What’s Inside You!

The first thing I often do when I have a stomach-ache or acid reflux is to reflect on what food I have just consumed. The pain or discomfort had to originate somewhere, and since we are pure energy, something must have triggered my energy into a state of imbalance. My physical discomfort is simply energy trying to shift or dissipate.

Now imagine that that instead of eating something, you come to understand that all your anger, frustration and suppressed energy from your past life experiences are absorbed into your soul memory waiting to be suddenly and unexpectedly triggered in this incarnation. This energy then tries to come to the surface to be dealt with in the course of your daily life. It could present itself as an etheric body ache, an actual illness or manifest itself in the form of an obsessive behavior, mistrustfulness, or even a paranoid trait. It may resemble thoughts or experiences of others, but the feelings and reactions will be unique and personal to you.

For example, I have a fear of snakes, my father did not, I don’t have a fear of spiders, but my father for some reason did. It all comes down to an experience that generated the energy that is trapped within you and it is the Universe’s job to assist you to release the trapped energy that has built up in your soul memory. Your daily life and interactions are the playground the Universe has at its disposal. I could say that it was very mean spirited of my cousin Vern when he threw the rattlesnake at me, thankfully it was dead, but it was very real as my arms were flailing frantically in the air as the snake flew through the air straight at me! I can attest, I was in a state of panic as I attempted to swat it away. Should I blame Margaret and Maitreya when I started meditating with them, and like turning on a light switch, the second I closed my eyes, I had instant visions of snakes all around me? We so easily in the emotion of the moment want to blame someone rather than calming our emotions down and evaluating what was the true cause of our reaction?

We should ask the question, “What energy is the Universe triggering and where did it originate?” You need this information to get to the root of the energy.  For me, through some past life work I was able to trace mine back to being a boy in a native tribe located in some jungle. I was wounded in my initial battle and left to slowly die at sunset, all alone in a deserted field, where it ended up being just me and the snakes. Yikes, it took a lot of meditation to work through the energy, and a visit to the local pet store to work up the nerve to handle a couple snakes. Thanks to the kind lady who was very caring and understanding with me as she handed me the snakes. Can I say I am comfortable around snakes, no, but I do know the source and probably would not be emotionally paralyzed if the Universe put one in front of me? But I would wager that the Universe has probably done what it needs to do around me releasing my repressed snake energy.

Maitreya often told me that the circumstances we experienced in a past life are in the past and encouraged me to focus my energy on understanding and processing the energy coming to the surface. Our experience of the past is not meant to be repeated, times and circumstances have changed, and the Universe is just trying to trigger the release of the repressed energy. Try and look within rather than get emotionally paralyzed or incapacitated about someone or something trying to control you or be mean to you.

I recently had a website viewer ask me what Maitreya said about Atlantis because they felt we were going to be repeating some of the stuff those in power did because of all the buzz on the Internet about being chipped so the government can control you in the guise of a vaccine to cure Covid-19. First, I told him that Maitreya didn’t dwell on the past, he said it was a tool of the self to keep you occupied on an external level. You have chosen lessons to learn and Karma to repay and receive. All the actions and interactions of your daily life will assist you to release your trapped energy. As I’ve mentioned many times before, your roadmap is your astrology. Just let the Universe put the trigger points in front of you and have the trust that it knows what it’s doing!

You could play all kinds of scenarios out around Covid-19. Government is going to chip you to control and track you through vaccines. Unless you live off the grid, they already know everything about you through your credit cards, internet searches and facial recognition; I think they already have you. Welcome to life!

Now, if you have some past life energy trapped within you associated with any period that resembles Atlantis, I think the Universe is trying to trigger the energy for you to release it and I think the self wants to distract you into wasting your energy on the fear of the government controlling you. I will tell you this, if part of your learning is to be controlled by the government, the Universe will make that happen. It’s still your free will choice how you process or react to the energy and whether you allow it to come to surface to be dealt with or if you continue to repress it because the self has you off on some tangent.

The Universe is triggering a lot of Atlantean energy, how are we going to process it? Constructively or are we going to let it paralyze us? It’s our individual choice. You must admit, a lot of change is coming from the Covid-19 situation well beyond whether vaccines or cloud immunization data bases are a form of government control. The Universe is using the virus to assist humanity to change. Yes, unfortunately some people will suffer, but as Maitreya explained around those that perished with 9/11, that was part of their soul contract to assist the Earth plane.

For me, I have no resonance with Atlantis, so just like my experience with the spider, I don’t have any fear around chipping or government control. If that’s what it takes for me to freely step on a flight to anywhere in the world, I know my choice. On the other hand, bring up government oppression and I have a lot of energy to waste if I choose to go down that rabbit hole due to many past life experiences.

Try to focus on yourself and your personal energy being triggered. Maitreya once told me that if there was a fire in the neighborhood and it wasn’t part of your learning to have your house burn down, then the Universe would skip your house. I think a lot of stuff on the internet relates to the fire skipping your house if you can process the energy coming to the surface rather than letting it be your emotional quicksand!

Here is today’s Maitreya Quote for my reading:
“You create the world you live in. You are the Master of your life, nobody else.” – Maitreya
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