This report interprets the influence of a group of asteroids known as Centaurs and also Black Holes in the birth chart. Modern astronomers have discovered a great many celestial  objects that the ancients did not know exist. Philip is bringing astrology up to date with modern astronomy through his extensive research and work with objects in the outer limits of our solar system and beyond. These objects reveal emotional and spiritual sides of the person that have been previously overlooked.

The Galactic Report for

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England



        Welcome to your Universe! You stand on the threshold of entering previously unknown astrological understanding of the Cosmos. This report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements to ensure complete grounding and connection with your home planet, Earth. Your personal connection to the powerful and transformational black holes takes you into a dimension of inner self reflection intended to clarify your essence and your connection with All That Is. Enjoy your journey into the exciting vastness of space!

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        Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.  For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     25 Lib 14                   Centaurs Interpreted:

Moon    16 Leo 30                   Chiron    26 Lib 51

Mercury 16 Sco 16                   Pholus    22 Cap 27

Venus    1 Sag 00                   Nessus     8 Tau 44

Mars    16 Sco 51                   Asbolus    0 Can 01

Jupiter  5 Sco 02                   Chariklo  14 Sco 14

Saturn   7 Leo 56                   Hylonome  29 Ari 17

Uranus  21 Gem 36

Neptune  8 Lib 59                   Heliocentric Planets Intepreted:

Pluto   13 Leo 12                   Earth     25 Ari 14

True Node 12 Gem 57                   Mercury    7 Cap 50

Asc.    12 Lib 55                   Venus      7 Ari 34

MC      17 Can 14                   Mars       0 Sag 50

Tropical  Koch  Standard time observed

GMT: 05:31:00  Time Zone: 0 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 52 N 58      1 W 10   

Aspects to 6 Centaurs interpreted:

Conjunction:  5 Deg 00 Min          Trine   :  4 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min          Sextile :  3 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  4 Deg 00 Min          Quincunx:  3 Deg 00 Min

Geocentric planets (Sun,Moo,Mer,Ven,Mar,Jup,Sat,Ura,Nep,Plu), Node, Asc and MC

Aspects to 79 Black Holes interpreted:

Conjunctions only to Black Holes with an orb of  3 Deg 00 Min

Moon, Asc, and MC and geocentric and heliocentric Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Section I: The Centaurs

Centaurs are asteroids with several properties in common, one of which is that they travel from deep regions of our solar system to within the orbit of Jupiter. They are similar to comets but are larger. The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977. Chiron was first thought to be a kind of planet, but is now considered a Centaur by most astronomers.

Now you might be thinking “Oh, gosh! More teensy things to consider in my horoscope. Doesn’t the chart have enough going on as it is?” Consider that astrologers use one planet, Venus, to describe the vast areas of love, art, and beauty in our lives. The asteroids add depth and detail to the astrological analysis, enabling us to see more specific issues.

When the first Centaur, Chiron, came to our attention, he was greeted with mixed feelings. Some, considering this body very difficult to define (planet, asteroid, comet?), saw it as a nuisance. Others remained sure of his importance. It would appear that those astrologers possessed a vision of better things to come.

Ultimately, Chiron emerged as a potent teacher, healer, shaman leading us all through previously unremovable wounds – whether psychological or spiritual. His urging to fully invest the spirit in the body and involve oneself in life now stands as the leading wave of soulful healing. His demonstration of the essentiality of relationship between body and spirit now stands accepted, intact and most importantly, significant in all of our personal healing efforts.

Now Chiron has five named Centaur siblings: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome. Suggestions exists for yet another named body, Pylenor, which is awaiting astronomical nomenclature protocols. Ultimately, all the other Centaurs will receive names as well.

Each Centaur appears with a solution to a common social malady of today’s complicated society and associated psychological and psychic backlash. The integration of these bodies provides us with simple, consciousness-oriented ceremonies and healing techniques to enhance our coping skills. The Centaurs restore our sensibilities – literally, our ability to use our senses, emotions and body perceptions – ranging from an instinctive nose to chill bumps – thereby increasing our humanness. In a time when the array of electronic communication and technology decreases our sentient involvement in our lives, the Centaurs appear to restore our senses and sensibilities.

The Centaur clan offers valuable attributes in our everyday life, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Consider the powerful remedies offered by these bodies:

Chiron – healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body

Pholus    overcoming  substance  abuses,  restoring  peacefulness  of  spirit,  use  of  daily  ritual

Nessus – defining need and want in money and relationships with healthy balance

Asbolus    development  of  and  use  of  full  intuitive  faculties

Chariklo – assessing personal boundaries, both psychologically and energetically

Hylonome    healing  grief  and  regret

As  you  welcome  the  primal  gathering  of  Centaurs  into  your  horoscope,  you  will  enjoy  enhanced  awareness  of  emotion,  passion  for  life,  quest  for  purpose  and  sensorial  reactions  to  all  situations.  Saddle  up  and  ride  these  tiny,  yet  potent,  bodies,  for  a  celestial  journey  to  self  understanding,  compassion  and  well-being.  Enjoy!


