This report is based on Dorothy Oja’s extensive work in relationshp counseling and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report  are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead this report focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis that Dorothy uses in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central and important in the relationship. This interpretive report is actually two different reports with the same format. You can run a report for friendships and a different report for business relationships.

Business Compatibility and Conflict Report for

Margaret McElroy


Alan McElroy

Birth Data for Margaret McElroy:

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England

Birth Data for Alan McElroy:

Alan McElroy

October 17, 1955

8:35 AM

Spokane, Washington


        Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Margaret McElroy:

Sun      position is 25 deg. 14 min. of Libra

Moon     position is 16 deg. 30 min. of Leo

Mercury  position is 16 deg. 16 min. of Scorpio

Venus    position is  1 deg. 00 min. of Sagittarius

Mars     position is 16 deg. 51 min. of Scorpio

Jupiter  position is  5 deg. 02 min. of Scorpio

Saturn   position is  7 deg. 56 min. of Leo

Uranus   position is 21 deg. 36 min. of Gemini

Neptune  position is  8 deg. 59 min. of Libra

Pluto    position is 13 deg. 12 min. of Leo

Asc.     position is 12 deg. 55 min. of Libra

MC       position is 17 deg. 14 min. of Cancer

2nd cusp position is 11 deg. 04 min. of Scorpio

3rd cusp position is 10 deg. 01 min. of Sagittarius

5th cusp position is 16 deg. 26 min. of Aquarius

6th cusp position is 14 deg. 34 min. of Pisces

Tropical/KOCH   Standard time observed.   GMT: 05:31:00

Time Zone: 0 hours West.   Lat & Long: 52 N 58      1 W 10   

Positions and Data for Alan McElroy:

Sun      position is 23 deg. 32 min. of Libra

Moon     position is 15 deg. 05 min. of Scorpio

Mercury  position is 15 deg. 34 min. of Libra

Venus    position is  5 deg. 49 min. of Scorpio

Mars     position is  2 deg. 42 min. of Libra

Jupiter  position is 26 deg. 03 min. of Leo

Saturn   position is 20 deg. 17 min. of Scorpio

Uranus   position is  2 deg. 07 min. of Leo

Neptune  position is 27 deg. 49 min. of Libra

Pluto    position is 28 deg. 08 min. of Leo

Asc.     position is 18 deg. 59 min. of Scorpio

MC       position is  4 deg. 53 min. of Virgo

2nd cusp position is 14 deg. 33 min. of Sagittarius

3rd cusp position is 15 deg. 32 min. of Capricorn

5th cusp position is 29 deg. 38 min. of Pisces

6th cusp position is 24 deg. 23 min. of Aries

Tropical/KOCH   Standard time observed.   GMT: 16:35:00

Time Zone: 8 hours West.   Lat & Long: 47 N 39 32   117 W 25 30

Dear friends:

        Welcome to the Compatibility and Conflict Report for Business and Friendship and the myriad ways of expressing the continual dance of relationship. This report is based on methods employed through years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this program are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals. But they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that I begin with in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central for a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression.

        In many of the interpretations, I’ve described the highest potential that one can strive for with a particular combination. Yet this is only a potential and being human we have complex emotions and contradictory issues and reactions at any given time in our lives. Use this report as a guide to make your relationships as rewarding and fulfilling as you possibly can while knowing that your relationships are simply mirroring your own soul’s struggles. Each relationship will fulfill something within you and challenge you to look at your shadow and transform yourself. Sometimes this means staying in a relationship and sometimes the learning process requires that you let the relationship go. These decisions are never easy and they should only be made after careful and truthful introspection, reflection and guidance. But ultimately, these decisions are yours and yours alone to make. Remember that although you may have some difficult areas of relating with a particular person, it is in those areas that you can learn the most about yourself and others and grow in wisdom. It would be a mistake to look for a business partner or friend with whom you have no disagreements at all and this kind of relationship is a fantasy, rarely if ever, a reality.

