This report is written specifically for parents of children, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc. This report give guidance to get to know their children as they grow up. It is accurate and well-written.


Child Astrological Report for

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England



*** Introduction ***

     This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for Margaret McElroy’s parents, with a special commitment: to help with Margaret McElroy’s growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen her assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that Margaret McElroy could face in her life.

     Chapter 1 describes Margaret McElroy the way she really is (position of the Sun), and the way her personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to her mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Margaret McElroy sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics she takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual’s perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Margaret McElroy’s temperament, focusing her mind, her attitude toward education, and her intellectual capacity.

     Chapter 5 describes Margaret McElroy’s destiny, her vocation, her profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Margaret McElroy’s vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

     Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Margaret McElroy’s health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Margaret McElroy is going to suffer from them, one by one.  It does mean that those are her weak points and she is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for Margaret McElroy to have better nutrition are mentioned. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN REGARDING ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE!!! FOLLOW YOUR PHYSICIAN’S ADVICE AND ANY MEDICATION OR THERAPY THAT HE/SHE RECOMMENDS!!! ASTROLOGY SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

     Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

     It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that Margaret McElroy may have both positive and negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

*** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the

planets at the time of birth and other technical information is

given below:

Sun     25 Lib 14               Neptune   8 Lib 59

Moon    16 Leo 30               Pluto    13 Leo 12

Mercury 16 Sco 16               Asc.     12 Lib 55

Venus    1 Sag 00               MC       17 Can 14

Mars    16 Sco 51               2nd cusp 11 Sco 04

Jupiter  5 Sco 02               3rd cusp 10 Sag 01

Saturn   7 Leo 56               5th cusp 16 Aqu 26

Uranus  21 Gem 36               6th cusp 14 Pis 34

Tropical  Koch   Standard Time observed

GMT: 05:31:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 52 N 58    1 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  6 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  6 Deg 00 Min

Trine      :  6 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

*** Chapter 1 ***

General description of the child: essential nature and

personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Libra:

     The child of Libra is sweet, soft and charming. Her features are delicate and she conquers everybody with her beautiful smile. She is sociable and she enjoys being with people. At a young age she starts seeking inner balance through harmony. Aggressiveness makes her very uncomfortable; she cannot stand arguments or quarrels; she will be always looking for peaceful places, warm colors, soft music. This is something to keep in mind when dealing with her own aggressiveness. She may lose control in an intense or harsh environment, so if her bedroom is decorated in a delicate and harmonic way, it will help her temper. One of the worst problems she faces is making up her mind. Her inner balance swings back and forth from one side of the issue to another, causing doubt. She hates to make decisions in a hurry because the pressure makes her even more confused. Parents should not shout at her, order her, or berate her. Otherwise, as an adult, she may show neurotic behavior when making decisions. The point is to talk to her softly and patiently; she is obstinate only when confused. Caution is her best characteristic. She does not like to get involved in trouble or to be wrong. In discussions she will be impartial, and will be the peacemaker, soothing the opposing sides and finding equitable solutions. She knows what balance and justice mean, and this must be cultivated by her parents. The best way to teach this is by example: at home, treat brothers and sisters the same, and give responsibilities to everybody. She may have intense periods of activity, followed by times for relaxation. It is a very good idea not to bother her while she is doing nothing; her inner balance will soon drive her into motion. She is a little bit lazy, and she does not like physical effort. She is an expert at softening hearts, especially her parents’. She is very sweet and sympathetic and, because of this, she usually gets whatever she wants. The bad side of this is that she will be a spoiled child, so it is very important that her parents combine discipline with love.

     Margaret McElroy will adjust well in school if she receives the right balance at home. Because she has a bright and logical mind, and is curious and likes to know about everything, she is a very good student. As she does not like disorder, she will help to keep the house clean. During adolescence her fondness for good grooming will become apparent and she will take over the bathroom for hours. Her parents must remember that peace, beauty and comfort are part of her harmony. She will start early to show her skills as a charmer and she will always be surrounded by romance.

