Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behavior at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a  highly changeable nature, cats are unlike any other animal you’ve owned. The favorites of many, they are misunderstood by all. Astrology helps us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display.

The Feline Report For

Feifei Cat

December 1, 2017

6:30 AM

Seattle, Washington



        Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behavior at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a highly changeable nature, cats are unlike any other animal you’ve owned. The favorites of many, they are misunderstood by all. Astrology helps us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display.

        Are they good house pets or will they drive you crazy until, against your better judgement, you let them out? Refined hunting skills and sharp instincts are common traits of most cats. Some are known for their patience, or perhaps for nurturing others. Others just prefer your lap, or to lounge on the sofa until served their favorite meal.

        The many personalities we see displayed in these wonderful creatures are all part of the plan. Would you automatically choose a beautiful Taurus Cat if you knew that Venus will always make her attractive? Feifei Cat’s chart can show you just how important some things are for her survival. What makes Feifei Cat tick and what can she absolutely not do without? How can you add more enjoyment to Feifei Cat’s life? Does she need companionship or is she just as happy not sharing your attentions with another cat? These are some of the questions we seek to answer when looking at our beloved feline’s chart. Astrology can guide you to get the most enjoyment out of your cat. Feifei Cat will thank you for it.

        There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Feifei Cat has four or more planets in one of these elements she is considered to have more than average. Applying a weight or number to these planets, we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

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        This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun      9 Sag 35               Pluto    17 Cap 49

Moon    10 Tau 49               N. Node  17 Leo 35

Mercury 29 Sag 04               Asc      25 Sco 44

Venus    0 Sag 17               MC       14 Vir 35

Mars    25 Lib 07               2nd cusp 20 Sag 57

Jupiter 11 Sco 12               3rd cusp 22 Cap 53

Saturn  27 Sag 50               5th cusp  8 Ari 23

Uranus  25 Ari 00               6th cusp  2 Tau 04

Neptune 11 Pis 29

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.

GMT: 14:30:00     Time Zone: 8 hours West.

Lat. and Long. of birth: 47 N 36 23   122 W 19 51

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min

Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min

Trine        :  5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min

Conjunct Asc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis

Fire Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 13,5,7,3)

        Feifei Cat’s strong personality can be a little overwhelming at times. “I am the Center of attraction in this house – take notice of me,” is what Feifei Cat seems to be saying to you. Proud of her hunting, Feifei Cat will be sure to bring you all her catches so that you can praise her kindly. Feifei Cat is quite an explorer, known to hunt far and wide until her tired body can take no more. Not one for hanging around much, Feifei Cat would much prefer going out to chase prey. Keep Feifei Cat stocked with toys and catnip mice to keep her entertained. She needs activity and will often initiate play with you or other animals in the household. Her behavior could very well border on aggression toward other animals. Feifei Cat needs to feel like she is number one, and has gone as far as using bad behavior to get her point across. Give Feifei Cat a place in the Sun when she returns from long excursions. This will rekindle the fire energy Feifei Cat needs to feel fulfilled.


        The Ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every two hours. To get a true picture of an animal, an exact time of birth is very helpful. From the Ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern of the chart itself. The Ascendant is the face we show to strangers – animal and human alike. We may view Feifei Cat as her Sun sign, but other will see the sign on the Ascendant first. The rising sign dictates how Feifei Cat portrays herself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see when Feifei Cat is in her home environment. Learn more about how others view Feifei Cat.

Scorpio Rising:

        Your perfect black cat. Why is it that every time you want to find Feifei Cat, she turns up missing in action? Feifei Cat proves to be quite the mystery. No one is allowed to find her secret domain and this is where she will hide from others when need be. Feifei Cat likes it that way, so allow her the privacy she requires. This is where all her memorabilia is kept away from strangers’ eyes, such as the mouse remains she had last week, or your favorite wool sock. Feifei Cat keeps her secrets well hidden and will always be a mystery to you in many ways. It could be that the way she arrived at your front door was the first mystery. Seemingly out of nowhere, Feifei Cat appeared. She soon ingratiated herself with you, forming a strong and lasting bond. Feifei Cat is a major player in your household. She came in and wouldn’t budge. Soon you felt owned by Feifei Cat, instead of the other way around. Feifei Cat does not like to share your affections with other animals and will let them know in no uncertain terms.


