The Poppe Forecast Report is well-written, specific and detailed, with suggestions on how to best deal with the astrological influences.  This report allows you to select which aspects, transiting planets, and natal planets are desired so that you can produce reports with a varying degrees of detail. There are interpretations of the traditional aspects (conjunction, oppostion, square, trine, and sextile). Art’s report includes semi-square, sesquiquadrate, and quincunx aspects. Another unique feature of this report is that you can interpret transiting midpoint structures, either transiting planet to natal midpoint and/or transiting midpoint to natal planet.

The Poppe Forecast Report for

Alan McElroy

October 17, 1955

8:35 AM

Spokane, Washington

December 5, 2018 – January 5, 2019


Your Astro-Forecast begins on the next page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as “July 1, 1993 (June 15, 1993 to July 15, 1993)”, then it starts in mid-June, reaches greatest intensity around July 1, and ends in mid-July. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the “peak date”. The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached. An influence may last for as little as a week to as long as half a year or so.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. In some cases the beginning and ending dates of the 2 influences are the same; the only difference between the 2 interpretations is the peak date. This means that this particular influence has two peak dates instead of one. It is even possible for there to be three or more peak dates for the same astrological influence. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

You may be wondering what the funny abbreviations after the dates are. For example, you may see “Sat Conj Plu”, “Ura Trine Nep”, etc. These abbreviations are given for the benefit of astrologers and they show the astrological factor that is in effect.

We hope you enjoy your Astro-Forecast. For the benefit of astrologers, some technical details are given below.

Tropical/Koch   NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:

  Sun=23LI32    Moo=15SC05    Mer=15LI34    Ven= 5SC49    Mar= 2LI42

  Jup=26LE03    Sat=20SC17    Ura= 2LE07    Nep=27LI49    Plu=28LE08

  Nod=20SA05    Asc=18SC59     MC= 4VI53    2H.=14SA33    3H.=15CP32

  5H.=29PI38    6H.=24AR23


Natal: Sun Moo Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Nod Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Nod

            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB

Conj    (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos   (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr     ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine   (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil   ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx   (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

SSqr    ( 45 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Sesqu   (135 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min


Natal: Sun Moo Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Nod Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Nod

            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB

Conj    (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos   (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Dec 5, 2018      1 AM (Dec 4, 2018 to Dec 6, 2018)                             a m l

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Let  the  buyer  be  very  aware!  There  is  a  very  powerful  potential  for  misunderstandings  and  deceptions  present  with  this  transit.  The  main  objective  now  is  not  to  be  taken  advantage  of.  If  you  are  in  a  scandalous  situation,  DUCK,  as  the  bottom  may  fall  out  now.

    Wishful thinking should be avoided because it has nothing to do with reality. Surrendering to others is a possibility, but unfortunate as deceptions and lies will be present while dealing with others. Your mind is unclear and susceptible to illusions of what could be, rather than what really is. IDEAS AGREED TO now will CHANGE after this transit passes.

    I  know  it  is  difficult  to  believe  but  people  may  lie  to  you  or  deceive  you  for  their  own  gain  but  it  is  nevertheless  true.  Avoid  escapism  through  sexual  outlets,  drugs,  alcohol  (adverse  effects)  and  gambling  which  will  leave  you  broke.  Love  affairs  entered  into  now  are  UNREALISTIC.

    What is the difference between fact and rumors is the question that you might be asking yourself now? Make sure windows and doors are locked tight to keep unwanted nasties out! This is a low energy physical cycle, so include more rest time. Watch your diet and eat more natural foods to keep your inner workings in proper working order. Get rich schemes must not be attempted because you are vulnerable to deception.  Pregnancies can arise now that are unwanted and must be dealt with. Any judgements made now will be unwise.

Dec 5, 2018     10 PM (Dec 3, 2018 to Dec 8, 2018)                           f~h z S

    Good feelings, feeling happy for no reason, and charitable to your fellow man; this is one of those times; a softness in your personal style.

Dec 6, 2018      4 AM (Dec 6, 2018 to Dec 7, 2018)                             g < l

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    You  may  discover  that  you  have  been  betrayed  by  someone  very  dear  to  you  at  this  time,  as  deceptions  can  be  found  at  the  highest  levels  of  work,  government  or  domestic  life.  Getting  the  truth  from  others  is  not  promising,  and  avoid  potential  hazards  to  your  health  or  well  being  by  using  care  in  what  you  do.

    It is likely that you will be easily discouraged in your attempts to succeed and find your vitality is on the low side. Avoid wasted and destructive energies, impulsive actions, failures, misuse and abuse of others, criminal behavior and infections which are all side effects of this transit. You can find danger in the strangest places without having to go looking for it, mainly because you aren’t thinking about what you are doing. Remember, your ENERGY LEVELS WILL BE NON-EXISTENT.

    Refrain  from  offbeat  impulses  now,  they  will  only  get  you  into  trouble,  and  this  is  not  a  good  time  to  push  stressful  situations.  Keep  away  from  drugs  or  drinking  because  they  will  react  adversely  on  your  body  and  misunderstandings  with  others  will  be  easy  to  come  by,  you  won’t  have  to  go  looking  for  them,  they  will  find  you.

    Confusion and chaotic conditions can easily arrive in your life now and new ventures or business should wait a few days until the fog you call a mind clears. Dangerous conditions CAN exist around areas where escaping gas, toxic chemical or fumes, flammable liquids and gases are stored or located.

Dec 6, 2018      8 AM (Dec 6, 2018 to Dec 7, 2018)                             f c k

    Vacation plans can go right out the window at this time and sudden and upsetting circumstances can bring separations from loved ones. Contracts and agreements can easily be broken now, or you can be attracted to weird things in life, although they may not be necessarily good for you. Love adventures that start now are likely to end as soon as the transit does. Don’t try to convince people to make changes, they might not react too well to it.

    Relationships  will  be  very  disruptive  for  a  couple  of  days  as  some  moody  characteristics  can  emerge.  Repressed  emotions,  unfaithfulness,  bohemian  attitudes,  a  lack  of  direction  and  impulse  spending  are  effects  of  this  transit.  This  is  an  unfavorable  time  for  trying  out  new  ideas  or  products.  Avoid  any  risks  in  love  and  friendships,  so  learn  to  take  your  time  in  relationships,  don’t  get  carried  away  now.

Dec 6, 2018           (Dec 5, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019)                          a 2nd H.

    The Sun has now entered your 2nd house. But what does the monthly position of the Sun mean to you and how will it effect your life at this time?

    Money  matters,  enjoyment  of  what  you  have  accrued  materially,  resources,  relationships  (Looked  upon  as  things  you  own),  showing  off  for  others  in  a  material  way,  pleasures,  amusement  and  financial  speculation  are  highlighted  by  the  Sun  this  month.

    Paying outstanding bills, taxes or loans are also 2nd house matters. Raises in pay and increased sales can occur as well. Items purchased on credit increase. Look at the aspects to the Sun this month to see what you will accomplish.

Dec 7, 2018     11 AM (Nov 27, 2018 to Dec 9, 2018)                          d~f z s

    Creative endeavors can be colored with emotional expression; discussions about love and romance; increased sensitivity and affection for others; teasing others emotionally; feeling nervous around women.

Dec 7, 2018      6 PM (Dec 6, 2018 to Dec 8, 2018)                             a n d

    Speak your mind in any way you need to because now is the time. This is an excellent time for romantic encounters or a special trip to a place with no return address or a rendezvous of some sort.

    The  thought  and  speech  process  are  clear  as  a  bell  and  ready  for  ringing.  If  you  have  to  give  a  speech  or  think  out  problems  to  a  successful  conclusion,  this  is  the  time.  Business  will  go  well  if  other  aspects  support  it.

    News that arrives at this time is bound to be very gratifying and if you are awaiting news involving finances, this can be a very exciting time for you. Contracts can be agreed to and settlements can come to a head now.

    This  aspect  is  known  for  letting  the  phone  ring  off  the  wall  with  activity  and  keeps  you  extremely  busy.  Present  your  new  ideas  to  those  in  authority  NOW!  Romance,  social  affairs,  pleasure  trips,  studying,  publishing,  dieting,  buying  clothes  and  personal  hygiene  are  all  under  favorable  auspices.

Dec 8, 2018           (Nov 26, 2018 to Dec 20, 2018)                         h~A z g

    Working with others can really bring success to you at this time; added intensity to your personality; completing plans and meetings; an urging to keep contacts and communications with others open.

Dec 8, 2018     10 PM (Dec 6, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                          f~h z j

    Timber! Reality is coming up to your cloud, and plummeting you to earth with a mighty roar; caution is advised in all of your dealings; there can be a very noticeable change in mood regarding a loved one; difficulty in the assimilation of carbohydrates; an interest in business; caution in giving advice to others.

