As a human, nobody is immune to depression. Each of us has or will have depression, more or less, during our lifetime. Some will experience a more severe and longer lasting battle with depression, while another’s occurrence may feel may be lighter, shorter, or just fleeting moments.

What is depression? It is our human body’s way of dealing with change, releasing buried emotion and stress. The human body is an outlet of energy for our unexpressed thoughts and repressed emotions when they come to the surface to be released. However, this process can create a huge amount of turmoil in the physical body. Depression can happen when we are in a state of change, the body often does not know how to cope during the transition period, as the old way is no longer working, but the new way is still forming, and it is unknown and uncertain. Depression can also happen when the body is overloaded with stress, but we tend to ignore the body’s warning signals, and we keep pushing ourselves till one day the body is no longer able to function normally. Therefore, it is quite normal to be depressed.

Honestly speaking, depression is not a pleasant experience at all, especially when one is going through deep depression. In this state of being one can be in a very dark, suicidal, hopeless and helpless state. To make it worse, our human conditioning about depression, and society’s opinion about depression due to a lack of understanding has created so much fear and negativity towards depression. However, we should not be afraid of depression, nor avoid it. What should we do when we are in depression?

First of all, we need to understand that depression is a normal reaction of our body coping with change and clearing energy. It is one of the ascension symptoms when we are raising our vibration.

Secondly, whenever we feel depressed, we should try to ride it through without fear. Depression is here to make us look at our life and the way we are. It may take some time, but it will eventually pass and you will come out refreshed and renewed.

Thirdly, be still and allow whatever is inside us to come out, whether it is emotion (anger, frustration, fear, guilt, shame, etc.), stress, or just a release. Do not fear it, for it is meant to help you cleanse away something that is no longer needed. I went through six months deep suicidal depression; at times I doubted if I would ever come out of it. But I did when it touched the bottom, then I started to come out of it with a renewed spirit.

Fourthly, you can find natural sources to help you, such as essential oils, flower essences, crystals, sound and color healings, etc. However, if you feel medication or qualified guidance can help your depression, don’t be afraid to seek professional help, go with your own feeling.

Last, but not least, you can always ask Spirit to help you find the answers. If you ask you will find them. Just remember, depression is our body’s way of cleansing. The more we embrace it and allow ourselves to go through it without fear, worry or emotional stress, the sooner we will come out of it with renewed energy once the new energy starts to work with our body.