Women Belittling Other Women, Housewives and Living Other People Dreams Life

Why do you think that housewives are uneducated? Why other women belittle others?

I am ashamed to say that I was one of them too. Having my education and career as a higher purpose and a life mission, I have looked down on “mere” housewives, thinking omg, look at her! Poor thing, I wish she could see how she is wasting her life and will not be appreciated for a thing.

Now I am aware that I was detached from my woman essence, thinking about men as a higher being. I was so afraid of not having control in my hands or becoming someone who will depend on a man.

Funny, how life pushes you into directions that you never hoped for, to allow you to learn your lessons. So, I became a housewife (a really educated one, with dozens of interests and hobbies), but a housewife. And I was constantly placed in situations where I had to defend my choice to other women, who if I want to judge, are not even close to being as educated as I am or have the work experience that I have.

Seeing others and judging their lifestyle only shows our nonexistent empathy and low vibration. It also represents our fears and insecurities. Maybe even past life memories and traumas.

Of course, there are housewives that are unemployed, and they can’t cook and do a lousy job with raising kids. And there are also working moms who are wizards, multitasking and have clean houses, are terrific cooks and have well-mannered kids. There are many women with no formal higher education but are filled with wisdom, and there are many with their diplomas hanging from their walls but lacking in everything else.

It is so easy to jump to conclusions about other people.

You can be an asshole with a diploma or without. The same is true with being a great human being. It doesn’t have anything with the formal education you have or don’t have.

I was so afraid of staying home and now the greatest compliments for me are: “you are an amazing hostess! Wow, I love your food and your house! You are doing fantastic work with your daughter…”etc.

For me, this last couple of years were just a phase, a learning experience.  But I have grown; I must admit.

Why did I belittle this?

Why do we do this? Making assumptions about others on such a stupid basis?

For years now, I ‘ve stopped judging or making presumptions. Lesson learned.

It is OK, really it is, to be who you want to be and do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

If you enjoy being with your children and have the opportunity to not work, be grateful!

If you enjoy your career and have the opportunity to leave your kids with grandparents, be grateful.

Be grateful for everything you have that makes you happy. Other people’s expectation for us, unfortunately, cannot be reached; Ever! And the best part is that we don’t have to.

The main question to ask yourself is do you try to meet expectations of others, your EGO self or are you living your life purpose?

If the answers are yes, yes and no, then you have a problem. But every problem can be solved with some effort and lots of trust in your higher self.

My clients,  who are, in most cases, women, struggle deeply and completely in this particular condition: how to be a perfect daughter, wife , mother and at the same time contribute financially to their household and live their life purpose ( that is decided by your soul before this reincarnation even occurred). Ask for help, try some workshops, talk to your therapist, find out more about your past lives – perhaps there is the key to your questions, have your Natal chart read so you can find out more about your life mission. Don’t be overburden and don’t burn yourself out trying to live up to some else’s expectations. It’s only an illusion created by your lower self and your ego self. You are the master of your life and are able and capable to manifest the life you will eventually enjoy. Finally, very precisely put an arrow thru your Ego wishes because, fulfilling them will not bring you piece of mind or soul fulfillment. But it will bring you something; a lesson! Be easy on yourself, even you finally realized that your whole life had been spent living someone else’s dream. You still have time. Pessimism and unhappiness were the status quo of your Lower self’s attempt to hold your Spirit down.

Dear men and women be happy and live your life the way that suits you not others!