For those people feeling rejected by parents and carrying that banner throughout life, relief is near. Should you be sensing wounds that simply will not leave no matter what is done, a solution stands near. And if feelings of displacement, alienation and disconnection prevail within yourself, the healer has arrived. Soon, with use of the essence of this relatively new healer, Chiron, the way clears for a stronger sense of self with spirit invested in body. This sense of self works to reestablish healthy relationships with others.

Chiron was the wounded healer, or the healer who wounds. His mode of healing works to bring up the hidden issues, overcome denial, offer penance, then go on in greatness. He was one of the immortals, with a god as a father who rejected the son. The mother disowned him because of his ugliness (half man, half horse). With no place to go, Chiron became an avid learner studying with the great ones, devouring all knowledge. Accidentally wounded at an event using ceremonial wine unceremoniously, his immortality became a liability as the healer could not heal his own wound. He persisted in life feeling pain that he, the healer, could not heal. His pain includes parental rejection, unworthiness and in today’s terms, soul loss.

Chiron opted to end the eternal pain at all costs. He took a voluntary task in the underworld, coming out with the ability to ascend to the heavens as granted by Zeus (Jupiter). He represents being able to take on healing directly, clearly and intently. He symbolizes our willingness to go into the caves of consciousness and examine our nature. He grieves, then heals. This powerful healer comes before us encouraging the clearing of all things within our psyche. After this occurs the path opens for our spirits to fully fuse with our physical being.

Chiron Conjunct Sun,  Orb: 1 deg. 37 min.

A natural healing instinct surges through your being. Others recognize you as soothing and consoling. Now if you could just get all that stuff to happen for yourself. Funny how it seems that you are most able to provide solace to others concerning those things that bother you the most about yourself. Meanwhile, you have this personal feeling about a lack of inner beauty, ability or resource. Find a mentor or personal guide for whatever considerations stand in your way. Study in a one to one mentoring environment with complete dedication and conscientiousness. When your learning is complete, you will be released. At that point your renewed sense of your wellness emanates from your aura like a spotlight. Others seek you out. And in that seeking they ask you for the goodness and benefit of the mentoring guidance you have been so privileged to receive. You are in fact a healer. Use your gifts. Notice that if you feel low at any time, reaching to others to help them releases your own downward slide. Shine brightly like the Sun.


Perhaps a sense of listlessness in life encourages one to eat too much or too little. Maybe even taking on alcohol or other substances as a substitute for contentment becomes the way one copes. The Centaur Pholus appears to remind us of what it is that actually lies beneath these physical urges to compensate or over-compensate in life.

Pholus appears at just the right time to remind people of the needs of spirit. While he signifies everything about food and drink, he also stresses the idea that all things intending to nurture our beings remain powerful ceremonies. Pholus indicates diet patterns, especially methods of cooking and even the type of diet including carnivorous or vegetarian ways. His attitude toward drink, most especially alcohol, insists that it be offered ceremoniously. The custom of toasting with wine (or whatever is the alcohol of choice) comes from Pholus. Blessing food symbolizes a Pholus thought. He represents use or abuse of all physical substances, alcohol being the most significant of his concerns.

Ultimately Pholus reminds us of the need to fill our daily lives with those things that are good – and only good – for us. He establishes awareness of necessary limits and requirements. He goes even further in that he offers the reminder (and often a stern one) that your daily routine must include your spiritual drill: saying grace, toasting, a daily meditation, smudging, ceremonial cleansing or whatever comes under his wise and watchful eye. Should things feel out of sorts, offer simpler, reverent acts every day. Watch the restlessness subside and the sense of well-being begin.

Pholus Square Sun,  Orb: 2 deg. 47 min.

Where your needs are concerned you’ll spare no expense. If the bottle says two drops, you’ll try four – that’s twice as good, right? Are you aware of what the effects of excess could be? Your nature drifts towards the magnified. In food, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. In drink the largest size cup at the convenience store, though impossible for any human to consume, looks just about right. In your spiritual exercises the same ideas apply. You could meditate so much you lose real world coping skills. You could chant your voice away. Part of your nature comes from a just and wise view. Be wise enough to know when something is just about enough. Consequences occur when an immoderate approach becomes your vehicle in life. If you look, your nature already has a sense of this. You can see how you’ll feel later. Use this natural reality check system. Just because it’s a special occasion, no need to go overboard. Approach every act in life with ceremonial intent. Conscious of the outcome, you conduct life in good measure.

Pholus Quincunx Uranus, Orb: 0 deg. 51 min.

Keep chanting change is good as you head into those caverns of consciousness of yours. The easier approach in life would be to perform the shifts needed at the time you realize them. Yeah, and what fun is that? Apparently, based upon your current caving trek, you’d rather build some adequate tension. This way you feel you’ll get more out of the experience. While this belief possesses indisputable truth, it’s not the easiest path. Bear in mind you perpetually make your own choice as to whether you’ll circumvent the storm with a longer distance path, or plunge head on into it with a shorter distance to endure the discomfort of adjusting. Tune your inner clock to sense the precise moment to begin or end any life activity. This sharpening of your wits eliminates the dreaded eleventh hour syndrome. Should you choose the more difficult adventure of altering your life, no one wants to hear you complain about what you must obviously enjoy. Find the bliss whether your pursuit is hit or miss.


