You Are A Beautiful and Magnificent Soul

We started off our first Group healing session well this month. I believe almost everyone (if not all) was able to feel where their blockage(s) or discomfort area was. Congratulations! Awareness is the first step to healing because you cannot let go of what you are not aware of. Blockages are imbalances in our bodies. Everyone has them, just a matter of how much. The ones who have a lot will create a ‘wall’ that separates them from the rest. These people cannot empathize nor feel connected to their fellow men, let alone feel compassion for them. Hence, we see criminals who commit crimes such as murders, robberies, etc. without any remorse. The ‘wall’ is a metaphor of a veil that prevents us from seeing the brilliance of our souls on the other side so that we can learn our life lessons without biases. Awakened souls know their magnificence and work constantly to ‘thin’ this veil so as to get a better connection to Divinity. We are all beautiful Light beings having the experience as physical beings. Life lessons teach us to refine our souls and be One with the creative Source. As the veil is thinned, one becomes more and more intuitive and spiritual gifts begin to blossom. This is synonymous to raising your vibrations.

In all following classes, we will learn how to harmonize from within to remove our imbalances. Imbalances can cause havoc in our lives on all levels, be it emotional, mental, or physical level, generally grouped as ‘problems/challenges’. Physical level is the last stage of manifestation. If we caught our imbalances (blockages) early at energetic level and remove them, then physical symptoms will not appear. This is easier said than done, especially living in a Duality world like ours now. But this will change as the Earth moves to a higher vibration. This is happening in New Energy. If we refuse to change and embrace the Light, the Universe will impose on us. We ourselves, determine whether to sail through our life lessons or to plod through them.

Connection with the creative Source is doable as we strengthen our connection to our Higher Selves. Connection to our Higher Selves also means Divine Guidance or solutions to our mundane problems on Earth. I call them mundane because the hurdles are merely there to nudge us or push us towards a greater Truth. Once the lessons are learnt, they have no significance anymore (not that they are gone but more of you can navigate through them with ease). So let go of those imbalances/blockages that do not serve your highest good anymore.  Thank those lessons (may also be in the form of friends, spouse, family members, siblings, kids etc..) and move forward in vibrations for you are a magnificent and beautiful soul !

I leave you in Love & Light

Healings/Meditation Workshop:

2nd Topic : Navigating through Duality
Date : Saturday, 4th/Sunday 5th, Feb. 2023

6 pm EST Saturday, 4th. Feb.
5 pm CST Saturday, 4th. Feb.
7 am Sunday 5th. Feb. for Malaysia & Singapore

12 midnight Sunday 4th. Feb. for Madrid, Spain

To register, please PM me with your email and location.

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