In one of my Intuitive Writing classes this month, I asked those present to write down the answer to a question. Where does a wave go? I remind people to write whatever comes without a lot of thinking and I only allow a few minutes. Here is what came for me.

“Where does a wave go?

Everywhere and Nowhere

There and Back

Over and Under and Around

I think of a warm ocean theses days as the cold wind blows

and I am surrounded by ice and snow.

The thoughts and memories roll in.

foam on sand

gentle rolling in my ears

Blue on Blue

Sea and Sky

Dark and Light

Wet sand and Dry

the warm sun giving me

Strength and Heat

Courage and Warmth

to honor and value the days of winter

White on White ”

It was perfect for me on a very cold winter day and the writings of those in the class were just as perfect for each of them. Try it. Answer the question “Where does a wave go?” If you want to take it further, go into meditation. Put yourself on or in the wave and see where it takes you. Be open to the adventures and messages from Spirit as you go on this journey. Be open to allow words and pictures to flow as you record these adventures and messages.