It’s been said that money and sex are only important when you don’t have them. Whether or not this is true is up for grabs. But what we can derive from this saying is that two issues of importance to the human spirit are money and sex. In fact, under extreme circumstances, people can be observed demonstrating the best and worst of human characteristics with these issues at hand. Witness the excited glow of a lottery winner. Look hard to see the collapsed aura of a person dealing with insurmountable debt. Examine the fractured aura of a lover rejected for a younger more attractive partner. Consider the radiant glow of someone newly in love. Watch what happens as people discover that they simply cannot live without a certain thing, economic status or the love person in their life. These issues receive impeccable clarification from the Centaur Nessus.

Nessus refers to a level of desire that goes beyond need. Wanting more, coveting or even qualities of lust fall under his influence. Nessus refers to the two juicy areas of life: monetary matters and intimate relationships. He seeks out the things you unconsciously want but might not be able to articulate. He notes those things you feel you do not deserve, yet crave. First, though, he uncovers urges and desires that may not feel comfortable to your “I am a good person,” belief system. But he transforms all negatives if given a chance. He works with you to ensure you enjoy the bounty of your relationship with healthy abundance. Nessus observes your financial state in life, then offers his position on what would really make you feel good in an unlimited way. Ultimately, Nessus’ balance would be to have enough money not to need more and not so much that it consumes your time and thoughts.

Nessus is a powerful healer. He insists that you open yourself to the realm of sensuality in life. Smell flowers, taste food, feel the air, enjoy touch, savor success and feel everything fully. He provides the ultimate in healing issues of converting poverty to abundance. He brings about the exchange of lust, shame and guilt for healthy physical enjoyment of life, whether explored intimately with another or in one’s relationship with the Creator.

Nessus Opposition Jupiter,  Orb: 3 deg. 42 min.

Periodically, you’ll burn out your teachers. They’ll throw up their hands and tell you to do what you want. Sure, now you listen to your advisor. At least you learn a great lesson. If you’re going to ask, listen. Most importantly, you begin to consciously assess what makes you feel good inside instead of just outside. You recognize that old gratification agendas in work and love do not maintain your sense of self. Often, they simply aggravate you into creating larger demands. You build a sense of right and wrong. This is not a moral agenda. This simply reflects the Pathfinder symbolism of native traditions. The man in the maze continuously asks which next act serves the path in a good way. Good way versus bad way creates the first major resolution of moral judgment. In this discernment an attitude of forgiveness, tolerance and clear choice emerges. This impeccably guides you on your journey. Meanwhile, should others seek you out, you cannot advise them what to do. But you can help them understand where in their being they can perceive if this next decision feeds their spirit.

Nessus Square Saturn,  Orb: 0 deg. 48 min.

The actions taken may or may not be consistent with the level of authority or responsibility you claim in life. Ongoing questioning occurs deep within. You ponder whether or not you took advantage of the situation. Even if you conclude you did use unfair leverage, what can you do now? You can put it behind you. You can repair some uneven fields with some psychic tractor work. You can establish an agenda of full disclosure, impeccable responsibility, fair wage and unlimited sharing in love. Knowing your agreed role helps. Agreed role refers not only to those things consciously stated, but those things subconsciously or unconsciously assumed. Should that pesky nose sniff out something other than the agreed, use this helpful perception. When you get a sense (or scent) of how things are, ask if your feelings are correct. This skill offers incredible capacities in resolving financial and intimate relationship issues with others. This allows you to assume an internally guided course of balance within the emotional and economic expenditures. Remember you have a nose for how to spend intimate and industrial incomes to stabilize satisfaction in life.

Nessus Quincunx Neptune, Orb: 0 deg. 16 min.

You might be really good at reading energies, auras and detecting the agendas of others. The problem with this gift comes from pointing out your perceptions. You tend to track the shadows. This means you view the real motives of others. While claiming to travel the high road, you know if there’s a flaw in the expansion of the awareness overpass underneath your feet. As you point it out, denial will be the probable reaction. In fact, since you saw it, this must be your issue. And maybe it is. Hopefully before you make any comment about anyone’s issues, yours look shiny and good. If not, this retort forces you into checking the underbelly of the foundations of your life. Maybe or maybe not the other person will take your perceptions into account. Actually that’s not important. The importance comes from fixing structural flaws of yet subtle appearance. These repairs cannot be a cosmetic fix. Illusions wane with time. Strong reenforcing repairs endure. In fact, your perception would be that upon repair it is as if there was never a flaw. Now look at your life with psychic engineering skills making other flaws nonexistent.


Ever have one of those moments in which you went against the flash of insight you received? Such situations become more glaring if life tosses back some sort of difficulty, like exactly the one of which you were forewarned. When you feel like leading the charge up some sort of symbolic mountain to take on a perilous task, do you ever ponder what the outcome might be?

Asbolus, another of our Centaur guides, represents the best in intuitive awareness. Asbolus reflects good counsel given and not heeded, or good advice received and not heeded. Usually the results of not heeding such input become immediately apparent. The urge to veto one of those insightful flashes falls under the visionary gaze of Asbolus. The insight just seemed to be a logical projection. There was nothing psychic about it. “What are the odds of that,” Asbolus nudges again. The odds seem high at the moment. He urges absolute attentiveness to futuristic impressions. Stop while you’re ahead. No need to take on challenges from an unnecessary argument or death-defying tasks, or push your personal limits. Back off, relax and contemplate.

