When Everything is Slow

This summer is going backwards, for sure. Nothing is “right “, everything is weird.

With all those retrogrades I would not expect things to be any different. In our desperate need of change, we are eager to start doing something important on behalf of ourselves, but we are stuck and unable to move. Sometimes, even waking up in the morning deserves a prize. Patience is a golden moment in time, for sure. Patience is the only answer to anyone who is eagerly expressing their expectations or having questions about their life journey.

Patience and trust. Move forward with your expectations and have the trust and strength as you hold on tightly. Just breathe and take one step at a time. Focus on one day at a time day because it’s not easy just hanging on, doing nothing while the bills to pay keep coming, family members are constantly pushing you to do “something “, support from friends is missing, lovers are disappearing ….and you are getting advice to “just have trust and be patient”!?

I know, it is frustrating. It is annoying. We feel abandoned by people, by our guides, by the Universe. We feel lack in all areas.

Our Ego Self is fighting so hard to have control and to “let go” means giving up control and supremacy over our lives.

To be patient and have trust is a sign of a true faith. Patience and trust in the same moment of time is extremely difficult, even a spiritual person has times of need.

We are all desperate to hear something reassuring in those times of need, our Ego is yelling “show me! Tell me!”. Just hanging there patiently with trust is a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g. But you should be aware that doing exactly that is the ultimate sign of your faith.

Embrace this summer opportunity (eclipses, retrogrades, solar storms…) to heal something and show the world your new outfit of strength and light. Your new self.

Be patient (LOL!)