        The Sun is Feifei Cat’s source of energy and vitality. Its placement in her chart indicates Feifei Cat’s true identity, which may or may not always be apparent. Just watch the façade that appears when Feifei Cat is placed in the position of meeting newcomers. The side that she shows to others may be very different from the one you saw a few minutes ago when you were all alone with her. And that’s only after Feifei Cat trusts you enough to show it. The basic needs and patterns in Feifei Cat’s life are strongly influenced by the sign and placement of the Sun. This is where Feifei Cat puts her best paw forward. This is what Feifei Cat is really like when all barriers and inhibitions are removed. She gets recognition here sometimes, making a visible difference in your world, too. You will always remember Feifei Cat by the characteristics displayed by the Sun even if it’s just a quirk or habit. Sometimes it is beneficial in naming your new kitten to use your keen observation to help you find a suitable title to call her by. Try to determine what it is that makes her stand out from the rest by discovering the Sun sign individuality of your cat.

Sun in Sagittarius:

        Feifei Cat is truly wild at heart; it takes a lot of convincing to keep her as an indoor cat. Never far from the window sill, Feifei Cat is much more interested in what’s happening outdoors. her head often follows the direction of any bird or squirrel that might pass through her territory. Dreams keep Feifei Cat active on the chase as demonstrated by her little paws in movement. Feifei Cat may enjoy a romp in your yard if supervised. Her desire to roam is strong, making escape an ongoing possibility. The rest of the animals in your household all feel as if Feifei Cat is the spokesperson for the house. Everyone follows Feifei Cat’s direction and this can often get other animals in some difficulty. Feifei Cat may find herself suffering from injury owing to her careless activity. A restless curious soul that needs to explore all her options. Feifei Cat wants to know something about everyone and will bond with many in your household.

Sun in the 1st house:

        Feifei Cat is full of life and endless energy. When she approaches, what we see is a cat with attitude plus. There is no mistaking who is the boss when this feline enters a room. Others stand back and let her have center stage. Feifei Cat is a leader and others will follow her cue when it comes time for the hunt. They may also have to wait to eat because Feifei Cat has top priority in her house. A strong constitution gets Feifei Cat through thick and thin. She is a survivor from the beginning; there is no holding this kitty back.

Sun Square Neptune:

        Not making wise decisions, Feifei Cat may place her trust in the wrong person, putting herself in danger. Know where your kitty is at all times and protect her from those who might do her harm. Children can be one source that Feifei Cat places her trust in, which may not always be a safe bet when she gets stifled with affectionate little hands. Keep water nearby and a favorite fish tank to provide Feifei Cat with the type of environment needed for relaxation.


        The Moon tells us how Feifei Cat bonds emotionally with us and her other feline friends. It’s hard to believe, but cats really are moved by emotions – some more than others. If you ever really want to know what makes your kitty enjoy life look to the Moon sign. Soon you will discover what she can’t live without. It could be something as simple as a catnip mouse, but it will bring lasting enjoyment and a bond with you that will be memorable for life. Learn what your cat desires the most.

Moon in Taurus:

        Fixed in her loyalties, Feifei Cat prefers to decorate your favorite chair with her presence. Noted for her attention-getting meow – you might mistake it for a musical note. It won’t stop you from noticing how really beautiful Feifei Cat is, and then you’re hooked. Take Feifei Cat into your arms once and she’ll have you under her spell. A warm and wonderful cat that will give you all the love and affection you need. Assisting you with your artwork or decorating projects, Feifei Cat enjoys being a part of indoor activity as well as helping you with gardening chores. Give Feifei Cat her own little pile of dirt to play with. Plant the cat grass or catnip and stand back. It won’t be long before Feifei Cat makes a bed of it to lie in. Despite her carnivorous needs she might enjoy a few sprouts of the cat grass added to her plate. This can help balance digestion needs and make Feifei Cat’s breath fresh again.