     This child has multiple creative skills and she is very expressive artistically. She will be very happy learning how to sing or play a musical instrument, or taking classes in literature or arts and crafts. Regarding her dietary habits, she has a tendency to choose sweet things, which could cause future weight problems. If her parents give her a harmonious environment to grow in, this child will always be protective of her parents and their home.

Libra Rising Sign:

     It is most likely that Margaret McElroy will have a very nice pair of dimples on her cheeks when she smiles. Her body will be well-proportioned and generally attractive. Her eyes can be light colored, or a color or shape which is distinctive. The touch of Venus adds beauty to all her facial features and will make of this person an eternal romantic. Margaret McElroy will prefer quiet places rather than noisy ones; soft colors rather than intense ones. Her voice as well as her movements will be delicate, and she needs to be treated in the same way. She will always seek balance and harmony all around her, and if she does not find them, she can become very aggressive and bothersome. She will be well-known for being sociable and sympathetic. She will be the adored one; she will be delicate, sweet and of good behavior. Margaret McElroy will learn early that her best weapon is charm, and that everybody will want to indulge her whims. She can have a weakness for sweet things, and this could bring future weight problems. These problems can be also due to her laziness and disinclination for physical activities. She will have a strong feeling for justice and will try to be the peacemaker in the quarrels of her brothers, sisters or friends. With this Ascendant position, she will always react in a balanced way.

     Her childhood is ruled by Venus, and its beam will bring warmth, harmony and general balance. With this, she will probably not have traumatic experiences which could alter her temper. It is also assumed that she will always be in a comfortable atmosphere with all the necessities. Over- protection may be characteristic of one of her parents, probably her mother. Margaret McElroy will receive large quantities of love, and this will make her happy; her bond with her parents will never be broken. She will always be attentive to the needs of her family. Parents must encourage her to participate in artistic activities, like music, theater, or painting; though she is likely to choose Law as her future career. If over-protection takes place in an exaggerated way, this child will be spoiled and it will not be easy to make her understand that she is wrong. It is important to give her love and affection but with firm and clear discipline. Everybody will love Margaret McElroy due to her charm, generosity and kindness.

Sun in 1st house:

     Margaret McElroy will be optimistic, strong-willed, and self-confident. Everybody will be aware of her presence, because her personality as well as her appearance will be showy. She will have a great vitality, and will recover quickly from any illness. Margaret McElroy will be extroverted, and will have great courage to face the problems of life. Her authority and capacity to command are remarkable. She was born to lead, to follow her own initiative, and she will excel through her own efforts. Her childhood will give her strength to pursue and achieve her goals with confidence. Margaret McElroy’s parents will always be supportive but even so, she may strive for things in order to please her father and gain his approval. This astrological position is one of general success. The negative point is that Margaret McElroy can sometimes be domineering, proud and selfish, though nothing will diminish her capacity for success.

Jupiter in 1st house:

     She will be outgoing, optimistic and kind. She will have a great sense of humor and a vitality which will make her a big success in her social life. Margaret McElroy will enjoy life itself, and she will be very generous. She will tend to do everything in a big, excessive and effusive way. Even her physical body will tend to be big. Parents must teach this girl to eat with moderation to avoid weight problems. She will love to travel and to explore every part of the world, and may even change her place of residence from time to time. The main problem Margaret McElroy can face is that she will tend to be excessive in everything. She also may not be well organized and may lack discipline. Her happy-go-lucky and careless attitude can bring her problems with the restrictions and rules of the adult world. She can be a bit lazy and will love to be waited on. The drawbacks which characterize this astrological position are very well hidden because Margaret McElroy will always present a happy face and a very positive attitude toward life. This girl is lucky in every aspect of her life.

*** Chapter 2 ***

Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love

and share.