Asbolus further represents the loss of guidance or wisdom because of alcohol. He points out how judgment, physical and otherwise, degrades when intoxicated. His alternative would suggest that when life feels all-consuming, reinvoke a ceremonial situation to clear the mind. This effort restores strong judgment that supports the spirit and reinstates the intuitive faculties to full potency. Regardless, following intuition remains his determined influence.

Asbolus Quincunx Venus, Orb: 1 deg. 00 min.

You seem to find things desirable that don’t always do justice to your greater quests in life. You want what you want. Take a moment to redefine the subtle architecture of that fact. You want what ultimately serves your highest good. Right? Therefore, would it not make sense to choose those things that are really good for you? And, would it not make sense to shun those things that diminish your energies? Would it also not make sense to use simpler criteria in life? Your decision making process parallels this last question. Would it not make sense? Such complicated question structure requires attentive thought prior to answering. The classic psychological question, “have you stopped… yet,” fits well. In this question insert the most feared consequence in life. There is no non-incriminating answer. To avoid such complications, choose those things you need. Clarify the subtle, but sharp distinction between need and want. You need to do that, whether you want to or not. Ironically, the result gratifies both desire and need.


In today’s world, the term “boundary” defines the receptivity we have to others or the resistance we put up to others. When encountering new people, what is your criteria for establishing connection? Does it work? If you are pushing away people you’d like to have in your life, perhaps resetting your boundaries is in order. If you’re experiencing conflict with a friend, family member, co-worker, boss or your mate, perhaps redefining your boundaries would help. But where do you go for understanding these instinctive urges and reactions you’re having to others? Help is at hand.

Chariklo, the sea nymph wife of the powerful healer Chiron, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges. She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries. And in so doing, she works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit. Your emotional boundary would be how close you permit another person to stand near you, whether consciously interacting or not. It would also show up as your claim of your physical and emotional needs from another person. She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.

The spiritual boundary carries the urge for divine kinship. Here you seek someone with common causes, inspired aspirations and shared views of the Universal – a real kindred spirit. These separate boundaries may or may not be the same dimension. And they might be different with every person you meet. Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion. She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner. She encourages you to start with yourself. Check intent and motive. If it feels good, proceed. If it does not bring a warm sense within its midst, then make corrections.

She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul. Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one’s spirit by the body. She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity-producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people. Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example.

Chariklo Square Moon,  Orb: 2 deg. 17 min.

Your capacity to nurture approaches levels that remain difficult for humans to comprehend. You blend the richness of emotional understanding with a unique ability to see the core of the person you cradle near your heart. You know how it hurts to feel unwanted, unloved or undeserving. You go out of your way to soothe the hearts of all around you. The challenge for you comes in the old dilemma of who heals the healer? Simple. Like Chariklo used to do in the good, old matriarchal times, retreat to the temples. This strongly suggests that you frequently retreat with someone who holds similar compassion toward you. The important safety tip here comes in the form of reminding you that if you seek this from your lover, it alters the nature of the relationship. The intimacy once felt shifts toward a parent-child feeling. To avoid Freudian aspects in your love life rivaling the greatest sorrows of Greek tragedies, find a professional nurturer. This could be accomplished with a healing touch worker, good friend or colleague in these matters of healing. Regardless, your own emotional regeneration must precede that of your spreading yourself over the waters of human sensitivity.

Chariklo Conjunct Mercury,  Orb: 2 deg. 02 min.

You can begin your understanding of the conditions in your life by asking good questions. The most important question would be, “What did you mean by that?” After receiving a hopefully satisfactory answer, state how you took it. Within the nature of your close-at-hand personal relationships, this simple effort creates ongoing clarity and ease. Your verbal work also includes declaring your position in any life scenario. State accurately what you will or will not do. Attend with a higher degree of awareness to those things that generate that odd stirring feeling in the digestive tract. That’s an alert that you’re seeing some bugs in there. The extermination effort gains success by shining your mental flashlight in all your nooks and crannies, consciously seeking out those culprits. Then the eliminating spray, should it be needed, can be efficiently applied. Establish mental distinctions between your up close and personal area and your outer world perimeters. This discernment enables your comments about how and where you need someone in your life to be read clearly. And better yet you are heard. Prepare yourself for one other part of the agenda. Consider yourself a cartographer of consciousness. Help others literally diagram their own space so they interact with the universes of others without collision.

Chariklo Conjunct Mars,  Orb: 2 deg. 38 min.

Funny how when you lead others to places (especially in relationships) they claim they want to go, they look at you with incredulity complaining about why you did that to them. The rules need neon clarification. Get verbal agreements first. Then proceed with action. Following the subtle cues, the psychic nuances of emotional implication do not fill the space between the lines in relationships. To reduce anger, resentment and accusations of abuse, again complete parity of purpose preceding any pursuit. Your job receives a metaphorical message from thinking of yourself as a horse trainer. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make the horse do the back stroke. Draw boundaries in all interactions with each juncture encountered. The rules don’t change. Only the choices previously made fall under the auspices of reconsideration. Restate the rules when such a fork appears in the road. Willfully decide to do everything that you do in life. Make no bones about it, you intend to ease people’s tensions – not agitate them. For yourself, do the same. Ponder each point on the road as a dot-to-dot diagram of pursuit of spirit. Be tolerant if you make less than an ideal choice. You can always choose to dot again. If you don’t choose, you lose.