Dec 9, 2018      7 AM (Dec 8, 2018 to Dec 10, 2018)                            a < k

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Freedom  is  needed,  sought  and  desired  at  all  costs  at  this  time,  especially  from  circumstances  that  have  you  tied  down  or  restricted  in  some  way.  Sudden  romances  can  begin  at  this  time  and  end  just  as  quickly  when  this  transit  does,  so  don’t  expect  anything  long  term  from  it.  This  is  an  unfavorable  time  for  any  group  activities.

    This can be a time of electrical fires, so be more aware of the hazards in your surroundings. Murphys Law is in full effect now, so if it can go wrong it will, now! Hold on to something and prepare for a shock in your life! This is not a good time for private negotiations because disappointments of the major kind are to be expected.

    You  will  experience  difficulties  in  expressing  yourself  and  that  is  hard  to  do  with  your  foot  in  your  mouth.  Separations  from  others  is  possible  at  this  time  because  either  of  you  or  both  need  your  own  space.  You  will  have  the  advice  potential  of  a  blind  man,  you  won’t  see  it,  or  take  it.

Dec 9, 2018      3 PM (Dec 8, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                            g b s

    This is a great transit for physical work, especially if you are moving, rearranging, working in the garden or other projects that involve physical exertion. Do it yourself projects are highly favored as well as real estate transactions and being with family and friends, especially if you are smoothing over differences and making adjustments in relationships.

Dec 9, 2018           (Oct 23, 2018 to Jan 9, 2019)                            ; < D

    Passion and strong feelings will increase that will be difficult to deal with now and research and studies are favored. You may be working in an undesirable environment around virus’s and bacteria in some way.

    A  great  deal  of  pressure  is  on  you  to  make  changes  in  your  goals  and  life  direction  now,  just  be  careful  not  to  let  your  actions  make  those  around  you  oppose  your  ideas.

    Changes against your will can take place at this time, just don’t waste your energies trying to fight the system, instead go with the flow. Tensions are sure to surface and home repairs and changes of residence is possible.

Dec 10, 2018     4 AM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                           d c ;

    A danger of this transit is forcing your point of views on others, or just coming on too strong with your opinions. If you handle it diplomatically however, you can enlighten people around you with your views that shed light on an issue. Compulsive thinking now can cause confusion and a serious frame of mind. This is a difficult time for business and no contracts or agreements should be formulated at this time.

    Conditions  are  right  for  fraudulent  misrepresentations  and  the  possibility  for  THEFTS  or  misunderstandings  is  very  high.  This  is  a  good  time  to  avoid  people  trying  to  sell  you  anything  over  the  phone.

Dec 10, 2018     9 AM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                           g ? d

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustration.

    This is an excellent time to adopt a wait and see attitude before considering any actions as you can easily get yourself into situations you may regret later otherwise. Phone calls that arrive now may be a cry for help, but weigh all of the possibilities very carefully. From this energy comes the expression “When in doubt, DON’T!”

    Did  you  ever  have  one  of  those  days  when  you  were  obsessed  with  calling  someone?  This  is  the  time!  It  is  as  though  you  are  being  drawn  into  a  force  field  that  annoys  you  into  making  that  call  you  are  either  scared  to  do  or  feel  apprehensive  about.

    You may also have strong psychic connections to others that prompts phone calls as well, or obsessions that people are thinking about you that can be overwhelming at times.

    Business  negotiations  are  not  favored  at  this  time  and  delays  in  shipments  and  transportation  breakdowns  can  be  very  frustrating.  You  will  be  more  susceptible  to  infectious  diseases  for  a  few  days,  so  slow  down  your  life  to  gain  optimum  results.  This  is  one  of  those  times  that  others  can  goad  you  into  gossip  so  if  you  can,  refuse  to  get  involved  in  it.  Health  conditions  may  affect  the  arms  and  feet  at  this  time.

    Watch your mouth in all situations! Heated emotional arguments can easily occur. Think twice (perhaps three) before speaking. Situations requiring quick thinking should be avoided, as your thinking will be faulty. Control those outbursts, they will only get you into trouble.

    Accident  potential  is  rated  high  now,  so  use  care  when  around  machinery  or  sharp  instruments.  You  will  be  very  quick  to  take  offense  to  the  remarks  of  others,  just  blame  it  on  the  stars.  Fights  and  disputes  are  high  on  the  list  for  this  time.  Problems  are  likely  to  arise  in  the  areas  of  finance  and  romance.

Dec 10, 2018    11 AM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                           f n D

    This is not a day to be alone, so go to the park and introduce yourself to someone new. Be with friends and loved ones if you can, you will both enjoy and grow from the experience.

Dec 10, 2018     3 PM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 11, 2018)                         a~g x k

    Unleashed energy that is impulsive and excitable, drawing sudden circumstances or people to you; sudden events arise; overexertion; competitiveness; indifference to pain and struggles; unexpected problems in activities; premature actions and hastiness; impulsive behavior; accidents.

Dec 10, 2018     6 PM (Dec 9, 2018 to Dec 12, 2018)                            f m A

    This is a MINOR influence and aspect, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    You  will  not  be  concerned  with  artistic,  social  and  sexual  points  of  view  at  this  time.  Business  is  likely  to  slow  down  as  well  as  your  income.  Traditional  music,  art  and  social  attitudes  are  favored  rather  than  abstract  forms.

Dec 11, 2018     2 AM (Dec 8, 2018 to Dec 13, 2018)                          f~k x k

    Love adventures and excitement are highlighted; temptations which must be satisfied; admiration from others for your innovative insights; more harmony with people in your life who are somewhat rebellious or unusual.

Dec 11, 2018     6 PM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 13, 2018)                           f z f

    Relationships can start up here with the blink of an eye that will prove to be very satisfying. You may enjoy art, museums and see the beauty in all things you may not have noticed before. You will be feeling very affectionate to everyone around you. If you have the urge, take the initiative and strike up a conversation with someone new. If you start a relationship during this transit the results may startle you in a very favorable way.

    Business  or  any  relations  with  women  are  very  favorable  during  this  transit.

Dec 12, 2018     4 AM (Dec 12, 2018 to Dec 13, 2018)                           a z A

    Your popularity and self expression are soaring, so enjoy it while it lasts. Creative endeavors can receive honors, recognition and acceptance. Success through romance, speculation or dealings with children is favored at this time. You may assume a leadership role.

    Intellectual  contacts  and  meetings  can  take  place  where  you  can  assume  a  role  to  work  as  a  team.  Relationships  with  the  public  become  more  important  and  a  woman  can  be  united  with  a  man.

Dec 12, 2018     1 PM (Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)                         a~l x k

    Misunderstandings and disagreements can take place in relationships; psychic impressions or knowledge may come to you; you will become more excitable than at other times; sudden weakness; muscle spasms; nervous disorders.

Dec 12, 2018     6 PM (Dec 11, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)                           g < k

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    You  will  find  that  projects  you  are  working  on  or  activities  STOP  temporarily  and  your  health  may  not  be  at  its  best  now.  Have  you  been  overdoing  it  physically?  An  Illness  is  a  strong  possibility  now,  arriving  quite  suddenly  to  remind  us  that  we  are  human  and  we  need  a  break!  You  wouldn’t  slow  down,  so  your  body  reacted  with  an  illness.  Get  the  point?

    Explosive situations can easily get out of control at this time, and changes will seem to be imposed on you rather than chosen. Be aware that freak accidents are very possible during this transit!

    It’s  easy  to  lose  your  cool  more  easily  now  and  understand  that  uncommon  happenings  happen  and  most  probably  to  you.  Physical  upsets  can  be  experienced  as  well  as  traffic  jams,  potential  fires  and  bad  tempered  people.

    The influence of this transit is one of being enveloped in a cloud of constant negativity and you may find yourself just trying to get a break from yourself. Money becomes nonexistent temporarily, but like all things there is a positive side. It forces you to finish tasks that you have been working on and bring them to a successful conclusion. Once this transit ends, then everything goes back to normal, whatever normal is.

    Expect  nervous  tension  and  an  irritable  nature  to  be  your  friend  for  the  next  couple  of  days,  so  spend  some  time  by  yourself  and  avoid  getting  into  tiffs  with  close  friends  and  associates.

    Temporarily, you will be very erratic in your actions for no apparent reason. Avoid working on or near electrical equipment, wiring, appliances, machinery, sharp tools, fireworks or automobiles until after this transit passes. Do not give into the peer pressure that dares you to do something out of the ordinary. If this situation does arise, you might want to consider new friends. Your behavior might cause separations or permanent breakups of relationships, friends and family.