Moon in Leo:

     Margaret McElroy will like getting everybody’s attention, and her behavior will always make her stand out. Her emotions will be spontaneous, open, and impetuous and will tend towards exaggeration. She will be very stubborn, and generally, will not do the things she is asked to do. Her innate authority will make her rebellious, and she may try to dominate others. Margaret McElroy will develop strong self-esteem and pride, which will allow her to attain the status she deserves. She will express her sympathy openly; her affections will be clear and spontaneous and her happiness will always be present on her face.

     Most likely, Margaret McElroy will have a strong mother, very sincere and capable. She will learn from her to express herself in a relaxed and secure manner, to say what she feels, and to have creative answers to problems. It is probable that Margaret McElroy will inherit a strong artistic sensibility, which, if developed, could make her famous. She needs her parents’ approval; though she will seem secure and self-confident, she will always need emotional support in order to manifest her full potential. Margaret McElroy will love life itself, and if she has her own children, she will show them how to live freely and joyfully.

Moon in 11th house:

     Margaret McElroy will have many friends and will meet many people who can help and protect her. She will be very popular and tend to have more women than men among her friends. Though she may be disappointed now and then by her friends, this will not change her open and sociable attitude. Her opinions will be unprejudiced and objective and she will often change her goals. Margaret McElroy likes to share everything and will always want to be with the people she loves.

Moon Conjunction Pluto:

     Though love is very important to Margaret McElroy, and she will look intensely for it in order to feel complete, this astrological position makes her domineering and forceful. Margaret McElroy can be obsessive about her emotions and in the future she may have an intense romantic life. Her mother should avoid playing an overly controlling role in her life, which could lead to quarrels or problems.

Moon Square Mercury:

     Margaret McElroy will have a bright intelligence and will tend to think a lot. Her mind will be restless, unstable, and anxious. She will sometimes display irrational behavior, guided by her impulses and emotions. Margaret McElroy will need to learn to control her powerful ego, not get angry so easily, and make decisions in a less impulsive way.

Moon Square Mars:

     Margaret McElroy will get angry very easily and will express herself very forcefully. She may argue everyday with family members with whom she has differences. If there is no harmony at home, her mood will be affected.  Many times Margaret McElroy will react quickly and impulsively, without thinking. She can be very temperamental, and she must learn how to control this tendency and improve herself.

Venus in Sagittarius:

     Above everything else Margaret McElroy will love freedom. She will be very sociable, outgoing, enthusiastic, and expressive. Margaret McElroy will have a deep sense of justice and loyalty and will not tolerate treachery or disrespect. She will be very honest and her preferences will be traditional. Margaret McElroy will enjoy sports and the outdoors, always staying in touch with nature. Due to her restless and adventurous spirit, she will have many romances. As an adult, Margaret McElroy will have difficulty forming a solid and long lasting relationship, fearing the loss of her freedom. Margaret McElroy will travel abroad often and there, possibly, she could fall in love and even get married.

Venus in 2nd house:

     Margaret McElroy will have the ability to earn money; she will have prosperity and very good luck. Social status and luxurious things will be very important for her; Margaret McElroy may spend too much money on pleasures. Margaret McElroy will be very charming, which is to her advantage in working with people in the arts or in the world of women and beauty.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

     Margaret McElroy will love mysteries and stories of suspense. She will be an eternal researcher, always questioning and seeking knowledge. She will also show a big interest in the supernatural; as an adult Margaret McElroy may have inclinations toward the spiritual and mystical. She will have confidence in herself and will be very persistent in working for the things she wants.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

     Margaret McElroy must learn to know her limitations and to direct her energies in a more organized way. Margaret McElroy will probably undervalue her own potential, and may lack the self- confidence she needs to achieve her objectives. Success may come later in her life and, until it does, she may feel she will never be recognized. Margaret McElroy can be very realistic and materialistic, but will lack the courage and enthusiasm to move forward. She must always receive the love and affection she needs, and parents must refrain from comparing her with her brothers, sisters, and friends.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Margaret McElroy could tend to be lonely. Because she is highly sensitive, she could get hurt quite easily and may prefer to escape from problems rather than face them. It is probable that she will work with people confined to hospitals, prisons, asylums, etc. Margaret McElroy will have great intuition and will be interested in the subconscious and other mysteries of life. It will be very important for her to avoid escapist attitudes, as these could lead to destructive behaviors in the future.

