I was recently reminded again that the universe provides us with what we need but that we have to ask for it.  My example has to do with money. Recently I was paying my bills and believed I did not have enough money to cover them. I was only a few hundred dollars short; I was getting ready to move money out of savings so that I could pay my bills. When going over my accounts I discovered some mistakes I had apparently made in putting information in my software. When I corrected these mistakes I found I had exactly the amount of money I needed to pay all my bills on time and did not need to take money out of savings.

The interesting thing is the way I tell the universe what I need financially:  by the way I keep my financial software. You see, whenever I get a credit card statement or a bill I immediately put it in to my software, which actually creates a negative current balance. This would drive many people crazy, but what it does do is tell the universe exactly how much I need and when I need it. The uncanny thing is that over and over I get pretty much exactly what I need, but nothing extra.

This kind of thing happens for me all the time and has for many years now. It began when I decided I would pay off all my debt and told the universe that I needed to have the money to keep from going into debt again. After I accomplished getting rid of my debts, my first experience of how this works was a few months later, when I asked my wife if she would like to go to Hawaii for our anniversary (if I could find the money)? Of course she said yes. Well that was in Late July. I then told spirit while in the shower one day, soon after, that I needed $3000 so I could go to Hawaii for our anniversary in November and that I needed it a month ahead of time so I could make the bookings and pay for them. I then took some money I had in savings and bought some Apple stock with it.  Well, by the end of September I looked at the stock and it had gone up so that I had made $3006, I think it was. It couldn’t have been more clear for me that I got what I asked for, so I took that much out and booked a very nice anniversary vacation for my wife and myself.

After many instances like this for me, including having the money to take a class with Margaret McElroy, I know it works. What I have trouble with is that I only just get what I need and not much more, so I need to learn how to ask for more than I need sometimes.

What this has taught me is that for me it was important to get rid of poverty consciousness for this method to work. I needed to get rid of debt because that was a form of poverty consciousness for me. My debt was clearly telling the universe I have lack in my life and am not able to get what I need or want, so need to borrow to get it. This just created more lack in my life for many years. As soon as I got rid of the debt – which took many years – things changed, and I have not needed to take on more debt since then. My challenge is now to learn to bring abundance into my life financially, because as I said, so far I just manifest almost exactly what I need. It needed to be that way, I think, so I would really see the universe is responding to me; I now need to learn to create more, and get off this thin line financially.

I know that we are all capable of having abundance in our lives, but of course that means something different for each of us. I hope this story might help you, if you are still looking for ways to create abundance in your life. As Maitreya says all the time

“We are the creators of our own reality.” So let’s all create what we truly need to be happy and be who we came here to be in this life!