Dec 12, 2018    10 PM (Dec 12, 2018 to Dec 13, 2018)                           a m f

    A MINOR aspect and influence, but can take on much more importance if connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Uncontrolled  romantic  attachments  and  pleasure  seeking  may  be  all  in  vain  and  cost  you  a  bundle  in  the  process.    Be  careful  not  to  smother  people  with  affections,  or  let  them  get  an  emotional  hold  on  you  that  you  cannot  break.  Remember  that  affections  will  not  be  returned  by  others.

    Emotional slights can cut like a knife even more so under this transit, so use caution in the remarks department at this time. This transit is notorious for overindulgence in the social and sexual department. This isn’t the best time for a party because you can easily go overboard in the food department leaving you with a refrigerator full of leftovers.

    Actually  what  is  going  on  here  is  a  childish  need  for  attention  that  desperately  needs  fulfilling  in  whatever  form  it  takes.  All  interests  now  will  focus  on  being  self  centered,  so  deal  with  it  however  you  have  to.

Dec 13, 2018     3 PM (Dec 12, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)                           d m d

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    This  short  period  will  not  be  beneficial  to  try  and  discuss  matters  with  others  because  the  mind  is  inflexible  and  not  willing  to  compromise.  The  Ego  may  be  out  of  sync  with  others  and  verbal  confrontations  can  be  expected  with  heavy  oppositions  to  your  ideas.  Wait  for  another  more  prosperous  day  to  make  your  point  to  others.  Concerns  for  brothers  or  sisters  can  cause  agitation  in  relationships  and  everyday  matters  and  insignificant  problems  will  be  of  greater  concern  than  normal.

    Incoming news may be upsetting and the thinking process will be slow and seem to be very fuzzy. How can you grasp new concepts when your mind is not functioning at its peak? Simply reschedule that meeting for another day. A fidgety type of composure exists with the urge to go and do, but you may not be sure of just what it is you should do. Patience will be non existent at this time that can cause mistakes. Stay away from stimulants which will only upset the inner you.

Dec 13, 2018     6 PM (Dec 12, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)                         d~f z S

    This is a wonderful time to be with others, because they will appreciate you as much as you enjoy being with them; a beautiful setting which reflects love and beauty; good news can arrive now about money matters that are decided in your favor, perhaps from a woman.

Dec 14, 2018     1 AM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 15, 2018)                         d~j z A

    People that you have meetings, contacts and associations with at this time can be beneficial to you; attracting people who are deep thinkers.

Dec 15, 2018     6 AM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018)                         d~f z j

    The mind is filled with serious matters, helping you to become more practical in your needs making you more realistic; a great time for sharing ideas and views with others which can be beneficial to you.

Dec 15, 2018     8 AM (Dec 13, 2018 to Dec 17, 2018)                         a~k x h

    Sudden recognition can come to you now for work done in the past which is sure to bring gratification to the delicate ego; phone calls from people who admire what you do, and are enthusiastic about your work; personal ambition; added protection for health.

Dec 15, 2018     8 AM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018)                           d b k

    Unexpected communications can come and original thinking on your part can develop into wonderful projects. There can be many short trips or a friend may call and invite you to dinner. Dreams can bring new insights into problems and new areas of life.

    The  mind  becomes  very  curious  about  all  kinds  of  things,  the  more  way  out  the  concept,  the  better  you  will  like  it.  Should  you  be  learning  something  new,  you  will  pick  up  the  subject  at  hand  with  great  ease.

    Sudden intuitive insights can present marvelous solutions and sudden good news can arrive that takes you completely by surprise. Unexpected short trips that prove to be profitable or information received can be quite different and unusual to some degree. Phone lines can get real fuzzy and spontaneous reactions to situations is highly probable at this time.

   This  transit  favors  the  opening  of  formerly  unopened  doors  and  breaking  the  chains  that  bind  you.  Creative  sparks  that  occur  now  should  prove  very  exciting.

Dec 15, 2018     2 PM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 17, 2018)                           g b S

    You have harnessed tremendous energy now, what productive work are you going to do with it? You will be very impulsive in your actions at this time because you are ready for any activity that requires physical fortitude. Without a plan though, you can grind up your gears on the starting line, all go with no show!

    There  will  be  a  longing  to  get  a  move  on  in  any  field  or  endeavor  you  choose,  but  at  the  same  time  learn  to  mind  your  own  business  and  stay  out  of  other  peoples  affairs.  In  other  words  no  gossiping.

Dec 15, 2018     2 PM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018)                           a n a

    If other aspects point to it, this is a good day to put $1 on your favorite lotto number or other diversion of your choice.

    This  transit  characterizes  harmony  in  social  endeavors,  romantic  encounters,  self  expression,  energy  and  vitality,  educational  pursuits,  leadership  and  confidence  and  creativity.  Investments  may  pay  off  handsomely  now  and  pleasure  and  travel  trips  will  be  very  enjoyable.

Dec 15, 2018     9 PM (Dec 14, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018)                           d n g

    People involved in sales or communications will prosper and the home, property and family interests will be activated. Mental alertness now will bring quick decisions resulting in success. Total recall of past events aids you in discovering hidden elements of yourself. This is one of those time periods that supports sticking to your guns for what you believe in.

    Winning  arguments  can  be  easy  now  and  any  communications,  study,  writing  and  research  of  any  kind  will  be  fortunate.  This  is  an  excellent  placement  for  the  formulation  of  agreements  and  contracts  and  any  military  and  police  activities.

    This is an excellent transit to make peace with others, not war. Teach, council and help others. Short trips related to work are emphasized and last minute invitations to sporting events can arrive. This is an excellent time to do some investigative work into something you are curious about.

Dec 16, 2018          (Dec 12, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)                           h m a

    Practical considerations can go right out the window as you make some large scale errors in judgment. Never count on anything until you have it firmly in your hand especially under this transit, as what you hoped for can turn suddenly elusive and disappear from sight.

    This  is  not  the  time  to  bank  on  any  kind  of  sure  thing,  no  matter  how  “sure”  it  is.  Avoid  going  overboard  financially  or  in  business,  as  you  can  easily  spend  a  lot  more  than  you  intended  to  on  ANY  items  purchased.  This  is  not  the  time  for  any  kind  of  expansion,  so  you  would  be  better  off  waiting  until  this  aspect  is  over.  This  can  be  a  great  time  to  diet  because  you  can  lose  weight.

    You may quit your job because of ego conflicts and this is an unfortunate time for gambling, romance or business. Foolish optimism can bring heavy losses during this transit and be careful not to promise more than you can deliver, no matter how good the intentions.

    Expect  confrontations  that  can  easily  breed  hurt  feelings  in  others.  Overinflated  egos  can  get  in  the  way  of  important  issues,  so  avoid  being  arrogant  when  around  others,  they  don’t  need  to  feel  your  unhappiness.

    Should you be in the company of others, you will find it more important to espouse what your needs are, while completely ignoring theirs. Relationships may be very smothering right now, so carefully examine the cause.

    There  will  be  a  strong  temptation  to  go  for  something  “BIG”  now,  but  don’t  do  it  as  your  timing  is  wrong.  An  important  note:  Don’t  try  to  take  something  that  doesn’t  belong  to  you,  no  matter  how  small  or  trivial,  as  the  temptation  may  be  very  strong.

    Disagreements can easily occur with your boss, father or other person in authority over your ideas in general. Take this time to meditate, perhaps you will find the answer to your situation. You can use this time most effectively if you HIDE and let this transit pass away as gracefully as possible.

    This  is  not  the  time  to  get  involved  in  religious  matters  and  disputes  or  deal  with  legal  issues.  The  relationships  of  people  who  live  at  a  distance  from  you  will  not  be  doing  well  now  and  progress  and  success  in  your  life  will  face  some  heavy  obstacles  of  short  duration.

Dec 17, 2018     6 AM (Dec 15, 2018 to Dec 18, 2018)                           g c A

    Poor circumstances have arrived for business and professional endeavors temporarily and your behavior will be characterized as antisocial. There can be a dislike for social traditions and situations as well.

Dec 17, 2018     1 PM (Dec 16, 2018 to Dec 19, 2018)                           g b j

    This is a good time to call in markers from others and projects backed by skill and durability are favored. Relationships that are encountered now will be exciting and dependable and this is a good time to take care of details that will make your project more presentable. This is a favorable time for responsible leadership and overcoming obstacles becomes easy with this supporting influence.

    Big  changes  and  a  permanent  change  of  residence  is  possible  at  this  time.  Practical  considerations  will  be  made  over  impulsive  actions  which  should  keep  you  out  of  trouble  for  a  couple  of  days.

    This is a  great aspect for craftsmanship where precision requirements have to be adhered to and also favors dealing with the government or governmental agencies. This transit is a good influence for concentration and determination.

