Margaret would often say, ‘What if I’m the only person in the world and everyone else is a figment of my imagination’. We’re all holograms of energy interacting with each other. Each of us is an energy packet that has its’ own appearance, past life energy component, karmic debts, and unique life lessons, childhood experiences, family dynamics, etc. In simpler terms, we’re all Inhabitants of our ‘Own Unique Energy Bubble’. It can be a little intimidating and scary if you ponder the concept, but also quite inspiring to just sit back and contemplate how unique each of us is.

If you want to become the Master of Your Bubble and embrace Your Uniqueness, it would probably be a good idea to try and understand what energy fills Your Bubble. 1) What energy were you born with? 2) What energy has been added through life experiences such as childhood, marriage, etc.? 3) What energy are you allowing into your bubble through your daily personal interactions, activities, social media, etc.?

In search of your Self Mastery of Your Bubble, you might want to tag an ‘AND WHY’ on the end of each of the above 3 questions. Mastership of Your Bubble and Your Destiny are tied to you understanding the ‘AND WHY’. Margaret would often tell the story of her difficult childhood from this perspective. WHY was I born with such a difficult father? Then she would go on to teach that she needed to break through the emotions of being the victim of a difficult father to the awareness of what lessons and karma were in play from their past lives together. Her awareness didn’t come until her 40’s, but the energy and learning experiences were part of HER UNIQUE BUBBLE.

It’s YOUR BUBBLE, the Energy in it is real and It’s Yours! It’s like your own personal garden. Some of the plants are native, some additions have been added by you, but some were possibly added when you were in a vulnerable or powerless situation, such as childhood or a difficult relationship. BUT the simple fact is, it’s your garden and the plants are ‘ALL’ yours for a reason. So, it’s time to start asking the ‘AND WHY’ about ‘ALL’ the plants in your garden.

Be truthful to yourself, some of the plants you like may in fact be limiting or hindering you in finding out who you really are. They may reside in your comfort zone of your garden. The plants you don’t like and are trying to weed out may in fact be trying to assist you in figuring out who you really are. It’s your garden of energy that creates ‘YOUR BUBBLE’. Only through continuously asking ‘AND WHY’ as you cultivate your energy in your own little greenhouse can you come to fully understand ‘YOUR UNIQUE BUBBLE’.

Outcomes of the choices and actions you take, will determine the ‘ENERGY’ contained in ‘YOUR BUBBLE’. To change the energy as things keep repeating themselves, you must continuously ask ‘AND WHY’ is this happening to me?

Who is this ‘UNIQUE ENERGY BUBBLE’? It’s YOU! To Master ‘Your Destiny’, you need to delve deeply into the ‘AND WHY’ and not get caught up in the ‘Emotional Grievances of Poor Me’. Don’t allow ‘YOUR BUBBLE’ to becomes an atmosphere of ‘EMOTION’.

Embrace the Change, fill ‘YOUR BUBBLE’ with new energy. Look at your Astrology and Past life energy and then set your course to find ‘The True You’!

Have a good month,