This report provides new insights into the natal chart using the Midpoint Weighting Analysis system developed by Michael Munkasey.  Clear and detailed explanations of the promise and potential of your natal chart are provided. This unique natal report reveals the clear new insights into a person’s character that are possible through analysis of the most important midpoints in the chart. Because this report is written in simple and clear English, you do not need to understand what a midpoint is to read this report.

The Midpoint Weighting Analysis Report

by Michael Munkasey


Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England


Dear Friend,

This is a report about you and your potentials as shown through your personal astrological signature or chart. The date, time, and place you were born, or when an event was initiated, called the astrological signature, sets a unique pattern of energy into time and space. There is potential within this pattern, and when that potential is recognized, explained, and then used well, life flows much easier. It is important to recognize your inherent strengths and then work to maximize these in whatever ways you choose to live your life. Doing this will make you much happier than taking weak energies and trying to strengthen those.

You are unique as an individual. Capitalize on that uniqueness in ways which can bring fulfillment and happiness into your life.

This report should accomplish two things for you. First, it identifies your inherent astrological strengths as shown by the birth or event data provided; and next it explains the energy patterns associated with those strengths, while offering you guidelines and commentary on how to use those well.

Time has qualities to it, and each moment of time is unique from all others. Your astrological signature in time carries such uniqueness. This uniqueness is shown through how the planets and the personal sensitive points in a chart interact. What makes this report unique is that the chart placements are not considered one-on-one, but the geometric layout of the planet and point patterns are examined for places of power and places of weakness. Once assessed, these are then sorted from strong to weak and commentary on the top such strong interactions are given in the conversational paragraphs provided.

The chart evaluation is done through a technique I pioneered called the “Midpoint Weighting Analysis”, or MWA. Midpoints are the combination of two planets or points, and they lie on an axis across the chart, not as a single point in space. Midpoints are the middle point between pairings. The MWA is both a technique and a computer program. The technique takes the geometric pattern within a chart and analyzes this for strength and weakness of qualities. The computer program then ranks these strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and explaining the stronger midpoints, much about life can be clarified.

Why midpoints and not planets in signs or houses?

Interpretations of planets in signs or houses remains fairly one-dimensional. Interpretations of midpoints are multi-dimensional. Often a strong midpoint can be located into what appears to be an empty place in a chart. This is not something that is visual — it is a part of an energy pattern. Thus, by using midpoints, and midpoint interpretations, you can get a clearer picture of your energy patterns and intended thrusts in life.

There are many reasons as to why a midpoint can be strong or weak. You may have chosen your astrological signature because it represented a pattern of familiarity. Or, you may have chosen your astrological signature because it promised certain new situations, or having to revisit older unresolved situations. Or, you may simply have chosen the first available opportunity for an energy pattern without even realizing that you had choices, and thus wound up with a set of energies which are not so familiar or comfortable. Whatever your choices or reasonings, you are living in a fixed astrological energy pattern. Now it is your destiny, your obligation to learn how to use these energy patterns wisely.

There is no significance to the sequential order of these interpretations. All are equally important. They represent your energy patterns. Read, ponder on them, and then put these to use in your life in the best ways you are able to do.

Enjoy this personalized report. Many years of study and thought has gone into its preparation. Use the information provided to enrich your life.

Best Wishes,

Michael Munkasey

Copyright 2006

Quick Overview of Your Stronger Midpoints

Listed below are your strongest midpoints as calculated by the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, along with a short commentary about some of the midpoint’s qualities. The listed order is not important. These midpoints are ALL equally important in your life. There are 78 possible midpoint combinations using the planets and points in available, and only the midpoints that are strongest in your chart are described here.

Nod/Asc: Cultivating friendships; needs for an ongoing social atmosphere

Mar/Nod: Interests in interactions between and amongst people, psychology

Mer/Nod: Political interests; seeking out others to help promote your ideas

Asc/MC: Easy conversations; striking up interactions with those you meet

Mer/Mar: The power of the spoken or written word; the initiation of dialog

Ura/Asc: Being seen as a ‘one of a kind’ individual may be self-enhancing

Jup/Nod: Camaraderie with like-minded friends; interests in political agendas

Ura/Plu: The potential for incredible breakthroughs in various undertakings

Mer/Asc: A quick and rapid mind; the facility of speech; quick retorts

Mar/Nep: The power of dreams, suggestions which enhance or bring insights

Sat/Nod: Cultivating, preserving a few but trustworthy and reliable friends

Mer/Nep: The power within dreams; visions or voices offering helpful hints

Your Midpoint Interpretations

Given below is a more detailed interpretation of each of the midpoints listed above. According to the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, the themes, issues, personality characteristics, and likely behaviors described are very strong and important for you.

Mean Node/Asc

The Node/Ascendant Midpoint strong by MWA:

This combination calls for the cultivation of attitudes and expressions when meeting and interacting with others on an on-going basis. Learning to become aware of impressions you make, observing how others affect you, and learning how to set the right tone and circumstances for interacting with others is important. Everyone needs people and people interactions. But, how do you teach yourself, or how do you learn to interact in socially acceptable ways with others? This combination emphasizes such learning. Your daily routines and habits and the effect these have on others, as well as the effect you have on others, is emphasized here.

You may feel an emotional tug or pull of some indefinable sort between you and another or others. This pull probably arises from past situations or encounters. In any case, how you react to this, and what you choose to make of this with the other person or persons, is part of the learning process associated with this combination. Like minded friends, especially those who in some way seem to offer help or comradeship, at least on subconscious levels, can help you along the paths of life. It is in learning how to recognize, utilize, and then capitalize on such opportunities that is addressed here.

Your appearance and mannerisms when meeting and greeting others is very important. They way you dress, the openness of your greetings, the choice of words, even the tone of speech used, all have effects on others. This combination deals with the development of such personal and social skills, and can be quite good when used well for putting others at ease about you and your intentions. You may embark on a life-long professional quest about the interactions of people amongst people. You may just be contented to keep such observations within self, learning what you can, as well as increasing your social and observational skills about people as you mature. What ever way you choose to go, when this combination is strong the need for interacting with others, as well as the need to present proper and correct social interfaces, is usually quite strong.

Sometimes chance encounters bring the right people into your life. You may set an intention to locate a person(s) with just the right set of personality or professional skills. When you do, having this combination activated can be quite helpful for actualizing the thought put in motion earlier. The conclusion of how meetings or encounters turn out is generally a reflection on the social skills you develop when interacting with people, and it is in the honing and development of such social skills that these energies lie.