    Do  any  difficult  tasks  now,  as  it  makes  the  whole  process  easier.  Help  comes  to  you  when  you  need  it  most  and  focusing  on  a  single  goal  and  following  it  through  to  a  successful  conclusion  is  favored.  Go  after  what  you  want  now,  you  have  the  determination  to  bring  it  home.

Dec 17, 2018     9 PM (Dec 17, 2018 to Dec 18, 2018)                           d c D

    Disagreements are likely with others in your environment, so make decisions and stick to them. Things can easily get blown out of proportion so keep the issues in focus. This is a difficult time for people to meddle in your affairs, gossiping, health, dealing with the public or matters on the job. Your home and life are out of sync with each other.

Dec 18, 2018     1 AM (Dec 18, 2018 to Dec 19, 2018)                           a b h

    People in high places can be generous to your cause, but remember that sincerity always works best when approaching others. Good fortune may come knocking, so make sure you open the door! Health matters are doing much better during this transit as well.

    This  transit  also  favors  any  legal  decisions  that  have  been  pending.  It  is  also  a  wonderful  transit  to  ask  favors  from  others.  This  is  also  a  favorable  time  for  long  distance  travel  or  starting  a  trip.  A  lucky  break  may  very  well  come  for  you  now,  so  be  open  to  all  of  the  opportunities  that  can  easily  head  your  way.  This  is  an  excellent  time  for  all  dealings  with  others,  especially  in  business  and  educational  matters  and  changes  in  job  and  residence  can  occur.  This  transit  is  notorious  for  putting  on  weight,  so  stay  away  from  the  carbohydrates  and  stick  to  fruit  and  fiber  if  you  can.

    Money may suddenly appear from nowhere now, so enjoy the gift. Hopes and wishes can be granted to you perhaps just when you needed it, but remember to share your good fortune with others. You may become involved in a romance with someone very “foreign” to your ideals with good results. Recognition may also come for work or things done in the past.

Dec 18, 2018     8 AM (Dec 18, 2018 to Dec 19, 2018)                           g < f

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    There  is  no  excuse  for  any  abuse  in  relationships  especially  now  and  romantic  quarrels  are  apt  to  be  hot  and  heavy.  Problems  in  social  and  business  areas  are  likely  to  arise  so  watch  those  remarks  made  to  others,  as  they  can  cut  like  a  knife.  Avoid  any  purchases  of  extravagant  items  at  this  time,  as  they  may  have  to  be  returned  for  one  reason  or  another.  Learn  to  control  your  emotions  and  your  feelings.

    Rubbing people the wrong way is a real danger now so give others a little breathing room. Quarrels with the opposite sex or resolving thereof is possible during this transit. This is a difficult time for money, insurance, taxes and wills.

    Opposing  views  regarding  confidential  data  can  cause  separations  and  disagreements  with  others  as  the  battle  of  the  sexes  can  hit  home.  Jealousy  is  on  the  rise  with  this  transit  and  sexual  needs  and  desires  are  accented.  Sexual  incompatibility  can  occur  at  this  time  and  men  may  face  a  bit  of  questioning  their  masculinity  as  intimate  moments  don’t  “perform”  to  your  expectations  and  aggressiveness  touches  all  of  us  at  times  and  selfishness  can  rear  its  ugly  head  and  should  be  dealt  with.

    Financial extravagances can leave you broke, angry and disappointed in your choice of purchases. Items bought at the store may have to be returned with defects, especially electrical/mechanical.

Dec 19, 2018    12 PM (Dec 17, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)                         a~k x ;

    You will experience a strong need for power which may or may not be met through your own destiny; an important time to form new viewpoints about your world; physical suffering; provoking people; disruptions of activities to gain personal recognition; tragic experiences.

Dec 19, 2018     7 PM (Dec 18, 2018 to Dec 20, 2018)                           a n l

    Job hunting prospects look good and humanitarian projects are emphasized. Intense and powerful experiences will find you and investigation and study unto the unknown will be very revealing.

    Perceptions  are  stronger  than  usual  now,  so  please  pay  attention  to  the  insights  that  come  to  you.  Remember  to  forgive  others  when  they  do  you  wrong,  and  be  merciful  to  others.  Meditation  and  Spiritual  Development  can  begin  at  this  time  and  spiritual  values  should  be  shared  with  others.  The  intuitive  mind  can  influence  the  thinking  process  now,  and  this  will  be  a  very  spacy  type  of  day.  Kindness  and  generosity  can  easily  be  bestowed  on  others.  You  have  the  ability  to  visualize  past  experiences  and  analyze  them.  This  is  a  very  favorable  time  for  meditation  and  self  development.

    A great time to do any chores or take a vacation, but try to avoid any laziness that is sure to find you. Ideal loves are in the picture so go find them. Perhaps they will find you. Long journeys are favored.

Dec 19, 2018     8 PM (Dec 18, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)                         d~A z g

    Groups of people may come together to share ideas for a common goal; efforts to relate ideas; the communication and transmission of ideas; anger conveyed by thoughts; getting lost while traveling.

Dec 20, 2018     2 AM (Dec 20, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)                           a b ;

    Intense and powerful experiences will change your viewpoint in wonderful ways. Investigation and study into the unknown, or unchartered territories is favored. Make favorable impressions on others now if you have the need. A great aspect for getting things accomplished, so be a positive force in the world. Do something creative and constructive for the masses. You may find some real bargains at a thrift shop that can save you some money. Potent creativity is yours for the asking now and should be cultivated and released.

    Benefits  can  come  to  you  through  Taxes,  insurance,  new  businesses,  scientific  endeavors  and  the  workplace.  The  intuition  is  strong  and  clairvoyant  faculties  can  manifest  themselves.

Dec 20, 2018    10 PM (Dec 20, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)                           d m a

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    Communication  with  others  is  apt  to  be  intense  to  say  the  least.  That  may  prove  to  be  the  key  to  survival  here.  “Say  the  least.”  Do  not  formulate  or  sign  contracts  and  legal  documents  at  this  time  as  important  points  can  easily  be  overlooked.  Business  meetings  can  be  delayed  at  the  last  minute,  or  cancelled  altogether.

    This is a very busy and active time, but you can expect HEAVY opposition in communications with others. Avoid making any promises, forming contracts or agreements now because they are likely to fall apart as fast as they started.

Dec 22, 2018    12 AM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018)                           a m s

    A MINOR aspect and influence, but can take on much more importance if connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Pride  can  really  get  you  in  trouble,  especially  now.  Ego  trips  will  offend  people  easily  so  watch  what  you  say.  Disagreements  will  occur  with  others  because  it’s  just  one  of  those  times  when  it  cannot  be  avoided.  Authority  over  you  can  be  questioned  and  your  reactions  will  be  less  than  tolerable.  Stress  is  caused  by  inner  conflict  that  is  unresolved  now  so  try  to  find  the  cause  of  that  turbulence  in  your  life.

    A loss of confidence is possible now and you may want to spend some time by yourself temporarily. Differing value standards can cause disagreements with others now so find a way around obstacles rather than through them. You can expect to be somewhat irritable, upset, emotional or frustrated at this time. Avoid spending for the next couple of days because you will only buy junk you don’t need and when this is over you’ll admit it to yourself. Save yourself some money and don’t gamble at this time.

Dec 22, 2018     2 AM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018)                         a~d z A

    Meetings with others are accented; new acquaintances will come into your life; any presentations you have to make can be done at this time; communications getting to the proper people; telling people what they want to hear; convincing people of your honest intentions.

Dec 22, 2018     9 AM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018)                         a~h z A

    Contacts at this time can be around professionals or wealthy people; new projects started now have the feel of success to them; contacts with very religious or wise people; contacts with people now will be very happy, and bring opportunities for you to expand something in your personal life.

Dec 22, 2018    10 AM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018)                           g ? a

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustration.

    Avoid crowds and irritating people if possible for awhile as they can really get on your nerves. Accidents are possible with this transit so use care around sharp objects. Tempers will be on the “hot” side, so try to keep it under control. Impulsive actions can work against you now.

    Aggressive  acts  against  others  can  cause  you  or  someone  else  injuries  now.  Leave  coffee  or  stimulants  alone  until  after  this  transit  has  run  its  course,  as  it  will  only  make  a  jumpy  constitution  jumpier.  You  may  find  that  other  people  who  have  an  axe  to  grind  can  be  drawn  to  you  like  a  magnet.

    Challenges, disagreements, anger and arguments are possible now. This is a difficult time for wills, accidents and gambling as well. Illnesses can also occur. Rigid self control is needed now for partnerships to survive. Ego confrontations and ” me first attitudes ” will exist. Difficulties with anyone in authority can arise now, and if you aren’t careful, there can be physical confrontations. There is EXTREME ANGER present that requires an outlet!

