This report is written for dog lovers. Linda is an exprienced astrologers and also very deeply involved in working with dogs. She understands the issues, concerns, and how important your pet dog is to you. Dog owners know that each dog has its own unique personality, and this report describes your dog’s personality, and how you can provide an environment in which your dog can thrive and be happy.

The Canine Report For

Lucky Dog

December 7, 2018

8:50 AM

Metairie, Louisiana



        Your animals can be your best friends in life. Just like us, they also have their unique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredible amount of information. If the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart will be used as the basis for the chart. We can benefit by knowing where our pets’ full potential might be met.  And like our human friends there may also be difficult areas of their personalities, which we must learn to accept or correct. Not all dogs are suited for agility or obedience. Some will do better at guarding their masters; others might behave well in conformation. By understanding the potential of our dogs we seek ways to improve what already exists and accept things that are sometimes unchangeable or a challenge.

        There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Lucky Dog has 4 or more planets in one of these elements he is considered to have more than average. By giving a weight or number to these planets we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

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        This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.  For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     15 Sag 26               Pluto    19 Cap 49

Moon    19 Sag 03               N. Node  27 Can 20

Mercury 27 Sco 19               Asc      13 Cap 30

Venus    2 Sco 57               MC        0 Sco 48

Mars    13 Pis 45               2nd cusp 13 Aqu 59

Jupiter  6 Sag 28               3rd cusp 21 Pis 25

Saturn   8 Cap 33               5th cusp 24 Tau 17

Uranus  28 Ari 59               6th cusp 17 Gem 55

Neptune 13 Pis 44

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.

GMT: 14:50:00     Time Zone: 6 hours West.

Lat. and Long. of birth: 29 N 59 02   90 W 09 10

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min

Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min

Trine        :  5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min

Conjunct Asc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis

Fire Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 11,7,10,0)

        Lucky Dog has an abundance of fire in his chart. The true hunter, explorer and leader of the pack. A pioneering attitude, the alpha male of the group. He may even try to control you. Lucky Dog needs plenty of exercise to get rid of all that excess energy he has. Since Lucky Dog can be dominant and controlling it would be wise to start obedience training early. Make sure he understands you are boss. Socialize early and show a lot of respect and admiration. Lucky Dog needs to feel like he is number one. The other animals will respect him, and so should you. Lucky Dog would run through fire to save you and your family members. He is fearless and will stop at nothing to protect you. Lucky Dog must be guarded from his own impulsive actions. Always place him on a lead so that sudden escape urges don’t lead to injuries. Companion animals should be submissive. Always pay special attention to Lucky Dog and groom him often. This will give him a feeling of being adored and spoiled, satisfying his need of being number one. Lucky Dog needs your approval and praise for survival and will go through any challenge to receive it; even if it gets him disapproving attention, it’s better than none.


        The ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every 2 hours. To get a true picture of an animal a time of birth is very helpful. From the ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern for the chart itself. The ascendant is the face we show to strangers, animal and human alike. We may view Lucky Dog as his Sun sign, but others will see the sign on the ascendant. The rising sign dictates how Lucky Dog portrays himself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see on the home front. Learn more about how others see Lucky Dog.

Capricorn Rising:

        Although somewhat shorter in stature, Lucky Dog makes up for this with his commanding presence. Just look at Lucky Dog and you know he means business. The true working dog, Lucky Dog can assist you to complete projects and move objects if necessary. If Lucky Dog wants to dig his way out from under a fence he will do so even if it’s electric. Steadfast and persistent; there is no stopping Lucky Dog once his mind is set. A leader by nature, submissive to none. Lucky Dog will try to please you, going to extremes to do so. Other animals will follow his examples leading to less training on your part; Lucky Dog will show them the right way to behave. Give Lucky Dog the respect he deserves and you can see him turn around from a seemingly less than fortunate early life circumstance. These dogs prove to be quite amazing, often improving with age.


        Sun Signs give the basic identity of an animal. This is the real side you will see once he trusts you enough to show it to you. Although not always apparent to strangers, to those he lives with, there is no question what Lucky Dog is really like. The basic needs and patterns in life are strongly governed by the Sun. Where it is found in the chart will influence that area of your dog’s life strongly. He will put his best paw forward in this area, being noticed by all.