Moon in the 6th house:

        Feifei Cat loves to care for you and the other animals in your house. She is often seen holding down another cat or dog and giving them a licking so that they must submit or be cast out. Feifei Cat will not be happy in a one-cat household. She needs work and will not be content until that need is satisfied. Feifei Cat is a good mouser and all-around protector of house and yard from a variety of critters. Her proud capture is often displayed at your feet or on the front steps. Her real contentment will come when you sit and communicate with her. More comforting than most cats, Feifei Cat will sit in your lap and allow you to pet her for hours, somehow helping you to release tension and troubling thoughts from your mind. She senses this is a duty she can do for you and will gladly build the emotional bond it takes to win your affection for life.

Moon Opposition Jupiter:

        Watch Feifei Cat’s diet and prevent ingestion of poisonous substances by keeping toxins in a safe place. A desire to overeat, especially food that is not good for her, may cause digestive or liver problems. Feifei Cat may require a special diet to prevent upsets.

Moon Sextile Neptune:

        Feifei Cat is seen as being the kindest animal on earth. Letting others go before her to the feeding bowl, Feifei Cat will never complain or start trouble. Extremely intuitive, Feifei Cat can tell you when the weather will change or if your mood is troubled. It’s gotten so that you can predict rain when you see Feifei Cat washing her face with her paw. Knowing how to calm a troubled mind, Feifei Cat instinctually sees how to divert your attention elsewhere. A true inspiration to her kind, Feifei Cat will never let you down or expect anything in return for what she gives to you. Just an occasional plate of tuna fish will do to show how much you care.


        Mercury, the planet of communications, suggests how felines communicate with us. There are many different forms of communication besides meowing. Body language will also give us clues into what our cats want. But their most important form of communication is reflected in their ability to send messages telepathically. Some cats are better at this than others but equally important is our receptiveness to such information. We all know how Feifei Cat can get her point across when she wants to. Now learn what you can do to facilitate greater sensitivity to what it is your cat has to say.

Mercury in Sagittarius:

        This cat is a wild spirit hard to tame – you may want to include Feifei Cat in walks through the woods. Her desire is to be a part of the wild again and she resorts to instinct to survive naturally. This need may prevent her from ever being a complete house cat. Travel is most important on Feifei Cat’s agenda – you may want to include many friends that she can visit on her route. The neighbor’s goat or horse can all be included in Feifei Cat’s daily visits. Known for being the diplomat amongst animals, Feifei Cat may see to it that all get along and know their pecking order.

Mercury in the 2nd house:

        Feifei Cat enjoys having her own personal area where toys and trinkets can be stashed away for enjoyment. Feifei Cat can be very possessive and any animal who accidentally encounters her personal possessions will be punished. A fierceness is shown when protecting young or food. Provide a separate bowl for feeding Feifei Cat. What’s hers is hers, and let no one else decide otherwise. Feifei Cat will not accept unexpected intrusion. Slow to respond to play activities, Feifei Cat will be limited to activities that are more self-motivated. The job for Feifei Cat is to accumulate more toys in any way she can. Don’t be surprised if you have to eliminate some of the less viable that have been accumulated along the way.

Mercury Sextile Mars:

        Remarkably agile, Feifei Cat shows an accuracy and dexterity while performing feats not seen before. It’s either all or none with this speed demon. Feifei Cat does nothing halfway and puts everything into the effort, then takes a catnap until next time. The immense amount of energy she expends makes her tired. Nap time comes in 14 to 16 hour intervals with a two hour intermission to eat and play.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn:

        This little sad sack needed your love to survive. Possibly, failure to thrive would have caused an early death. You took Feifei Cat into your arms and knew she was yours for life. Smaller than most, Feifei Cat may have been considered the runt of the litter. Slower to learn the language of humans, Feifei Cat just assumed everyone could understand telepathy. You must admit, Feifei Cat is extremely persistent and will get her point across no matter what it takes, sometimes waiting patiently for hours until you comply with her wishes. Feifei Cat will eventually win by default.

Mercury Trine Uranus:

        This high-strung kitten probably drove you crazy as she climbed up curtain rods and lampshades. A ball of energy, Feifei Cat just can’t wait to pounce. Keep this feline highly entertained with toys made of catnip (to soothe her nerves). Try throwing a ball or other small toy and watch as Feifei Cat high dives and somersaults to retrieve it, and just as quickly returns it for your next throw. She has a finely tuned nervous system – you can actually watch the wheels moving as Feifei Cat contemplates her next attack.


