As I write this, I’m anxiously counting down the days till we leave India and head back to the U.S., which happens to be my native country. As the saying goes, “There’s no place like home.” Then again, there is also another saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

With that said, in my experience so far, even when you think you are going to the right place, or meeting the right people, it doesn’t always end up the way you imagined it. Why would this be, you may ask? I will lump it into two broad categories. Let’s call the first category Earth Plane Interaction and the second Spirit Plane Interaction.

In the Earth Plane Interaction we must always remember that everyone that you pick to engage with in this lifetime has free choice, so they can easily thwart a scenario that you both agreed upon when you put your life plan together, or maybe they are willing and you are the one who chooses not to fulfill your commitment. How can this happen? There can be multiple reasons. One would be their Self has them wrapped in the security of their present circumstance, and they can’t see that you have come to assist them to move onto a path that down the road could be much more secure and successful than they can imagine, if they only summon the courage to take the leap. Another scenario could be that their family has undue control over them. You come to act as the catalyst to assist them to free themselves from the bonds of this particular issue of which they have been battling for multiple incarnations, but they just can’t break through the conditioning of family that is keeping them trapped. There are always multiple reasons why we limit ourselves from unlocking the chains of conditioning to allow us to truly become the “True Masters” of our life. The Self aspect of our being is always the nemesis. Trying to make a break from Tradition, Belief Structure, The Security of the Group is not an easy task because that is the Lower Self’s Dominion.

For example, I came to India and I interacted with a few people that business opportunities could have blossomed, but free choice ran into a brick wall called “Fear”, wrapped in the clothes of the aforementioned dominions of the Lower-Self. On the Spiritual front, our message of taking control of one’s life journey through working their life plan which is all contained in their astrological chart, ran into a Guru Tsunami. With that said, all is perfect in the Universe, and seeds were planted and lessons of patience and understanding on my side of the equation were tested. I passed some, failed plenty; but hey, I’m still breathing and working on those exams I’ve chosen in my little hologram of life.

Another aspect of our path to Self Mastery that some don’t understand is how those in the Spirit World assist us on our journey. Our Guardian Spirit is like a concierge at a hotel with no emotions. Did I happen to mention that the concierge doesn’t work for us! They work for the “Life Plan” that we put together before we were born. The reason they can have no emotion is because they will do whatever it takes to assist us to accomplish what we, without our Self-aspect present, put into place for our learning before we incarnated. As our “Free Will” or should I call it “Self Will” kicks in, it can get a bit Hilarious, Stupid, Sad, or even Tragic to name just a few of the consequences of our interactions with what our Guardian Spirit is trying to do to keep us on the destiny path WE chose.

I remember as I earnestly started my quest for Self-awareness/Mastery. I was 48, newly single, quite successful with my business and pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. My Higher Self aspect was directing me towards my next course I was going to take in New Zealand on my Spiritual journey. My Lower Self aspect had been alerted to an individual that was interested in a potential relationship with me. The battle was on; my Libra and Scorpio aspects under the direction of my Lower Self saw a beautiful blonde 20+ years my junior interested in ME! The battle between my Higher Self and my Loins was on! (LOL). As I went back and forth in my mind on what to do I received an email out of the blue from a Psychic I had met about 6 months earlier. She informed me that a companion was coming into my life that would assist me on my journey and this individual would have Brunette hair. Well, that was not the answer I was looking for, but then again I had Free Will right. In the end, I didn’t go with my Loins, as much as I wanted too, and I was fortunate to be available to start a relationship with Margaret 6 months later.

Ironically, one of the first things Maitreya told me when I got to New Zealand was that he had to confess something to me. He said it was those from the World of Spirit who had prompted that Psychic to write the email at that particular moment of time, because a relationship with that particular young lady would have thwarted the situation with Margaret that I now found myself in. It still was open to my Free Will, but it would have thrown a wrench into what was planned to unfold on my destiny path. He then told me something that took me back at first, but now makes complete sense. He said they would do whatever it takes to lead us and guide us towards what we have chosen to accomplish in our incarnation. He reiterated, it was they who prompted the Psychic to write to me to try and stop me from starting that relationship. It all worked out for me, but I wonder how far they would have gone to thwart my Lower Self if it had been in control at that point in time? As I said before, the interaction between the Lower Self and the Guardian Spirit can be intense. I am not sure when they give up and let us go on our merry way, and when they continue to try and influence us to make decisions based on the plan we put together. I don’t think they ever give up us on us, but at some point there is only so much they can do from their world if we never let the Higher Self take control.

With the state of the world today, I think the Guardians are working overtime trying to get people to see through the illusion of their incarnation, but Free Will is entrenched in the Dominion of the Lower Self where Emotion Rules and Paralyzes the Higher Self. Remove the Emotions and You Paralyze the Lower Self.

As I head to the San Francisco Bay area, I am trying desperately to harness my emotional interaction with the worldly events that are unfolding around us, and allow my Higher Self to fly through focusing on ME! To some this may sound selfish. In my truth, the happenings in the world today, no matter how dire they may seem are a necessary evil that will eventually assist humanity to change so it stays on ITS’ destiny path. Getting caught in the emotions of what is going on in our world is a dessert in the Dominion of the Lower Self. I battle everyday to stay above it, unfortunately the News and Facebook are top rated chef’s that feed our Lower Selves gourmet course after gourmet course of emotion to keep us focused on the outside world rather than our own destiny path. I think that our world is beginning a period of intense turmoil, which in my truth is a necessary evil to force change.

What are you going to feed your Free Will?