*** Chapter 3 ***

Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume

responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 1st house:

     Margaret McElroy’s father will have a big influence on her personality. Probably Margaret McElroy will admire him and will take characteristics from him to use in her own life. Margaret McElroy may also do many things only to please her father. This astrological position strengthens Margaret McElroy’s character and increases her ego and personal pride. She will always look for recognition and will have abilities which will help her excel in any field she chooses. Moreover, her magnetism and authority will make her likely to start enterprises and then to play the role of owner, leader, or boss. Margaret McElroy will have much vitality and energy to overcome any discomfort.

Sun Trine Uranus:

     Margaret McElroy will be very independent and creative. Her ideas are oriented to the future; she will work to renew everything around her in a constructive and positive way. Margaret McElroy will be the kind of leader who is popular, but at the same time criticized by people who do not understand her. Though good manners do not characterize her, Margaret McElroy will transmit her enthusiasm and joy to people. She will have a strong intuition which will allow her to see beyond the apparent reality. She will learn from her father the ability to express herself with authority and confidence in her own ideals.

Saturn in Leo:

     Margaret McElroy will have a great need for personal recognition and will always try to be the leader, no matter what the price. She must learn to have a better attitude about love, about other children, and about her own creative expression. Probably Margaret McElroy will be cautious and reserved, a serious child with little sense of humor.  Parents must show her how to enjoy life and to have a more relaxed attitude about the responsibilities she has. Margaret McElroy will have great mental vitality and will excel in fields like education and management. She must learn to share things with others and not isolate herself.

Saturn in 10th house:

     Margaret McElroy’s father will be very important in her life and have a great impact on her destiny; he will sometimes give Margaret McElroy good support and guidance, and many other times will inhibit and frustrate Margaret McElroy’s initiatives. For this reason, it will not be a good idea for Margaret McElroy to work with her father. Margaret McElroy will like having responsibilities; she will have many ambitions and a great ability for business. Also, Margaret McElroy will be well-organized and will persist in achieving her goals. If the relationship with her father is positive, Margaret McElroy will show the capacity and authority to handle and to lead people; otherwise, Margaret McElroy could tend to undervalue her own efforts, to feel insecure with her choices, and to fail to accomplish her professional goals.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto:

     Margaret McElroy will have much ambition in her life and will always seek power and social positions. She will have great will power, and will persist in her efforts to reach her goals. Margaret McElroy can be a manipulator; she will also be able to understand people intuitively and she will be able to use this knowledge to her advantage. She will be very effective in her actions and will obtain respect and admiration from people very easily. Margaret McElroy will be secretive about her plans, and if she closes off all contact with others, she can be very obsessive and fanatical. Margaret McElroy should learn to adapt to changes in life instead of fighting against them.

Saturn Sextile Neptune:

     Margaret McElroy will learn a positive ethical and moral standard from her parents. She will also have a very important instinct for self-preservation and will take very good care of her own interests. Her great imagination and inspiration will be shown in an organized, practical, and methodical way. Margaret McElroy will have a strong sense of reality and discipline will be her philosophy of life. During her life, Margaret McElroy will develop strong spiritual and religious principles.

Mars in Scorpio:

     Margaret McElroy will have a strong will and will work persistently to achieve her goals. She will be very clear about her ideas and objectives as well as her likes and dislikes. Margaret McElroy will be very selective with friends, and once she trusts people, she will be spontaneous and very communicative. When she gets angry, it will be slow and gradual; she may harbor resentments and sometimes even act with vengeance. Margaret McElroy must learn to forgive and to be more flexible with people. She must also learn to direct her energies in a more constructive way. Her enthusiasm will always be linked to her emotions and she will always need lots of affection. Margaret McElroy will be a very jealous and possessive person with those she loves, and especially with her mate in the future. Her great dynamic energy will also cause her to have a very intense sexual life, which is why she must receive a very good education in these matters; she must not be raised with fears and taboos. Margaret McElroy will always be reacting against everything and will be in constant movement, which will make it difficult for her parents to teach her how to be more relaxed and adaptable to any situation.

