Actually, I think Astrology chose me. I was very drawn to take spiritual development classes from Margaret and Alan but I had no idea why or what I would do with the knowledge and my developing spiritual being. I have always been very detailed oriented, loved science and math and earned a degree in Microbiology while in school and actually practiced Microbiology for 30 years. These classes involved a lot of physics, chemistry and biochemistry which uses a lot of math. So I also needed to take algebra and calculus in order to solve the physics and chemistry assignments. This type of analytical training or background was beneficial for studying Astrology, as there is a lot of details involved with learning the planets, signs and aspects.

During the spiritual development classes I was told Astrology would be a good thing for me to study. I was shocked. How on earth would I learn all that stuff! So I got the books and read and read. Sometimes it would get so frustrating, I would throw the books on the floor, but I persisted. A great part of Astrology is that you can use both the analytical and the intuitive parts of ones self. After learning the meanings of the signs, aspects and planets, one then allows the spiritual self to take over for interpretation of what the client needs to hear.  Resolving past life issues is a big part of what the birth charts shows and this interpretation can come out during a reading. If I chose to just read the Astrology symbols as is, I might miss some important information.

I prefer to do my reading in the privacy of my home where there are no disruptions. I then email the client their information so they have a permanent records to re-read when necessary.  Then they can ask questions at any time. If I am in their presence when doing a reading, their physical presence, smell or energy level, does not allow me to fully get into my intuitive self.

Astrology is a constant learning curve and I find the more readings I do, the better I get. I am very thankful that I was given this opportunity and will continue to practice this gift.