This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the birth chart, and includes suggestions on how to improve your life as well. The Adult Report analyzes issues of importance to adults, including marriage and sexuality.



Astrological Guide for Personal Growth

Alan McElroy

October 17, 1955

8:35 AM

Spokane, Washington






     This report is divided into two sections:  the first one analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon positions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological houses.

     This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.

     In a few places there may be certain contradictions because an astrological influence may favor one aspect of life and harm another. Because of that, it is necessary that you read the report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your intuition guide you.

     It is necessary that you know yourself, that you know your potential and your limitations, because by working on your personal evolution you help everyone else as well, contributing to the evolution of all life.


Birth Astrological Data


      The natal chart is a map of the sky that shows the

astrological positions at the moment and place of birth. For

the benefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well

as other technical information are listed below:

Sun     23 Lib 32               Neptune  27 Lib 49

Moon    15 Sco 05               Pluto    28 Leo 08

Mercury 15 Lib 34               Asc.     18 Sco 59

Venus    5 Sco 49               MC        4 Vir 53

Mars     2 Lib 42               2nd cusp 14 Sag 33

Jupiter 26 Leo 03               3rd cusp 15 Cap 32

Saturn  20 Sco 17               5th cusp 29 Pis 38

Uranus   2 Leo 07               6th cusp 24 Ari 23

Tropical  Koch   Standard Time observed

GMT: 16:35:00   Time Zone: 8 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birthday: 47 N 39 32 117 W 25 30


Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition : 6 Deg 00 Min

Square     : 6 Deg 00 Min

Trine      : 6 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    : 5 Deg 00 Min



Chapter 1:

Your essence. Your self. The Sun.


                            Character is destiny. By improving

                            your  personality  you  create  good

                            conditions for your future.

Sun in Libra:

     Alan McElroy, you were born under the sign of Libra and your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, which endows you with a great idealism and romanticism.

     You are a gentle, warm, refined person and a dreamer, who looks for balance and harmony everywhere. Your personal charm allows you to connect with people easily and you have a great social life. You find more sense in sharing your life with your loved ones than living in solitude. You will always be willing to cooperate and help others, even to the point of setting aside your own objectives.

     Your sense of fairness  is strong and you will not tolerate injustices. Even though you hate aggressiveness and bad treatment, if it were necessary, you would show your aggressive vein and your strength. You have good taste and an innate sense of harmony and beauty which will lead you to create a refined and pleasant atmosphere around you. You love to enjoy life and its pleasures. Your attitude will always be full of sympathy, openness and joy.

     To fall in love you search for the ideal woman. You dream of having a strong, ambitious, outstanding and triumphant woman. Your idealism is great and may lead to self-deception, especially when you are in love and you discover certain aspects of her personality that you did not expect to find. You are very romantic and enjoy intimate moments. You will be very loving towards your mate and your natural sweetness makes for a harmonious home.

     Alan McElroy, you were born to cooperate, to persuade, to mediate, to conciliate and to equalize things around you. One of your missions is to work for the peace and harmony of the world, imposing justice and order with your natural diplomacy. In addition, you were born to develop your artistic and aesthetic abilities, to socialize with and connect people, and to teach love and growth.

     To evolve, you need to overcome the strong doubts that stalk you in times of decision. You must learn to be direct and firm in your opinions, putting aside some of your compliancy and tendency to accommodate that can, at times, keep you silent. You need to overcome your inertia, your great dependent fondness for certain people and the search for peace at any cost; you should also overcome the tendency to hold grudges, learning to forgive and forget.

Sun in 11th house:

     Your sociability and ability to relate will draw you towards important and influential personalities, especially masculine ones, who will benefit you in the future. It is possible that you will have friends who will come to occupy positions of authority, such as managers, directors, governors, etc., and who will lend you a hand in your career.

     You have great desires for your life. You are an idealist and you are willing to fight until you succeed in what you want. You can perform very well in group activities becoming the leader of some of them. You are concerned about social matters and you like to know that you are improving life in your society.

     It is also possible that your marriage relationship will start as a friendship, only becoming romantic over time.

Sun Conjunction Neptune:

     You are a sensitive and very perceptive man. You have a great amount of idealism that leads you to see people and situations in a non-realistic way, making you susceptible to deception.

     You rely on great inspiration to excel in music, poetry, art or in the occult sciences. Your intuition will lead you to correctly predict many events; you must learn to trust your feelings and first impressions.

     Your great sensitivity may make you fearful and obsessive, sometimes with no cause. When confronted by conflict, you can fall into escapism. You must develop more self-confidence and look at situations objectively, ignoring any fears that haunt you. It is probable that childhood fears or traumas stop you from acting freely.

