Most astrological reports focus on us as individuals, but each one of us is part of our communities, and the world. While we strive for success and happiness, what effect are we having on our natural environment? This report focuses on what you can do to be a better world citizen, and more specifically what you can do to nourish and protect our planet, and leave the earth a more beautiful place than when you entered it.

Nature Appreciation Report for

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England



                   Nature Appreciation Report

     This report is designed to help you learn more about your own, inner nature; to appreciate nature around you; and to know what you can do to protect the environment in the best way possible, given your uniqueness as an individual.

     In this report, your planets in the signs indicate your inner nature and the natural species and phenomena with which you, as an individual, have an affinity. Your planets in the houses indicate the activities which you would enjoy, pertaining to nature. Your planetary aspects indicate the environmental causes where you would have a particular talent, and where you could express yourself in a positive way towards helping to preserve nature.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Sun in Libra:

     Harmony, beauty, and companionship are very important to you, and you are a good peacemaker. You bring pleasantness into people’s lives, like the beautiful butterflies and flowers.

     You value gracefulness, like the images of the swan on the pond. You give the impression of slenderness and light-footedness, like the deer or gazelle.

     Partnership is very important to you, and you would likely be a good marriage counselor. Some species in nature keep the same partner for life, such as mute swans and Canada geese.

     Libra is an air sign, and like the birds which can take to the air, you like to circulate and socialize.

Sun in the 1st House

     As you have a great deal of energy, initiative and willpower, you would be good at starting a new project or business, such as selling environmentally friendly products or promoting solar heating. You have a great deal of physical energy, which you could direct towards building a nature trail or planting trees. You would also enjoy outdoor sports, such as canoeing or hiking.

Sun Trine Uranus:

     You are very talented at leading groups, and you would feel fulfilled if you used this talent for an environmental cause. You understand that children are our future, and that they will be the future custodians of the environment. Therefore, you could lead a children’s group which would encourage their creative inventive minds to develop, through the excitement of discovery of nature’s principles. You could encourage them to generate their own, new solutions to environmental problems.

Chapter 2: The Moon

Moon in Leo:

     You have a warm, happy, outgoing disposition, and you were likely born on a nice, sunny day. Just as people and the creatures like to get outdoors and celebrate when the weather is nice, you like to lead the way in dramatizing happy feelings and spreading the warmth to others. To do this, you need to be the center of attention and to have followers, and you may have a large, happy family where children are important. Your home is in a permanent place, perhaps with a dramatic view, and with some resemblance to the castle of a king. Like turtles and woodchucks which came out to bask in the sun, you know the nurturing value of the sun.

Moon in the 11th House

     You might like to use your home as a place where a group of environmentalists could meet and discuss how to make people care about nature. Perhaps you could plan events for Earth Day, and get others interested in participating. You would like the idea of self-sufficient living; that is, growing your own food and having your own, nature-based energy source. You would approach gardening according to astrology or according to which plants are easiest to grow for most nutrition. You would also be concerned about helping birds fly on their own, so that they could have their freedom.

Moon Square Mercury:

     Although it may be a struggle, you can do a great deal of good by acting on behalf of animals and speaking up for them. You would work hard to make sure that they are well enough, fed and cared for, because you respond both emotionally and logically to their appeals for help.

Moon Square Mars:

     You need to direct your intense, emotional nature to some constructive, physical outlet, such as cleaning up a riverbank or park, or taking long nature walks. You would be good at fighting to save species which are at risk, and providing a habitat for them. You could build things for them, such as birdhouses or a pond. You could make a fenced-in area where injured animals could recover and get exercise.

Moon Sextile Uranus:

     You have the ability to make new discoveries in biology, and you would do well to pursue this, because you really could make an important contribution. You would also have the opportunity to get others together in a group to work on an ecological cause, and you could do a lot of good by doing this. You might like working together on a community garden, which would show others how to cooperate, and would use your nurturing ability with plants.

Moon Sextile Neptune:

     You have the ability to be very mystical and intuitive. You could receive impressions from birds, animals and fish and keep very tuned in to nature in this way. You would know their needs and be able to respond empathically to them with nurturing, healing energy. You would do well to develop this ability, and to teach others to be more sensitive and caring too.

Moon Conjunct Pluto:

     You would greatly care about the land and work hard to protect it from flooding and erosion. You could work on bird and animal habitat restoration projects. You would be interested in composting, to replenish the earth and allow it to nurture the plants. You would be concerned about the effects of garbage and sewage on the environment, and you would seek alternative solutions to these problems.