Mars in 2nd house

     Margaret McElroy will have many ambitions and will work intensely to get everything she wants in the material world. If she does not get what she wants almost immediately, Margaret McElroy could become very aggressive and impatient. She will earn a lot of money, but she will also spend more, being generous and a spendthrift. Margaret McElroy will love to start enterprises which challenge her, wherein she can use her physical and mental energy. She will feel great satisfaction from whatever she achieves through her own work and effort, so parents must not try to solve Margaret McElroy’s life, but give her tasks and challenges along the way. Margaret McElroy must learn to be careful with money; otherwise, due to bad management, she could experience many financial crises.

Mars Square Pluto:

     Margaret McElroy will be a strong, aggressive, dominant, and impatient person. She must learn to control her emotions and how she expresses them and seek to develop politeness and calmness. Margaret McElroy will be very jealous with the people she loves, and she will be very possessive and domineering. Her selfishness can make her blind, and thus, apt to make impulsive and sometimes destructive decisions. Her lack of patience and tolerance could hurt her possibilities for success in her life, so Margaret McElroy must learn how to control herself, how to deal with her aggression in a constructive way, and how to channel her dynamic energy in an organized and enduring way.

Uranus in 9th house:

     Margaret McElroy will travel frequently during her life and will visit exotic, uncommon, and faraway places. While traveling, she will have experiences which will enrich her inner life, her own philosophy, and her attitude about religion. Margaret McElroy will be very creative, independent, and adventurous. Her religious beliefs will be unorthodox and it will be very difficult for her to follow tradition. She will be very interested in social reforms and will probably become involved in politics, though this could change as time goes by. Margaret McElroy should avoid involvement in legal problems, as these could have unpredictable results.

Pluto in 10th house:

     Margaret McElroy will have a great capacity to excel as a leader among her friends. In order to achieve success, she will have to learn how to be more patient and flexible. It will also be important for her to learn to obey the rules; otherwise, she will get into trouble. It is likely that her professional life will be dedicated to producing changes and transformations in her environment or to healing others through the fields of medicine or psychiatry. Margaret McElroy will attain a position of authority in her job, whatever her profession; people will either love her or hate her, but she will never be unnoticed.

*** Chapter 4 ***

Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for


Mercury in Scorpio:

     Margaret McElroy will have an intuitive and inquiring mind. She will be very fond of everything which is hidden, mysterious, or unresolved. Her inquiring nature will make her investigate first her family and then the whole world.  While studying, she will show much more interest in nature than any other subject; in the future she will be inclined to metaphysics and esoteric things. Margaret McElroy will love knowing everybody’s secrets, but will keep hers well hidden. Her reasoning can be affected by her very intense emotional world. Margaret McElroy must not make decisions while angry, because in that moment she lacks coherence and logic. Her humor will be sharp and sarcastic. Generally Margaret McElroy will express her ideas as they occur, without any previous thought, refinement, or delicacy. Many people may think she is aggressive, as she will be frank and will go straight to the point. Her ideas will be fixed and unchangeable. She will not be inhibited by fears, and will even challenge her own parents’ authority. Her communication could be limited, somehow, due to her lack of self-confidence. She must learn to be more flexible and adaptable to new situations, and avoid being domineering or reckless.

Mercury in 2nd house:

     Margaret McElroy will only pay attention to things that can lead to practical results or that are related to earning money. Her ideas will turn towards the world of business, but she could make money by writing, teaching, traveling, or working in communication services, such as radio, newspapers, or television. It is also probable that Margaret McElroy will have several different jobs rather than only one. It will be very important for her to have a good cultural and academic foundation, because her future financial success will be linked to intellectual and mental activities.