        Venus shows us how sociable Feifei Cat can be. It gives us a clue as to what she is attracted to. This can range from inanimate objects to objects of desire. Venus exerts an energy that attracts you and others to Feifei Cat like a magnet. How your feline returns this affection is revealed by Venus. Venus can determine whether Feifei Cat has a pleasant disposition or is of a less affectionate nature.

Venus in Sagittarius:

        Feifei Cat loves to wander near and far, almost like the town crier letting everyone know the latest news. Seen crying from the nearest treetop or high-rise, Feifei Cat will tell quite a tale. Feifei Cat makes friends with all species of animals without any difficulty. A bit wild in nature, she may not be the most affectionate cat, much preferring the wild to indoor life, at least while she is young. Keep Feifei Cat entertained by including her on a few of your own excursions. Bring Feifei Cat with you on the next vacation and watch what she has to say then.

Venus in the 1st house:

        The pick of the litter. Attractive and cute, Feifei Cat charmed her way right into your heart. A pleasant melody to her meow is an extra bonus. A love of music could have Feifei Cat making the top of the stereo speakers her home. There’s a rhythm to her purr that falls right in step with any music that may be playing. Her long meow seem to be singing to you. She is affectionate by nature – you can count on Feifei Cat to want frequent attention.


        Mars shows how Feifei Cat expresses her energy and enthusiasm for life. Mars gives passion and vitality to the place in the astrology chart where it is located.

Mars in Libra:

        A matchmaker of sorts, Feifei Cat will enjoy many relationships before finding the right combination. Capable of allowing other animals to be in control, Feifei Cat just wants everyone to get along. A mediator, she can be seen getting between tiffs and disagreements before they start.

Mars in the 11th house:

        Friends are top priority for Feifei Cat. A prairie dog or ferret has much to teach her. Even the birds and iguanas have a lot to say to her. These are all animals that Feifei Cat considers to be kin. She is a true party animal that enjoys the company of many. A multi-pet household suits Feifei Cat just fine.

Mars Sextile Mercury:

        Feifei Cat gets her point across without too much effort. Words and actions speak loudly. It’s not uncommon to find Feifei Cat trying persuade you to open a can of tuna by meowing and making a ruckus until you’re forced to acknowledge her presence.

Mars Sextile Saturn:

        Feifei Cat is one tough cookie. She is hard as nails – you have to admire Feifei Cat just for her sheer determination. Often a survivor of some harsh environment, Feifei Cat lives to tell all. She gives off that “don’t mess with me” attitude and others take heed. Feifei Cat can show her dominant and forceful personality when you try to introduce another animal into the household. It would be best to give plenty of time and space for introductions, whether human or animal.

Mars Opposition Uranus:

        Feifei Cat’s fast and impulsive actions leave little to the imagination. You may have to clean up the pieces of anything left in her path. She can turn on a dime, but Feifei Cat’s reaction time is not always accurate, leaving her missing her mark. Give her an “A” for effort and try not to laugh too hard when she runs into the sliding door. Kitties do have feelings and a sense of pride, you know.


        Jupiter is where the window of opportunity opens up for Feifei Cat. This is where Feifei Cat finds her fun. Pleasant memories from these times provide a lifetime of happiness for Feifei Cat. Jupiter’s influence is truly beneficial in most cases but can also suggest an area of excess, with food being the major culprit.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

        This ardent and affectionate feline owns you and you had better get used to it. Be sure to make her aware that you know this. Feifei Cat won’t take kindly to sharing your attention and prefers to have you to herself. Feifei Cat is self-reliant and resourceful when it comes to survival. Her enthusiasm will be felt by all and there are not many who can resist her ardent nature. She loves a mystery and can be found investigating territory where others are afraid. Fearless.

Jupiter in the 12th house:

        Despite others’ cruel intentions, Feifei Cat has come out a survivor. Truly an animal with nine lives. You’ve often wondered if Feifei Cat had a guardian angel who went through life with her. Feifei Cat can contribute mostly by visiting hospitals or nursing homes where she brings joy to many. Being a prison cat for the inmates to spoil would be an interesting life for Feifei Cat.

Jupiter Opposition Moon:

        Clingy or aloof, Feifei Cat can be either way – depending on what strikes her. Are you deserving of her attention? Then you have nothing to worry about. Slip up once and Feifei Cat lets you know it by snubbing you in a very recognizable fashion. She is fond of overeating with a tendency to obesity.