Sometimes there are barriers to moving forward in life, and often these can be due to the reluctance of others to accept your directions or requests for assistance. Sometimes such barriers are a bureaucratic posture, but they can also arise from the way you approach others, as well as your mannerisms. Thus, learning about how you affect others, and then developing social skills is an important skill to be learned here.

Node/Ascendant Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Developing a Personality; Rejection of your Appearance; Greeting Mannerisms

Relations with Others; Interpersonal Roles; Changes in Mannerisms, Expressions

Opportunities for Mutual Efforts; Observations, Thoughts on Predestination

Seeking Public Approval; Surrounded by Allies; Trade-offs in Temperament

Accustomed to Assurances; Ridding Self of Inhibitions; The Habits of Others

Recognizing Everyday Realities; Observations during Daily Encounters

Relationship Building; Sexual Observations; Feels Sexual Pulls or Ties

Delayed Impressions of What is Happening, or, Other’s Reactions

Karmic Interactions in Daily Encounters; An Ongoing Awareness of Now

Immediate Cooperation and/or Mutual Efforts; The Consequences of Layoffs

Bureaucratic Attitudes; The Implications of Borders or Barriers

Hostile Neighbors; Focus on Attentiveness during Times of Contact

Famous People who are STRONG in Node/Ascendant characteristics include: Steve Wozniak, Ida Rolf, Albert Camus, Bjorn Borg, Mark Spitz, Jean Cocteau, Rupert Murdoch, Bob Dylan, Benjamin Disraeli, Earl Warren, Jackie Robinson, Ernest Pyle, Vittorio DeSica, Vida Blue.

Famous People who are WEAK in Node/Ascendant characteristics include: Johnny Carson, Gen. Ferdinand Foch, Rollo May, Amadeo Modigliani, Peter Max, John Lennon, Grant Lewi, Harry Belafonte.

Notable Events with Node/Ascendant active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): James Meredith Enrolled at U. Miss., Transcontinental Railroad Completed, F. D. Roosevelt Wins First Election, (First A-Bomb Explosion).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 1st House.

Mars/Mean Node

The Mars/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

The emphasis and energy you put into cultivating contacts and finding the right people who can be helpful to you with whatever it is that you feel you need to be doing at this time is emphasized here. Somehow you have a knack for knowing who has what information, or who can provide which service, so that as such are needed, you can provide information on who can best serve the immediate needs. It is not like you cultivate many friendships, but more like you serve as a resource for knowing who or what is needed to fulfill any immediate need or problem. Where to find the resources, and how to contact them is what is normally shown by this combination.

There probably will be many times when you will face criticism for your thoughts or actions. People may not like the way you present yourself or put your ideas forth. The facing down of such critical actions and the answering of other’s complaints is a part of life which you need to recognize, adapt to, and then learn to conquer. There will always be those who criticize and demean efforts, but learning to handle such situations in direct and positive ways is a part of learning about this combination. Often such spurs to taking a stronger look at who you are can ultimately bring more positive results.

Becoming aware of fated or karmic interchanges, perhaps with people you need to interact with, is also strong here. You may feel an immediate sense for the intentions behind a person or group you meet; or, such recognition may only come after initial interactions have commenced. But, such feeling can be there, and how you handle the situations, along with your ability to turn what could be difficulties into more positive outcomes, is part of the lesson which is intended here. Simply becoming aware that there is a fate at work in your life which brings people and circumstances into your awareness can be a big part of the integration of this combination. You probably have a strong recognition for how others interact around you, and inner feelings of personal magnetism between you and others. Whatever the feelings are, at physical, mental or emotional levels, such activations are things you should recognize.

When giving presentations, talking with others, or simply passing information around, there can be times when many interruptions arise, making such interchanges more difficult. Planning meetings or parties can evoke situations where many factors come to interfere with intended plans. There can be bureaucratic interference, or unexpected non-cooperation from people you had counted on to assist. Becoming aware and being able to readily adapt to turn such situations around is a necessary part of this combination.

Not all people you connect with will be helpful. Many may offer help, but the way in which they fulfill their promises can be much less, or much more, than what was expected. Thus having to face willing partners who simply do not or have not performed as intended is a lesson to be faced here.

Mars/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Establishing Connections; Speedy Transactions; Initiating Evolution

Noisy Layoffs; Spirited Sexual Bonding; Physical Activity along Corridors

Irritating Obstacles; Channels for the Release of Anger; Outrageous Mergers

Karmic Meetings; Interactions with Others brought about by Past Ties

Competition as a Life’s Aim; Stimulates Group Connections; Links to Rivals

Clamor, Noise during Presentations; Quickly formed New Friendships

The Courage to Face your Destiny; Fear of Entranceways; Initiating Agreements

Sex in Groups; An Intense Run Around; Destructive Joint Alliances

Irritation at Large Gatherings; The Inevitability of Danger; Broken Agreements

Passionate Couplings; Sets up Contacts Quickly; Difficult, Exhausting Meetings

Busy Carrying out your Destiny; Joining with Others due to Hatred, Rivalries

Risks within Relationships; Strengths in Agreement and Cooperative Efforts

Famous People who are STRONG in Mars/Node characteristics include: Franklin Roosevelt, Audie Murphy, Rupert Murdoch, Hank Williams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Ralph Nader, Adolf Hitler, Israel Regardie, Bob Hope, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mars/Node characteristics include: Komar, Henri Matisse, Arthur Ford, Jean Cocteau, Charles E. O. Carter, Friedrich Nietzsche, Edgar Degas, Georges Seurat, Richard Chamberlain.

Notable Events with Mars/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, Kent State Shootings, Bolshevik’s Seizes Power, John F. Kennedy Shot, (Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 1st House, Node in the 8th House, Node in Aries, Node in Scorpio, Node semi-square (anything).

Mercury/Mean Node

The Mercury/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Efforts and plans toward meeting and communicating with people helpful to your interests should be strong. People, who, in general, think like you. You may use meetings and groups to locate people who are sympathetic to your views and feelings. It would be these people with whom you would tend to spend time, feeling a compatibility of thought and intention. But, it is not so much being with them as the intellectual skills you develop to locate these people. Whether you realize it or not, you may spend many years developing and honing skills to adjudge and appraise others.