Mercury Conjunction Mars:

     Margaret McElroy will have great mental energy and will be very restless, curious, and impatient. Her mind will be very clear and incisive. Margaret McElroy will like to discuss and debate subjects in which she is knowledgeable, though sometimes she could display a sarcastic and provocative attitude; Margaret McElroy will also be very rude and tactless with her criticism. Her assertiveness will come through in the way she speaks, so she must learn to take care with her vocabulary. Margaret McElroy will also have to control her impulsiveness in order to avoid regretting what was said and/or done. Margaret McElroy will always try to dominate every situation in which she gets involved and will defend her opinions, wrong or right, with aggressiveness.

Mercury Square Pluto:

     Margaret McElroy will be very incisive and very aggressive with her opinions. She will tend to be a fanatic and will want to impose her ideas on everybody, sometimes in a subtle way, but other times in an imperative way. She will be attracted by what is hidden and mysterious, but as a child, she should avoid these subjects, so that she does not become obsessed or fixed on them in a detrimental way. Margaret McElroy should learn to control her impatience and impulsiveness, to think before talking, and to be respectful of the weaknesses of others.

Sagittarius on 3rd house cusp:

     Margaret McElroy will have altruistic and humanitarian ideas. She will be interested in studying and furthering her education in every way. Margaret McElroy will develop a strong sense of justice and will be very sensitive to situations of injustice and pain. She will have a curious, outgoing, and optimistic mind. She will want to know the human animal and all its multiple aspects and manifestations. Her philosophical mind will be always wondering about the purpose of her and others’ existence. It will be very easy for her to communicate with people and also to learn languages. Most likely she will travel frequently, which will allow her to expand her knowledge. Also, Margaret McElroy will be interested in religion and will give much deep thought to her approach to God.

*** Chapter 5 ***

Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and

social recognition.

Cancer-Leo MC

     Margaret McElroy’s destiny is split into two phases: the first one a difficult beginning with much work and many limitations, all of which will strengthen her resolve. The second one will be the phase of achievement and professional success; this will come at the middle of her life. Margaret McElroy will have the patience and perseverance needed to secure everything she wants. Margaret McElroy will combine her ambitions with an altruistic and noble vision. The Moon and the Sun (the most important bodies of the zodiac) underline her destiny and will bring her many contrasts during her evolution: to combine her ambitions with her emotional world; to look for important jobs with authority while remaining humble; to have a deep sense of justice throughout many situations and through the changes in her life, etc.  Margaret McElroy will have professional prestige and she will involve herself in activities where she has authority over others. Everybody will love her and many will secretly envy her.

     Her career choice may be one of the following professions or a combination of some of them: entrepreneur, educator, architect, builder, artist, musician, clothes or furniture designer, doctor, movie or theater director, etc., or any other activity in which she would work in management.

     Most likely Margaret McElroy’s home is very solid, but a bit ostentatious. Parents may be overly proud of their achievements and they may be extravagant or pretentious. What others think will be very important to her; she will work hard to maintain a favorable and distinguished social image. Cancer and Leo individuals will have a strong influence on Margaret McElroy’s destiny.

*** Chapter 6 ***

Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for

diet and nutrition.

Sun in Libra:

     Libra rules the kidneys, the bladder, the suprarenals, and the urethra. Margaret McElroy’s main problem will be her tendency to laziness; to be quiet and comfortable means absence of movement, and, as a consequence, there will probably be circulation problems as well as weight problems. To avoid problems in her kidneys, her delicate section, she should drink large quantities of pure mineral water and avoid salt. Margaret McElroy will need a harmonious and peaceful place to develop herself; her inner balance will be very important and its condition will be reflected in the state of her health. If Margaret McElroy were raised with constant arguments, noise, shouting, and tension, she could be seriously ill. Soft music has healing power on her body, as well as soft colors and the touch of nature.