Jupiter Trine Neptune:

        Feifei Cat can spend hours watching the aquarium or attempting to fish from your back yard pond. Not afraid of water, Feifei Cat thinks nothing of attempting to catch supper. Feed Feifei Cat a variety of greens including kelp and cat grass. Feifei Cat tests well for psychic ability. She is able to understand you without words and much prefers to do so. Sensitive to sound and music, Feifei Cat will let you know what is enjoyable or not.


        Saturn shows us where there is restraint or obstructions in Feifei Cat’s life. Saturn also shows us lessons Feifei Cat needs to learn in life and how she might accomplish this. This is where Feifei Cat learns to be resourceful and how to survive in life.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

        Feifei Cat is well trusted by all. Baby sitter to your children or other litters of kittens, she is a good provider and teacher to all. She is athletically inclined – you might catch a glimpse as Feifei Cat runs by with her latest catch. Is it volley ball she is playing, or just a playful game of possum?

Saturn in the 2nd house:

        Feifei Cat’s origins may have been from poverty but she sure got lucky when she met you. Even if you are not wealthy, Feifei Cat gets first class treatment and expects it. You even provide for her in your will, stating who is to care for old Feifei Cat cat once you are gone. Feifei Cat will enjoy being surrounded by gifts and toys you provide for her. Make her feel like the fat sassy cat she is and give her her own personal bed.

Saturn Conjunct Mercury:

        There is nothing Feifei Cat does that is not precise. Every move is planned and right on the mark. Feifei Cat’s study of the environment shows her exactly where to make the best score. She talks to you in very understandable terms that show you precisely how to respond.

Saturn Sextile Mars:

        Feifei Cat’s focus cannot be deterred once initiated. If there’s a chipmunk to be caught or a mouse that has to be relocated, Feifei Cat is the one to do the job. Feifei Cat can plan precisely how to go about this with her intense study of the object. Whoever said cats are not intelligent must not have met Feifei Cat.

Saturn Trine Uranus:

        Feifei Cat is the leader of all the other animals in your household, including you. Her intuition is extremely strong which helps her to develop plans to solve any problems. She is very ingenious and inventive in all she attempts. Opening doors and cabinets is not a problem; even locks won’t keep Feifei Cat out.


        Uranus demonstrates genius and intuitive abilities. Feifei Cat’s independence is strongly influenced by where Uranus falls in her chart. This is where Feifei Cat’s talents lie – waiting for you to discover them by subtle communication.

Uranus in Aries:

        Feifei Cat shows independent ambition that is unlike any other cat. She is very resourceful and capable of withstanding long periods out on her own. This may be the situation that Feifei Cat is presented with when offensive or misunderstood behavior gets her in trouble. Cast out on her own where survival of the fittest is the main theme, Feifei Cat will usually fare well. Feifei Cat’s desire to roam and her fondness for change may contribute to the many different places she calls home.

Uranus in the 5th house:

        Feifei Cat’s favorite perch is on top of your computer. A lover of video and computer games, she can often be found trying to paw the screen. Music can be relaxing and soothing to Feifei Cat’s soul. She is known to take more than a few risks, so it will be hard putting any restraints on Feifei Cat. With an unusual attraction to odd or eccentric creatures, Feifei Cat may decide to adopt a few to pal around with. Drawn to different species, Feifei Cat can often be seen with the local horse or raccoon in the neighborhood.

Uranus Trine Mercury:

        Feifei Cat has signs of being a genius but her eccentricities may prevent you from realizing it. Capable of lofty intentions, she soon makes her way into your heart and home. Despite maintaining an independent attitude, Feifei Cat can be found taking over your bed and your entire household. Feifei Cat’s unusual ways may have you wondering about reincarnation. Highly intuitive, Feifei Cat knows exactly how to manipulate you for gain of food or treat.

Uranus Opposition Mars:

        Nervous energy may rob Feifei Cat of the strength she needs to survive on her own. Feifei Cat’s stubborn and persistent nature is not always enough to carry her through to completion. Find healthy outlets for all that aggressive energy that she finds so necessary to show. You are not likely to sway Feifei Cat once she has made up her mind to do something.

