Wild Flowers In The Field
by Frankie Wintersteen

3/11/2020 Auto-writing with Frankie Wintersteen

Images within the circle of the golden sun rays during this channeled message were: Fields, Guides, Angels, God

You are LOVE and very LOVED
You are never alone

We will stand guard and guide you every step through the process of LIGHT.

Although you have your body the light is reigniting even stronger than before

As you are stepping into yourself again in the pure moments you remember heaven

You lived your life as you wanted, searching, being open, sharing stories and connecting with others in order to find connection within yourself

Without this experience you would not be ready

So now is the time to trust God, yourself, and the process to turn the key in the hearts we send you

Be the pure heart, the storyteller, the ancient wisdom keeper, and healer of hearts you are and always have been

Earth elements are the same as our bodies
So, tap into the energies surrounding you that are mighty and there to assist you

You are a channel for God

Don’t worry about details

Be pure in heart with your senses and explain it to others through your 7-year-old self that is beyond time and space

Wildflowers in the field
We are with you always
Dance, play, sing, jump, breathe in love
It is your time to shine
We will only bring the positive energy