What is Enlightenment?

As we walk the spiritual path, we cannot avoid but wonder what enlightenment really is. Certainly, after having been working on ourselves spiritually for a while, we would sometimes wonder how enlightened have we become or are we at all enlightened.

So, what really is enlightenment?

Enlightenment, broadly speaking, simply means having a greater awareness, clarity, understanding, wisdom, or knowledge regarding any particular matter. We are therefore constantly becoming more enlightened, for we can never stop learning something new, relearning something old, or unlearning something harmful (or no longer useful). Enlightenment is therefore more of a journey than destination.

Spiritual enlightenment, however, depends not just on becoming more learned, although having greater learning (of the right kind) is usually very helpful. Spiritual enlightenment also depends significantly on how much love we are able to feel and express, and more learning does not always lead to more love. In fact, too much focus on theoretical knowledge can often turn one into a head-person and prevent us from opening our heart to love.

So, after all these years or decades of spiritual work, how enlightened have we become?

That depends on how we further define spiritual enlightenment.

If being spiritually enlightened refers to feeling love, being in a state of love and expressing love, we could say we are sometimes enlightened and sometimes not, for due to the presence of ego which is part and parcel of being human, and the endless lessons and challenges available for learning and experiencing in this earth school, it is extremely rare, if not humanly impossible, that anyone would be able to remain in a state of love all of the time.

If being spiritually enlightened refers to being able and adept at remaining in or returning to our natural state of love, we could say we are more enlightened today than we were decades or years ago, or even just months or weeks ago, and would likely become even more enlightened in the years to come.

If being spiritually enlightened refers to having clarity about our real identity and knowing that we are love, we could similarly say we are more enlightened today than we were decades or years ago, and would likely become more enlightened years to come.

If being spiritually enlightened refers to knowing, understanding, or realizing that we are all the Same Creator disguised as different individuals, we could again say we are more enlightened now than before and would likely become more enlightened hereafter.

There are many kinds of enlightenment, depending on how we define the term. Full or complete enlightenment is however not possible, for our evolution is a never-ending journey and there is always room for further learning, growth and revelation. Even Source is also growing and expanding, just as each of us is learning and growing. All of us, through our own unique ways, choices and experiences, are contributing to the growth and expansion of Source.

Correspondingly, how spiritually enlightened we are also means how much healing, peace and bliss we are able to feel. It also means how able we would be at creating or manifesting what we need, although not always what we want, for the reality we create must be one that is supportive (or at least does not get in the way) of learning our soul lessons, fulfilling our soul agreements, and performing our soul tasks.

Consequently, being spiritually enlightened does not specifically mean becoming more intuitive, psychic or clairvoyant, although these are usually byproduct qualities of feeling more love and having more awareness, for as we feel more love and oneness we are going to feel a greater level of intimacy with the whole universe, and as we develop a keener awareness we are going to become more perceptive of what’s happening in the invisible universe.