Chariklo Square Pluto,  Orb: 1 deg. 01 min.

You know how the subtle inferences happen between people. You know all about that subatomic energy of the soul. You know that if you wiggle your energetic nose just so, you can produce certain involuntary responses in others. Ah, what fun is that? Really, it’s no fun at all. Still, the overwhelming waves of energy surging up inside you compel you to wiggle your nose. You watch with distant amusement as others wriggle in response. Having this intensified energy awareness, you know that you can influence pretty much anyone you want at any time. This offers no challenge. You disregard the results and disrespect the energetically susceptible. Your clearest awareness comes when you offer your energy – that’s it. If someone responds, you go further. If they don’t, you move on to more receptive pastures. Energetic mastery is your game. On the high road of this pattern you show others all the subtle webs people try to weave on one another. You expose it for what it is: manipulative efforts at spell casting. After the shock wears off the realization, you teach the healthy principles of “render and receive.”

Chariklo Trine MC,  Orb: 3 deg. 00 min.

Ease does seem to come to professional plans when you put your heart and soul into it. The purity of your energy and the clarity of your intention brilliantly beams from everything you do. Commit to the greatest destiny-driven career you can imagine. Be wonderfully grandiose in your speculations. Imagination opens the channels for energy to follow. Energy builds and makes real stuff in life. That’s your teaching. The energy between people creates the “stuff” of their interaction. You show them how this simple fact works. With that revelation, energetic changes occur by shifts in the energy that people emanate. Your principle messages also note that if you want joy and peacefulness in life, then being tolerant and compassionate toward others helps immensely. Here’s another powerful lesson: do not be concerned about those things that do not concern you. Such concerns dissipate your energy and devour your spirit. One last thing: prematurity might be an indication of immaturity or impatience. Save your declarations of professional intent in life until all necessary background energy fully aligns with them.

Chariklo Quincunx True Node, Orb: 1 deg. 17 min.

While some might swear they don’t know the difference between their energy or body and that of their lover, you fight nausea. You wonder how some people could lose themselves that much. The gooey, sticky pathos of love aggravates your sensibilities. You vow that you’ll never fall victim to the spell of another person’s love over you. When you vow, you bow. Soon, someone shows up offering you ecstatic dimensions of sensitivity previously understood in the world – your world. Now you become aware of the risk. What if this did go away? In this question lives your need for perpetual revision. Each time you sense risk, your goal would be to flip the energy. Focus upon the joy of the existing presence of good in your life. What will be, will be. But until then, get in there, dig it and harvest the bounty of love and the cornucopia of consciousness spilling over onto the table of your life. While this is your task, it is your message. It is your task before it is your message. Savor, then speak.


When losses of life, failures or those things not attained override one’s sense of hope, the Centaur Hylonome receives a request for appearance. Should the fiscal losses and relational despair feel overwhelming, call out to this feminine Centaur. When distraught over the ending of a relationship in which you had no control over the outcome, use Hylonome.

Hylonome lost her mate during a Centaurian debacle. She was so distressed and unwilling to cope after his death, that she thrust herself on the spear that killed him. So, she appears in our lives not as an indication of hopelessness, but to provide the will to overcome the mountain of insurmountable grief. She appears to provide hope in the darkness of loss. She encourages grief, howsoever painful. She promises that if you let yourself feel the scary feelings of personal, emotionally thick endings, that you will, in time, feel relief.

Whether consciously or not, persons with strong Hylonome aspects function as grief counselors. They offer hope and encouragement to all downtrodden sorts. Of course, to be able to render such precise care, they first must have shed the negativity of all losses perceived in their own life first. These people encourage rebuilding of self-esteem, repair diminished egos and point out a healthy spiritual self-sufficiency.

Hylonome Opposition Sun,  Orb: 4 deg. 03 min.

Where is compassion and sensitive support when you need it? Why does it seem that when encountering a black hole of feeling that just about everyone showing up tells you to get over it? There’s no sympathy. That’s true. You get no sympathy. You do get empathy. If you can accept empathy for what it is, you will find others reaching to soothe you in times of need. These people, though, will not coddle you. They do not support self-indulgent pity. They are there if you need them for real emotional leaning. They tell you to feel and get over it. The phrase, “get over yourself,” works well here. Is your sense of self so slim that another person can deflate the remains of your spirit by taking something emotionally important? Do you believe you are so all powerful that you, single-handedly, rule the fate of another person’s emotional gratification? Your external support system shows up to help you through these agendas as well. Typically, the work takes the form of an unsolicited, confronting manner. As they do their greatest work with you, take notes. It won’t be long before the Universe calls to spread the word about emotional reality. Summon your expertise, remembering the clear line between sympathy and empathy.

Hylonome Quincunx Venus, Orb: 1 deg. 43 min.