Chapter 3: Mercury

Mercury in Scorpio:

     You are capable of intense insights, but you communicate only when necessary for the goal which you wish to accomplish. Your words may be sarcastic or sharply critical. You are capable of scheming and plotting, and generally work out your plans in secret. You are courageous in figuring out the solutions to problems which others would be afraid to approach.

     You would understand how the eaters of carrion, such as gulls, vultures and condors fly around looking for a cadaver to eat. You would also understand the movements of a predator sneaking up on its prey. Even the domestic cat uses the strategy of quietly stalking a mouse or a bird.

Mercury in the 2nd House

     You would be good at studying and learning about the environmentally sound ways of farming and caring for the land. You would be able to debate very well the issues involved in land preservation. If you were observing wildlife, you would have a talent for making quick sketches of what you have seen, so that you could remember the details for later. You would enjoy the activity of planting a garden or planting trees.

Mercury Conjunct Mars:

     You are good at debating nature issues and winning, and you could use this ability to write political speeches or to be a candidate. You say what you think, and honesty is needed in getting “civilization” to be more in tune in fighting for better air quality. You could use the telephone to drum up support.

Mercury Square Pluto:

     You could transform your neighborhood by bringing about a major clean-up. You would be a good representative of an environmental group in using words as a weapon to fight for the removal of toxins, garbage, or sewage. You are able to keep up a fight to get at the root of the problem, because of your willpower and determination to regenerate a clean, healthy environment.

Chapter 4: Venus

Venus in Sagittarius:

     You are honest about your feelings; you love of travel; and you love the outdoors. Birds are motivated to migrate north for hundreds of miles, in order to find love and to mate, so great is their idealism in love.

     The animal traditionally associated with Sagittarius is the horse, and you are likely interested in the breeding of horses. The flamboyance and sense of freedom of these animals is appealing to you.

Venus in the 2nd House

     You are likely good at nature art and you may collect or sell other people’s art too. You might be able to make beautiful statues and birdbaths for gardens. You would probably be quite successful in the organic produce business, or working on the farm itself. You have good physical strength and endurance. You would likely enjoy caring for farm animals and planting trees. You might have a talent for playing soothing music with a nature theme.

Chapter 5: Mars

Mars in Scorpio:

     You are an aggressive strategist, able to take on foes who may be much larger than yourself. You are intense and courageous, even risking death, in order to achieve your goals. You are likely to be interested in the strategies which animals use in order to fight off their predators and to catch very large prey. One such animal is the tiger, which hunts alone at night, stalks its prey, attacks it from behind, and then goes for the neck or throat. Spiders catch their prey in webs which can hardly be seen, and the sticky sundew plant has leaves covered with sticky tentacles, which capture the insect and then wrap around it.

Mars in the 2nd House

     You could start your own nature art of sculpture business. You would enjoy going out for a hike in the woods and then stopping to sketch trees and wildlife. You could build things out of natural substances, such as logs or stones. You would fight very hard to protect your own land, to keep it as wildlife habitat.

Mars Square Pluto:

     You have tremendous willpower and inner resources of courage and stamina to fight life-or-death threats to the preservation of the planet. You could lead a fight on behalf of endangered animals, or you could get out and save birds from an oil spill. You would have the courage to face the dangers or earthquakes or floods, and you would be able to save people and wildlife from destruction. You need intense, physical projects to keep your energy flowing in a positive direction.

Chapter 6: Jupiter

Jupiter in Scorpio:

     You benefit because you have the faith to tackle areas of life which others would just avoid. For example, you know how to make constructive use of ideas and objects which others have discarded. Philosophically, you understand that, ultimately, there is no wastage in creation, and that every challenge is an opportunity.

     There are certain creatures in nature whose function it is to break down dead and decaying material, so that it can be recycled again. These include worms, maggots, and carrion-eating birds and mammals.

Jupiter in the 1st House

     You could be successful in a nature-related or environmentally-friendly business, because of your positive attitude. You get a good response from others because you put out energy to them. You inspire action to save the environment, because you believe that positive solutions are possible, even if there are problems. You are willing to put your philosophy into action. You would have the energy to take part in outdoor activities or to lead others. You would be good at raising money for the care of animals.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

     You would fight hard for your principles, and you would do well as a lawyer representing an environmental organization. You could fight to protect green areas and to limit urban sprawl, and you would have the energy and willpower needed to be successful. If you maintain a good balance of hard work and optimism, you could become a professor of biology, botany, or environmental sciences. You might choose to work on a government conservation project and you would be good at getting the public involved in learning about nature and preserving it.