        Thank you for purchasing the  report and I hope it is meaningful and useful to you.

        Special thanks to John Flagg for unflagging editorial support.

To the mystery and magic of relationship chemistry, Dorothy Oja Copyright 2002

Chapter 1: Bonds For Energy, Fun and Lasting Impressions

        This section is based on the idea that there are three basic needs in every relationship:

        Interest, energy and stimulation.

        Enjoyment, abundance, expansion of awareness/possibilities and sense of contentment or happiness.

        Commitment, consistency, teaching each other, sharing values or reaffirming/confirming something essential in each other.

        The sort between your charts is for eleven separate aspects that define energy, fun and lasting impressions between you. Most strong relationships have at least four to six of these aspects between their charts.

Alan McElroy’s Moon Conj Margaret McElroy’s Mars:

        Core Themes: This aspect generates quick responses toward each other, which could be startling but at the same time stimulating. You’ll find you want to know more about what makes this person tick, since they arouse your interest. The aspect encourages alertness to behavioral nuances and the shifting moods in each of you. Because there is immediacy to this aspect there is also potential volatility. Feelings can be hurt or offense easily taken. There is typically a hyper awareness of the other’s sensibilities or vulnerabilities. Because this aspect is geared toward stimulating feelings, you need to learn to listen to each other and compromise. Ignoring the emotions that you generate in each other won’t serve you well in the long run. There will be no problem in being direct about matters of mutual concern. However, saying things in anger or going over the top one too many times will eventually damage the relationship you want to build or maintain. Some sparring is part of this aspect and occasion for healthy, even heated debate is normal. But be careful of harshness or impatience and causing permanent damage to the relationship.

        You will either be allies or adversaries with this aspect. Either way, you won’t be able to ignore each other. Each of you is locked in on an emotional basis to what the other is up to. No matter what, try to fight fair, stay on the issues and refuse to make personal attacks. Striving for win-win outcome to any conflicts that arise will alleviate the negativity and imbalance of one person winning and the other losing. Guard against quick responses that hit below the belt or show a lack of respect for the other. Because this pattern is prone to conflict it is even more important that you learn to confront each other about problems or irritations in diplomatic ways as soon as they occur. Avoid stuffing anger or holding it in, address the problem as soon as possible and you’ll avoid an unpleasant blowup later. If you find that you are losing your temper too often, you may need professional help to learn conflict management. Always leave room for the other person to save face.

Margaret McElroy’s Moon Square Alan McElroy’s Asc.:

        Core Themes: This aspect requires that you explore the dynamic of emotion and emotional action or that you are willing to act on the emotional needs required of your relationship. The intent of this aspect is to promote a higher degree of sensitivity and awareness in yourselves in relation to others and their needs. Issues revolve around the conflicting demands and responsibilities of work and home life and the ability to take and maintain a position in a number of relationships that are emotionally important to you.

        This combination is colored by a hyper-emotional sensitivity or reactiveness. There may be times that you feel out of sync with your business associate or partner and feel misunderstood or not properly acknowledged. This can be quite frustrating. When you are together and either of you is overly sensitive due to tiredness or any sort of stress, the expression of emotions can become extreme. To prevent unwanted and unwarranted dumping of emotions, make time regularly to vent emotions or simply set aside a time when you are calm, to process and discuss your needs in terms of the project or working relationship. This tactic will prevent feelings from being bottled up and reduce excessive emotional turmoil or emotion expressed inappropriately.

Margaret McElroy’s Moon Square Alan McElroy’s Saturn:

        Core Themes: This aspect is a binding one but has its share of struggles. The bond is one of a perceived (or real) responsibility toward each other. The two of you will have challenges and obstacles to overcome and obligations to shoulder. The intent of this energy pattern between you is to help you develop a greater understanding of trustworthiness and reliability, exactly what that means and where and how these concepts fit into your relationship.