While you hum the tune to the song, “Love hurts,” you continue to primp for your next social encounter. Which are you: an emotional optimist or addicted to sensitivity sadism? No matter how difficult deep, passionate emotions run, you’ll always get right back in the saddle. You are a bit prone to rebounding as a result. This bounce-back resiliency of yours is worth expressing. Back on the ranch, you’re still looking to bust the biggest stallion of love you can find. You’ll do it, too, even if it kills you. It won’t do that. But at times if you push so hard you might drive a willing steed to the far corners of the ranch. This looks like rejection. This causes a painful response. In fact, that equine merely did its natural thing – it had nothing to do with you. When crowded, retreat. It doesn’t matter who it is. If you take it personally, you’re back in the saddle, all right. You jumped on the back of your non-working relationship guesses. Stop guessing. State as you go all needs you recognize in the moment, holding nothing in reserve. This assertive process heals your anticipation of not being able to secure enough of what you need in relationships. The song in your core changes records to something more upbeat. Name that tune.

Section II: The Black Holes

Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics, and as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact to a natal horoscope either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.

Most simply, a black hole is the result of a decaying star. When the star wanes it exceeds a proper proportion of nuclear furnace abilities and explodes into a Supernova. The explosion throws stellar matter and debris far out into space. There, it slows and begins to cool. The cooling process induces contraction. Over time, the gas and matter collapses back toward what was once the core of the “progenitor” star. After a short millennium or so, the contraction forces an accelerating and irreversible collapse. The star falls back in upon itself literally punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe. At this point, infinite gravity, density of space and compression of time results.

A black hole contains two components: the event horizon and the singularity. These look like the shape of a horn. The inner part of the horn would be correlate to the singularity. The outer edge of the horn’s bell would be the event horizon.

At the event horizon, entry into the black hole becomes unavoidable. The gravitational pressure is so intense that not even light can escape – thus, the term black hole. Also at the perimeter time stops. Outside the black hole is time as we monitor it. Inside the black hole time moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, matter can not escape. It become crushed into energy as it falls into the singularity.

At the singularity there is an infinite curvature of space and time and infinite gravitational compression. Everything falling inward simply converts from matter to energy. What matters, literally, becomes lightened up.

Surrounding the black hole, because of this violent consuming nature, the atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees in temperature. This energizes surrounding space causing the emission of X-Rays and Gamma Rays while rendering a blue shift of light, the apparent approach of light to the observer.

It is from these physical images that we derive our first look into the interpretive qualities of the black hole. There often exists a well documented period between the black hole source and the star it consumes. This creates an energy “biorhythm” of sorts for the person in contact to the black hole. While feeling like a physical effect it originates in the person’s own electro-magnetic energy field usually called the aura, chi (life force) or basic flow of the spiritual Kundalini energy flow. The pulse of the X-Ray duration affects a person as well. This burst of penetrating energy establishes an attention cycle requiring extreme discipline. In the most extreme black hole players the pulses range from 283 (4 minutes 43 seconds) to 529 seconds (8 minutes 49 seconds).

The X-Rays produce a perceptive, non-judgmental, introspective inner looking ability. Each black hole person has the ability to literally look through another person. The desire is only to see what the other person (or one’s self) is all about at the core soul level.

These people warp time and space. They are able to go back and forth in consciousness between varying levels of reality. Known for spacing out, such a person actually tracks information of other Universal Realities. The difficulty remains bringing back the insights. Remember, nothing can come out of a black hole. So a person must strive to record the awareness of another realm into the consciousness, perhaps at the cellular level, so it is indelibly retained. Then the awareness becomes usable in the real world.

The ability to “imagine” future circumstances, events, inventions or even societies goes with the black hole. So does the ability to “recall” what occurred long ago. A person with many black hole contacts standing on an historic site can feel, see and sense what happened as if it is happening to them at the moment. They can also pre-perceive reality, imagine progress for humanity or define a future invention in their mind, possibly “causing” the necessary awareness to create the invention.

The gravity of the black hole, particularly with the Supermassive Black Holes, quickly develops a following. Once an intention goes out to draw energy, attention and resource, a following quickly surrounds the black hole person. Sometimes these people are described as irresistible. On a more subtle level, the person seems to be placed in a central position as a matter of drill whether relating to a work group, humanitarian concern or social sphere.

The ultimate effort of the black hole refers to one’s unavoidable destiny or “dharma” in the world. They unconsciously seek to draw everything to them that fulfills the greatest intention for their life. Possible of great impact, the person strong in black hole connections unconsciously aspires to create the greater good for the world and usher in a time of great global progress.

Enjoy your personal journey in these previously indescribable dimensions! Follow your own lead with each awareness received.

Sun Conjunct 3U 1118-60,  Orb: 2 deg. 54 min.

Your basic being speaks of confidante, counselor, therapist. Others actively seek you out for your take on their current relationship issue. You cooperatively make several critical points: be fair, monogamous, cooperative and understanding. You polarize that position by asserting that tolerance should never include the acceptance of low relationship standards or abuse. Hit the high road before the relationship takes you down the low road. You stand uncompromising on this essential point: No relationship is better that a relationship than diminishes one’s spirit. This truth is part of everything you think, say and do. “Do” would be the most critical aspect of your relationship consciousness. Oddly, a strange ability to justify adverse interaction situations comes within your standard package of tolerance. Constant redefinition of non-rationalized relational needs ensures that not only can you console yourself, you can counsel yourself.