Sun Sextile Jupiter:

     You are very pleasant, happy and positive. You have an optimistic attitude that will allow you to obtain what you set your mind to without much effort. You will radiate happiness and enthusiasm to people around you, which will increase your popularity and the possibility of receiving favors from those who love you.

     It is probable that you tend a bit towards laziness and complacency. Your optimism can lead you to analyze situations lightly and to be careless about details. Anyway, you will always be lucky and this will help you to continue to grow.

     In addition, this astrological aspect favors your relationship with your father and also with your wife. You will choose a happy, positive and protective woman.

Sun Sextile Pluto:

     You have much willpower and a great capacity to assert yourself. You will be a leader in any area in which you are involved and you will have a lot of physical energy. You are a constructive man who uses all his strength in a positive way. You will be the center of your family and will offer a lot of support to your friends.

     It is probable that you will receive an inheritance or that goods bequeathed to you will help you economically. Also, drastic and total changes will result in your feeling better. You have a great capacity for healing yourself every time a disease or a general crisis arrives.

     The relationship with your father can be intense, very strict and demanding, and at the same time, positive and relevant to your personal goals. You will choose to marry an authoritative, energetic and vital woman with an important position or profession.


Chapter  2:

The Moon. Your emotional world.


Moon in Scorpio:

     Your emotions are deep and very lasting. You like to share intensely your feelings with your companion and you give yourself to love entirely, both in the physical and in the spiritual plane. You are jealous and possessive. You want to share everything with the one you love all the time. You can become manipulative and attempt domination through your emotions. Try to act with moderation, patience and understanding because if not, your romantic life will be very stormy.

     You like being direct with your opinions and you do not beat around the bush.  Though your image is that of a strong man, you are very sensitive and can react in anger or aggressiveness easily, perhaps abruptly or impulsively, and you are not very willing to tolerate anyone or anything that gets in your way. You can hold grudges for a long time and harbor desire for revenge for unjust situations that you have endured in the past. You must learn to forgive and forget in order to live with more freedom and harmony in the future.

     You tend to impose yourself on others and dominate those around you. Your tremendous will power allows you to overcome crises successfully and you have the strength necessary to recreate yourself over and over. In addition, you have an investigative soul and you are fascinated by mysteries.

     The relationship with your mother could have been unsatisfactory and you are not willing to follow in her footsteps. Your mother could have been all-consuming, overprotective or unsure of allowing her children freedom. It is possible that there were misunderstandings or simply a lack of identification between the two of you.

     During previous lives you suffered from a lack of confidence in those around you, and also from emotional hurts and crises that have led you to develop a great survival instinct. Many extreme changes and the loss of stability in the past makes you cling passionately to your loved ones. In this incarnation you must learn to relax, to live without so much anxiety and to use your aggressiveness in a constructive way. You must express your emotions freely, without demanding or expecting the same response in return.

Moon in 12th house:

     You like to help everyone and you demonstrate a paternal and protective attitude towards indigent people. Maybe you are unconsciously searching for someone to help you in the same way.

     You must learn to value yourself as a man and you also have to express your emotions more openly. It is probable that you live a great part of your life in an closed or reserved manner, which leads to solitude or reclusion. Bad experiences of the past may have left traces that are difficult to erase; you must learn to overcome fears or resentment that you may still carry with you. This astrological influence makes you prone to prohibited or clandestine romances.

     The relationship with your mother is very complex and, at times, adverse to your growth. An important karmic relationship exists between you two and it is necessary that you show patience and understanding towards her. Avoid competition with her and do not expect approval of your decisions. It is probable that in another life the roles were reversed (you were her mother) and there are still some debts pending between the two of you. You must be very positive in this relationship and forgive and forget any aggression or fighting.

Moon Conjunction Saturn:

     You are hard-working, practical, realistic and firm in your objectives. Because of the great number of responsibilities that you assume, you feel that life is difficult and you have many problems to solve.

     It is probable that during your infancy you did not receive enough maternal love. Maybe your mother was too busy or distant to pay you attention. Many present insecurities stem from the relationship between the two of you. You must learn to free yourself from sad, frustrating or perturbing memories, both from your infancy and from other past emotional situations. You tend to stay trapped in memories limiting your possibilities of present joy.

     If you succeed in liberating your emotional energy you will also avoid future health problems. This astrological aspect can cause problems with your bones or joints.


Your destiny according to the 12 astrological houses.


FIRST HOUSE:  Your personality. Your body. Your childhood.


Scorpio Rising Sign (1st house cusp)

     People see you as a dynamic, authoritative and tenacious man. You are strong and sure of your objectives and are persistent and intense in everything you do.