Through this skill, you should become quite adept at locating the connections or paths to those who can provide information or fill gaps in your knowledge. Thus it is not only finding people of a like mind, but also finding people who in their own way can educate you, converse with you, exchange information with you, etc., with each deriving benefit from the mutual interactions. As you hone your people skills you can become a resource for others, always seeming to know who to connect with, or where to find just the right piece of information others need.

Life may be dogged with a bureaucratic need for record keeping. This is a skill which if not learned or practiced may lead to problems later on. While this skill may feel like a burden at times, keeping the right records, and then making sure that these are properly filed, cared for, and updated as necessary, can save you much trouble later on. Then too you may become well known for your abilities in keeping and maintaining proper records, creating forms to ease paperwork flows, and even designing information flows through company or group operations which ease burdens for many. You may become an expert or at least be seen as an expert in data handling and preparation.

Your ability to gather information or conduct investigations, do research or observe group or sociological conditions can prove quite helpful. You probably seem to others to have skills which when needed are necessary, and could become known as a “expert” in certain areas, even though you may not have intended to specifically do that — you were just gathering, sorting, and classifying information which no one else deemed important.

There can be some nervousness when appearing in public or before groups. You may inwardly feel that you can not connect well with the people who are in front of you, or looking at you through a camera or television lens. While this nervousness before an audience, real or electronic, may be there, it is to your overall best interest to face and then conquer this fear in your own way, as this will in the long run help you socially.

There can come times and contacts with people who are less than honest in their intentions and dealings. You may be one of these people, not caring particularly whether you abscond with another’s information or possessions. This too is a part of this combination’s energies, and an awareness of this may save embarrassment.

Mercury/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Discussions of Cooperation amongst Groups; Questions, Studies Life’s Aim

Intellectual Karma; Thoughts which Retard Soul Growth; Dishonest Companions

Observing Group Sociology or Interactions; Paths which have Twists and Turns

Thinking about Alliances, Relationships, Sexual Ties; Presenting Two Subjects

Comes Across Sources with Information; Greeting Others at Meetings

A Trip with Many Stops, Wandering About, Unplanned Excursions; Rapid Therapies

Nervousness During Meetings or Presentations; Bureaucratic Flexibility

The Inevitability of Record Keeping; Connections with Thieves; Karmic Ties

Expects to Find or Locate the Right People; Discussions with New Friends

Ongoing Debates during Meetings; Thoughtful Insight on Karma, Karmic Ties

A Sense of Who Would Be, and Who Would Not be Useful; Makes-up Connections

Thoughts, Insight on Compatibility between People; Discussions about Destiny

Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Node characteristics include: Bob Hope, Paul Gauguin, Benito Mussolini, Jack Schwartz, Sir Laurence Olivier, Jerry Rubin, George Patton, Wayne Gretzky, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Reddy, Albert Einstein, Willie Brandt, Rex Harrison.

Famous  People  who  are  WEAK  in  Mercury/Node  characteristics  include:  Liberace,  Sam  Peckinpah,  Friedrich  Nietzsche,  Harry  Shoaf,  Walt  Whitman,  Tom  Jones,  Steven  Spielberg,  Albert  Schweitzer.

Notable Events with Mercury/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, USS Maine Explosion, Alaskan Earthquake, Richard Nixon’s Resignation, Lindburgh Lands in Paris, (Apollo 11 Moon Landing).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 3rd House, Node in the 6th House, Node in Gemini, Node in Virgo, Node quintile (anything), Node decile (anything).


The Ascendant/Midheaven Midpoint strong by MWA:

Focusing on growing as a person through increasing your awareness of others, or what is happening around you, becomes very important. As you become more aware of what is happening, both through your immediate environment and also indirectly from feedback through others, you learn how to grow and develop. It is up to you to assess all situations, be they interaction with others or the effects of events, and determine how you can allow these to impact your life and/or livelihood. You need to become aware of how you use your time and personal energy to respond to general social or specific other’s demands. Learn to recognize how your responses and emotions affect others. Through such assessments you need to integrate experiences into self so that you can become a better overall person.

You should focus on developing your social skills when interacting with others, as this can help you realize how to become more well rounded. Family members, friends, acquaintances, people you casually meet, interaction with children and spouse — these all become important factors in creating situations which then help you realize how to mature and develop perspective on life. Such interactions may not always be pleasant, but it is through these that you can see life through the eyes of others, and hence gain perspective about how you affect others through attitudes, emotions, demeanor and/or personal bearing.

Learn to assess social situations and events with clarity. There may be a tendency to hide or block unpleasant or distracting situations from mind, but eventually you will need to go back and examine these with the intention that you can learn from them. Even if harm or psychological pain has been inflicted your lesson is not so much why this was done, but more how you can learn from the experiences and through them grow to be a better overall person. The important idea here is for you to mature through life’s interactions and events.

It becomes important for you to build and nurture your reputation and integrity. This can best be done by adopting and using social skills which create “win-win” situations in all ways. Placing an emphasis on what only you, the self, gets out of a situation may not necessarily be your best approach to understanding and then working with others. This combination is about your need to grow as a person, and anything that you can do through increasing awareness of how you impact others, taking educational courses in understanding people, working with others to achieve common goals, should eventually help you to become more psychologically integrated.

An awareness of the environment, and concern for environmental issues may arise as you go through life. This awareness may be superficial, or it may come to dominate your time and energy. You need to develop attitudes about how you use others, resources, space, and even time — always looking and doing self-assessment so that your use of such helps you mature. Time is your one variable, and learning to use it wisely should be a primary goal for you.

Ascendant/Midheaven Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Assessing Situations with Clarity; A Constant Focus and Awareness of Self

The Development of Character through Daily Situations; Mental Impressions

Aging Gracefully; The Mastery of Daily Personal Habits; Notices Behaviors

Familiar with Conclusions; Attunement to Interpersonal Reactions

Represses Ambition; Caught in the Traps of your Own Opinions, Observations

Maturing through Events; Learning and Growing through ongoing Interactions

Realizations about your Status; Honest Assessments of Interpersonal Events

Personal Self-Concepts; A Focus on Family and their Needs; Needs of the Soul

Environmental Impact; The Importance of Developing Personal Prestige

Psychological Fulfillment; Your Influence upon the Local Community

Expertise and Reputation; Using Social Interactions for Personal Gain

The Role of Early Family Life in Helping You Develop as a Well-rounded Person

Famous People who are STRONG in Ascendant/Midheaven characteristics include: Steve Wozniak, William K. Douglas, John Dillinger, Moshe Dayan, Stonewall Jackson, Georges Seurat, Vittorio DeSica, Jackie Robinson, Elton John, Bob Fosse, Fidel Castro, Enrico Caruso, Grant Lewi.