Venus Conjunct 3U 1516-56,  Orb: 1 deg. 46 min.

Your doctrine of favorable relationships observes you want a partner with a solid belief system. Initially you manage to attract someone with a belief system that is more or less compatible with yours. Then you grow. You have to grow. This growth curve comes through your accidental attractions to new activities and ideas. As you explore, your views and attitudes expand. Should your lover now be in the same old place you’ll label her/him boring, unstimulating and closed minded. Oddly, what attracted you at first faded into yesterday’s emotional newspaper. To ensure relationship progress make sure your lover stays either directly involved in your new interest or catches a favorable wind from these pursuits. Or they can find their own thing. Either way their sails billow as well. Should this not occur, the partner’s apparent flatness makes them a woos (simply, a sailing term meaning wind out of sail – no where nor way to go). Your movement does not exclude your lover regardless of your independence.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct 3U 1516-56,  Orb: 1 deg. 57 min.

Often you’ll wonder what you did. Your powers of visualization and thought run so strong that you can think you’ve done something and assume you really have. Needless to say, this blurs the world of physical truth. Like awakening from a dream state and imagining you walked the dog, your consciousness reacts as if it did. The upside of this ability comes from how you recall things that happened to you. Your insights tweak the physical reality of events as remembered. Soon, a new consciousness arises based upon your reveries. Others wonder where in the world this came from. But it was not worldly – it was part of your free flowing consciousness. Some reality testing with others serves you well. You’ll feel the energy of another person as strong as a thought. Should those perceptions of life differ from what you perceive, reality check it. Ultimately, what do you believe? Do you give credence to the statements of another or do you adhere to your instinctive reactions?

Venus Conjunct 3U 1653+35,  Orb: 2 deg. 30 min.

In love you’ll insist upon an open-minded, evolution-oriented partner. You need a person who will read the same books as you, using them as fodder for stimulating discussions (after which you’ll really be ready to make hay). You seek out those with objectivity, intelligence and compassion in their way of thinking and, well, their consciousness. You actually could locate a contemptuous part of your heart toward those who deny these powerful needs. Perhaps a mild extrapolation would note that you could lean toward judgmental. For others with different values you might try observing that their early environment, experience of life and current stimulation would probably replicate the same results with any person. This opens your receptivity to their divergent, possibly lesser state of understanding. Bear in mind this does not make this person a project. Should you project the project nature at another person chosen as a partner, you become a teacher not a lover. You do claim you want to share intimate space with an equal, mental giant, right? The rest is a no-brainer.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct 3U 1653+35,  Orb: 2 deg. 40 min.

What is the value of repetitive activity? Does daily meditation enhance the experience of meditation at large – or does it promote spiritual cynicism? Your approach to spiritual activity seeks the powerful realization that each thought, occurrence and act shifts your consciousness. You’ll argue that consulting an oracle repeatedly in one sitting, or multiple oracles in a sitting, works wonders. You’ll claim that each insight gleaned offers a new perspective to even the same or age old question. While there exists truth in this, your challenge remains that of integrating the insight you actually received. Inclusion of all experience, howsoever subtle or allegedly insignificant, brightens the spotlight that shines on your path of pursuit. You claim to quest for meaning and purpose. The Universe responds with, “Read the signs you get.” You become tested with the ability to respond to the elements of life without altering those elements. After all, a shift in consciousness from experience is totally internal and does not seek to alter the stimuli. Life will grant you this insight again and again.

Earth Conjunct 3U 0021+42,  Orb: 1 deg. 40 min.

Ever notice that when a person exuding total core confidence refers to who they are or what they do, that it never comes off like a flaunting display of insecurity? A peacock like attitude goes with you. When you spread your feathers it is a sincere display of plumage. All those feathers are real. They speak for themselves. So you learn the ornithological art of silent crowing. What you do speaks loudly. How you express your spirit indicates an encyclopedia-like explanation of how and what you feel about yourself. You legacy seeks to soothe the ruffled ego feathers of others. When a tattered, potentially beautiful feather is found in the wild, simple stroking restores its brilliance and vitality. Similarly, what you have mastered in self discovery needs sharing. Your recognition of your own strengths in another individual serves two purposes: it affirms their sagging sense of self and ensures your fully vested belief in your personal, spiritual plumage. Remember to spread your wings.

Earth Conjunct 3U 2321+58,  Orb: 1 deg. 05 min.

While you really don’t intend to be this way, you leave behind a sense of openness and sharing amongst other people. You constantly reaffirm the good in others. You easily see what others have to offer. It’s almost like you’re the one encouraging another between rounds of a knock down relationship heavy weight bout. You strengthen the sense of self in others. Meanwhile, back in your own ring, you’re wishing others would do that for you. They might be trying. But you might be so busy going out there making sure everyone is doing well that you’ve ignored your own needs of affirmation. Take periodic time outs to review the natural clarity of your spirit. Like water in a stream, if sediment has been stirred by life, clouding the natural pristine shading of your waters, take time to let it settle. Within this settling occurs the realization of the scope of the impact you have on others in life. Set your sights within.