     You express your opinions frankly and may voice truths that will bother others. You do not know how to mask your dislikes and you are very selective with people; you give yourself totally to the people you love and you seek for sincerity and authenticity in them. You are faithful and stable in your affections, and you cannot stand or forgive lies and deceit. You have a powerful instinct for discovering things that are not told to you. You feel a great attraction towards the occult sciences and mysteries in general, and you will become very perceptive. Also, you have personal magnetism and will attract attention without trying.

     Your body will be very strong and resistant to diseases, but, you must learn to channel positively the aggressiveness, anxiety and resentment inside you. Impatience and anger alter the functioning of your organs causing all types of discomforts.

     During your childhood you had tense or risky experiences that have strengthened your temperament. It is possible that you suffered falls or blows because of your fearlessness and desire for adventure. Your home underwent profound changes and you experienced aggressive situations. You have learned that sensitivity is synonymous to weakness and because of that today you appear to be combative. Also, since childhood you have shown yourself to be stubborn and inflexible in your plans and also capable of imposing yourself on or dominating others. If you can free yourself from the negative emotions such as jealousy, revenge, resentment, etc. and can channel your aggressiveness as a constructive energy, you will be very successful throughout your life.

Saturn in 1st house:

      You are very quiet and reserved. Your manner will always be that of a person older than yourself. You are serious, responsible, patient and very conscious of your actions. You need great demonstrations of affection to help you overcome your shyness and open you up to the outer world. Generally, this influence indicates a childhood with limitations (the child perceived in his parents the great worries that burdened them and felt helpless and insecure). This is one of the reasons you matured early. You feel more secure surrounded by older people than in company of friends; it is probable that you are very attached to one of your grandparents. Though this influence makes the child look older during childhood, it also prevents the adult from aging rapidly. Probably you began working and seeking your independence during your youth. Your serious and confident attitude will make it easy for you to gain the approval of your elders.

      On the negative side, it could be difficult for you to show your feelings, your likes and dislikes. It is important that you learn to be loving, to express the things that go on inside you, and to let go without fear of making mistakes. If you do not overcome these traits, you will tend to be unemotional, selfish and possibly depressed. Under this influence, it is probable that your mother suffered some problems during labor. If these energies are handled positively, then you could achieve every goal you set yourself thanks to your tenacity and persistence.

Saturn in Scorpio:

      You possess great willpower, energy and intensity to face life. Your personality is magnetic and you will be very demanding of the people around you, though your behavior will be subtle, persistent and determined. You try very hard to contain or suppress your energies; you do not show your feelings easily and your image is calm and controlled, but this is not always good. You must learn to release your anxieties without fear and to freely express your preferences.


SECOND HOUSE:  Money. Assets. Resources.


Sagittarius on 2nd house cusp.

     Throughout your life your economic possibilities will expand considerably. You can earn money through independent activities or those related to education, law, philosophy, foreign commerce, import and export, and also through the use of the natural gift of intuition or prophecy you have.

     Your economic success can come in another country, in a place different from where you were born. In general, you will have a touch of luck in any enterprise.


THIRD HOUSE:  Your mind. Your education. Short trips.

Your brothers and sisters.


                             The mind is a magnet: it attracts

                             to  you  exactly  what  you

                             think about.

Capricorn on 3rd house cusp.

     Alan McElroy, your mind is logical, coherent, clear and reflective, which allows you to know yourself better and define your destiny. You act in an individual and independent manner, without limitations, demonstrating authority. You are inflexible in your ideas and persistent in your goals. It is difficult for someone to change your opinions or objectives. If your Sun sign makes you easily influenced, this astrological influence helps you; if your Sun is in a strong sign you can become very stubborn and closed-minded.

     Your mind is scientific and realistic. You require proof to believe. Your communication is limited and you open yourself to few people. Possibly you do not have much of a sense of humor or you tend towards sarcasm. You can also have negative or pessimistic thoughts. It is necessary that you cultivate flexibility to maintain better communication with others.

     With respect to your studies, you can experience inconvenience, delays, interruptions or, in the worst scenario, frustrations. You have to act consciously, organizing yourself in such a manner that the obligations in your life do not stop you from advancing intellectually.

     There can be a distance or lack of communication between siblings (if you have any) and relatives. Also, you tend to stay too long in one place and if you travel it will not be often but it will be important.


FOURTH HOUSE:  Your home. Middle Age and Later Years.


Pisces on 4th house cusp.

     You grew up in an unstable and somewhat chaotic home. It is possible that one of your parents required a lot of attention because of a health problem, or that some type of mystery or family secret exists related to your birth.

     During your maturity you will become more sensitive and emotional, being affected by little things. You will change residences several times and sometimes without much thought, despite contradictory indications. Your religious spirit will be accentuated and you will become interested in serving others. It is possible that you will dedicate yourself to some charity event or unselfish service. In addition, if you have any vices, they will intensify during that period; it is recommended that you begin to work on getting rid of them as a youth.