Sun in Sagittarius:

        If you’re not near some woods or trails it would be wise to travel there often so that Lucky Dog’s adventurous side can be indulged in some fun. These wild and wonderful animals live for outdoor activity and can be seen travelling long distances for hunting or to chase fowl. Free as a bird with loads of energy. Plenty of exercise is a requirement. Lucky Dog goes with the flow but would prefer you take his advice when he is leading on the trail. He prefers other animals in the household to be equally adventurous. The Disney adventures probably use a Sagittarius dog as their main character. Getting into all kinds of mischievous predicaments along the way, Lucky Dog usually finishes unscathed but a bit disheveled. Lucky Dog is lucky enough to escape from most disasters. If you like to run trails and play in the park this is the dog for you. Hunting and sporting trials are where Lucky Dog can excel. Fun to be with and always ready to go is Lucky Dog’s motto. Throw a ball or Frisbee and you’ve found a loyal friend for life.

Sun in the 11th house:

        If these dogs could talk they would, and some do. Lucky Dog gets along with many varieties of animals, and is often seen communicating quite nicely with all. Lucky Dog is fond of packs or multiple animals in the family unit. Lucky Dog sees to it that all get along. Lucky Dog makes them friends for life, and he may prefer their company to yours. Don’t get offended, Lucky Dog loves you too, he just doesn’t want to miss anything. Always active and looking for something that intrigues him. He is bored with the ordinary so you’ll have to try extra hard to find things to amuse him. Lucky Dog is way ahead of the game using thought transference as an alternative way to communicate. It will be hard to hide your plans for the veterinary visit you had planned for next week from him. He will instinctively know and be sure to be nowhere to be found at departure time.

Sun Conjunct Moon:

        Lucky Dog is more than just a little attuned to your emotions; he lives them. If you are sad he also will be sad. Like a sponge Lucky Dog absorbs any slight change in your emotional status. His sensing ability is uncanny and Lucky Dog often sees right through you, noticing even a slight change. Words are not necessary with Lucky Dog. The communication is pure body and visuals and he can forewarn you of sudden events. Always tuned in to your vibrations, Lucky Dog might develop into a therapy dog, possibly as a first alarm against impending doom as in seizure or hypoglycemic reactions. Lucky Dog is your eyes, ears and sometimes life saver while accompanying you on your path in life. He knows when you are needy or not. A fine judge of character, Lucky Dog could also alert you to unsavory or deceptive individuals. There are no secrets where Lucky Dog is concerned. He sees right through everyone and knows their intentions immediately, alerting you to any undesirable characters.

Sun Square Mars:

        Keep Lucky Dog hanging around watching your front door. Not exactly a ball of energy, Lucky Dog would do best in less active roles. Keeping children or the elderly company would be a good job for him. Never quick to anger he puts up with more than most dogs or humans would tolerate.

Sun Square Neptune:

        Keep close tabs on Lucky Dog for he could get lost without realizing it. Get identifying marks or chips early or loss may end your loving relationship. Keep on leash and within view at all times. Lucky Dog’s difficulty with separating reality from fantasy may get him in trouble when he chases things so far he is unable to find his way home. Protect Lucky Dog against others who might wish to take advantage of him.


        The Moon tells us how dogs bond with us on an emotional level. Now, we all know dogs have emotions but they show it in different ways. The Moon demonstrates what he really loves in life. This is the treat to their humdrum day. If wanting to know what to buy for a pet look to the moon sign to determine the perfect gift.

Moon in Sagittarius:

        Lucky Dog lives to travel and loves to join you on romps through wooded paths.  No stranger to other dogs and people, he loves to socialize. Lucky Dog can usually be seen leading the pack of other unruly pets but will gladly relinquish the authority to you or an alpha dog for this is not important to him. He just wants to have fun. Adventure beckons to him around every corner. There isn’t a forest too big or road too long for Lucky Dog to explore. Multilingual, he understands any language or hand signals you toss him. Ready for adventure he brings you the keys and leash every morning. Be ready to provide Lucky Dog with plenty of exercise and outdoor activity. He needs change in routine and would be very unhappy in a kennel or closed-in area. Travels well adapting to any changes that come his way. Give him a long leash.