        Obstacles or burdens may prevent you from maintaining your business association long term or they can make your relationship stronger as you face them together. Some of the struggles this aspect reveals concern the balance between your past history, your families or divergent career and home needs. You could have very different feelings or definitions about the roles each of you should assume within the structure of your business relationship. Faithfully seeking to determine what the most important priorities are in your work together will help you separate the real issues from non-essential ones. Sometimes what initially appears to be an issue is, upon deeper scrutiny, a non-issue. Trust and responsibility are key factors in the success or failure of your partnership. In fact, it is probably untrustworthiness or irresponsible behavior that will end your relationship.

Margaret McElroy’s Sun Sextile Alan McElroy’s Jupiter:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to have you experience large doses of good fortune, joy, exuberance, adventure, opportunity and optimism. Your lives will open up and expand as a result of your relationship. There is a distinct desire for comfort and ease but, if not balanced well, this can lead to laziness or procrastination. The challenge in this aspect is to maintain the health of both the mind and body. There’s an inclination to take a philosophical attitude toward life experiences and to gain from life’s richness and variety.

        There is a philanthropic quality to your business association. Together, you are willing to do things in a big way and take risks in the process. As business associates you will enhance and benefit each other. Goodwill and positive thinking, provided that you’ve done your homework and accepted the consequences, will bring you many wonderful experiences and praise from others. Because it will be easy for you to give of yourselves or your resources, you will need to choose carefully. Overextending yourselves is a real problem and can easily cause your optimism to crash. Boredom is anathema, and so both of you will have your antennae out for the next project to tackle. A regular amount of physical activity is vital and will keep you healthy and your ideas prolific.

Alan McElroy’s Venus Conj Margaret McElroy’s Jupiter:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expand the full potential of your creative expression while still taking into account potential consequences and risk factors. There is no expansion or expression without universal feedback, and this aspect teaches you responsibility for your use of energy, your own, or the other person’s. You seek a certain amount of variety and can tolerate a fair amount of risk-taking. Your over-optimism, however, can be like wearing rose-colored glasses, and you’ll need to take them off now and then to deal with the important practical realities of life.

        You’ll find it very easy to like each other and to feel the positive energy you generate in each other. It’s quickly obvious that you can benefit each other in many ways and business alliances are favored. To some extent, you have a golden touch as long as don’t get too greedy. Wanting more than your fair share will bring you misfortune, eventually. Relying too much on your good luck can make you lazy and careless. Keep up your high business standards and your good fortune will be secured. Your positive disposition and willingness to share the wealth will earn you good contacts and loyal customers or associates. Your widespread energies can bring you into foreign affairs and contacts.

Margaret McElroy’s Venus Square Alan McElroy’s Jupiter:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expand the full potential of your creative expression while still taking into account possible consequences and risk factors. There is no expansion or expression without universal feedback and this aspect teaches you responsibility for your use of energy, your own, or others. You seek variety, as this is a renaissance energy and you can tolerate a fair amount of risk-taking. Your over-optimism, however, and somewhat laissez-faire attitude, are like wearing rose-colored glasses and you’ll need to take them off now and then to deal with the important practical realities of life.

        Essentially positive, expansive, generous and joyful, this aspect between your charts generates its share of exaggeration and excess, if not handled carefully. This is the classic, “too much of a good thing”. The truth could be inflated, unnecessary risks taken with resources or sometimes by adopting a lazy or careless attitude. Guard against taking too much for granted, or misjudgment because you may easily lose something that’s valuable. If expectations are too high, or you’ve promised more than you can deliver, it could damage your business reputation. Be aware of boasting or showing off, since it is likely to bring you the opposite of what you want. The general impulse is for improvement in your business associations. However, the compulsion of this aspect may be to get it all at once. Take the time to discern the experiences and influences that really matter and look at the long term, at least part of the time. There will always be the urge to push the envelope, and it’s up to the two of you to decide when that’s in the best interests of business or not.