Famous People who are WEAK in Ascendant/Midheaven characteristics include: Jack Nicklaus, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Cezanne, Arthur Ford, Maurice Ravel, Sir Laurence Olivier, Ritchie Valens, Marc Edmund Jones.

Notable Events with Ascendant/Midheaven active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, James Meredith Enrolls at U. Miss., Lindburgh Lands in Paris, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, (Franklin D. Roosevelt’s First Election).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Look to the Sign and House Placements for the Rulers of the Asc and MC.


The Mercury/Mars Midpoint strong by MWA:

This combination adds impetus to investigate the sources and/or reasons behind information as received, revealed or discovered. It not only stimulates information gathering and compilation, but also helps raise questions. Information, especially when it addresses questions raised, can provide the start of a quest to interpret, find clarification, raise additional questions, check the accuracy of the information, locate corroborating and/or amplifying sources, etc. This quest may be as short as a few minutes, or it may persist over many years, even a lifetime. These energies help with such pursuits. They bring opportunities and open doors to areas which can help you address issues being raised in your mind, life, and human interactions.

They also add energy into your conversations and information interchanges. You could find working in an information related field very rewarding. These energies would help you format ideas and then present them back in ways which others find helpful. This is a good combination for a reporter, writer, researcher, journalist, librarian, computer programmer, etc. Any occupation that involves researching and clarifying information. This is a good combination for a debater or orator. Where problems can arise is where there has not been an adequate checking of sources and their reliability. Working with rumor, innuendo, or gossip may only bring difficulties.

Others will probably comment that you seem like a nervous and intent person when on your quests. You may read voraciously, and then search out others for spirited discussions on your new insights or discoveries. Getting feedback which addresses your interests is important to you. It would be a waste of your time to simply do the work and then let it sit unnoticed or unshared with others. You may not have control over how your insights are shared (e.g., a report to management which is put on a shelf and then not referred to), but at least to you the information can become a part of a learning experience.

You are probably able to mentally adapt to situations quite rapidly, and have a good memory for data or information recall. You should innately have a mental alertness which rapidly assesses the impact of information received, and innately see who could benefit from this information. Then a drive to disseminate this to others should take hold. Others may see you as a walking librarian or encyclopedia. Certainly as a person who should be consulted when questions are raised that they can not answer. This combination helps enhance professional image in your field as it brings a fast memory recall, stores of knowledge, and many interests.

You may be drawn to a study of physical motion or athletics. Certainly the motivations of others and what drives people to be who they are should be of interest. You may find yourself working with others who desire to enhance physical (body-related) or psychological knowledge.

Be careful of initiating angry words or hasty actions back at others. Also, watch your nervous tendencies to work too hard and not take time to relax.

Mercury/Mars Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Raising Questions; Adds Energy and Forcefulness into Conversations, Dialogs

Rousing Discussions; Initiating ongoing Dialogs and/or Exchanges

Revealing, Opening Initiatives; Starting Interchanges of Information

Nervous Excitement; Concentrates on the Logical Aspect of Discussions

Alert to Urgencies; Quick to Notice Rises in Anger or Hostility

Fast Memory Recall; A Rapid Recall of Facts and Figures; Needs to Keep Records

Intellectual Arguments; An Insistence on Getting Facts and Figures Correct

Intense Attitudes about Information and its Presentation; Rapid Adaptations

Stimulates Information Exchanges; Absorbed with Communications and Information

Educated in Athletics; Needs to Move while Thinking or Speaking; Sharp Logic

The Courage to Stand up for Your Views or Opinions; A Busy and Active Mind

Various Ways of Showing Impatience; Frightening Illustrations; Sleazy Talk

Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Mars characteristics include: Alan Leo, Jean Francois Millet, Paramhansa Yogananda, Abraham Lincoln, Neil Diamond, Sir Laurence Olivier, Jean Houston, Franklin Roosevelt, Jonathan Winters, Paul Newman, Grant Lewi.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Mars characteristics include: Elton John, Ervin Nyiregyhazi, Olivia Newton-John, Audie Murphy, Israel Regardie, Charles Steinmetz, Pierre Renoir, Ida Rolf.

Notable Events with Mercury/Mars active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Franklin D. Roosevelt Wins First Election, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, Mt. St. Helens Explosion, Richard Nixon’s Resignation, (Pearl Harbor Attack Begins).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mercury in the 1st House, Mercury in the 8th House, Mars in the 3rd House, Mars in the 6th House, Mercury in Aries, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Gemini, Mars in Virgo, Mercury semi-square (anything), Mars quintile (anything), Mars decile (anything).


The Uranus/Ascendant Midpoint strong by MWA:

Seeing life differently from others may not be such a bad thing. There probably is a sense of looking at what is happening and not only seeing but understanding both the good and the bad in such circumstances. This can make you appear to be rebellious and against the current political or social trends, but more it should be that you simply do not care to join in with “the herd” mentality, preferring instead to remain independent in views and thinking. Sometimes this preference can take a radical twist, marking you as an “oddball”; while in other situations you simply keep your opinions about the futility of bowing to mass sameness private. Whatever your choice, you may find it difficult to relate to people who do what media or public opinion defines as the norm. You simply hear a different drummer.

Needs to express personal independence can extend out in life in many ways. They should give you unique insight into how to take opportunities or assignments in ways which allow different approaches to the use of materials, or more resourceful ways of applying self to situations at hand. Sometimes you give yourself away by some unusual mode of dress or personal markings, such as an offbeat hair color, tattoos, etc. Other times it may be that you appear to conform to the norm, but take situations in directions which many would not have thought of or envisioned. This ability to see things differently, and mostly better than what others see, marks you as a unique and generally insightful person. Whether others choose to accept your uniqueness and individuality with acclaim and approval is a different question.

An interest in technical subjects, including new technical gadgets or processes, should hold a fascination. There could be a tendency to be the first with new gadgets, or there could be an interest in taking these apart to see how they work, and then to put them back together in new and better ways. This tinkering and inventiveness usually belies a clever and innovative mind, and when combining that trait with technological tools, can produce products which are superior to others. Whether these would be accepted by the general populace is a different story. The same with your way of thinking. Just because some gadget is an improvement, or some new thought is better than prevailing thought, does not ensure its popular acceptance. But to gain popular acceptance for ideas or products is not something which occupies a high priority or interest. Once a breakthrough has been made, probably more important is to move on to the next technological challenge.