    Consider  those  things  that  make  you  irritable  and  angry  very  carefully  now,  and  watch  your  emotions  as  they  can  really  get  out  of  control.  You  will  be  sorry  later  on  and  have  to  make  amends.  Another  influence  of  this  transit  is  being  ripped  off  by  someone  that  you  put  faith  in,  so  be  careful  in  your  dealings  with  others  until  this  transit  ends.

    PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION is a danger as well as being accident prone, experiencing fevers, sharp pains in the joints, arthritic conditions, gout or have some sort of surgery.

    Those  who  knowingly  break  the  law  may  be  caught  in  the  act  at  this  time.  Errors  in  judgment  will  lead  you  to  financial  loss  right  now,  so  think  twice  and  then  don’t!  If  you  are  looking  for  the  perfect  time  to  separate  from  a  loved  one,  this  is  it!

Dec 22, 2018          (Nov 16, 2018 to Jan 21, 2019)                           ; n j

    Promotions are possible now and the backing and support of friends and family may come at this time. You may be having visions of what needs to be done but having a difficult time getting the job done can be frustrating so let go and relax.

    Focus  your  attention  and  energy  on  goals  now  and  this  is  a  perfect  time  to  discover  what  you  don’t  need  in  your  life  to  survive.  Look  around  at  all  of  those  luxuries  that  are  weighing  down  your  mind  and  soul.  Your  will  power  will  get  you  through  any  tough  times  now  and  you  will  find  this  to  be  a  truly  spiritual  time.

    This is an excellent time for legal matters, scientific pursuits, mathematics, technical matters, seeing your doctor for a checkup and consulting your attorney.

Dec 22, 2018     1 PM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 23, 2018)                         d~g x k

    You will be able to do two things at the same time; make plans and think out ideas while you are running, jogging or while on the road; your judgement is not that great, so rethink what you are doing; your nervous system will be excitable.

Dec 23, 2018     1 AM (Dec 21, 2018 to Dec 24, 2018)                           f z s

    The atmosphere at home is apt to be loving, comforting and very maternal, so make plans to be around your loved ones. Be careful of the sweet tooth though, it may reach out for cakes, pastries, chocolate . . . I better stop here, I can sense mouths watering and I think it’s mine! This transit represents a quiet time spent at home. There are loving moods present now that would be best utilized doing something special for others, or humanitarian deeds. Visit the hospital or elderly to bring them some comfort as well.

Dec 23, 2018     1 PM (Dec 21, 2018 to Dec 25, 2018)                         g~h x k

    Breaking free from situations and circumstances; self expression can be very tense; extreme unrest; the rules can change in sports and competition; learning about other people’s motivations.

Dec 24, 2018    12 AM (Dec 24, 2018 to Dec 25, 2018)                           a ? k

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustrations.

    Freedom is needed, sought and desired at all costs at this time, especially from circumstances that have you tied down or restricted in some way. Sudden romances can begin at this time and end just as quickly when this transit does, so don’t expect anything long term from it. This is an unfavorable time for any group activities.

    This  can  be  a  time  of  electrical  fires,  so  be  more  aware  of  the  hazards  in  your  surroundings.  Murphys  Law  is  in  full  effect  now,  so  if  it  can  go  wrong  it  will,  now!  Hold  on  to  something  and  prepare  for  a  shock  in  your  life!  This  is  not  a  good  time  for  private  negotiations  because  disappointments  of  the  major  kind  are  to  be  expected.

    You will experience difficulties in expressing yourself and that is hard to do with your foot in your mouth. Separations from others is possible at this time because either of you or both need your own space. You will have the advice potential of a blind man, you won’t see it, or take it.

Dec 24, 2018     4 AM (Dec 24, 2018 to Dec 25, 2018)                           d m l

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    Be  somewhat  skeptical  if  any  offers  that  arrive  now  seem  too  good  to  good  to  be  true  as  confusion,  lies  and  deceptions  will  be  found  in  communications.  Avoid  dishonesty  at  all  cost  and  stay  from  dishonest  people.  You  may  notice  that  your  nerves  can  be  on  edge  so  make  sure  you  have  all  the  facts  before  you  engage  your  mouth.  This  is  an  unfavorable  time  for  close  emotional  relationships  and  you  may  be  feeling  homesick,  or  miss  someone  romantically.

    Ill health connected with drugs, medications or alcohol is possible, so be careful in their use as you are very susceptible to Negative effects from them, whether they are prescription or not. Please remember that any medications that you take now that promises not to cause drowsiness is a lie, but you will find that out for yourself!

Dec 24, 2018     2 PM (Dec 24, 2018 to Dec 25, 2018)                           a c g

    Avoid crowds and irritating people now because tempers will be hotter than normal and impulsive and intense actions as well as some aggressive attitudes will be in evidence.

    You  are  just  looking  for  a  fight  now,  but  are  you  prepared  to  pay  the  price  for  your  quarrelsome  nature?  Do  you  think  other  people  around  you  should  be  the  brunt  of  your  anger?  If  you  are  looking  for  a  perfect  time  to  separate  from  a  loved  one,  this  is  it!  Go  for  a  LONG  walk  and  reevaluate  later!  Remember,  this  is  a  very  short  transit,  but  separations  is  the  price  for  impulsive  acts  lasts  for  a  long  time.

    This is a difficult time for romance and gambling. You may have an illness or headache that develops at this time. The Sun is always hot and when it reaches Mars (ruler of the head and house where it is natally) it makes it hotter and natural temperatures and tempers rise.

Dec 25, 2018     1 AM (Dec 22, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018)                         a~A z d

    Communications with others increase; business meetings and contacts with others are highlighted; people feel the need to bring news to you; contacts, appointments and discussions on spending; “lively” meetings or debates with arrogant people during meetings; contacts from people bringing good news.

Dec 25, 2018          (Dec 24, 2018 to Jan 15, 2019)                        d 2nd H.

    Mercury has entered your 2nd house. Transits of Mercury point to areas of interests in our lives at specific times, health matters or where our thoughts are during any given time.

    Business  transactions,  gathering  information,  discussions  and  negotiations  about  money  matters,  short  trips  for  business  purposes,  planning  and  discussions  with  others  about  money  or  possessions  are  highlighted  now.  Checks  can  arrive  in  the  mail.  News  of  future  promotions  or  financial  gains  is  possible.  New  ideas  can  be  incorportated  for  earning  more  money.  If  Mercury  is  harshly  aspected  while  transiting  the  2nd  house,  you  may  be  bound  up  with  financial  worries  or  make  changes  in  your  financial  outlook.  Agreements  and  contracts  involving  business  can  be  stressed  as  well.

Dec 25, 2018     8 PM (Dec 24, 2018 to Dec 26, 2018)                           a m S

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Rejections  can  really  deliver  a  blow  to  the  ego,  so  don’t  push  sensitive  matters.  Wait  for  another  time  to  initiate  new  ventures.  Do  not  ask  favors  from  people,  especially  men  whether  it  is  a  parent  or  the  boss.  If  you  are  in  a  position  where  you  do  all  the  work  on  the  job  or  at  home  yourself,  let  someone  else  help  you.  I  know  you  hate  to  ask  for  help,  but  this  is  the  time  to  let  your  pride  go  and  ask.  Be  careful  as  this  can  be  a  very  stressful  time  for  you  and  we  don’t  want  you  getting  ill.

Dec 25, 2018    10 PM (Dec 24, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018)                           f m g

    This is a MINOR influence and aspect, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    There  is  no  excusing  abuse  in  relationships  in  any  form  and  this  transit  can  promote  just  that.  Romantic  quarrels  are  apt  to  be  hot  and  heavy  if  you  let  them  get  out  of  hand.  Problems  in  social  areas  and  business  are  likely  to  arise,  so  watch  those  not  so  nice  remarks  now  as  they  can  cut  like  a  knife.  Avoid  any  purchases  of  extravagant  items  at  this  time,  as  they  may  have  to  be  returned  for  one  reason  or  another.  Control  your  emotions  and  your  feelings  so  they  don’t  get  away  from  you.

    Opposing views regarding confidential data causes separations. The battle of the sexes continues in high gear and jealousy can rear its ugly head demanding to be heard. Sexual needs become accented and sexual incompatibility or aggressiveness are also indicated. Selfish attitudes can arise and financial extravagances can leave you broke, so try to tone down spending. Items bought at the store may have to be returned with defects, especially electrical/mechanical. Be precise in all things you do to avoid the mistakes that can easily occur now.

Dec 26, 2018     5 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018)                           g ? h

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustration.

    Avoid those people who do not know when to stop once they get started (in a negative way) or people that are annoying. Generosity can get out of hand, so be careful with your funds and possessions. If you cannot afford to buy something, then don’t buy it now!  Use caution in your spending now, as you may purchase something with lots of good will in your heart, for the wrong or undeserving people. You may find out too late that the people that you put your time, effort and love into do not have your best intentions at heart. It is therefore better to buy small gifts and offer small tokens, than to look like a major fool!