Moon in the 12th house:

        Lucky Dog may seem introverted and submissive but remains loyal for life and could surprise you with his acts of kindness in caring for others, animal or human. Lucky Dog is more of a one-person dog and prefers to indulge that person with all the love and attention. Lucky Dog may shy away from attention and would prefer to stay home finding comfort in his own environment. Water sports can be very helpful in bringing Lucky Dog out of his shell.

Moon Conjunct Sun:

        Lucky Dog’s instincts are fine tuned. Lessons are not necessary – he knows how to react. Full of life and vitality he is often encouraging to others in the household. Lucky Dog can lift others from depression just by his sheer determination. You won’t be able to resist his numerous attempts at getting you motivated.


        Mercury in the chart shows us a little bit about the intelligence of an animal. For every human that is a little slow and methodical in their thinking there is another who is quick and intelligent in their response. Although a dog can’t write or talk to us, there is a certain communication that he shares with other animals and humans. Some are quick learners while others take a more practical approach to learning. Mercury shows you strengths or obstacles that may occur in the process.

Mercury in Scorpio:

        Lucky Dog owns you and will want to communicate with you exclusively. These one-person animals must gain trust in you before allowing you to enter their domain. Lucky Dog can be attuned to your every need and often knows when things are difficult or stressful for you. Comforting you with his frequent gifts may be the only way he finds his way to your heart. Quiet and reserved, Lucky Dog can be seen retreating to his domain for time out from the busy demands of the day. A daily check of all belongings is upheld and additional objects added on a regular basis. If missing one sock, one shoe or a single glove follow Lucky Dog back to his secret hiding place and you will have certain success at finding the article.

Mercury in the 11th house:

        If Lucky Dog could have his way the entire house would be filled with all his animal friends. From the squirrel down the street to your neighbor’s tomcat, there is no one Lucky Dog hasn’t befriended. Lucky Dog loves to communicate with all his human and animal friends and would be bored if he were unable to. Often found in group situations with other animals, he may enjoy daily visits to dog parks where he can communicate with his varied friends.


        Venus specifies the object of desire in a chart. This could be another dog or a favorite toy – it could even be you or another member of the family. When Lucky Dog sees this object there’s no looking back. Venus placement could help you find a suitable match for Lucky Dog someday. There are soul mates out there for everyone including dogs. Dogs’ souls also stand the test of time. Humans are not the only ones governed by karma. Let Venus lead you and your dog to happiness in finding true love.

Venus in Scorpio:

        Lucky Dog may think he owns all rights to you, finding it hard to share you with other members of the household. You belong to him and sharing is not part of the bargain. He showers you with gifts often hidden from view until the right moment is available. Lucky Dog can be seen in protective stances surrounding your every move. Let no one come between you or intend harm or there will be dues to pay. Lucky Dog may be sensitive and will go into seclusion if his feelings are hurt. It may take more than your ordinary amount of coaxing to bring him out of his shell especially if trust is lost. He may never forgive you.

Venus in the 10th house:

        Well known in his community, Lucky Dog can do quite well for himself. Fortune seems to look fondly at Lucky Dog so that he can often earn a living (of course with his parents’ help) in his favorite field. It could be something as simple as making beautiful puppies that finish titled. He also will have a roomful of titles and ribbons well-earned with hard work. Females will be very instrumental in making Lucky Dog a success. Choose female judges and handlers if showing Lucky Dog in conformation or obedience ring.

Venus Opposition Uranus:

        Keep Lucky Dog safe from traffic and out of harm’s way. His sudden motions could get him in trouble. He loves the unusual. His emotions are divided between you and his friends. This could include other animals as well as humans. Lucky Dog may have a home away from home so keep an eye on his appetite. Treats from more than one household may be contributing to his battle of the bulge.


        Mars in a chart allows us to see where your dog’s energy is and how he might use it. Will he be quick and aggressive or passive and resistant? Let Mars help you decide what activity your dog best qualifies for.

Mars in Pisces:

        Lucky Dog will be so close to you, you may need surgical intervention to be separated. Always at your side, he doesn’t even allow you time out in the bathroom. He senses what you do. Lucky Dog will do everything in his power to please you. Keep him close to your heart and body for his bond is beyond comprehension. If possible include him in all you do and if absent leave a piece of clothing that smells like you on his bed. Better yet, leave him use of your bed. Sensitive and emotional beyond belief Lucky Dog looks like he is crying when you do. Draw Lucky Dog out of his shell by including him in all you do. Develop a trusting relationship so that he knows that you will return. There is nothing you can do that would make Lucky Dog love you less. Lucky Dog worships the ground you walk on.