There should be an interest in applying of astrology to understanding people and their motivations. This may never go farther than random thoughts, or it may become a consuming passion in life. When others reject your opinions and insights on such matters this may come as a surprise, but not one which would force you to abandon or change your views on what does or does not hold merit for self and others.

Uranus/Ascendant Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

A Distinctive Personal Style; Defies Normal Impressions; Opposes Conditions

Surprising Personal Beliefs; Has Insight into Others; Upsetting Events

A Casual Disposition; Unhampered by Opinions; Unusual Points of View

Observes Personal Styles; Has an Emphasis Individual Characteristics

Shows Impressions of Discontent with Ongoing Activities; Unique Leanings

Tense Situations; Resourceful with Opportunities Given; An Odd Appearance

Feelings of Familiarity; Attentive to Friends; Sees Applications for Astrology

Has a Personal Attitude toward using Technology; Familiar with Technology

An Uncommon, Offbeat Personality; Brings Feelings of Tension into Environment

Remains Independent from People Interactions; Handles Interruptions Well

Retains the Need to Rebel; Thinks Differently from the Prevailing Opinions

Understands the Role of Computers, Electricity, Magnetism and Technologies, Famous People who are STRONG in Uranus/Ascendant characteristics include: Israel Regardie, Ada Lovelace Byron, Steve Wozniak, Benito Mussolini, Billy Rose, Steve Rosenbloom, Sam Peckinpah, Neil Diamond, Shirley Jones, Jeddu Krishnamurti, Gianni Agnelli, Rollo May.

Famous People who are WEAK in Uranus/Ascendant characteristics include: Jerry Rubin, Erich Maria Remarque, Stephen Foster, Hugh Downs, Alexis Carrel, Edouard Manet, Ulysses S. Grant, George Patton.

Notable Events with Uranus/Ascendant active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Charles Lindburgh Lands in Paris, First A-Bomb Explosion, John F. Kennedy Shot, Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, Franklin Roosevelt Wins His First Election, (Bolshevik Government Seizes Power).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Uranus in the 1st House, Aquarius on the Ascendant, Ascendant 1/11 (anything).

Jupiter/Mean Node

The Jupiter/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Accessibility to people and their talents is an important key here. This combination helps open doors for you in locating just the right people to help or those who can supply information. This combination brings a talent for finding not only the people you need for a task, but also opens accessibility to them. The people should be available when you need them, and this is a bonus. You should have much luck with locating and finding answers to questions, opening doors and channels to pathways which are important, and starting interchanges of contacts and information which can prove important.

At meetings when asked to present your opinions and ideas, this combination can help others be more sympathetic to your approaches and ideas. Your counsel can be generally well received. New partnerships or alliances can be formed due to your incentives and suggestions. You can seem to have a way of working well with people of different cultures, learning languages and customs, being up to date on foreign interests, being ready to travel at a moment notice, etc. This should be well noticed by the people for whom you work, and can be an admired trait. Your ability to put strangers at ease when they are in new situations can be most helpful.

Searching for ideal relationships in business and romance can occupy a large amount of your time. You should be able to amass a large number of contacts amongst a variety of people, so that when you or someone wants or needs to know who can do what, you often are the person they are referred to as a starting point for who to contact first. You can even make the initial contacts, opening doors in ways that others may not be able to do. Your knowledge of connections, abilities, and contacts serves as a fortunate opportunity for you to increase your reputation and acumen.

When adverse situations of life are encountered your ability to draw on the resources of others can help you greatly. Despite adversity you can usually come out well in such situations. You may feel pessimism, but helping to wipe this pessimistic feeling away from you is the potential help available from your many channels and contacts. You may have a destined link with being able to reach just the right people during your times of need, and thus come out well despite what might have seemed like a misfortune.

You may find interests in philosophy, education, religion and/or religious thought. You can find yourself going through many diverse ideas in order to locate one that is right for you. Finding one, testing it, growing beyond it, and then locating another can occupy large parts of life. This searching becomes a learning and growing process. Part of your destiny is to acquire knowledge as well as friends and contacts, and learning diverse approaches and thoughts is a part of this. Perhaps you will stick with one set, maybe go through several. Whatever happens this can become an important part of life.

Jupiter/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Helps Ensure Accessibility; Bolsters Ties to Others; Luck along Life’s Path

Increases Possibilities for Separations; Eases Separations; Pious Greetings

Advocates Publicity; Adds to or Expands upon that which helps Connections

Fortunate Performances; Successful Sexual Liaisons; Seizes Lucky Opportunities

Errors during Meetings with Others; Attracting the Wrong People; Wide Roadways

Good Fortune Despite Layoffs; Gets Counsel on their Karma or Destiny in Life

Humanitarian Links; Persuasion to Focus on Life’s Aim; Connections to Money

Luck during Dismissals; Wise Partners; Happy with the Way their Life is Going

Understanding Bureaucratic Interactions; Charitable Acts which Turn out Well

Too Much Consolidation; Biased Presentations; Reasoning about Various Options

Seeking the Ideal in Relationships; Always a Better Partner Available

Comprehends Life’s Aim; Takes the Larger View about how Life should Progress

Famous People who are STRONG in Jupiter/Node characteristics include: Franklin Roosevelt, Bjorn Borg, Arthur Ford, Israel Regardie, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Paul Cezanne, Paramahansa Yogananda, Alan Leo, Richard Strauss, Tommy Smothers, Henry Mancini, Charles Kettering.

Famous People who are WEAK in Jupiter/Node characteristics include: William K. Douglas, Amadeo Modigliani, Robert Redford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jimi Hendrix, Jacques Cousteau, Jimmy Carter.

Notable Events with Jupiter/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Mt. St. Helens Explosion, South Carolina Secession, Kent State Shootings, Lewis & Clark Expedition Starts, (Woman’s Suffrage Amendment Passed).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 9th House, Node in the 12th House, Node in Sagittarius, Node in Pisces, Node trine (anything).


The Uranus/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:

Urges to be and think differently from most others can be quite strong with this combination. Somehow you receive insight into and then are able to understand processes and methods which are beyond most others comprehension. There can be a tendency to get lost within the intricacies and implications of work, thought or ideas, to the exclusion of almost anything else. Your dress and eating habits may become irregular, and you may even neglect friends while inwardly you seem to undergo a transformation as you become the thought processes which now seem to possess you. It is through such transformation, however, that you grow as a person, eventually emerging, like the butterfly from its cocoon, to contribute something new to self or society.

