What’s Your Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy?

The irony or dilemma we face on the Earth plane is that we are a Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy as a result our Past/Present Life Experiences. To further complicate matters, our incarnation’s purpose is to work through karmic debt and to release deep subconscious trapped energy within our Soul Memory all while navigating the Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy that makes us who we are. How do we do that,  you may ask. Well, we take our Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy and work through relationships, encounters, and situations that trigger the trapped energy within us, and place us in karmic situations. Hopefully, we will become aware of the game we are playing and have our ah-ha moments to learn from as we move forward on our evolutionary path.

I recently was having a discussion with someone about the tumultuous times we seem to be living in. How everyone is seemingly being triggered by something that someone says or does. As we were calmly talking, the topic of abortion came up. Upon reflection, it wasn’t an accident as it ended up proving the point of being triggered mentioned above. My point of view was free will choice, his point of view was that a life was being taken. As the relaxed conversation turned into a heated discussion to get each other to see the other person’s point of, all of sudden I found myself taken back by the energy of the moment. It was real, it was powerful, and it was very raw. Abruptly, we agreed to disagree, but it generated  an ah-ha moment for me. His present/past life experiences aren’t mine and mine aren’t his, so the real energy driving our actions was unique to each of us. What was the lesson or energy being shown to both of us? What Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy was at play for each of us. Possibly in a past life, I was forced to have a child that I couldn’t take care of, and it ruined both of our lives. Possibly he was in a situation where no matter what he did, a child was allusive to him, so now the thought of harming an unborn fetus was more important to him than the right of the mother over her own body. The real irony of the encounter, we’re both men, and deciding for a pregnant woman how she should act! 😊

It is easy to see how our Uniqueness can create disparate mindsets that often cause so much conflict. How can we learn to get along, when we all have Unique and Distinctive Blends of Energy that drive our thoughts, beliefs, and concepts of what’s Right and what’s Wrong? Agreeing to Disagree and not Judging another for their choices is what Maitreya taught. Trying to see and grasp the bigger picture of Our Unique Life Journey which is shaped by our Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy that makes up who we are.

Our energy is not random but made up of our past/present life experiences, which often clouds our judgement as our lower self tries to hold us back on our soul’s journey. The Mission, should we choose to accept it, is to try and understand our Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy. Where are our Attributes? Where are our Challenges? Where are our Fears, Doubts, and Insecurities? Understanding Your Unique and Distinctive Blend of Energy through your Astrology will help in navigating the journey of life. The journey is not easy, but as Margaret would often state, Forewarned, is Forearmed!

The moral of the story, we are all Unique and filled with our own Distinctive Blend of Energy. Our mission is trying to navigate the journey into a place of being our own Master and being True to Yourself.

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