Mars in the 2nd house:

        Driven to compete, Lucky Dog can take all prizes. He will make you proud and provide you with an ample supply of winning ribbons. This just adds to the charm. Lucky Dog Likes to win and looks forward to the reward that he can add to his collection. The determination you see on Lucky Dog’s face is enough for him to receive all the rewards.

Mars Square Sun:

        Not exactly a ball of fire, Lucky Dog will need to be coaxed out of his shell. Often work is difficult for Lucky Dog either because of short legs or another disability that may not make it easy for him, but other attributes usually make up for the problem. Teach him to compete in outdoor activity in ways that are suitable to his size and capabilities. Lucky Dog is always on guard at home.  His abilities may be as an observer rather than active participant. Weight may contribute to mobility problems later in life. Keep treats to a minimum if you want to keep this couch potato slim.

Mars Conjunct Neptune:

        Others are attracted to Lucky Dog in what would be described as pure magnetism. He might even have his own following which is often seen waiting for Lucky Dog to appear as he takes his daily walk. Be sure exercise takes him to water often, where he can dissipate some of that extra energy. Sometimes a bit weird and even a loner. If allowed too much time alone depression could be seen through destructive behavior.


        Wherever Jupiter falls in your dog’s chart is where he is most likely to find good luck and abundance. Here is where the route to all adventures begins. Follow Jupiter around the chart for an idea of where you can bring Lucky Dog the most enjoyment. Let him show you how to have fun and enjoy life in his own special way.

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

        Lucky Dog needs room to run and will escape as often as possible unless you provide this. A truly adventurous soul, Lucky Dog is inclined to run through forests and wilderness often. Take him hunting or exploring on trails. There is no trail or adventure too long for him. Lucky Dog really dreams of travelling by car or paw. The true explorer of the group; it wouldn’t be surprising to find him amongst other groups of animals and adapting to their ways. He visits horses and other farm animals alike – it doesn’t matter to Lucky Dog, they all talk the same language and understand humans more than we could imagine. Energetic and looking for adventure is how you would describe Lucky Dog. He is always ready for the new and exciting; keep this dog happy with lots of outdoor activity. Enjoys the company of others on his travels through woods and trail.

Jupiter in the 11th house:

        Lucky Dog’s friends follow him everywhere. The leader of the pack, Lucky Dog often initiates play with others including you. Everyone is his friend and many follow him on travels through the neighborhood. A bit self-centered but willing to share if pushed. It could be hard getting Lucky Dog to change his patterns. Lucky Dog’s friends are important to him and feed into his sense of self-worth. They let him feel important and he allows them into your home as if they belong there.


        Saturn in your dog’s chart represents the disciplinarian or authority figure. This could be you or his own canine mother. This is the person who sets the limits on obedience and how Lucky Dog behaves. The rules learned here become known as Lucky Dog’s personal boundaries. Boundaries and limits are meant to be challenged – Lucky Dog instinctively knows how far he can push you. By learning where Saturn is in Lucky Dog’s chart we find how to manage behavior with a disciplinarian approach he can live with.

Saturn in Capricorn:

        Lucky Dog wants you to approve of his advancement. He works for the praise and reward that will be received with accomplishment. Persistent like no other, Lucky Dog will continue to strive for the perfection you expect of him.

Saturn in the 12th house:

        Lucky Dog is quite comfortable staying at home as long as he has something that belongs to you and a favorite toy or two. Lucky Dog doesn’t mind long periods alone where he can escape into dreamland. Restriction is not foreign to Lucky Dog and he will often look forward to crate time where he escapes the fears of unknown threats.


        Uranus, the planet of change and excitement, remains in a sign for approximately 7 years. For this reason it is considered one of the generational planets, affecting large groups of dogs born during the period.  Uranus shows us where individualism is strongest. Genius abilities can be evident with the right training. Independence is also strongest here. Change in this area can be accomplished only by communicating on a different level of understanding, for example intuition, natural forces, habit, or other unconventional and inexplicable methods. Information is processed with lightning speed showing a higher intelligence at work.