The turnarounds you encounter in life may be internal, noticed only by self, or they may come to affect the lives of most on earth. There is nothing easy within this combination. The pressure to find answers while digging can be tremendous and unrelenting. Yet the internal pleasure derived from knowing that you can and are making progress at resolving issues within self can also bring inner transformation and enlightenment. You may find yourself involved with groups which open you to new ideas, only to have those ideas so change your life and your intentions, that little else occupies your thoughts and existence for long periods of time. Then too, such turnarounds can come and go quickly, even if the inner transformation is still shocking and startling.

You may find that you have to deal with much difficulty and criticism from powerful people within your society or professional arena. These people may make life quite hard for you. Yet inner pressures persist to drive you to complete whatever it is that you have embarked upon, and then present your revolutionary insights in simple yet stark ways. There should be nothing complicated or complex when you are completed, as when you set your mind and being to whatever it is that you wish to accomplish, you can do it despite any and all external pressures or obstacles faced. The time for this may be a few seconds, or it may be years, but persist you will through to the end.

You should have an innate understanding of electrical and/or mechanical processes; and may even have received formal education in physics or engineering. Even without such formal education, you should have an innate ability to see how such forces work and can be used for personal insights. You can become an inventor of note, even if others think you quite eccentric, but such labels would probably not bother you as you would see such as giving you the freedom to be yourself while pursuing interests which are important. An innate understanding of mathematics and computational processes would help you, even if you have had no formal education in such. Numbers, harmonies and the bonds or inter-connections amongst electrical or universal forces are such that they can become clearer in your understanding than the psychological motivations of close personal friends.

Uranus/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Obsessed with Rebelling; Invention of Nuclear (Fundamental) Processes

Revolutionary Transformations; Elimination of Pressures; Strange New Ideas

Unusual Intensity; Alienation from Troublemakers; Exciting Renewals

Emotionless Intensity; Segregation from Friends; Electronic Power, Control

Devalues Eccentricities; Upheavals which Undermine; Reversing Turnarounds

Modification of Magnetic or Electrical Effects; New Insights into Chaos

Permutations on Offbeat Activities; Unexpected Terrorism; Unique Torments

Criminal Acquaintances; Retribution from Unexpected Sources; New Computers

Turns Inflexible Positions Around; Developments in, Insights into Astrology

Breakthrough Computations; Lasting Revolutions; Strange Modifications

Friendly Suspicions; Totally New Insights; Familiar with Contamination

Defies Punishment by only Pretending to do It; Really Unequal, Unfair Results

Famous People who are STRONG in Uranus/Pluto characteristics include: Sir Laurence Olivier, David O. Selznik, Albert Einstein, Charles E. O. Carter, Glen Campbell, Israel Regardie, Bob Dylan, Moshe Dayan, Thomas H. Huxley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burl Ives, Bob Newhart.

Famous People who are WEAK in Uranus/Pluto characteristics include: Hugh Downs, Rosanno Brazzi, Sam Sheppard, Tommy Smothers, Alan Alda, John Fremont, Stephen Foster, Fidel Castro, Ellen Burstyn.

Notable Events with Uranus/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): RMS Titanic Hits Iceberg, First Medicare Patient Enrolled, James Meredith Enrolled at U. Miss, South Carolina Secession, (Woman’s Suffrage Amendment Enacted).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Uranus in the 1st House, Uranus in the 8th House, Pluto in the 11th House, Uranus in Aries, Uranus in Scorpio, Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus semi-sextile (anything), Pluto 1/11 (anything).


The Mercury/Ascendant Midpoint strong by MWA:

We meet people and encounter situations daily which we take in, contend with, and respond back to either thoughtfully or with habitual responses. Processing such interactions through your mental apparatus to make sense of what is going on is emphasized here. These energies help you notice and quickly deal with stimuli which come in through all sensory faculties. They do not necessarily help with a deeper analysis of these impressions, but they do help in taking these in and helping you react quickly — with or without taking adequate time to assess the implications of what your reactions might set in motion for the future. However, just the ability to become more aware of your environment can be useful, especially for those involved in situations where awareness and consciousness needs to be honed, improved and then integrated into the overall sense of who you are.

There may be a quickness of mind which lacks some forethought, but this quickness can result in a ready wit, and/or the ability to have ready answers available for most all situations. The emphasis remains on the input and the processing of stimuli for quick and rapid response. A more mental and deeper analysis of such activities usually requires development of other parts of self. The focus here is not necessarily on bringing insight and/or forethought into your thinking or analysis, but on raising your consciousness of what is happening around them and how to respond to same. Focusing on what is important at the moment when other activity is going on, becomes an important lesson. This combination helps you concentrate on that particular set of information coming in to the senses which is presently important, while remaining aware of other sets of information which could have a lesser importance or need for immediate awareness.

This combination can help you size up people and situations quickly. You can learn to analyze people’s intentions through their shifts in posture and tones of voice. Such rapid analysis can help you determine who is, or is not, telling the truth; and who may, or may not, have your best interests in mind. There generally is a need for an interchange of conversation, thoughts, opinions and information. Thus time spent in communication, either with those in the immediate surroundings, or with others over the telephone, etc., can become important. The emphasis should remain on the exchange and the interaction, as opposed to the analysis. Those who have this combination may not be known as deep thinkers, but they should be known as people who are and remain aware of many possible and simultaneous activities.

There can be a tendency to twist people’s words and ideas around so that they fit your immediate needs. This may extend to plagiarism. There is a fine line amongst the legalities of acquiring information, slightly changing that information, and/or getting permission to use such information. With this combination strong you need to remain aware of such legalities, especially when you take on or are using the ideas or words of others for your own purposes.

Mercury/Ascendant Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Analyzing Information Received from Inter-personal Exchanges; A Wily Person

Concentration on what is Happening Right Now, in the Present; Windy Places

Manipulating the Opinions of Others; Dexterity Handling Emotional States

Noticing the Reactions of Others; Interested in Education; A Restless Nature

Thinking on Attitudes; Focusing on and then Interpreting Observations

Skillful Adjustment of Attitudes to fit the Ongoing Situation or People

A Flexible Personal Style, One which Adapts Readily; Awareness of Appearance

Becoming Familiar with Topics for Discussions; Language and Mannerisms

Remaining Attentive to your Immediate Sense of Consciousness; Modes of Speech

Questioning, Disputing ongoing Attitudes and Opinions; Quick to Verbalize Same

Rapid Rejoinders; Usually has Some Additional Commentary or Explanation

Able to Rapidly Assess what is Happening around Them; Good at Improvising

Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Ascendant characteristics include: H. G. Wells, Jim Thorpe, Paul Newman, Peter Max, Maurice Ravel, R. D. Laing, Bjorn Borg, Benjamin Disraeli, Carl Sagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rex Harrison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Yehudi Menuhin.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Ascendant characteristics include: , Tommy Smothers, Henri Matisse, Robert Redford, Johann Von Goethe, Ivar Kreugar, Ida Rolf, Ernest Pyle, Muhammad Ali.