     You will feel a great attraction to nature and will live at the end of your life near a lake, a river or the sea. Also, your intuition will be heightened and you will possibly experience numerous psychic experiences.


FIFTH HOUSE:  Love. Romance. Children.


                               “Love is blind when it is born,

                                nearsighted  when  it  grows,  and

                                it sees all when it dies.”

Pisces on 5th house cusp.

     Two contrary tendencies exist:  on one hand you can have numerous children, from three to five if you feel secure in your paternal role; on the other hand, you can avoid the responsibility of having children. If you do have children, they will be sensitive, imaginative and artistic. You will receive much love and attention from them.

     Your romantic life will be full of fantasies and expectations. You associate love with an ideal partner and that makes you search for a helpful, attentive, sensitive and romantic woman. Such a person is hard to find. It is possible that in your search you experience numerous deceptions due to your idealism. You must learn to see the partners you choose clearly, accepting their present defects and virtues, and avoiding the thought that they will change and that everything will be better in the future.

     Possibly your romanticism causes you to experience a premature marriage or unions bereft of harmony. You choose people who need a lot from you and whose many problems you solve. You give yourself totally and unselfishly and expect the same in return, which hardly ever happens. You must learn to ask for what you need and express your feelings clearly.

     The following list will help you understand how you can

relate yourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to

know the other person’s rising sign, you have to combine it

with his/her sign in order to get a more complete description

of that person.


     You will feel a great personal identification with people of this sign and together you can develop projects common to both. A good sign for marriage.


     A relationship tied in with business, finances or financial aid is favored over a romantic one. The union offers stability and protection but could also be out of an interest in money.


     You could maintain very good communication and an interchange of ideas. A mental or light relationship is indicated.


     A personal and intimate relationship in which deep emotions will be shared. A very good sign for marriage because it indicates the possibility of making a home together.


     A relationship of mutual love and attraction. You can enjoy and share many happy moments but difficulties exist in maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign for courtship or romance, not for marriage.


     An unequal relationship in which one offers more than the other. A difficulty exists in openly expressing feelings. A work relationship is favored over a romantic one.


     Ideal sign for marriage or associations. It is also possible that one of your best friends is of this sign. This is a sign of complements; each can have opposing personal characteristics and that generates attraction.


     Magnetic and intense attraction is indicated. Sign of passionate and uncontrolled romance based on a strong sexual attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strong emotional experience.


     A sign that represents a second marriage; a happier and more spontaneous relationship based upon the exchange of ideas common to both. One could assume a protective or teaching role with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign land or of long voyages together.


     A sign that stands out in your destiny. The people of this sign, both friends and lovers, will exert an important influence in your life. It is an ideal sign for marriage because it points out objectives and ambitions common to both, but it can also indicate too much worry over social status.


     Sign of friendship that represents common desires and fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warm relationship, though probably it will not be lasting. If other common elements exist, it may lead to a marriage based on friendship and respect for each other’s individuality.


     Karmic relationship initiated in previous lives. It is possible that you have to confront strong difficulties to be together and that it is a clandestine or secret relationship. Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair. This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open relationship; if you are involved in one, it will be difficult for you to cut yourself off or escape because of doubts about your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.

Remember the following:  everything that she does to you is what you did to her in previous lives. It is good for you to practice the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative emotions.

Note: if two signs are repeated, it means that the relationship

is more complex. If one of the signs is missing, its

interpretation is the same as the previous one. To make things

easier, this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,

Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,

Aquarius and Pisces.

     All relationships are PERFECT. Each situation you experience with another person is the perfect and necessary one for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you do not cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression, fury, frustration, etc., and that you try to see at every moment what life wants to teach you. Each person you know has a message for you and until you listen to it, it is highly probable that it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they have been initiated in other lives and there may be dues to pay. It is possible that what someone makes you suffer is what you have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must forgive and forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :  “everything is perfect”; though at the beginning you may not understand it, later it will be crystal clear.


SIXTH HOUSE:  Health. Nutrition. Work. Service.


Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to

improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you

must consult your doctor.

Sun in Libra:

     Libra rules the kidneys, suprarenalis, bladder and urethra. Your main problem is the great tendency towards complacency; to feel at ease and comfortable means not to move and, consequently, the tendency is to gain weight and incur circulatory problems. Your weak point is the kidneys for which it is recommended that you drink plenty of pure mineral water and get used to avoiding salt. You need to dwell in a harmonious and peaceful climate because your internal balance is important and it will be reflected in the state of your health. If you live in an atmosphere where there are constant fights, shouts, noises and tensions, you could become seriously ill. Soft music has a healing power for you, as do pastel colors and, in general, the contact with nature.

