A few months ago, a FB friend of mine asked me a question about Karma as she thought that Karma was being cancelled in both directions, past and future. This was the first time I heard the news of Karma being cancelled. Honestly, I did not know how to answer it at first, however, this question kept nagging me for an answer as I feel that there is so much misunderstanding and negative connotation about Karma that it has invoked much fear towards it.

What is Karma? Karma is a law of the Universe – cause and effect. To put it simple, it can be stated as “For every action there is a reaction.” In the Universe everything is energy, vibrating at different rates of vibration and different levels of consciousness. The Universe constantly calibrates itself in order to maintain equilibrium and a dynamic balance. Whenever the energy is in balance, there is peace and harmony. As such, whenever there is an action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. In our human language, it can be expressed as, “we reap what we sow regardless of whether it is good or bad.”

Karma is not a punishment because someone has done something terribly ‘wrong’ or has ‘bad’ luck, etc. In fact, karma should not be understood as ‘GOOD’ or ‘BAD’ based on our human conditioning, but as cause and effect. As someone posted on FB, “The universe is not punishing you or blessing you with Karma. The universe is responding to the vibrational energy you are sending out. Be mindful of what you bring into existence” – from a FB unknown source. Anything, once we have thought about it, made a choice or acted upon, we have set it in motion energetically. It will act out as a force of energy to be expressed, manifested or materialized. In other words, whenever we set the energy in motion – thought, word, choice, decision, action or reaction, whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there is an energetic consequence of dynamic balance physically and metaphysically.

As a spirit, each of us is an energy spark of the Universe; as an energy spark, each of us is pure consciousness, vibrating at a different level of vibration individually and uniquely. Together, we vibrate in collective consciousness and vibration. Spiritually, we are all souls on the journey of soul evolution through learning and experiencing how we can dance with the energy of the Universe and use the energy wisely. If we have fear, anger, hatred, or any negative thoughts, words, emotional actions or reactions towards others, if we hurt others or create pain in others, if we are unforgiving, then we will have to take full responsibility for what we have given out by experiencing the hurt and pain we have caused for others, learn from it and make sure that we will no longer repeat it. In this way, we are learning to take full responsibility for our own thoughts, words, choices, decisions, actions and reactions. We become mature spiritually through taking responsibility. If we have kindness, love, acceptance, understanding, respect, tolerance and gratitude towards others, if we are not judgmental and critical to others, if we have no fear and negativity, we will also reap kindness, love, acceptance, understanding, respect, tolerance and gratitude. Thus, Karma is not a punishment, but a learning and maturing process for our soul and soul growth through learning to take full responsibility for our thoughts, words, emotions, feelings, choices, decisions, actions and reactions.

How do we know whether we have incurred karma? We don’t know until we return to our true home – the world of Spirit. We are the only ones who assess whether we have incurred karma or not during our life review in the Hall of Mirror. We make the evaluation and decision, nobody else. Then, we decide how we are going to deal with our Karma. See, nobody is punishing us, it is our own decision and choice! Why do we do that? We do it because we, as a soul, want to learn, grow and expand our consciousness, and it is from our Higher Self! When we are in the world of Spirit, we only have our Higher Self, without the interference of the Lower Self, we only see the potential, possibility, opportunity, and what is the best for our soul’s growth, we don’t see the pain, suffering, hardship and difficulties that our Lower Self perceives and holds onto when we are on the Earth Plane attending the school of life.

Thus, in my truth, I don’t think that our Karma can be cancelled, otherwise, we all no longer need to be here on the Earth Plane to attend the school of life for soul growth through learning and experiencing life. However, I do believe that we can STOP INCURRING KARMA by practicing not being judgment, not being critical, and by opening our heart to kindness, forgiveness, total acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, respect, tolerance, gratitude and courage. By doing so, we bring the energy of peace, harmony and unity into our life and essence, and this assists our ascension process. Unconditional love will always override any desire of the Self for ego and for pain.

Our human life on the Earth Plane is a simple act of the law of Karma. Therefore, Karma is one of the necessary tools for souls to learn how to dance with the energy of the Universe and to attain dynamic equilibrium and balance through the learning process of experiencing life in its facets. Then, here comes the next question, “How can we stop incurring Karma or get off the wheel of Karma?

The simplest way to clear our Karma recorded in our Akashic Record is to live our own life according to our life plan – our astrological natal chart, and to focus our attention and energy on facing our fears, repaying our incurred karma, receiving karma, releasing and clearing past life energy, and learning our chosen life lessons. Try not to get involved in anyone else’s life. It sounds selfish, especially if we are conditioned to believe that to be a kind and a good person, we must be unselfish and give all our energy to help another or others. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that by helping another when they need to help themselves, we could be stopping them from learning very valuable lessons and from attaining their soul growth, and we may be actually creating karma for ourselves! If we look at ourselves first, deal with our own issues, we will often find when we do, there is no or little time to help other people when they need to help themselves.

In order to clear our Karma and stop incurring new karma, we need to understand that there are two different aspects in each soul on the Earth Plane – the Self and the Higher Self. The Self resides with the physical body and is also connected to all the subtle bodies. It comes from the animal kingdom and it is striving for survival. The darkness is sum total of the Self. It is the Self part of us creating Karma through creating the illusion of fear, anger, doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence and all other ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions and it maintains control through the illusion it creates. On the other hand, the Higher Self is the Divine Spark of God, it is the consciousness of Pure Unconditional Love. It comes from the Divine and it is striving for soul growth and expanding consciousness. The Higher Self has no negative thoughts and feelings, it does not hold onto any negativities against anyone or anything. It sees through the illusion of everything because it lives in the Now. The Higher Self is the “I AM” of all, and it is “IS”. When union with the Higher Self is achieved, total peace is assured, and the Karma is no more!

However, the hardest task on the journey of clearing and stopping recurring Karma is to control all of our subtle bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in order to attain the dynamic balance of our Body, Mind and Spirit. The path to controlling the Self in each subtle body is a long and arduous task. Because each subtle body has a Self and a Higher Self, and each body has to go through an inevitable battle between the Self and the Higher Self until the Higher Self takes control. The Higher Self must have control of each subtle body. In other words, we must take full responsibility for our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spirit body, to let our Higher Self take charge of each of them, and to maintain dynamic balance in each of them.

It will not happen overnight but we all can make it happen eventually. It requires an open heart, a constant awareness, conscious living, courage, determination, discipline and dedication. Once we have learned to control the subtle bodies, we are in control of all that we do. Our heart chakra shines forth with total acceptance, compassion and unconditional love to all our fellow humans, and we become one with the God force. When this is done, then the earth plane can be left behind once and for all.