Notable Events with Mercury/Ascendant active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): , Richard Nixon’s Resignation, Alaskan Earthquake, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, South Carolina Secession, Watergate Burglary Uncovered, (Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mercury in the 1st House, Gemini on the Ascendant, Virgo on the Ascendant, Ascendant quintile (anything), Ascendant decile (anything).


The Mars/Neptune Midpoint strong by MWA:

This combination helps you see and envision a future course of action and then move boldly along to effect this purpose. Your approaches to doing this may be so subtle that others probably will not be aware that you are even moving along in a determined direction. Yet, you are able to see, dream and follow an inner guidance. Your great sense of inner guidance or knowing helps you understand that the plans and courses being followed are important for reasons known mostly to you. This guidance helps you grow, become, and complete the person you inwardly want to be. Despite criticism, despite setbacks, despite others arguing against you, you can continue and complete.

There may be troubling complications caused by accidents, diseases, and/or internal or external battles. These may bring serious harm to the physical body, but rarely serious enough to deter you from bringing the visions you have to fulfillment. You will probably continue to struggle on despite any illness or handicap encountered.

Another lesson here is learning about dissolving anger which has accumulated through past experiences. Anger can be difficult to overcome, especially if it is emotionally based and deep seated. Yet through the energy of this combination you are able, and in fact should, look at any deep seated anger, imposed anger, or irritations, and see a more constructive way of working these through self so that overall they do not cause inner psychological blockages which impede spiritual growth or earthly progress.

Also here is energy to propel your spiritual growth, and often helping this is an enhanced psychic ability and insight. This ability adds awareness about life and the people around in ways which others can not comprehend. You may have active dreams, some of them troubling, you may hear voices, or you may just have a firm inner sense of which is the best course of action to effect movement and progress. Whatever form the ethereally-based information takes, it is there for you to use, and it is also up to you to recognize what it is, how it works, and how best to use it for furthering personal growth.

This combination helps make you a good bluffer, but then you may not always see who is a friend and who is a foe. You are able to put up a good front, even when you are unsure, or perhaps at a physical low point, to carry through with your actions. You may lose a struggle, but probably will win the battle. Your innate ability to bring the best out in people who are there to help you is a great asset. You do this by listening to your guidance, and then helping them make the decisions you had envisioned prior for them to make.

Self destruction through drugs or detrimental social actions is possible. The choice is always yours as to how you wish to implement the energies which are made available to you. Be aware that not every person around you will be helpful or have your best interests in mind.

Mars/Neptune Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Hastens Inspiration; Remains Bewildered about Rising Anger within Situations

Anger or Hostility within Dreams, Troubling Dreams, Dreams of Destruction

Inspires Action; Unable to Explain Hidden or Deep Anger or Aggressiveness

Troubling Complications; Deceptive Toughness; A False Front about Attacks

Avoiding the Competition; Annoyance at Situations which Defy Understanding

Bluffs in Battles or Competitions; Hot Oil or Gasses; Decay Caused to Heat

Insists on a Deception; Convoluted Arguments; Hidden Gestures which Inflame

Sudden Neglect or Anger at Shoddiness; Anger which Invokes the Use of Poison

Losing a Struggle; Doubts about the Readiness of Defenders, Attackers, Troops

Dissolves Anger; Helps to take Inner Anger of Aggressiveness and Deflect that

An Active Psychic Ability; Strong Intuitive Faculties; A Decided Lack of Trust

May not See, Recognize or Understand Competitors and/or their Aims, Goals

Famous People who are STRONG in Mars/Neptune characteristics include: Jimi Hendrix, Gen. Charles Gordon, Shirley Jones, Edna Ferber, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Jack Nicklaus, Ulysses S. Grant, Bobby Fischer, Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Charles Addams.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mars/Neptune characteristics include: Gianni Agnelli, Rosanno Brazzi, Robert DeNiro, Albert Speer, Rupert Murdoch, Art Linkletter, Yehudi Menuhin, Liberace.

Notable Events with Mars/Neptune active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): First Wright Brothers First Flight, Woman’s Suffrage Amendment Passed, Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, Alaskan Earthquake, (Challenger Explosion).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mars in the 9th House, Mars in the 12th House, Neptune in the 1st House, Neptune in the 8th House, Mars in Sagittarius, Mars in Pisces, Neptune in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio, Mars novile (anything), Neptune semi-square (anything).

Saturn/Mean Node

The Saturn/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Understanding life’s purpose(s) and commitments is important, and this combination sets this as a strong priority. Through the people you meet, or those you think you need to meet, you encounter situations and incur obligations which set paths and processes which require time, concentration, and eventual fulfillment of either outwardly or inwardly imposed obligations. It is through the establishment and definition of such responsibilities, as well as how thoroughly these are brought to conclusions, that you begin to meet the fates accompanying life. Fate involves a process which continues through life, but for you it is in recognizing how to pursue through any imposed constraints and/or burdens, like those which ultimately define whether you have or have not learned the lessons of life encountered or taken on as a part of your pledges or imposed pressures.

This combination lends a serious and somber tone to life. While on one side of self you may be a social and party-oriented person, at another side there probably is this serious vein which continually reminds you that you have certain life tasks to be accomplished; tasks which seem to have been imposed maybe early in life, or which perhaps hang over from more ancient times. The recognition in your day-to-day world of what these self-imposed obligations are, and how they should be resolved make up an inner driving force which inwardly reminds you that there are serious and definite goals which need to be fulfilled. Sometimes through life these goals seem to shift in their demands, and such shifting can become frustrating. But, overall these do not really change in their ultimate goal of helping you ensure that you understand and then meet your life’s obligations.