    Arrogance,  accidents  and  impulsive  actions  are  advised  against  now  and  caution  is  advised  in  business  dealings  with  foreigners  and  danger  is  present  while  travelling!

    Financial mistakes can easily be made now, leaving you with egg on your face. This period is unfavorable for any legal activities and don’t start any new endeavors because impatience and carelessness can be your downfall.

    Relationships  actually  appear  better  than  they  are  at  this  time.  Unethical  business  practices  should  be  avoided  and  use  caution  when  dealing  with  others,  especially  foreigners.  Be  careful  of  others  who  encourage  you  to  spend  money  or  waste  your  time  and  energy  as  money  comes  and  money  goes  very  quickly  now.  At  least  it  comes,  so  it  can  go,  maybe  that’s  why  it  came  in  the  first  place?

    Challenges will excite you for a few days and impulsive and hasty actions will be your downfall as you go off like a loose cannon and more than likely wind up overextending yourself and getting involved in very UNWISE ventures. Legal and religious disagreements occur now, so avoid remarks made to others, no matter how innocent they were meant to be. Travel and trips will prove to be more expensive than you counted on through your own extravagance as well.

Dec 26, 2018     5 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018)                           d n d

    That trip you may have been planning is favored now. Communications will be at their peak, so get your point across to others while you can. You will be able to understand new concepts very easily and your social intercourse with others will be pleasant.

    You  will  notice  a  state  of  restlessness  now  so  don’t  sit  around,  go  for  a  walk  at  least.  This  is  the  time  to  sign  contracts  or  conclude  agreements  that  have  been  pending.  Appointments  made  now,  will  be  on  time  and  prosperous.  This  transit  also  favors  reading,  teaching,  lecturing  and  group  activities.

Dec 26, 2018     6 PM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018)                           a b D

    You are positive, energized and poised for success. Career goals are right on track, so don’t change a thing. Try doing some decorating around the home or office to give it a more warm feeling. Goals are active and determined. Pay careful attention to details as your impulsive nature may miss something. Be a leader now!  People look to you for leadership. Now is the time to approach people in authority and power for favors.

Dec 27, 2018     3 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 28, 2018)                           a m j

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Someone  in  your  domestic  arena  or  friends  may  depart.  Expect  delays  and  obstacles  to  confront  you,  but  you  can  overcome  them,  just  be  realistic  in  your  approach  and  you  will  be  fine.

* *  Colds or the flu can put you to bed for a few days and your mental outlook will be on the negative side. This is a wonderful time to establish a method of doing something you have always wanted to do. Get a plan first, then go after it. Projects that you would have never attempted before can be successfully completed now.

    Selfish  ambitions  are  number  one  on  the  hit  parade  now.  If  you  are  in  a  position  of  power,  be  careful  of  the  little  people  under  you.  Remember  if  the  foundation  cracks,  the  house  under  you  is  going  to  fall.  Do  you  like  change?  Are  you  being  forced  to  make  changes  in  your  life  but  don’t  want  to?    Then  you  may  not  appreciate  this  transit.  This  is  a  very  difficult  time  for  any  kind  of  advancement.  Responsibility  can  really  bog  you  down.

    A time when you can feel very lonely and unloved. Your health may be vulnerable in the areas of: Teeth, back and heart. Your attitude will be very serious and you will feel like you are being held back. Perhaps you are, there is a reason for everything. As the great man said “Sometimes the answer is no!”

Dec 27, 2018          (Dec 26, 2018 to Jan 21, 2019)                        f 1st H.

    Venus has entered your 1st house now. Venus is the Goddess of love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on.

    You  are  very  sociable  now  and  you  love  making  a  good  impression  on  others,  making  peace  with  the  world  around  you,  taking  vacations,  attracting  people  and  having  a  good  time.  Your  environment  is  happy  and  content  and  a  romantic  admirer  may  take  a  shine  to  you.  If  Venus  recieves  a  stressful  aspect  while  transiting  the  1st  house,  you  are  likely  to  be  more  self  indulgent  and  spend  more  on  extravagant  items  and  in  some  cases  be  a  little  bit  more  “HYPER”  than  usual.

Dec 27, 2018     7 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 28, 2018)                           d < k

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    TRYING  TO  REACH  PEOPLE  NOW  IS  AN  EXERCISE  IN  FUTILITY,  Or,  increases  in  communications  with  verbal  confrontations  that  can  get  out  of  control  or  get  carried  away  due  to  your  own  impatience.  Hasty  words  or  intolerance  of  others  over  apparent  stupidity  on  someones  part,  of  which  you  are  partially  to  blame.  This  will  not  be  a  dull  time  for  you!  Sudden  events  can  occur  that  increase  your  workload  and  appointments  dramatically  as  well,  leaving  you  scattering  to  tie  up  all  of  the  loose  ends  or  do  some  quick  reorganizing  of  priorities.

    Plans will have a tendency to go haywire for awhile and legal technicalities can prove upsetting and costly. Too many cooks can spoil your projects, so limit the number of participants. Don’t rush projects, let them go along at their own pace. Be careful going up or down anything that can cause you injury. URANUS has a lot to do with Explosions or electrical problems, or problems that arise without warning. Remember that if you make a promise to someone, keep it!

Dec 27, 2018     7 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 28, 2018)                           f z S

    A very friendly and affectionate time surrounds your life at this time, so enjoy your time spent with others. If you are encountering any difficulties at this time, this is a great time to settle them. A new friend or lover may enter your life now.

Dec 27, 2018          (Dec 8, 2018 to Jan 15, 2019)                            A c l

You can expect to be somewhat antisocial around others during this transit, choosing to be by yourself. You lack common sense and your judgments about situations will be incorrect. Relationships will suffer disappointments and you can either be deceived or choose to deceive others. You will notice that you are spending more sleepless nights now.

Dec 27, 2018     3 PM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 28, 2018)                           a n f

    Ah, love, sweet love. This is a superlative time for romance. Be affectionate to everyone and don’t forget that favorite pet of yours. Are you awaiting any financial negotiations? The outcome looks very favorable now. Prosperity surrounds you with this aspect and you may get a cost of living increase that you weren’t expecting, or a pay raise. Popularity will be apparent with the opposite sex, or people in general.

    Romance  and  marriage  possibilities  come  under  the  Suns  rays  now  and  perhaps  you  will  decide  to  get  engaged  or  married  now.  One  of  the  positive  effects  of    this  transit  is  that  people  who  haven’t  taken  notice  of  you  before  suddenly  notice  you.  This  is  a  time  of  increased  attractions  to  others  at  this  time  and  you  will  also  find  that  finances  are  favored  as  well.

Dec 28, 2018     2 AM (Dec 26, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                         f~; z A

    Your contacts and meetings with people will not bring you the protection and guarantees that you are after; associations with people where deep love is involved.

Dec 28, 2018     4 PM (Dec 28, 2018 to Dec 29, 2018)                           f z j

    Deep commitments to love is now possible and this transit can bring past loves back into your life. Possible throat problems can develop that need some kind of attention or women may experience late menstrual cycles which is also a side effect of this transit.

    Lower  back  aches  and  kidney  problems  can  develop  now  so  make  sure  to  increase  your  water  intake  to  keep  your  kidneys  working  correctly.  Selfish  concerns  for  your  own  welfare  is  an  issue  that  you  must  take  responsibility  for.

    Remembering past joys can be a source of sadness if you haven’t learned to let go and there can be a need for emotional and financial security can develop giving a boost to selfishness. There is a danger that loneliness can occur, but if you use it wisely to get in touch with who you are and what you expect from others and you might be pleasantly surprised. Limited finances can leave you stranded and broke.

Dec 28, 2018     8 PM (Dec 27, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                           g ? l

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustration.

    You may discover that you have been betrayed by someone very dear to you at this time, as deceptions can be found at the highest levels of work, government or domestic life. Getting the truth from others is not promising, and avoid potential hazards to your health or well being by using care in what you do.

    It  is  likely  that  you  will  be  easily  discouraged  in  your  attempts  to  succeed  and  find  your  vitality  is  on  the  low  side.  Avoid  wasted  and  destructive  energies,  impulsive  actions,  failures,  misuse  and  abuse  of  others,  criminal  behavior  and  infections  which  are  all  side  effects  of  this  transit.  You  can  find  danger  in  the  strangest  places  without  having  to  go  looking  for  it,  mainly  because  you  aren’t  thinking  about  what  you  are  doing.  Remember,  your  ENERGY  LEVELS  WILL  BE  NON-EXISTENT.

    Refrain from offbeat impulses now, they will only get you into trouble, and this is not a good time to push stressful situations. Keep away from drugs or drinking because they will react adversely on your body and misunderstandings with others will be easy to come by, you won’t have to go looking for them, they will find you.