     To preserve good health, you must consider the following: restrict the consumption of sweets, pasta and starches, replacing them with proteins easier to digest such as white meat, fresh cheeses and soy bean derivatives; drink fresh water every day; perform some type of rhythmic exercise or swimming (the sport must be pleasurable); surround yourself with positive and fun people; avoid red meats and seafood; rest in well-ventilated and peaceful areas; have some type of artistic activity as entertainment; release your angers and resentments; do not gain weight; and, mainly, obtain a general balance.

Saturn in Scorpio:

     This astrological position can cause a poor peristalsis, constipation, colon problems caused by irregularity, toxemia, bladder stones, problems with the reproductive organs, sinus difficulties, and throat problems.

Aries on 6th house cusp:

     Your short term health problems may be caused by the lack of: amino acids or other bodily acids (such as hydrochloric acid), adrenalin, vitamin B-12, vitamin F, cobalt, iron or phosphorous. This could cause neuralgia, insomnia, high fevers, headaches, vertigo, eye problems, toothaches, abscesses, muscular pain, etc.

     It is recommended that you improve your diet with foods that offer vitamin B:  legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, corn or rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, alfalfa, etc.; synthetic sources are not recommended because of their difficulty in assimilation. Your worst enemies are coffee, alcohol and sugar. Recommended also are natural sources of iron:  vegetables in general, spinach, beets, alfalfa, lentils, broccoli, onions, olives, soy sprouts, watercress, nuts, seeds, grains in general, brown rice, bee pollen, etc.

     Your long term health problems may be caused by an excess of sugar and starch, lack of vitamin E, vitamin P, copper and chromium.  This could cause urine suppression, renal problems, stones, nephritis, diabetes, lumbago, etc.

     It is recommended that you avoid consuming too many sweets, carbonated drinks, ice cream, cream-filled pastries or anything that can lead to an excess of sugar; in its place, you must learn to eat fresh fruit in season and drink freshly-squeezed juices. Recommended vegetables are the same as those above, with the addition of wheat germ to obtain vitamin E.

Moon in 12th house:

     You may have problems related to the production of bodily fluids; allergies will also be frequent at times of seasonal change. Your emotional state will determine your health, so it is recommended that you find ways to express yourself and achieve a comfortable balance mentally.

Venus in 12th house:

     You may have problems in the metabolism of sugars and starches, or in the basic sense organs (vision and hearing), or other problems caused by inactivity. It is recommended that you avoid white sugar and substitute natural sweeteners such as honey, unrefined sugar, rice syrup, etc.

Neptune in 12th house:

     You may have health problems that are difficult to diagnose so that you receive erroneous treatments or medications which can harm you. You must avoid drugs and use instead more natural cures to prevent poisoning your body. Also, you must avoid alcohol, nicotine and sedatives. Generally, your health problems are linked to your emotions and will surface in moments of crises.

     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances are not produced by external situations or experiences but by blood disorders. The lack of some nutrients or intoxication or other excesses, can often cause changes in your system and lead to depression, anguish, fatigue or aggressiveness. Because of that, if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body–give it the best nutrition possible.


SEVENTH HOUSE:  Associations. Marriage.


                            Your companion is your reflection.

                            Everything  you  find  in  her,  in

                            some way is in you.

Taurus on 7th house cusp.

     If other planets do not modify this tendency, you will marry between the ages of approximately 21 and 25. You will choose a calm, stable, loving and gentle woman as a wife. She will help calm your anxiety and help you control yourself in critical moments. She will also offer you financial protection and material aid whenever you need it. Your marriage will be blessed by Venus’ ray, which offers you the possibility of finding happiness in it.

     Your very dynamic attitude can contrast with your slow and peaceful rhythm. Your most common complaints about her will be her great stubbornness, laziness or complacency. It is possible that you will have only one marriage in your life. If other astrological factors lead to divorce, it can be long, painful and have negative financial consequences.

     You are a one-woman man. When you give yourself you do so with the idea that it will be forever and you fight for that. Your natural tendency is to have long and stable relationships, and because of that, when crises appear you must act patiently and intelligently. Neither of you will change the other; both will be inflexible and very stubborn. Consequently, you must leave selfishness and pride behind, and let the love you feel for her prevail.

     Do not evaluate the success of a relationship by the result because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyze what you have done:  if you have offered yourself correctly, if you have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness, etc. What the other person does is her own responsibility and you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilities are always divided in half; take care of your share. At times, one gives everything and does not receive anything; it does not matter. Destiny will take care of it, returning all the love you may have given. Do not make the mistake of secluding or hardening yourself or becoming emotionally detached because of suffering caused by others. Try always to be truthful with what you feel and give yourself fearlessly because in the Universe nothing gets lost and everything you give, you will get back.