Chapter 7: Saturn

Saturn in Leo:

     Because you may have lacked recognition of your ego-needs when you were young, you have a need to reach the top, where people will notice you. You strive hard to be the best, and you may tend to be harsh with others who are a threat to your place in the sun.

     In nature, various species are affected by a lack of sun and warmth, if it is a year when there are not enough summer days. For example, not as many butterflies or flowers would be seen at the time of year when they are expected. However, they just take longer to emerge and they may live longer, once they appear.

Saturn in the 10th House

          You would be very responsible in a high government position, in which you could enact conservation laws successfully. You are a very hard worker, and you would be a good manager in getting others to help preserve nature for future generations. You are aware that nature has existed the way it is for a long time for a reason. You would be very rational in being able to survive in a cold climate. You might enjoy mountain climbing, which you could master because you would plan every step.

Saturn Sextile Neptune:

     You would do well as a nature artist, because you have imagination, a sense of beauty and form, and the required self-discipline. You could help small animals, because you are both sympathetic to them and practical as to their needs. You would do well to take advantage of your opportunities to see that the laws are enforced which prevent the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto:

     You could become involved in far-reaching conservation and  restoration projects. You could enforce laws to restrict atomic power and lessen global-warming, as you would strongly believe in erring on the side of caution to prevent destruction. You could help to prevent housing developments from causing flooding or water contamination, by making sure that watersheds and creeks are kept free of development. You could work to save threatened species from extinction.

Chapter 8: Uranus

Uranus in Gemini:

     You appreciate the importance of group consciousness in promoting new ways of thinking. You are interested in scientific inventions and political reforms, particularly if they are based on a superior, intellectual grasp of the situation. You are willing to use discussion and the communication of ideas to arrive at new solutions. You are restless and need change and freedom to move.

     Your mental agility can be compared, on the physical level to the freedom of movement of squirrels. They can hang upside down, walk along wires, run fast, and jump from one place to another.

Uranus in the 9th House

     You are likely to be on the forefront of university studies of nature, such as bird migration. You would enjoy being in a group which would explore the outdoors, especially in faraway lands or locations which have spiritually significant energy fields. You would approach an environmental cause from the perspective of applying higher principles. You might be interested in publishing astrology articles about nature and people’s inspired views of it. You might like to use a computer for teaching others about nature at a university or around the world.

Chapter 9: Neptune

Neptune in Libra:

     You were born at a time when new partnerships were being formed to protect the lakes and rivers. There was an interest in keeping waters and shorelines beautiful, and legislation was passed to protect them. Rather than view nature in terms of adversaries, the relationship between predators and prey was now seen as a mutual interdependence.

Neptune in the 12th House

     You might be interested in nature photography or painting, especially water scenes and fish. You could have an aquarium or a pond with fish. You would like to retreat to a quiet place near the water or go out in a boat. You might like sailing, canoeing or swimming. You are concerned about the well-being of fish and the purity of the water for them. You would be very compassionate towards small animals and birds. You could heal them psychically and listen to their mystical, subtle messages, as to what they and the planet need and what they can teach us about sensitivity.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     You live at a time when people have profound compassion for nature, and they work very hard to protect it. There is likely to be nature art which has a strong spiritual message. There would be efforts to restore the aquatic environment, for fish and other marine species.

Chapter 10: Pluto

Pluto in Leo:

     You were born at a time when the possibility first existed of the world being destroyed by nuclear energy. As a result, there were great efforts to maintain peace between the super-powers of the world. These efforts were the beginning of the concept of one, world government. If this government were based on spiritual, rather than material, values, it could unite the world in saving the environment from human destruction. There have already been certain strategic, natural areas declared globally significant, such as bird migration stopover locations, which are to be maintained permanently as natural, wildlife habitat.

Pluto in the 10th House

     You could reach a high position from which you could influence the masses with a convincing environmental message. You might become a politician or university professor. You are intensely concerned about conservation, so that future generations will be provided for. You have tenacity and courage in working towards this goal. You might attain a high position in the media or know persons in such positions who could get important articles about conservation printed.