    Confusion  and  chaotic  conditions  can  easily  arrive  in  your  life  now  and  new  ventures  or  business  should  wait  a  few  days  until  the  fog  you  call  a  mind  clears.  Dangerous  conditions  CAN  exist  around  areas  where  escaping  gas,  toxic  chemical  or  fumes,  flammable  liquids  and  gases  are  stored  or  located.

Dec 29, 2018          (Dec 20, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019)                            j < h

    One danger of this transit is comparing yourself to others, noting their success and your failures. Problems can arise in relationships because of a rigid attitude and feeling that your partner doesn’t realize your potentials. In matters of health there can be some water on the knees or inflammation of the joints to contend with.

    Social  programs  may  be  curtailed  in  some  way  now  and  progress  comes  to  a  screeching  halt.  If  you  are  involved  in  large  projects  requiring  the  help  or  support  of  others,  then  you  can  expect  to  be  tested  on  the  validity  of  the  project  through  the  people  that  you  associate  with.  I  know  that  you  don’t  want  to  hear  it  but  PATIENCE  is  the  key.  When  considering  actions,  let  this  transit  pass  first  and  then  take  a  look  at  it  again.

    A very restless spirit will want to be on the move, but that movement is blocked and so the tension builds, especially if you are waiting for something to happen and money can be tough to come by as well. Don’t look for rewards to come for work done until after this transit ends.

    Clean  closets  and  get  rid  of  everything  you  don’t  need  now  and  any  big  business  deals  that  you  start  now  or  have  been  in  progress  at  this  time  will  be  marked  with  failure.  Progress  must  be  very  slow  if  success  is  to  be  achieved  and  failure  in  business  is  likely  to  come  from  your  inability  to  handle  responsibilities  at  this  time.  Receiving  the  support  that  you  need  will  not  come  from  others.

    The differences between religion and spiritual issues will have to be dealt with. A time when we want to expand (Jupiter) but we are frustrated (Saturn) and held back. This is a poor time for business and business expansion, as there are bound to be legal difficulties and red tape to deal with or a financial crisis. This is a poor time to do any publishing and travel.

    Accident  potential  is  HIGHER  for  aircraft  (perhaps  older  aircraft)  and  older  people.  Handle  your  own  money  to  prevent  losses  from  occurring  as  investments  can  fail  now.  Resources  will  be  restricted  in  some  way  during  this  transit,  so  put  projects  that  will  drain  your  resources  on  hold  until  after  this  transit  passes.  Limitations  put  upon  you  can  cause  a  splitting  of  associations  with  others  and  relationships  in  general  may  undergo  severe  tests.

    It is time to get back to the basics of life now, but be careful, to be conservative and especially realistic in what you do as your timing in business matters is POOR. This is a difficult time for education, publishing and travel and love relationships can break down as well.

    It  will  be  very  difficult  to  collect  money  that  is  due  you  now  for  services  that  you  have  provided  for  others,  or  notice  that  money  that  is  promised  faces  delay  after  delay.

Dec 29, 2018     8 AM (Dec 27, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                           g ? ;

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    The  Quincunx  has  the  annoying  capability  of  letting  us  feel  that  the  problem  at  hand  will  soon  be  solved,  while  continually  eluding  us  and  giving  us  FALSE  HOPES  through  self  deception  and  frustration.

    Community property interests can be upsetting in some way now and business failures can occur now affecting many people. Circumstances beyond your control can easily develop and this is certainly not the time to try to discipline the kids or have a fight with your spouse as things can get way out of hand.

    Maintain  patience  with  others  during  this  transit,  because  Mars  loves  to  agitate  things.  High  energy  will  be  in  abundance.  You  will  experience  great  opposition  to  people  you  confront  for  no  reason  and  challenges  to  egos  will  be  easy  to  find.  A  different  course  of  action  is  needed  for  a  few  days.

    Loose ends can trip you up as they always do and ruthless and underhanded behavior can undermine any situation, so try to keep your distance from others. Serious conflicts between individuals can occur now, or you can be a victim of someone elses ruthlessness. Losses will occur through confrontations with others and jealousy and possessiveness can rear their ugly heads as well. Difficulties in taxes, insurance, alimony and sexual prowess are all direct results of this transit

    Someone  can  do  something  to  you  at  this  time  that  can  very  well  prompt  retaliation  by  you.  It  seems  for  now  reason  the  world  has  an  axe  to  grind  with  you,  and  you  are  left  bewildred  and  angry  by  the  whole  thing.  You  may  even  decide  to  sue  someone  for  an  injustice  done  to  you  now,  but  the  probability  of  success  is  slim  to  none  at  all.

    The danger of contracting diseases (social, sexual or otherwise) and encountering annoyances, physical and verbal abuse is high with this placement. Attacks on others is likely to have a ruthless overtone and trying to institute changes now will meet with great resistance. Impulsive actions are always regretted at a later date, so try your best to avoid them. Be extremely cautious in what you do, as your actions now can have very explosive consequences.

Dec 29, 2018     9 AM (Dec 28, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                           d z A

    Ideas and communications are easily accepted by others at this time and publicity in some form about you can take place. Favors advertising and communications and popularity soars with friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters and associates at this time.

Dec 29, 2018    12 PM (Dec 28, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                         d~l x k

    Inspired ideas arrive quite suddenly, sparking new or way out creativity; artistic inspiration can make you create the next space fantasy.

Dec 29, 2018    10 PM (Dec 29, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018)                           d m f

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    Communication  problems  are  high  at  this  time,  so  expect  breakdowns  in  business,  relationships  and  social  functions.  Avoid  signing  any  papers  especially  involved  with  finances  until  another  time.

    “Oh how I love shopping sprees” is the theme to this transit, more junk to add to the junk you already have. The urge and need to buy something will be greater, that you will regret at a later date. Should you find the need to discuss matters with your lover, please do it another time. If you try to get your point across now, you will have the grace of a sledgehammer. Get the point?

    If  you  are  considering  speaking  or  lecturing,  try  to  schedule  it  another  time  if  possible.  If  you  can’t,  you  may  find  that  others  may  have  no  idea  what  you  are  talking  about,  prompting  people  to  ask  questions  about  things  you  may  not  be  prepared  for.  Are  you  a  writer  looking  for  inspiration?  Go  fishing  instead,  it  will  be  much  more  productive  and  interesting.

    This transit is not favorable for phone calls, dealing with any females, romance or gossip (foot in mouth disease).

Dec 30, 2018          (Dec 10, 2018 to Jan 15, 2019)                         j~k x D

    New ways of doing things replaces old ways; be careful of being controlled by others; removing old habits; releasing old ideas that no longer work; rebellious; provoked; separating from others.

Dec 31, 2018          (Dec 30, 2018 to Feb 6, 2019)                         g 5th H.

    Mars has entered your 5th house now. Mars is the planet of intense activity and the house it occupies by transit shows where that activity will take place. Mars is aggressive and can be quite selfish in its needs and desires, so be careful how you utilize this tremendous energy.

    Sex  and  lovemaking  energy  is  very  high  at  this  time  and  the  potential  for  accident  is  present  for  yourself  and  children.  Children  may  require  more  than  normal  attention  now  and  be  careful  that  family  members  are  not  neglected.

    Gambling and speculative ventures are not favored as a certain discipline will be lacking in your life. Sexual jealousy or frustrations are possible, so try to take the “edge” off by engaging in dancing or physical activity. You can be somewhat crude or invite physical harm to yourself now, or on the other hand you may get involved in a sudden and impulsive love relationship.

    If  Mars  makes  a  difficult  aspect  while  transiting  the  5th  house,  then  your  behavior  can  be  characterized  as  undisciplined  to  say  the  least,  especially  in  social  situations.  There  is  also  a  tendency  to  choose  entertainment  that  is  exciting,  or  watch  horror  or  action  movies  now.  Be  careful  swinging  on  that  “jungle  jim”,  you  might  fall  and  hurt  yourself,  even  if  you  are  87.

Dec 31, 2018     6 PM (Dec 30, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019)                          d~k x h

    Solutions to problems may suddenly arise, saving the day; a great time to present your ideas to others because the possibility for success is heightened.

Dec 31, 2018     7 PM (Dec 31, 2018 to Jan 1, 2019)                            d n a

    Are you the creative type? Do you have to make a speech or get your point across to others? Now is the time to do it. The thought and speech processes are clear as a bell and ready for ringing. Business will go well if other aspects support it.

    This  aspect  is  notorious  for  letting  the  phone  ring  off  the  wall  with  activity  and  keeping  you  extremely  busy.  Present  your  new  ideas  to  those  in  authority  now  as  they  will  be  more  open  to  receive  them.