Margaret McElroy’s Mars Conj Alan McElroy’s Asc.:

        Core Themes: The immediacy of this aspect can be stimulating or disconcerting. Either way, it will initiate a greater awareness of yourself in relation to people and situations around you. The intent of this aspect is to fire up your energies and galvanize your self-assertive capabilities. It encourages self-understanding, initiation and self-protection if necessary.

        One of you may have a strong instant appreciation for the qualities of the other and begin an assertive pursuit to initiate a relationship. The ASC person however, may find the Mars person too aggressive and disagreements over what to do and how to do it can easily arise between you. Whatever the issues are, how one or both of you uses or misuses your energy, assertiveness or anger will come up for review. You will need to take turns meeting each other’s agenda or goals. If one of you is always leading and calling the shots or choosing the activities the two of you will participate in, the other will eventually rebel. The intent of this combination of forces is to awaken you to take action on your own behalf. It stimulates self-assertion by challenging your sense of identity. Although this process is not always comfortable, it will get you moving, sometimes by raising your anger. This is a challenging and competitive business combination.

Chapter 2: Emotions and Communication

        The following aspects detail the quality of your emotional connection, your basic level of comfort and your ease or difficulty in communicating, and discussing emotions and simply understanding where each of you is coming from. Additionally, these aspects help describe how you reason together and resolve issues or problems.

Margaret McElroy’s Moon Square Alan McElroy’s Moon:

        Core Themes: Dissimilar emotional needs are indicated and to some extent different dispositions. Some of each other’s daily habits can be annoying or irritating, making sharing the same physical spaces for long periods of time more difficult. In matters of timing, it is likely that, occasionally, you will be on a different page than your partner and operate on another timing pattern. The intent of this aspect is to find your way to emotional understanding despite different sensibilities and to respect the feelings of the other person although unlike your own.

        Although you are fond of each other on many levels, your basic day-to-day habits are probably very different. You approach life’s mundane chores and happenings in ways that may not be clearly understood by your partner. Your feelings and responses can sometimes be confusing for the other person as much as they like you and want to understand. This can cause not only friction but also frustration on a regular basis in the course of working together. Your habits and peculiarities can grate on each other and be the cause of arguments and misunderstandings. If you need to work together, it behooves you to practice patience and show willingness to compromise so as to resolve some of these differences. This aspect definitely requires more tolerance and acceptance, to allow for differences in mood and reaction. You have attracted this combination because of your own need to dig deeper into your habitual ways of responding and to search out the roots of your behavior by exploring your upbringing. There are many things you do that are unconscious and automatic, and contact with your partner will allow you to take a closer look, modify the negatives and also reaffirm your strongest feelings.

Alan McElroy’s Mercury in Libra, and Margaret McElroy’s is in Scorpio:

        Core Themes: Outlook, perspective or styles of problem solving, even communicating, are the core of this aspect.  This combination is more challenging because your mode of thinking and communicating tends to be quite different. The intent of this energy combination is to resolve issues of communication, speaking, reasoning etc., so that you can reach solutions and conclusions in creative and original ways.

        Although you are associates or business partners, there are times when one of you will have great difficulty in figuring out where the other is coming from and what she or he is trying to tell you. Your styles of communication can be very different. The premise upon which you base your reasoning or the logic you use will often perplex your partner. Especially if you have to decide on projects or activities together, your differences can quickly become an issue between you. Talking things through slowly, step by step, will help each of you to understand how the other arrived at his or her opinion or conclusion. This will take patience but in the end will be worth it. What’s more, by taking the time to really understand how your partner is thinking, you can not only learn something important about your partner but also get a different perspective yourself. And you will learn how your communication affects others, since your partner is probably not the only one who can’t always understand what you’re trying to say or figure out your logic. Your interaction will allow you to fine-tune your own thought processes and become more adept and flexible in the ways you communicate with others. This will be doubly useful if you are in a business that requires writing, speaking or regularly communicating with others.