Earth Conjunct M-32,  Orb: 1 deg. 08 min.

Certainly you get tired of waiting for other people to come around. The alternative would be backing into a corner anyone with something to offer. This only serves to alienate and probably instills a more than healthy fear of your intensity within them. All this works against your wishes. So you wait. What you do while you wait is critical. You can drum your fingers or twiddle your thumbs. You might also direct the next band of energy out to the Universe and already have a jump on it. Productive use of raw energy remains your natural attribute. This attributive part of your nature becomes one of your major teaching tools. Most importantly, effective use of energy allows you to avoid resentment for the slow responses of others. It clears any negative sense of always being on call to another person’s abilities. Finally, using your essence clearly and intently eliminates that sticky feeling of dependency. And all this depends upon what you do with your energy.

Asc. Conjunct NGC 4594,  Orb: 0 deg. 05 min.

When you find yourself unwittingly positioned as a central influence somewhere, deal with it. There must have been something in the view of others that determined you’re capable and competent to hold such space. Your fear-based instinct might be that of wanting to slink off the dance floor to hide in the restroom. You might also try diversion. “Bill knows how to do this, too.” True. But had they wanted Bill, they would have asked Bill. They want you. Somehow the Universe is trying to blast through your resistance of acceptability. The pressure to put you in places that feel uncomfortable contains the agenda of sharpening your sense of capability and creativity. Since you often lament for such things in your secret prayers, accept the Universal Offering. Be grateful in the face of abundance. Practice gratitude for answered prayers. Extend gratitude for prayers you’re not even sure can be answered. Watch what circles you now hold center court. The Cosmos grants you your own billing. Look up and read your marquee.

Asc. Conjunct NGC 4697,  Orb: 0 deg. 13 min.

Should anyone ask you in a social situation how you’re doing your answer will be, “Fine,” or something equally neutral and nondescript. No need upsetting the environmental apple cart. Watch what happens when you let others know you’re not having a stellar day. They’ll cautiously retreat and mumble something to someone else in the far corner of the room. You can be assured that it’s something about avoiding you. You do tend to put on a happy face regardless of how you feel. Try on a new assumption. Work with the concept that when someone asks how you are, they might really want to know. Reveal how you really are. If you don’t, others with equal people reading skills to yours know that you’re slightly skewed off your center line. They might want to help. Resetting your center remains a core concern. Setting up in your mind how you’ll do this is also core. If you need to be alone, don’t socialize until reset. This avoids emotional fibbing. If you want to share with someone all your feelings, seek them out and let it go. The results of either decision will be just fine because it’s honest and clear.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct 4U 1853-52,  Orb: 1 deg. 05 min.

When you say you want to think about it a spell, you mean three things. First, you need to run the basic idea around in your gray matter for a good nine minutes. This ensures proper recording and retain-ability. Next you need to let it stew for a few days. You require a long simmer – up to four days – before you’re comfortable making conclusive statements about your position. You’re not slow. You’re deliberate. The most critical element comes from what you mean by “spell.” The lofty part of you remains firmly convinced of the power of the mind, thought and words. Carefully, you select your opinion. You focus it into a concrete statement of affirming proportions. Also believing that repetition is mother to both skill and result, you engage in relentless reciting of your creed whether inaudibly or out loud. Next thing you know, life pretty much spells out everything as you described it. Make sure you spell check everything.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct GS 1826-238,  Orb: 1 deg. 50 min.

How long does it take to think anything? It’s fast, that’s for sure. It might approach the speed of light. Those who try to measure themselves seem to be no better for the effort. You can drive a hundred miles between Point A and Point B. Once you do this a few times your mind stores a recollection of the drive. It’s like listening to the tape made for you by a good astrologer. With at least three complete listening sessions you can hear pretty much the entire reading. Meanwhile, you can begin to recall each and every detail on the A to B drive. Soon, every mile lies in memory. You can drive the entire trip in perhaps less than fifteen seconds. What you realize is that thought is fast. The conclusions the thoughts make are equally fast. When you grasp the conclusion, then what? Doubt takes precedence. This nefarious thought form insists that you check again. Really the point is credibility. Is the result real, applicable and will it work as magically as it seems? That undoubtedly requires using the thought free of dubiousness.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct LS5039,  Orb: 2 deg. 10 min.

Consider the idea that each life circumstance exists solely for the dedicated purpose of pushing you further down your path. Take a moment to scan and scrutinize and reformulate this conclusion. You’ll quickly realize that the purpose of these events probably is not readily evident. The evidence does not appear in physical reality. The evidence comes from the non-physical realms. You can logically assess the conditions at hand. When that wears out, as it might have to do, then let your mind take free range. The concept of free association works here. When staring idly at the map indicating the fork in the road, get out of your vehicle (or get over yourself). Walk around the fork. Sniff it out. Decide based upon no specific criteria which way you’ll go, all things being equal. If all things had not been equal, you’d already be a good piece down the road. Go forward and pay attention to the feed of life. Therein lies the answers. The trick is: decide, proceed, then the reasons come. It’s a reasonable payoff.