EIGHTH HOUSE:  Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies.


Gemini on 8th house cusp.

     Any danger to you is related to the element air. You must be sure to breathe pure air, you must avoid smoking or staying too long in enclosed places, and you must constantly watch the oxygen level of your body. You must also learn to moderate anxiety because it can lead to accidents.

     It is probable that you will receive some type of inheritance from blood relatives.

Things that benefit Libra:



COLORS: lilac pink, all soft or pastel colors, light blue, grass green and light yellow.

STONES: opal, emerald, blue aquamarine, multicolored opal, and pink quartz.

METAL: copper. In jewelry you can use both gold and silver favorably as long as the combination is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive people to your life and experience happy situations, you must take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel good about yourself, you will attract the best.


NINTH HOUSE:  Religion. Long trips.


Cancer on 9th house cusp.

     You have a strong religious faith and you follow the rules you learned at home. It is probable that your ideas about God have varied a bit with time, nevertheless, your devotion and feelings are firm and you do not depart too far from traditional ideas. You are very intuitive and perceive the great truths within yourself.

     It is probable that you will take long trips across water or to places characterized by coasts, rivers or lakes. The voyages will awaken your adventurous spirit and the desire to visit different places. Some of your travels will be for the purpose of visiting relatives living in a different country.

Jupiter in 9th house:

     You are interested in philosophical or religious subjects. You like the idea of knowing other countries, cultures, languages and you will definitely travel a lot. You will find happiness and self realization in a country different from the one of your birth; even if you do not move to another place, you will greatly enjoy every trip. A college education will be very important in your destiny, and you could achieve a doctorate or other outstanding title in your profession.

Jupiter in Leo:

      You need to feel proud of everything you do and you seek the approval of your friends and family. You are very likable and full of good humor and you monopolize everyone’s attention. You are prone to exaggeration and will want everything, and in large amounts. You also have a strong sense of justice and the tendency to command. Because of your “”likeability”” you will have no trouble asserting yourself and will always achieve what you want.

Jupiter Conjunction Pluto:

      You are disposed toward enjoying life in its totality. You will dedicate yourself passionately to your ideas and goals, and you could achieve leadership positions throughout your life. Your emotions and expressions are intense and somewhat exaggerated. You could gain certain enemies due to your frankness and aggressiveness. You must learn to be more moderate and to direct your great dynamic strength in a creative and positive manner.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

      You must learn to recognize your limitations and to direct your energies in a more organized manner. It is probable that you are insecure about your potential and do not feel very sure of reaching your objectives. Success can come late in life and with it the feeling that you will never have true recognition. You could tend to be very realistic and materialistic but lack enthusiasm and courage to move. It is to be hoped that you have received from childhood the support and attention necessary, and that your parents avoided unfavorable comparisons with siblings or friends.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

      You are very spiritual and religious, and you like to help others selflessly. Your intuition will be notable and you have shown from childhood a great attraction to the metaphysical world and anything mystical. You can do very well in careers that have to do with education, social assistance, or artistic creativity. You will possess noble and elevated feelings and will care about your spiritual evolution.

Uranus in 9th house:

      You will travel a lot throughout your life and visit exotic and strange places, very far from your native land. You will experience particular events on these trips that will enrich your internal life, your philosophy and your attitude to religion. You are very creative, independent and adventurous. Your religious beliefs are not orthodox and you find difficulty in following rituals. You are interested in social reforms and will pursue them with some political militancy, though this may vary over time. It is recommended that you not become involved in legal problems because they could have unexpected and negative consequences for you.

Uranus in Leo:

      You belong to a generation that has willpower, pride and also selfishness. Your group will display rebelliousness towards authority in all its manifestations. Your parents and teachers will find it difficult to dominate and control the people of your generation. In addition, you have originality and the freedom to create new forms of artistic expression; you enjoy being unconventional and different in your appreciation of humanity. You will be very sure of your ideas and your ego will be prominent. It is important that you learn to discipline yourself or you could become very scattered in your purposes.

Uranus Square Neptune:

      You could be changeable with your ideas; your idealism could make you unpractical or lead you away from reality. Your desires for change and transformation will not find easy paths of realization, so you must learn to be objective and not become too fanatical. It is also important that you learn to control the tendency to avoid conflicts.

Pluto in 9th house:

      You possess a great desire to know everything at a deep level. You are interested in deciphering unknowns and mysteries in general and you become bored with superficiality. Once you decide or come to a conclusion, your stance will be very solid and unmovable. You are also very restless, anxious, and adventurous; you will be attracted to trips to faraway and strange places (you could become an astronaut). Your reluctance to change could cause problems with the law, authorities in general, distant relatives, or during sojourns in a foreign country. It is also probable that you change religions if you are not in agreement.