Chapter 3: Fulfilling Each Other’s Relationship Needs

        These aspects explain how you meet each other’s needs in important business or friendship partnerships. These aspects are based on what your natal chart describes that you’re looking for in any major one-on-one relationship interaction.

Margaret McElroy’s Jupiter Conj Alan McElroy’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to open your hearts fully, express generosity, seek experiences that teach wisdom and encourage others to express themselves positively. At the same time, you will be taught to distinguish between worthy risks and unwise choices.

        You are drawn to each other’s goodwill, optimism and positive spirit. Together, you expand each other’s options and offer opportunities and choices to enhance each other’s lives and any business situation that you’re involved with. You are likely to be so enthusiastic that you can easily go to extremes or overextend yourselves. Because of this, it is important for you to consider the longer-range consequences of any important undertaking. For the most part, you will feel very positive in each other’s company and you will seek ways of developing and learning that suit your values and the project at hand. Another important feature of this aspect is to teach you to distinguish between risks that are worth taking and those that are based on unreliable facts, not enough information or questionable motives.

Margaret McElroy’s Saturn Square Alan McElroy’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to define and strengthen your commitment to yourself, your primary interests, to your important and close relationships and to maintain a solid foundation for growth. This pattern will test your criteria for what takes priority in your life or what are important values for you.

        You are drawn to each other because you are ready for a stronger commitment in a work relationship. Perhaps you’re seeking a solid business partnership or a project collaborator. As you get to know each other, you will feel a sense of something important between you or that you will learn things of importance from each other. Some might say there is a fated feeling or inevitability to the two of you meeting. It may take time for the two of you to feel that you can really trust each other or that you’re both serious about the goal you want to pursue. It’s possible that you feel indebted to your partner or that you agree to commit to a project together that will take a great deal of your time and energy. Whatever the case, a strong sense of responsibility will be a part of your relationship to each other for better or worse. Respect for one another is vital and it has to be a two-way street. A lack of respect, a lack of support and excessive or unjust judgment or criticism, real or perceived, will quickly undermine the relationship.

Alan McElroy’s Moon Conj Margaret McElroy’s 7th house ruler, Mars:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to stimulate emotions and bring them to the foreground of awareness without excess aggressiveness or anger. This aspect is affirming or inciting depending on the situation and the person using it.

        The energy that you find attractive in your associate or partner is taking immediate initiative to get involved, the ability to generate enthusiasm in others and a desire for progress. Because you generate a high level of energy and excitement when together, it is best to apply this energy to a specific task. There’s a quickness to react to situations or ideas and a directness that is sometimes refreshing and sometimes simply aggressive or offensive. Because you can so easily incite each other’s sensitivities, it becomes doubly important for you to be careful. The last thing you want to do is to create a wasteland of anger between you. That will spoil your business association quickly. Sometimes the immediate energy or impatience of a situation becomes anger. If there are disagreements, learn to fight fair, seek win/win resolutions and appreciate your partner’s position. Never hit below the belt to try to win your point or you will have lost already. You can be sure of one thing, your relationship will not be boring.

Alan McElroy’s Saturn Conj Margaret McElroy’s 7th house ruler, Mars:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to help you define the goals and actions that are most important for you to pursue. This aspect teaches you to organize and structure your time and bring disciplined or focused energy to bear.

        When you first meet, you will notice the sense of credibility and competence you feel from each other, and it is these qualities that will encourage a stronger association. However, in time, you could just as easily sense that your partner is competing with you or possibly wanting to control the action. Whatever the case, you will feel that there is something important happening between you. Discovering exactly what that is will preoccupy your attention and keep you in relationship to each other in some way. This aspect challenges both of you to define your bottom line and determine when to stand firm and when to yield to appropriate pressure. You can expect some obstacles to be negotiated and overcome. Making a commitment to a course of action and accepting the consequences of your decisions are other lessons that this combination teaches. Once the two of you are in agreement, building the foundation of any project or pursuing any endeavor will bring out your strength, determination and desire for a long-term association or business partnership.