Uranus in Aries:

        Quick and sudden movements can be observed in Lucky Dog that remind you of lightning. He excels at agility, lure chasing and racing of any kind. Keep this electric bolt of energy on a long leash. Off in a quick second before you can react, Lucky Dog may need obedience to teach him the lesson of restraint. This might save a shoulder or back when he suddenly sees a squirrel or other prey.

Uranus in the 3rd house:

        Lucky Dog communicates with others using very unique methods. If you are unable to understand him, trying a different method may be advisable. Lucky Dog requires a daily short trip around the block where he can be seen conversing with neighbor and stranger alike. Changeable in nature, Lucky Dog can often become involved in unusual happenings in his short travels through town. These can involve sudden accidents so use caution that Lucky Dog is always on leash and away from well-travelled roads.

Uranus Opposition Venus:

        You may not consider Lucky Dog the most beautiful animal but he is certainly unique. It is this uniqueness that attracts others as well. Often people will stop and question you regarding the breed or a trait of his that is different from anything ever seen before.


        Neptune gives you a view into your dog’s soul. It shows us the mystical magical side to him that makes him tick. What is Lucky Dog’s soul purpose in life? Is it to belong to you or does he have a greater mission? The house that Neptune is found in is where Lucky Dog will sacrifice all to obtain a higher position in your eyes. Neptune takes about 14 years to complete its cycle through one sign. Many generations of dogs will have Neptune in the same sign therefore house placement will be more important, with emphasis on the activities of the house.

Neptune in Pisces:

        Lucky Dog’s perception is far beyond your or others’ capacity. Seeing right down to your soul, he doesn’t have to second guess. He knows you better than you do. Lucky Dog feels everything you do and probably more so. Although he does not internalize it the same way you do, Lucky Dog can be seen to cry when you do. No communication is necessary; Lucky Dog comes with his own language.

Neptune in the 2nd house:

        Don’t take the dream away from Lucky Dog – or any other toy or belonging he holds dear. It may even be you that he places upon a pedestal. He holds on to his possessions without letting up. Trying to change that may have repercussions that could damage Lucky Dog’s psyche. Even those who have been unkind in the past will be forgiven. He often needs to seek solace in places near water. You may find it necessary to take him to such areas.

Neptune Square Sun:

        Lucky Dog never gives up hope no matter how many disappointments there were in the past. Lucky Dog lives life in the real world for he feels that this is the only chance he has. Satisfied with the little things, Lucky Dog never thinks to ask for more. A dry bed and place to lie is all he asks for. Any extra crumbs you throw his way will be appreciated as if they were gold. Show Lucky Dog your equally devoted love and you’ve got one loyal friend for life.

Neptune Conjunct Mars:

        Take Lucky Dog for daily swims to dissipate some of that nervous energy. Lucky Dog’s instincts may take him on long runs through swamp and marsh lands. Bathe him when he returns and show him how much you missed him. Lucky Dog can be found following a different tune from most and may prefer company of a different kind. This could even be your neighbor’s bull or goat. It doesn’t matter, Lucky Dog will hold them as an object of desire as long as they allow it.


        Pluto in Lucky Dog’s chart shows where he has the greatest potential. Through instruction and sometimes change he can achieve mastery of any skill you teach him. Instinctively Lucky Dog knows, as if from a prior lifetime, exactly how to do things, even if he was never taught before. Never having experienced a specific activity before and without prior knowledge, Lucky Dog can be an expert at this activity expressed by the house in which Pluto is located.

Pluto in Capricorn:

        Lucky Dog is probably the first dog that knows how to barter and he can be seen carrying toys or bones in exchange for treats and affection. His supply never ends; Lucky Dog can provide you with many delights. Lucky Dog’s love of family is widely seen. He takes extra care of the elderly, animals as well. Since his previous home or owner may have been less than adequate, Lucky Dog now shows appreciation for any little praise or treat that you provide for him.

Pluto in the 1st house:

        The transformation necessary is inevitably in Lucky Dog’s personality. His alpha qualities that identify him will have to be changed so he can live in the hierarchy you have created. Lucky Dog may challenge you, testing to see if this has to remain so. By becoming submissive Lucky Dog learns that transformation can be rewarding. Allow him to be top dog in your household and treat him with the utmost respect. His identity is one that deserves respect so that past insecurities will be resolved.