Pluto in Leo:

      Your generation has a lot of personal pride and confidence in themselves. They are more worried about their individual development than about group growth. During this period outstanding leaders and heroes will emerge serving as an example to others. Alan McElroy, as a part of this movement, you have a strong sense of authority and the ability to do well in business and the management of people. It is probable that you are often selfish and that you do not listen to nor accept suggestions or advice from others. You will be inclined to enjoy life’s pleasures and will possess a strong desire to lead or dominate.


TENTH HOUSE:  Vocation. Professional success.


Note: in order to come to a more accurate conclusion, you must

combine the information below with the characteristics of your

Sun (Chapter 1) and your Moon (Chapter 2).

First 15 degrees of Virgo on MC

     Your destiny leads you to develop intellectual ambitions and, at the same time, search for economic stability. You will not pretend to be a millionaire nor will you express great ambitions, but you will try to live comfortably, within the law. It is probable that you show some confusion or indecision in your vocation due to insecurity or inhibitions. This astrological influence contributes a great intelligence and aptitude for excelling in intellectual fields. Research, laboratories and voyages are linked to your destiny. Alan McElroy, you will be tested in your path; you must overcome any obstacles in order to succeed professionally. Things will not be easy for you at the beginning and, if you do not show strength, you can become frustrated pretty quickly. You demonstrate a certain tendency to be easily influenced and an inconsistency in striving to attain your goals, so it is important that you surround yourself with positive friends and that you learn to be more persistent.

     Your vocational choice points toward one of the following professions:  accountant, economist, lawyer, contractor, administrative contractor, investigator, essay writer, biochemist, dietitian, etc., or any other profession where you offer a service or study and demonstrate your intelligence.

     It is probable that you lived in an austere home, with parents who were not very communicative or who were too busy to pay attention to your interests. That generated within you insecurities and a lack of ambition. Also, Alan McElroy, you felt the desire to leave home prematurely in search of your dreams. Life will demand much study and discipline from you in order for you to reach your goals. The people of Virgo will be strongly influential in your destiny.


ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendship. Group activities.


                             “A shared grief is divided, a joy

                              is  multiplied.”

Virgo on 11th house cusp.

     You have very few friends and are selective in your choices. You are interested in surrounding yourself with intelligent, capable and noble people. You are very sincere in your affections and cannot pretend if you do not like someone; because of this, your social life will be limited. You will frequently find that your friends are in an inferior situation to your own or that they have problems that require your attention and service. You enjoy helping, protecting, or collaborating with people in need. The earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) can be very good for maintaining a friendship. This influence can also lead you to experience lonely moments.

     You are not interested in participating in groups or social associations except for those in which you find intellectual stimulus. You are interested in learning and exchanging knowledge, otherwise it will seem as though you are wasting your time.

Mercury in 11th house:

     You enjoy sharing moments with intelligent and interesting friends with whom you can have a lively exchange of ideas, enjoy yourself at mental or strategic games, or simply talk. In reality, your thinking is clarified when you are with friends and so you do well in group efforts. It will be positive for you to be a member of a club or organization where you relate to people with the same interests. Your ideas are humanitarian and altruistic. You will be well known and loved by the people in your city, though you must learn to choose your friends carefully so they will not be too extravagant or complex.

Mercury in Libra:

     Your mind is balanced and harmonious, and you seek to express your ideas adequately and delicately. You are not quick to make decisions because your sense of justice demands you analyze both sides of the situation, trying to avoid errors or any injustice. Your indecision even in trivial things will sometimes torment you and the people around you. You are moderate in everything you do and rarely go to extremes. Your manner of communication is gentle, refined and friendly. You have a warm tone of voice and you avoid using rude and offensive words. Alan McElroy, you become disgusted by arguments, violence and aggressiveness. If you find yourself in a hostile environment, you run from it or retreat inside yourself. You have a strong aesthetic sense which you will manifest through one or more artistic abilities. Thanks to your high level of sociability, you can excel in public relations, diplomacy, law or as a referee. You have a very pleasing attitude towards others and it is probable that you postpone many of your plans if you think they could cause any disturbance. You can be lazy or inconsistent in your studies and you need the encouragement of others to successfully complete them.

Mars in 11th house:

     You work hard to achieve your goals and objectives, both in the material and the spiritual realm. You are a social leader and will find it easy to make friends, though you could also have fights or strong disagreements with them if you pressure them or are too demanding. Your great energy must be directed towards some creative field. You must learn to develop caution in your behavior to avoid friction and confrontations with others. You could be very fussy and inflexible and become angry easily. Once you establish a friendship, you will be very devoted and protective.