Alan McElroy’s Asc. Conj Margaret McElroy’s 7th house ruler, Mars:

        Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to motivate you to set goals and to take real steps toward achieving them by expressing who you are and what you want and by connecting with others in an open and confident way.

        You’ll motivate each other toward the pursuit of goals and be ready to act right away. Be aware that the energy between you is fast and means that you say or do things without always thinking of the effect upon your business partner and your relationship. Too much thoughtlessness or selfishness will damage your long-term relationship. In your business circle or group, the two of you are likely to be among the movers and the shakers, encouraging others to take part in whatever activity or project needs to happen. Being together will stimulate each of you to assert who you are and express yourselves more fully than you have done previously. There’s a bit of competitiveness that is just enough to keep you both on alert. Impatience can be an issue, so just make sure that you have enough projects to keep you both busy and out of trouble.

Chapter 4: Your Closest Contacts, Your Strongest Themes

        This section interprets the closest connections between your charts. The wisdom of this section says that the closest aspects explain the major or central themes of your relationship and the reason you have come together. The nature of these aspects will also define the main activities, interests and patterns that affect your relationship life together.

        Notice that, in this section, each paragraph contains both the easier expression of energies and the more challenging ones. Both interpretations are included because these close connections pertain to the central learning curve of your relationship. Based on the premise that the more exact the connection (also the closest energetic contact) between your pair of planets, the more psychologically significant the aspect will be for each of you. This means that you are likely to be strongly influenced by each other in the areas described. Because of this, it will be useful to consider both the easier and more challenging interpretations even though you lead with one of them. You will, from time to time and in various circumstances, probably exhibit some elements of each interpretation, both the easier expressions as well as the more challenging ones. Another thing – it’s possible with both types of aspects that you will have the same challenges but simply respond or react to them in different ways. The goal is to rise to the best possible expression of each combination. This is the learning curve and this bestows the necessary wisdom to develop your relationship.

Margaret McElroy’s Jupiter Trine Alan McElroy’s 4th house cusp (easier aspect):

        Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to reach high and strive to attain your most important dreams. Learning, adventure and wisdom are what you seek.

        Easier aspects: A clear aim, strong skills and a positive attitude will allow you to reach your goals every time. This pattern is the golden key to your business aspirations and is the core of your business partnership. You are generally easygoing with each other and understanding of changes in schedules and tempo, because your lives are filled with many extra activities both at work and at home. Because of this, you will do well to avoid overextending yourselves. As business partners, you are each other’s best coach and support each other in any project you undertake. People consider you lucky, but you know it’s a matter of being prepared and, when opportunity knocks, being willing to take the risk for what you want. Coaching sports or any number of other activities can be a way you give back to the community that supports you.

        Challenging aspects: The vibrancy and positive gusto with which you approach life are great assets in business and will gain you associates, colleagues and supporters. You have great courage and enthusiasm, but, at times, this very same energy makes you overdo or exaggerate. Be sure you are centered, that your motives are clean and you’ve taken the time to aim carefully for your goal. Shooting in the dark won’t get you the effect you want. Keep remembering that you are a team and you’ll curb your competetiveness with each other and place that extra energy into your priority project. Dissipation or overindulgence will dull your edge. Scattering your energies among too many projects can diffuse your influence and your available energies. Keep bragging to a minimum and keep your “eyes on the prize,” the one that’s worth all your efforts.

Alan McElroy’s Venus Conj Margaret McElroy’s Jupiter:

        Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to enjoy good fortune and affection in your relationships. There is luck or opportunity (not always recognized) that comes with this combination, including the ability to get what you need when you want it.