Meeting and interacting with others in all situations usually takes on a formality which you need to master. There are social connections which can be looser, and then there are other connections which require more formal and rigid adherence to a stricter social code. The way that you choose to dress and present self can become a means of personal identification. It is through such personal identification that your reputation can become either enhanced or diminished. How others take you and form opinions about you and your reliability within any stated or imposed obligations is really up to you. You can choose to meet any such haphazardly, or you can choose to do just a bit more than may be required by current social or business conditions. How you choose to let others assess your reliability becomes an important part of defining your life.

Encountering depressing situations which bring on disappointment, or require much perseverance to work through can happen. The lessons learned in working through any setbacks or obstacles constitute the quality of how you are or are not meeting imposed or fated obligations. The ultimate quality of how you choose to meet and rise above life’s lot is up to you, as no one but you really judges whether you have done well, or need to try harder next time.

Saturn/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Endures Despite Delays; Obligations Imposed by Fate; Simple Cooperation

Restricting Sexual Encounters; Only a Few Close Supporters; Silent Alliances

Cautious when Meeting Others; Prefers to avoid Separations; Lasting Partners

Difficulties with Mutual Efforts; Fallouts from Predestined Encounters

Frustrating Barriers along Life’s Path; Consistency amongst Supporters

Restrictions due to Obligations; Limited Opportunities; Becoming More Cautious

Not Always Sure about New Friends; Rigidity during Meetings; Luckless Friends

Bureaucratic Formalities; Difficult to Make Corrections; Enduring Run Around

Hinders your Ability to Meet Others; Unsure of Personal Adaptability

Unsure of Personal Adaptability; Realizes How Best to use Connections

An Able to Locate the Right Person; Disappointed with Life’s Lot or Fate

Seemingly Eternal Delays and/or Frustrations; Meeting Continuous Obligations

Famous People who are STRONG in Saturn/Node characteristics include: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henri Matisse, Willie Mays, Edna Ferber, Olivia Newton-John, Muhammad Ali, Ida Rolf, Jerry Reed, Charles E. O. Carter, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Tom Jones, Ferdinand Foch, Bob Hope.

Famous People who are WEAK in Saturn/Node characteristics include: Sally Ride, Stephen Sondheim, Burl Ives, Bertrand Russell, Ernest Pyle, Sydney Omarr, Paul Cezanne, John Glenn, Arthur Ford.

Notable Events with Saturn/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Apollo 11 Moon Landing, John F. Kennedy Shot, Wright Brothers First Flight, Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox, President Nixon’s Resignation, (East Coast Power Blackout).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 10th House, Node in the 11th House, Node in Capricorn, Node in Aquarius, Node square (anything).


The Mercury/Neptune Midpoint strong by MWA:

This combination enhances your ability to see different and various possibilities within life situations. As these come into awareness, your thinking may lead you off in directions which seem outlandish but probably have some basis in reality. It is through such dreams or inspirations that important breakthroughs have been made. Little can or will be accomplished without the dreams which originate the investigations and analyses which help shape any final outcomes. This ability to envision first, and then work through what is practical and what is not practical, is an important part of this combination, and when used well can lead to many breakthroughs.

You should have a strong interest in the mystical side of life, and do much thinking on the implications of what goes on in non-material realms. In a way you have the ability to lift your mind out of any physical or daily concerns, and look at the countless possibilities which describe alternate ways or approaches in life. Not everything is tied to the physical reality of hands-on nature, and your ability to see beyond this physical-only existence and grasp the possibilities which lie beyond is enhanced. Through such insights you should be able to see paths and ways which others can not see when it comes to solving problems. This ability can help others come to you for advice and counsel when they are stuck with seemingly impossible to solve problems. You need to remain aware, though, that any advice you offer when asked should have some practical side to it, and not just be totally vague.

When this combination is strong there can be a tendency to get caught up in frauds and deceptions, or to generate such on others. Your intentions may be honorable, at least at first, but somewhere along the way you should realize that you may be taking advantage of the good nature of others. When this happens you need to effect any corrections or adjustment necessary.

You may have a better than average psychic sensitivity, and through this “see” or “feel” things, emotions, visions, etc., which may be prophetic, or may simply be a reflection of personal thoughts or wishes. This psychic sense can serve you well, keeping you away from situations or people which could cause physical, psychic, emotional or economic harm. As you feel this trait developing take time to nurture and understand it. This can lead to insights while doing daily tasks, work assignments, looking for lost items, finding financial investments, seeking people who can help with bringing dreams and visions into reality, etc. Develop this trait well, but be aware that it can be easy to deceive yourself, and force into your mind what you wish to see or hear, as opposed to what should be coming in from other-worldly sources. Not all other-worldly sources may have your best intentions as an goal, and you need to be aware of being mislead and taken off in counter-productive directions. Thus there is both good and potential harm here if you can not or have not learned to use these energies with discretion.

Mercury/Neptune Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Inspires a Skeptical, Questioning Approach; Thinking up Fantasies

Closes off Conversations; Pointless or Fruitless Information Searches

Inspiring Ideas for Presentation of Information; Fraud and/or Guile

Hazy Thinking, Incomplete Thoughts; Fabrications due to Drug Usage

Intellectual Hyperbole; Ideas having Overblown Theoretical Inspirations

Confusing Notices; Imperfect Therapies; Ingenious Hidden Meanings

Curiosity about Illusions, Phantoms, Other-worldly Entities or Existences

Secret Codes; Insights into Code Breaking; Detrimental, Insincere Thinking

Misguided by Crafty Approaches; Drowning in Information; Baffling Calculations

Convoluted Fabrications; Twisting Information around in Unintended Ways

A Lessening or Disregard for Tense-building Situations; Chemical Concoctions

Illustrations for Dreams or Fairy Tales; Rationalizes for Deceptive Purposes

Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Neptune characteristics include: Carl Sandburg, Audie Murphy, Stephen Sondheim, Olga Worrall, Steve Wozniak, Tom Jones, Richard Strauss, Marc Edmund Jones, Arthur Ford, John McEnroe, Sir Laurence Olivier, Rex Harrison.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Neptune characteristics include: Steve Allen, Robert McNamara, Albert Speer, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Sally Ride, Albert Camus, Earl Warren, Jack Paar, Charles Addams.

Notable Events with Mercury/Neptune active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, Kent State Shootings, George Washington’s Inauguration, Bolshevik Government Seizes Power, (Woman’s Suffrage Amendment Approved).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mercury in the 9th House, Mercury in the 12th House, Neptune in the 3rd House, Neptune in the 6th House, Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo, Mercury novile (anything), Neptune quintile (anything), Neptune decile (anything).