Words Have Power!

by Jean Luo

“Do you realize you have the power to create positive or negative energy on the earth plane with your words?”  “Are you aware that on the earth plane, simply by giving your opinion, you can stop another from their destiny or from the enjoyment of something?” ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App

I honestly did not have this realization until I started living with Margaret and Alan in 2006. Before that time, I had been working in the scientific field for almost all my time. Thus, I was intellectual, logical, and left brain oriented. As I was working in Analytical Chemistry, all data was judged and criticized to be accurate and precise. As a result, I cultivated a habit of being judgmental and critical. My spontaneous answer to other people’s point of view was “are you sure?” “Why?” “How come?” “It does not make any sense”… Others felt the tone of my voice while I was speaking in a critical, judgmental, righteous, and stern tone. I was completely  unaware and oblivious to any of it. I was so conditioned to view things in terms of  black and white, and right and wrong. For me, there was no gray area or middle way of life. As a result, my mind was serious, and my thinking was inflexible. I was stubborn with my point of view, without knowing that my words were cutting and hurting people, and that they had a negative impact on other people’s confidence, and their self-esteem.

I remembered when I was in college, I lived with 7 girls in one bedroom in a student dormitory for female students. We had 4 Bunk beds for 8 female students. As you can imagine, the bedroom was crowded as it was not only for 8 girls to sleep but also study. There was one girl who was not much into studying, but more into finding a boyfriend. She didn’t participate in any group activities, and she spent all her time on dating. She often went to bed at midnight when everyone else was in a deep sleep. Thus, she made a lot of noise. Her behavior made all the other girls angry with her, but she didn’t care until I said something, and she immediately broke down and started crying badly. I was in shock and didn’t know how my words had affected her in such a profound way. I can’t remember what I said to her, however, I did remember that I did not argue with her. I was acting as an authority figure and the tone of my voice was stern. This happened almost 50 years ago, but to this day, I can still remember this incident.

When I moved to live with Margaret and Alan as their personal assistant at the beginning of 2006, Maitreya, the Ascended Master whom Margaret was deep trance channeling, started to help me change my fixed way of living life. One day, we were talking about a movie that I just watched at our dinner table, Margaret mentioned that she might like to see that movie as it appeared so interesting for her.  I immediately made a negative comment about that movie and gave my opinion that she would not enjoy it. So, she and Alan decided not to go. A few months later, that movie was playing on TV, and she happened to watch it, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Later, she told me that she loved that movie very much. Maitreya then stepped in, and he used this incident to give me an education about how our opinions that we give to others can prevent them from experiencing something and stop them from finding their own truth. So, from his teaching, I learned not to tell people what to do or not to do based on my own preferences, instead, encouraging them to go with their own intuition and find their own truth from their life experiences.

Another experience is that I watched Alan eat his oatmeal using a lot of white sugar. He placed a thick layer of pure sugar on top of the oatmeal and ate it slowly. I grew up with no sugar or sweets, so I could not believe what I saw. On top of that, I knew that Alan had stomach problems and I felt that overeating sugar would not help it. One morning as I watched him put the sugar on the oatmeal again, I finally could not help but say to him, “You eat too much sugar, it’s not good for your stomach.” Alan did not expect me to say this to him. He looked at me with surprise. In a split second, Maitreya came in and channeled to me directly, “As a spiritual person, one should never judge or make comment to another; what they do or what they should not do.” Alan was gloating in the moment as he heard Maitreya, and I felt embarrassed. Then, Maitreya continued, “If he wants to kill himself, that is his choice.” (LOL).

From these incidents I learned that my words have power. What I say can easily have a positive or negative impact on another person or other people.  Words are powerful energy and force. If we are not mindful and careless with our words, we can hurt people easily and deeply; we can also create karma not only for ourselves but also stop others from learning. Maitreya educated me to be aware of the power of my words. He taught us to communicate and to speak our truth without biting our tongue or repressing the energy, and to speak our truth quietly and clearly with love. He would often say to us, “It is not what you say, but how you say it.” So, after many years learning from Maitreya’s teaching, I learned to say before I express my truth to others, “What I am going to say is my truth or what I feel. You will need to go with your own feelings. It is OK if you disagree with me.” It is important for others to find their own truth and speak their own voice even though we may think that they will make mistakes, or they are wrong. We are all learning from our own experiences. By doing so, we empower ourselves.

Words are a living energy and a force of power. It is the gift that the creator gives each of us to use for communication and for self-expression. Thus, we need to be aware of using our words wisely. We should always be cautious to make comments or give others our opinions, and always remind ourselves to use our words for upliftment, encouragement, and consolation.

“If you only knew how sometimes your words can cut and cause hurt, you would think twice about what you say and how you say it, for sometimes it is not WHAT is said, but HOW it is said.” ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App