Who Am I?

Over the years, I have been asked on many occasions, “Can you tell me who I am?” by my clients. Honestly, in the beginning, I did not know how to answer this question, but it did make me think.

“Who am I?” When one starts to ask such a question, one begins to search for one’s very existence on a soul level. Most of us do not know “who am I” because we are so conditioned to listening to society, our parents, our friends and our employers. We tend to define ourselves based on other people’s opinions, their approvals, our traditions growing up, cultures and conditioning.  Gradually, gaining and retaining power, material wealth and control become our security; social status, titles and degrees become the image or symbol of who we are; but we have forgotten who we truly are, or we do not know who we truly are.

“Who am I?” “How can I find or define who am I?” We often ask ourselves these questions when we start searching for the meaning of life and the spiritual side of our being. In order to find out who we truly are, we need to know intimately about our own astrological natal chart.

Our natal chart contains all the information about who we truly are on a soul level and our connection to the Universe. It has all the answers to our very being, to our life lessons and to those lessons we have brought back with us to learn again. Only when we can learn of our life path and life lessons through astrology, can we start to work to attain higher levels of awareness and gain a deeper understanding about who we truly are.

We are all souls on the journey of life, striving to achieve soul evolution through the school of life on the Earth Plane. Physically we have a body as a vehicle to carry our soul, but metaphysically, we are all pure energy, pure consciousness. Because of that, we learn and grow in consciousness and vibration through the configuration of our own planetary patterns and their interaction with the energies of the universe.

In astrology, “the Planets are energies, they represent the ‘What’ is operating. The signs show ‘How’ the Planetary energy or the ‘What’ is expressed and ‘How’ it operates. The Planets in the signs indicate the characteristic expression of the energy, – the individual pattern from other lifetimes, and our capacity, ability or power to achieve what is indicated by the nature of the planets. The Houses show ‘Where’ the energies will work; the circumstances. Houses indicate the environmental pattern where we will work out our destiny. They indicate the opportunities offered by our environment. The aspects, which are the angles between the planets show us how the Planetary energies work with each other – harmonious aspects show the planets involved work smoothly with each other (Trine and Sextile, as well as conjunction sometimes); challenge aspects between the planets involved represent obstacles (Square), conflicts (Opposition) and tension (Inconjunction), etc.

The Universe brings the opportunities and possibilities into our lives through the interactions among the planets and their transits. Each of us makes choices how to response and react to these dynamic energies based on the configuration of our natal chart. We choose during every moment of our lives to either to move forward to higher vibration or to hold ourselves back in the illusion. However, how we make choices and what choices we make are deeply affected by our own energy patterns and configurations structured from our soul’s past, present and future. Many of us do not have any idea how much, or how deeply we are affected by our soul memory in our deep subconscious. Our karma, past life energies and life lessons are dynamically played out repeatedly in our living situation and life events. In fact, most of society, whether it is a country, a family, a group, or an individual, is reliving and replaying past life situations or issues again and again. We often run away from the very thing we have chosen to learn or do in this incarnation. It is not until we become aware of these recurring themes and instances in our lives that we can consciously choose to face and deal with them.

Thus, our natal chart is a blueprint of our soul, which is the sum total of our past, present and future. In order for us to know who we truly are individually and uniquely; we must learn about our own astrological make-up. Through the natal chart, we must strive to understand not only what is on the surface, but also what the natal tells us about our deep subconscious. As Maitreya has stressed many times, most of us spend at least 85% of our energy in past life mode, therefore understanding not only the Sun – the major life lesson and where we are going to exercise our Will; along with, Venus – beauty, love and affection; Mars – desire, energy and action; also the anger; Mercury – communication and mental energy; Jupiter – growth and expansion, BUT also most importantly, Moon – the psychic imprint of the past, our emotional nature, our habits, the subconscious and instinctive patterns, what we tend to do over and over again; Saturn – where our greatest fear lies and hardest lesson we are to learn; Chiron – our deepest wound and where great self-healing power can be developed, and where we can eventually breakthrough our victim mentality of the Lower Self part of us through taking full responsibility for who we truly are and moving into our Higher Self; Pluto – radical change and transformation; Neptune – illusion and imagination; Uranus – the Awakener, through sudden and unexpected changes; The nodes of the Moon – describing behavior patterns from the past, as well as delineating a direction out of outworn or overdone behaviors and habits. South Node – the comfort zone, the way of least resistance; the habit patterns of other lives that we should be moving away from; North Node – the new path, new direction and the path of integration; Retrograde – the unlearned lessons that we have brought back with us to learn again; Aspects (the dynamic force between planets) – showing our use or abuse of the energies operating in our magnetic field. They show dispositions and predispositions to action and reaction.

If we can try to learn and to understand our own natal chart, it will assist us to truly tune into our astrological makeup, then, with time and effort, we will be gradually understand who we truly are at a deep soul level.

It takes great strength to meet the big challenges of life. There is no affliction in the chart that cannot be changed and unredeemed. It starts with a change of attitude or consciousness. The outside world is a world of MANIFESTATION, not the world of creation.

I can assure you that you will be surprised about what you can find out about yourself in your natal chart. This process itself is an evolution of the soul as it will greatly help you get deeply in touch with the true you, and then you can truly move forward to higher consciousness and vibration.