Each month I get an email from Jean asking me for a newsletter for the following month. I have no idea what I will write about, but within a few hours or days, I get the subject I will write about and away I go! Over the years of working doing readings, I have many times wondered what I would write about, and then all of a sudden the subject is there. I also over the years have seen writing being a part of someone’s future, it is what they came to do, but excuses such as “I don’t know how to write, I cannot spell, I was terrible at writing at school, and other excuses are what I am given when I tell a person they should be writing.

Most of the time, if one let’s go and just allows it to flow, the writing is often channeled. In other words, it flows from within with very little effort, and the people taking the challenge find themselves writing the most beautiful words. I have a need to comment about this, as I was one of those who made excuses. Despite being top of the class in English at school, and writing good stories when I was in school; when I was asked to write my own newsletters many years ago, I froze.

Finally I decided to try it, this was in 1988, I felt to write a book about the psychic as it was termed then, and to my surprise the words just flowed. All who read the words I wrote could not believe I had written them, had I not said I could not write? It actually took 6 years to get the book published, but it was such a sense of achievement when it was finally out in print and I was sitting in bookstores signing the book for those who bought it. Not only that, but I also got paid for writing it. My advance payment for the book was $2,000 NZ and with that money in 1994, I bought my first notebook computer, a Toshiba, and thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Since that time I have written 6 books, for someone who thought she could not write; I feel so proud of myself (yes ego in a way) but at least I took the challenge and it paid off for me. I only had one of the books published by a publisher. I had some bad experiences with the publisher of my first book, which was my own fault, so after the first book, I chose to publish my books myself. It was not about the money for the book, money never bothered me, but the grueling book tour I was expected to take was really heavy going and I did not want to do that with the other books.

Do you have an inner feeling you should be writing? If you have this feeling, find a teacher to help you if you do not feel confident to do it on your own. It never ceases to amaze me how many people complain about paying for something which could make them a lot of money. For me writing has been a passion and as I write this newsletter I have book number 7 in the mind ready to be written, as usual I am hesitating, but I know like all the others it will be written. I have Saturn in the 10th house of my birth chart, which means I may not get success until my later years, but for me writing is not about success, but about teaching people.

In the past I have had to use the books as a form of income, because to do the work I do costs money. One cannot live on fresh air, but recently I have begun using the information I have already written about as video messages to educate on You Tube. One has to remember also, that many people are destined to be writers, please if you are told by someone, “You should be a writer” give it a go, do not make excuses and put it off. I have a writer teacher friend who works all around the world via Skype, she herself lives in Canada, yes, she does charge a fee, but she is brilliant at what she does and can set you on the path to writing. Please let me know if you would like her email address.

My books are now only available as e-books, and I know the future is going to have many more books, in time the printed book we have known will be a museum piece, but for now I am enjoying writing the e-books. My next book will be on Detachment, and although as usual I am fighting writing it, I know it will be a great book, just like the others. When are you going to answer the call of your book?