     In order to be healthy, Margaret McElroy will have to consider this advice: she will have to restrict sweets, pasta, and all products which come from flour, replacing them with proteins easier to digest like fish and poultry, fresh cheese, soy and its products; she will have to drink pure water every day; she will have to practice a sport, dance, swim, or go to a gym, (it must be pleasurable activity); she will have to be with positive and outgoing people; she will have to avoid red meat and seafood; she will have to rest in nice, quiet and ventilated places; she will have to have an artistic activity as an entertainment; she will have to rid herself of her rancor and annoyance; she will have to avoid gaining weight; and mainly, she will have to find an over-all balance.

Saturn in Leo:

     This astrological position could bring the hardening of the arteries, atrophy of the heart, debilitation of the muscle of the heart, and some general circulatory problems. These difficulties originate from a lack of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is also probable that her heart could be smaller than normal.

Pisces on 6th house cusp:

     The short term problems related to Margaret McElroy’s health could originate from the presence of toxic substances in the body, like alkaloids, metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium), or by the lack of Vitamin B-17. Her common diseases will be allergies, general debilitation, laziness, lack of muscle tone, and swelling and other problems with the feet. Margaret McElroy will be subject to some mistakes in medical diagnosis, so it will be wise for her to consult two or more professionals when the situation requires an important treatment or surgery.

     In order to prevent these problems, Margaret McElroy should add to her diet: broccoli, cauliflower, chick peas, lentils, soy and its products, mushrooms, avocado, alfalfa and soy sprouts, pineapple, orange, lemon, melon, apple, non-fat milk. Also, Margaret McElroy should wear comfortable shoes with low heels walk barefooted sometimes.

     The long term problems related to Margaret McElroy’s health could originate from the lack of B Vitamins. Her common diseases will generally be intestinal problems: colic, constipation, diarrhea, malnutrition, etc.

     In order to prevent these problems, she should eat those vegetables rich in fiber to help elimination of the residue in the body. Also, all the legumes, whole grains, walnuts, seeds, asparagus, corn, lentils, watercress, coconut, grapes, peanuts, wheat germ, egg yolk, etc. will be very good for her health. Margaret McElroy will also have to drink large amounts of pure mineral water.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Margaret McElroy could have health problems that are difficult to diagnose, which could lead to inadequate treatments or incorrect medications, causing a toxic condition. She should avoid all strong medication and turn to natural cures in order to prevent any kind of poisoning. Also, she will have to avoid alcohol, nicotine and tranquilizers. Generally, Margaret McElroy’s problems will originate in her emotional world, appearing during times of emotional or family crisis.

*** Chapter 7 ***

Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to

your child’s age group.

Uranus in Gemini:

     Margaret McElroy belongs to a generation of progressive and innovative thinkers. Her generation will be characterized by their advanced educational and cultural level, and also by a voluminous quantity of ideas which will transform society. Margaret McElroy will be curious and intuitive; much of her success will be mainly due to the use of her sixth sense. Her generation will show a great enthusiasm for knowledge  Curiosity will prompt her to travel frequently and also to engage in an interchange of ideas of any kind. Negatively, she will have to learn to be constant and responsible with her initiatives instead of leaving things half done.  Also, Margaret McElroy will have to learn to express himself herself without extremism.

Neptune in Libra:

     Margaret McElroy’s generation will be interested in new concepts in the areas of law and social relationships. They will be altruistic, humanitarian, and passionate lovers of peace, but they could also be impractical, lazy, and weak-willed. As a part of her generation, Margaret McElroy will have to choose her partners and best friends very carefully, because she will be very idealistic, will not be able to see objectively, and could be vulnerable to disappointment.

Pluto in Leo:

     Margaret McElroy’s generation will show personal pride and confidence in themselves. They will be more concerned with their personal development than with group development. During this period, leaders and heroes will come out of the dark and will be “examples” for the others. As a part of this group, Margaret McElroy will show a strong sense of authority and a great ability for business and management. Most likely, she will be selfish and will not accept or listen to suggestions or advice from others. Margaret McElroy will devote much time to the pleasures of life and will have a deep desire to lead and dominate.