wish us to use discernment when listening to messages, to follow our intuition and feelings.  Does the energy of the Being that the messages are coming from feel as though they come from a Being of Light with your Highest Good at the core of the message?  Not necessarily the person delivering the message, but more so the Energy Being using that person as a conduit.  A Being of Lower Energy may be able to use a psychically intuitive person and present messages of a certain “flavor”, but they can not adequately disguise their energy signature to match the message they are attempting to deliver, and with discernment you can feel the difference.  They asked me to bring this up because many are afraid of having readings done.  Sometimes it is because they’re afraid of what they might hear, but many times they’re afraid because they don’t understand where the messages are coming from.  That is why they are asking me to explain using discernment, to learn to trust your intuition, or “gut feelings”, when listening to messages, having readings done, or in pursuing the unknown or trying things you haven’t tried before because of fear.

This month, the Angels are giving a message about the importance and relevance of change being related to growth.  Here is what they have to say.

What is change?  At the heart of it, what is change really?  Why are you so afraid of it?  Are you so comfortable in your uncomfortableness that you would prefer to stay there rather than make a change?  You would rather stay in pain than make a change?  How much effort is too much effort when making a change, so that too much effort is not worth the change?  Is a “good” outcome the only factor in deciding if a change was worthy of making?  Are you really a good judge of that or is there really nothing to judge at all?

So many questions and they can all be answered with one word.  Growth.  Without growth there is no change, and without change there is no growth.  They are integrally intertwined and forever traveling companions.  One does not exist without the other.  If you choose to stay in a situation that is uncomfortable because you are afraid of change, then you stagnate, and your growth is stunted. It would be as if your bones stopped growing at some point during your development because they were too tired of change, too uncomfortable with the change of growing and uncertain of how it would all turn out.  So, they just stopped growing where they were one day, even though it was uncomfortable to remain in such a state, they felt the act of continuing to grow was too much work so they would stay where they were in their uncomfortableness.  It sounds a little silly when we look at it that way, but it is essentially the same thing you do every day when you decide it is too scary or too much work to make a change in your lives.  You would rather stay with the known, even though you are unhappy with that, because you are more afraid of the outcome of the change that you may be contemplating than you are unhappy with your current circumstances.  When you do this, you stunt your growth, you lose out on your learning potential and opportunities.  It is much easier to bury your heads in the sand and watch the years pass you by as you sit in one place so long you begin to blend into the scenery around you.

That is a comfort zone, and another reason you don’t make the effort to pursue change.  For some, life on the Earth plane being a physical Being is such a painfully dense experience that it is difficult to deal with and they just try to blend in and wait for their time being a part of this Grand Experiment to be over.  They have come to help others that are less aware through this difficult time, but they have become lost themselves and seek to hide deep within themselves.  The problem with this is that it is no longer the time to climb to the highest mountain and to live their lives in peace and meditation.  The time has come upon the Earth to awaken and to lift yourselves, and all those around you, up in Consciousness and Awareness.  You may have forgotten your chosen Path, but it has not forgotten you, and we encourage you to seek the change that will Awaken you to your purpose on the Earth plane.  You are miserable in your existence because you are denying your true purpose, but you do not seek it out because you are afraid of change.  Do you see?  What you are afraid of is the only thing that can bring you true happiness, bring you freedom.  You have the feeling, the knowing, deep down inside that there Is something important you are supposed to be doing right now.  We encourage you to listen to this, and to seek the change that you have been afraid of.  It will not be easy, we will not falsify or sugar coat the truth of the matter, but we will tell you that all the Angels in the heavens are waiting to assist you, you but only need to ask each and every day, to invite us into your lives to help you with everything we can.  It is up to you to do this, and when you do, we will respond.

We ask that you consider your choices, and that once you do so, that you consider making the change that you are afraid of in order to create growth and fulfill the life purpose you feel drawn to.