Uranus Trine Saturn:

        A keen intuition allows Feifei Cat to communicate with little effort.  Before you know it you’ll have her signals down pat so that you never have to put up with the incredulous looks she gives you. Her indignation can only go so far, and if looks could kill, Feifei Cat would win hands down. Feifei Cat is very ingenious and can outsmart any plan you have for her. Her abilities will be more than surprising, particularly when it comes to her ability to navigate through sheer air. A lover of high places, Feifei Cat would like an adequate supply of cat trees to climb. The rescue squad and ladder may be necessary to retrieve her if she wanders too near power lines and tall trees. It is best to keep this little darling indoors or her desire for daring aerial endeavors could get her in trouble.


        Neptune shows you where and how Feifei Cat spends her spare time. Where does Feifei Cat’s imagination take her when you are not there? Does she have a favorite escape that you are unaware of? What fantasy truly inspires Feifei Cat and sends her to nirvana? Feifei Cat returns here often when stressed, or just for fun. Neptune shows where she can achieve the same sensation with a little help from you.

Neptune in Pisces:

        Feifei Cat may have come from a shelter and have a retiring nature, but that does not stop her from being well liked. She is the recipient of kind action as well as the one to give aid to others, and cheerfully so. The most compassionate cat you’ve ever found, Feifei Cat usually is the type to give of herself regularly and without fail. Feifei Cat’s fantasy includes large bodies of water where she can watch as fish are caught and fed to her fresh.

Neptune in the 3rd house:

        Psychic and quite capable of carrying on a conversation with you without words or meows, Feifei Cat has eyes that say it all. Communication is seldom difficult unless you’re not paying attention. She is fond of traveling, especially to water. Feifei Cat will relish the idea of watching you fish for dinner. A fantasy that brings her near nirvana would be to sail the seas with you eating the catch of the day.

Neptune Square Sun:

        Feifei Cat lives in her own little imaginary world. Reclusive and reticent, Feifei Cat may have difficulty expressing her emotions. Nicknamed the scaredy cat, Feifei Cat may need to be shown a loving touch and a lot of patience to get out of her shell.

Neptune Sextile Moon:

        Feifei Cat can alert you to danger and has a special ability to understand things. Old beyond her years, Feifei Cat may surprise you with her capabilities and wisdom. Feifei Cat inspires you to live your life to the fullest. She gives you reason to go on just with one look of those sensitive all-knowing eyes.

Neptune Trine Jupiter:

        Feifei Cat gains confidence by her ability to win you over. Often receiving honors for efforts well done in the past, Feifei Cat makes you proud to own her. A hero in your eyes, Feifei Cat lives up to her virtuous abilities by all standards. Everything she does, she does with precision. Feifei Cat is capable of cutting through the fog and getting to the core of any problem that presents itself. Feifei Cat wins her way into your heart by sheer determination alone. A cat you won’t easily forget.


        Pluto is where Feifei Cat finds release from those powers that bind her. Old conditions that are no longer useful are eliminated. Obsessive or compulsive behavior that needs to be eliminated or changed will be here. Pluto forces Feifei Cat to deal with it. Pluto shows her how to transform for better or worse, and you may be the most likely Pluto character in Feifei Cat’s chart. An awareness that nothing is permanent helps Feifei Cat accept the challenge that loss has brought her to where she is. Feifei Cat will find many new beginnings where Pluto falls in her chart. A constant renewal and regeneration awaits her there. Although not usually very malleable, Feifei Cat learns that this is where she must change to continue as planned. Feifei Cat soon sees that change can be good when she senses the improvement in your acceptance of her.

Pluto in Capricorn:

        Top cat for all to see, Feifei Cat has a magnetic personality that takes her far. Others need only be submissive to receive the full attention of Feifei Cat. Give Feifei Cat the authority she requires to be number one in your household. This may even include you. An excellent provider, Feifei Cat will be sure to leave you little surprises on occasion, just to prove how well she can care for you.

Pluto in the 2nd house:

        Feifei Cat needs to feel she has complete control over her stuff. The accumulation of many things can be found in different hiding places throughout the house. If another animal decides to play with one of these objects they soon feel the consequences; Feifei Cat’s demonstration of authority is one lesson not soon forgotten.