        Challenging aspects: Your natural business posture is generous and giving, but budgeting your resources is not your strong suit. The desire for instant gratification crops up regularly and you will need to deal with it effectively. Some things are worth waiting for, believe it or not! You have a tendency to risk with high stakes or expectations and your disappointments can be large. Learning to do the research and curb impetuousness will save you grief and protect your bottom line. If you exaggerate or make false claims, you’re likely to gain a bad reputation. Your negative issues arise mostly from overdoing or overspending in one way or another. In spite of it all, you manage to laugh about your escapades and also find some wisdom in misfortune. Your greatest wisdom however, is to minimize your misfortune.

        Easier aspects: Your energy together exudes goodwill and generosity, and others will respond positively toward you and want to be part of your successful ventures. You have the capacity to charm others to support your business projects and you also have the track record that investors look for. Financially too, you will be more abundant than not. Your social philosophy is the best ambassador to sell your products or services. A little generosity goes a long way in securing loyalty from your clients. There is a tendency to overdo, over-care and overspend yourselves and resources, but if you have it to spend, it’s your choice. You may find others jealous of your good fortune in spite of your generosity, but that’s their problem. The worst thing that can happen is that you become arrogant or feel entitled to be treated as special at all times. If you persist in this kind of attitude your popularity, will quickly fade.

Margaret McElroy’s Sun Sextile Alan McElroy’s Jupiter (easier aspect):

        Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme will be to expand your learning or experience, take advantage of life’s opportunities and, as the poet says, “Catch the joy as it flies”. You will want the good things of life in however you define them and you are willing to take certain risks in order to reach those ends. You will seek adventure and fun with a gregarious, generous nature.

        Easier aspects: Your combined energies bring many opportunities your way, and people will call you lucky. However, most often it is your consistent generosity of spirit or resources that bring people into your camp and open doors for you when you need it. It will be all too easy for you to go to excesses from time to time or to spend too freely, whether it’s your time or resources. You will seek a certain amount of ease and luxury in your life but seem to have enough wisdom to use it in balance and be philanthropic as well. As business partners you can certainly have the golden touch, since your energies tend to broadmindedness and visionary tendencies.

        Challenging aspects: In your desire to attain your goals you can make unwise choices. Take the time to look at the opportunities you have and make sure they are sound and will deliver what is promised. At the same time, it will be necessary for you to keep your promises and refrain from overextending yourselves financially or energetically, since this is often an aspect of excess. Be careful of indulging in grandiosity or splashy shows of extravagance. Instead, seek worthwhile experiences and those that will lead you closer to your business goals and to a sense of wisdom. You must either learn to balance taking with giving or watch your opportunities turn to misadventures.

Margaret McElroy’s Moon Sextile Alan McElroy’s Mercury (easier aspect):

        Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship themes are quickness to emote and a facility for sincere communication. Engaging with others and the public comes naturally and you will probably have a wide network of friends, acquaintances and associates. You communicate intuitively with a witty way of describing your feelings and mundane experiences. You tend to be honest, humorous and matter-of-fact about the state of your emotions.

        Easier aspects: Your relationship is based on open and honest communication. The more you can tolerate divergent opinions the healthier your business association is likely to be. Having a free flow of communication combined with emotional sincerity will stand you in good stead with your clients and any necessary interface with the public. In fact, the two of you make a great team if public presentations need to be made. You will enjoy being around others who like to speak freely and on many different topics. This combination is excellent for brainstorming and generating a variety of different ideas. The hallmark of this combination is flexibility and moving from one option and choice to another.

        Challenging aspects: There are times, no matter how hard you try, that you will simply talk past each other and fail to understand what the other person is attempting to communicate. This can be extremely frustrating and also irritating. Take your time, breathe and keep trying to state things in different ways until you find that your partner understands what you mean. Fortunately, you have the impetus and flexibility with this aspect to continue to find ways to communicate your message and ideas. With some trial-and-error you will find the way to state your case. The main difficulty lies in the sometimes incessant processing or insistence on your point of view, which can leave others emotionally drained and unwilling to contribute further.