The universe is constantly communicating to us.

This can be in the form of “chance” conversations, accidents that are never accidents but force us to see and understand something we’re avoiding.  It can be a television programme we switch on to, a deer that crosses our path, a word of advice from a stranger that conveys the answer to a problem we’ve been ruminating over.

Then there is mirroring, another form the universe uses. Often it is people who mirror for us and situations. Our pets also mirror for us and send us information.

I will give you an example.

For over a year now my wonderful cat of 18 years, Pegasusn was waking me up all hours of the night disturbing my sleep, meowing for me to give him attention, insisting I give him my pillow.

Each time he did this I would obediently give him a kiss then move him from my head and place him at my feet telling him to let me sleep.

Did he listen?  No, of course not.   He would return each night 10 or 15 times, waking me up constantly until I’d have to put him outside just so I could sleep properly.

Of course he was trying to tell me something (& not only that he wanted attention and my pillow).

Yes, there was another much more important message and it took me a year to hear it! Yes, a year.

But sometimes we are stubborn and thus slow in getting the messages.

So this scenario continued until a month ago I came across an article about our pets mirroring us.

The articled talked about how when we have an illness or physical symptom and our pets will often times have the same problems, taking them on so as to heal it.  Or it will be a warning.

Like myself, my cat Pegasus has a weak right eye and a nervous stomach.  He is also very loyal to me and an extremely private kitty.  He is not one for jumping on stranger’s laps and doesn’t like the house to be messy or it changing routine.  He likes everything to be peaceful. And if he doesn’t get his way he can (like me) become anxious and insistent.

Yes, it was obvious, but not until spirit led me to find the answer.

It is suggested we each look to what our pets are doing because this will be the information and/or message we need to hear.

When I began to wonder about what Pegasus’ message was it came to me.

I was insisting too much – in everything.  Insisting to be perfect, insisting to be understood, insisting to explain yet again (when I would be asked the same question ten times by someone), insisting against situations I had no control over and never would.

This came as a wonderful revelation for me and now that I have understood the message, I have ceased to be so insistent. As a result my wonderful cat has ceased his incessant behaviour.

I hope this helps you and I suggest that each of you take a minute and tune into the communication your furry companion is giving you.