What’s On the Horizon for 2020 and Beyond?

Wow, it’s hard to believe 2020 is upon us. Welcome it or not, it’s here and if you’re like me, you may be wondering what it has in store for you. I think the simple answer to the question is CHANGE! You might say, that is an easy answer, because the only thing constant in life is change, but I think we need to hold onto our hats, because the clouds on the horizon may hold some turbulence.

Saturn and Pluto are flying through the sign of Capricorn. Discipline and Transformation in the sign of Structure. You might say, but I have structure and discipline, or I don’t need those traits, I’m doing just fine and have full trust in the Universe. The Universe may be asking you whether the structure and discipline, or lack of, that you feel is working for you are in alignment with the lessons you’ve chosen to experience and learn from in this incarnation. You may want to look in the mirror and see if you can answer with a straight and honest face! I know I’d struggle not to pop a smile on my lessons of speaking my truth and non-judgement to name just a couple.

The irony of the above configuration is that the structures that we’ve built over time that we feel comfortable with and that did help us to this point in time on our journey, are now hindering our soul journey and are going to be challenged and broken down. No one is immune, because along with our personal structures that we’ve grown accustomed too (our comfort zone), external pressures on our societal norms that are no longer serving the growth of the mankind are being exposed. If we look around us, from ethnic traditions, religion to the financial system, we’ve reached levels of inequality and unfairness that has created a toxic environment of a tribal nature that pits one against another. We must be loyal to our team at all costs, truth be damned!

The fairy tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes comes to mind, where only the child in its innocence could see that the Emperor was in fact naked. Everyone could see he was naked, but the people were lost in their illusion to the group and didn’t want to admit their ignorance or blind faith in their leader. Simply put, the leader who had been conned himself by the tailors, was now conning the people because he had the power. Loyalty to the leader trumped the truth!

What is your truth? What is required for your personal growth? You don’t live in a vacuum, so most of your lessons will come from people and circumstances external to you. Who are the strongmen or woman who hold power over you? What are your lessons and how will you navigate them? I’m your weather forecaster, Saturn and Pluto form an exact conjunction on January 12, 2020, a storm is on the horizon, how are you going to navigate it?

A simple navigation tool for your life lessons are what keeps recurring in your life that you are afraid of confronting or makes you uncomfortable? If you want to fine tune things with your astrology. Where is your Saturn, it’s where your hardest lesson will play out? Where is your Pluto, it’s where you’ve chosen to transform yourself in this lifetime? Where is your Chiron, this is where your deepest wound is that you will need to face? Where is your Moon, it’s where your emotional quicksand is that will hinder your ability to see through the illusion? This is simplistic, but it’s a start.

The moral of the story is that the Universe is lining up the stars to provide the energy of change to assist us to move forward individually and on a collective level. Unfortunately, as Maitreya would often state, ‘There are no magic wands or abracadabra’s, and a lot of time it takes a negative situation to get to a positive one, so trust in the Universe’. The winds of change are on the horizon, there are a lot of kings or want-to-be kings in positions of power and authority in our personal lives and in our world; it’s time for each of us to take our power back on a personal level. The stars are in alignment to support our transformation and assist us to tear down and rebuild the structures in our lives necessary to achieve our destinies. It’s up to us to weather the storm and create our sunshine!

Embrace 2020 and welcome change as a positive, it’s the only constant in the Universe!

Have a great month and welcome to the next decade.