You are a Sculptor, Your Choices are Your Chisel

 We are going through an incredible period of change where people are very passionate about Free Will Choice and not wanting anyone to tell them what to do, especially the government or anyone in authority. On the other side of the coin, there are those that want to limit the change by telling others what they can or can’t do, or enacting laws to limit a person’s Choices. Our Choices are what fuels our Individual Learning and Transformation. Every soul is unique and our ability to make Individual Choices is a fundamental aspect of our soul growth on our journey of life. Maitreya’s newsletter #229, written in 2009, and copied below is food for thought and pretty relevant as 2024 is unfolding. It’s quite incredible that what he wrote in 2009 is playing out in the news in 2024. It never ceases to amaze me how timeless the knowledge and wisdom he channeled through Margaret relates to the current moment.

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Maitreya Newsletter #229 – Choice

Why do you have Choice? You have Choice so that you can choose for yourself which direction you will take with your life. YOU are responsible for your own life. Nobody else has your life plan, has chosen your life lessons, or has the opportunities and possibilities which lie in front of you. You alone make the Choice.

There are many instances on the earth plane in which Choice has created war, pain, hurt, and even killing. For instance, when a woman finds herself with child and makes the Choice not to keep it but to have the pregnancy terminated, IT IS HER CHOICE! Nobody has the right to judge her except the energy of the God force.

She may have chosen this experience to learn lessons from. She may have to go through the experience to help the soul who was coming in. Some souls are not even born; they just have to touch the Earth plane to finish their karma on it. Some women choose to be the vehicles for these souls, to enable them to return and enable this to happen.

When is a baby, a baby? It is a baby from the moment of “quickening.” That is, when the soul enters the body. It is then that the soul is permanently attached. Until that moment in the fourth month of pregnancy, it is just an embryo waiting for a soul. Even after that time, a woman can lose a child, but again it is by her Choice or the fact that the soul entering decides not to continue.

This is just one example of Choice. There are many examples. Each of you has the Choice to create your life the way you want it. You are the sculptor; Choice is your Chisel.

You were created so that you may have Choice. Each one of you can take many paths. You are born with a plan, a map you could perhaps say. That map/plan is your astrology chart. That plan can take you into many possible routes or directions. You make the Choice.

Only when you become enlightened and choose to fulfill your spiritual destiny do things change. When you are on the path of normal life (without much spiritual development) your Choices do not cause too much harm to yourself, although they are important. However, when you choose to fulfill your spiritual destiny, then we in Spirit come in to help you. It is then that the Choices you make become more important. It is usually at this earth time that souls choose not to go forward.

Spiritual development is one of the hardest things to do. Each soul chooses how it will learn its lessons. Some choose to suffer humiliation, some to lose those close to them. Others choose that life will become difficult for them. Each soul makes its own Choices. We just bring other souls into your life to help you learn.

Often this is connected to karma. Other souls are programmed to do exactly what is needed for you to learn. For instance, many years ago my channel had to learn lessons of ego, and her friend – who is also intuitive – told her that she would go to America “to read famous people and film stars.” This was bait to her ego to get her to go because, in past incarnations, she had been only interested in the fame and fortune. This was designed to test her to see if she would take the bait again. She took the bait. Things were designed in America to see if she would take the same path. Doors closed to her; her ego was shredded to pieces. She was tempted by those with money and position, but in this incarnation, they could not touch her – she did not take the old path. She passed her test. When she did, then we gave her the key to her future, the key to work with us in Spirit. Had she been tempted and gone with these offers, she would have still done much good, but she would not have connected with us, the Masters. She made the Choice. It was then (after this experience) and only then that we gave her instructions for this web site.

Those who are your enemies on this earth plane are often your best friends in other dimensions. They come to the earth plane to help you to grow. Your Choices decide your future. Each one of you will be tested to see your worthiness to work with us. This has to be done. You make the Choice before you are born. The more emotional energy you give to situations, the more you stop your spiritual growth. It is often difficult to make the right Choice because the Self says one thing and the Higher Self another. Yet, when one lets go and separates from the situation, then the way is shown which Choice to make. Often this means letting go of people you love or the things you own. Yet the more you let go, the more you grow.

Yes, it is painful, but remember – the illusion is that these people and situations are real. They are not. They are only created for you to learn. Your present husband/wife/partner will not be your husband in the World of Spirit. He/she will just be another soul. In another incarnation that person could be your son, father, or friend. When you raise your vibration, you see beyond the illusion. You see life as it really is, an illusion.

The Choices you make decide whether you grow in spirit or not.

You think that life is predestined and to a degree it is, but it is also open to Choice – not only your Choice, but that of others, too. Life is filled with opportunities and possibilities, each one of them reliant on the actions of another. If everyone followed their plan, if everyone coordinated with everyone else, the world would be a better place.

But humanity chose to have Choice. Because of this a couple may be intended to be together, but one of the partners makes a Choice – because of the Self or other reasons – not to stay. Something may be meant to happen, but someone’s Choice will stop it from happening. You may personally make a Choice not to follow a certain path. Nothing is predestined; it is all up to Choice. The Choices you make fashion your reality for tomorrow. There are never any mistakes either. Everything is perfect in the Universe. It is just humanity that cannot see that perfection.

The next time you make a Choice about something, ask yourself “What will it do to the plans of another? What influence will it have on the future?” By doing this you will come to understand Choice and be more selective in your choosing.

YOU make the Choices, not us in the World of Spirit. We are just here to guide you, teach you, help you, as you make the Pilgrim’s progress through the lessons of your life.