Mars in Libra:

     You possess a strong sense of justice and will combat all that you consider unfair or out of place. You feel comfortable working with other people; you will learn that you can achieve more functioning in a group than alone though you will also occasionally feel jealous and competitive. It is important that you learn to not depend on others, or you will lose your self-confidence and will find it difficult to make your own decisions. Alan McElroy, you are a charming, generous, sociable and persuasive person. You like to enjoy yourself with people and new ideas. On the negative side, you can show a tendency towards laziness, making very little effort to achieve your goals. With your sweetness and charisma you can manage to make others cater to you without any effort. It is recommended that you train yourself physically to nurture the current of energy in your body and combat the tendency towards being overly comfortable. Your humor and sensitivity are stimulated by music and colors; soft lights and a harmonious environment will quickly balance any irritation or depression.

     This influence can bring you a whimsical or selfish companion, who will complicate your life together. You must learn to deal with what could be a somewhat infantile, jealous and authoritative woman.

Mars Sextile Uranus:

     You are a hard worker and continuously express your enthusiasm, vitality, physical strength and creativity. You have much self-control and a very positive attitude. You could solve your problems very quickly, acting with precision and efficiency. To excel, you need to feel that you can move and express yourself freely. You feel a great attraction for new and revolutionary ideas, though you will reject aggressiveness and fanaticism.


TWELFTH HOUSE:  Karma. Secret enemies. Bankruptcy.


                             “Impossible things only require a

                              little  more  time.”

Libra on 12th house cusp.

     It is possible that you neglect your artistic abilities and lack diplomacy. You must learn to develop more patience with people and to mind your manners. It is probable that you are a bit rigid and not very demonstrative with your affections, in spite of being passionate and intensely loving. Also, you must combat laziness and the disproportionate love of pleasure because it could go against your figure.

     This influence leads you to experience karmic unions or associations which could be complex and one of them is your marriage. In the relationship you must be flexible and willing to forgive, avoiding harboring resentment or ill-feelings. Try to be objective and conscious of your romantic choices to avoid future disappointments.

     Also, the possibility exists for you to experience some type of secret romance, maintaining a relationship with a married woman; in other areas of your life legal problems could arise out of your administrative disorganization.

Venus in 12th house:

     You can be very shy and reserved when demonstrating your affections. You fear feeling rejected and that is why you wait first for the reaction of others before offering yourself. In addition, you feel great compassion for others and devote yourself to disinterested service. You will engage in your romances almost in secret and if you do not overcome your inhibitions you could have problems or go through a divorce in the future.

Venus in Scorpio:

     The love you feel will be intense and long lasting. You are passionate and will experience tumultuous romances because of jealousy and your strong desire to dominate. It is hard for you to express your deep, complex feelings with words. You do not feel comfortable with superficial relationships, and since childhood you have been very selective socially. As a result, you have a few friends to whom you are faithful and will probably have them throughout your life. Your sexual life will also be intense. You can sometimes be rough or selfish when you show your affection, and though at times this can cause problems, you will never cease to be very sincere and frank in your admiration of your partner.

Venus Square Uranus:

     It is possible that since childhood you have experienced tense and irregular situations that will affect your future romantic choices. You can be selfish, unstable and hasty; love will appear suddenly but can also disappear with the same speed. You are very particular in your choices and your family will never understand your special taste. You are independent and very rebellious about commitments, which is why you will have problems staying in a relationship for a long time. You must learn to have patience, to accept others the way they are and to control your impulses. You could be eccentric and have very atypical tastes and you will surely not follow family tradition. You could also be nervous and irritable, and uncomfortable with exaggerated displays of affection.

Neptune in 12th house:

      You could tend towards being lonely or aloof. Your sensitivity is easily hurt and you prefer to escape from your problems instead of confronting them openly. It is also probable that you will work in places for confined or ill people, such as hospitals, prisons, asylums, etc. You possess a lot of intuition and are interested in the subconscious mind and other mysteries of life. It is important that you do not develop escapist attitudes because that could lead to vices in the future.

Neptune in Libra:

      Your generation is interested in new concepts concerning law and social relations. They are altruistic, humanitarian, passionate and lovers of peace, but they could also show an impractical, lazy or unwilling side. Alan McElroy, as a part of your generation, you must choose your companion and best friends carefully, because your tendency to idealize and not see things realistically will lead to deceptions. If you do not act coherently and with a certain emotional detachment when making your marital choice, this astrological position could lead to a future separation.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

      You possess a great creative and artistic ability. You will also fight against injustices and will seek reforms in the legislative system. Your intuition is powerful and will lead you to study and reveal the secrets of nature. It is probable that you are not totally understood in your ideas about freedom or in the use of your mystical knowledge; nevertheless, your interest in the subject will not wane.


BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.



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