    Romances, social affairs, pleasure trips, studying, publishing, dieting, buying clothes and personal hygiene are all under favorable auspices now.

    Communications  are  favored,  so  if  you  have  to  buy,  sell,  travel,  write,  teach,  or  do  any  research  this  is  the  time  to  do  so.

Jan 1, 2019      5 AM (Jan 1, 2019 to Jan 2, 2019)                             g < s

    This is a MINOR influence or aspect, but it can take on more importance if it occurs at the same time as other negative aspects.

    Handle  no  sharp  objects  if  you  can  help  it  as  little  accidents  and  cuts  are  likely  and  the  bigger  the  machinery,  the  bigger  the  cuts.  The  most  common  complaints  during  this  transit  are  irritability,  feeling  provoked,  arguments  and  anger.  This  period  is  unfavorable  for  dealing  with  the  public,  women,  business  and  land.  The  most  common  health  problems  are  indigestion  and  stomach  problems.

    Bitter feelings may have you by the throat at this time because of some unresolved issues that are eating away at you. You are easily provoked so be careful to keep your ears and mouth closed. If someone is chewing you out, imagine yourself meditating, while not hearing a word they say. It’s that kind of time period.

    Separations  from  others  can  be  expected  now,  and  it  is  better  for  you  to  stay  away  from  people  if  you  can.  Feeling  annoyed  at  others  is  the  least  you  can  expect.

Jan 1, 2019      7 PM (Jan 1, 2019 to Jan 2, 2019)                             a < h

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Practical  considerations  go  out  the  window  and  large  scale  errors  in  judgement  can  easily  be  made,  so  don’t  count  on  anything  until  you  have  it  firmly  in  your  hand.  This  can  be  a  great  time  to  diet  because  you  can  lose  weight  easily.

    You may very well quit your job because of ego conflicts with authority figures. This is not a good time for gambling, romance or business as FOOLISH OPTIMISM can be your downfall.

    Transportation  accident  levels  are  on  the  rise  so  keep  an  eye  on  the  road  at  all  times.  The  need  to  spend  money  on  needless  items,  or  spending  just  for  the  sake  of  spending  will  be  very  strong.  Very  extravagant,  materialistic  and  arrogant  behavior  emerges.  Say  goodbye  to  the  credit  line  you  kept  in  good  shape  for  so  long.  By  the  end  of  this  transit,  the  money  spent  on  useless  items  will  show  you  the  error  of  your  ways.  I  know  you  want  something  new,  but  this  is  not  the  time  to  do  it,  buy  it,  or  try  it.  Better  to  deny  it!  You  may  feel  frustrated  over  financial  shortages  which  is  the  result  of  your  spending.

Jan 1, 2019      9 PM (Dec 30, 2018 to Jan 3, 2019)                          a~k x D

    Your projects and plans get a significant helping hand; the ego gets a boost as well; conversations with others can be very lively, and in the end the advantage turns in your favor; protecting yourself from people who try to halt your freedom; being different makes you happy.

Jan 2, 2019     12 PM (Jan 1, 2019 to Jan 3, 2019)                             d b h

    Chances are good for acquiring something of substantial value that puts a smile on your face. Always get expert professional opinions in all matters that are important to you. The power of positive thinking will see you through the toughest times now. Learn how to play the game of life instead of bucking the system!

    Make  pacts  or  agreements  with  others  or  sign  documents  because  the  time  is  right.  Credit  purchases  can  soar  now,  just  make  sure  you  don’t  go  overboard  in  your  spending,  putting  you  into  further  debt.

    Communications and ideas will flow easily now and the clairvoyant faculties are stimulated. A friendly attitude prevails, PHONE CALLS INCREASE, and letter writing is favored. SIGN CONTRACTS for favorable outcomes now and take any form of test for assured success. Write down ideas when they come to you, no matter where you are because you may forget something very beneficial to you in the future. The force is definitely with you where words are concerned. That long awaited phone call or letter can arrive now.

Jan 3, 2019      6 AM (Dec 31, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019)                          g~; x h

    Extraordinary success arrives; your goals are much clearer; you will find an added bit of energy to accomplish things, and find the funds available as well; there may be some kind of notoriety coming to you; strong recuperative abilities; increased destructive powers; fortuitous outcomes when utilizing extreme measures.

Jan 3, 2019      2 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                           d~k x ;

    The ability to get the job done; a natural leadership ability will emerge; excited nerves; weakened nerves; interests in recycling; vulgarities and slurs in speech; attracting reverses or complications in your life that arrive quite suddenly.

Jan 3, 2019      2 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                             f c h

    Find a middle of the road with those who are “all take” and “no give” in relationships or people that you deal with on a daily basis. A taste for luxury can get out of control leaving you financially short. OVERDOING, overeating and drinking are issues to be carefully handled now. Trips are likely to be very expensive, OR wind up to be more than quoted. Evasion of work for the pursuit of pleasures is the theme of this transit. The expanded love urge arises, looking for greener pastures. This is not a productive work period because how can you work when your heart is set on play.

    Taking  chances  with  love  or  money  is  unwise  at  this  time  and  any  health  problems  that  you  experience  at  this  time  may  be  linked  to  overindulgences.  Stay  as  close  to  earth  as  possible,  so  you  won’t  have  too  far  to  fall  should  things  go  wrong  now.  Vacations  will  prove  to  be  more  expensive  than  expected,  so  make  sure  to  bring  extra  funds  with  you  to  cover  any  additional  costs.  Plans  you  have  been  looking  forward  to  will  not  materialize  at  this  time  and  items  bought  will  have  a  high  probability  of  being  returned  to  the  store  for  several  different  reasons.  Faulty  emotional  and  financial  judgment  is  to  be  expected,  but  you  will  do  okay  if  you  keep  expectations  realistic.

Jan 3, 2019      4 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                             d n l

    People in public relations fields will be filled with inspiration now, so let inspiration be your guide. Heightened intuition and creativity can take you into unknown areas for exploration, so follow your hunches, you never know what genius lies inside you. The magic of make believe can influence creativity, so don’t let anything pass you by.

    You  may  find  a  good  luck  charm,  or  it  may  find  you.  Meditation  now  can  reveal  some  wonderful  answers  to  your  questions,  so  be  sure  to  put  some  quality  time  aside  to  do  so.

    Make agreements, sign documents and travel now, they are all under favorable times now. You have the ability to sense coming events now and spiritual awareness is very strong. This is an excellent time to make some plans in advance, with strong yearnings for far off places and people.

    This  is  sure  to  be  a  very  telepathic,  intuitive  and  insightful  time  for  you.  Short  trips  are  favored  and  you  will  find  that  your  creative  expression  is  on  an  unconscious  level.  Secret  information  and  investigations  into  something  you  have  been  curious  about  can  be  accomplished  now  and  you  will  find  that  you  have  a  very  metaphysical  type  of  mind  temporarily,  interested  and  fascinated  by  science  fiction.

    Always read everything before you sign, as you can get lost in a day dream and miss the fine print. The study of mystical subjects is favored and you can be the channel for a spiritual source, so open up a channel and await further instructions. Photography, drawing and painting are all favored as well.

Jan 3, 2019      5 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                           d~h z A

    Meetings and social contacts at this time can be effective for sharing ideas and thoughts with others; links to people who publish ideas; social contacts made while on a trip or traveling.

Jan 3, 2019      8 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                             a < ;

    This is a MINOR aspect and influence, but it can take on much more importance if it is connected to other negative aspects at the same time.

    Don’t  get  caught  up  in  statements  that  breed  misunderstandings  and  out  and  out  quarrels,  because  that  will  be  easy  to  do  at  this  time.  Major  problems  can  arise  in  your  dealings  with  others.  Coping  with  contradictory  feelings  is  a  necessary  evil  at  this  time  and  stay  away  from  those  people  who  try  to  pressure  you  into  doing  something.

    Business or professional practices range from questionable to fraud, so make sure you recognize the possibilities and be honest in your business dealings because this transit is famous for bringing any dishonest dealings out into the open. Compelling urges can prove to be very destructive especially now and a time of crisis that brings disruptions that are out of control into your life. Jealousy may rear its head for you to deal with as well. True tests in the use of power can arise.

    Don’t  try  to  dominate  or  remake  others,  because  people  just  won’t  take  it  as  well  as  other  times.  Problems  will  be  noted  in  joint  finances,  insurance  claims  or  policies,  taxes  and  business.  There  is  a  very  strong  sexual  energy  present.  Do  something  creative  with  it.

Jan 3, 2019     10 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 4, 2019)                             d b ;

    This is a very Spiritually attuned time in which new insights can be gained into the world. Your thinking may be off in the edges of “outer space” somewhere now, so wait until you come back to earth to make decisions. Recreational clubs and activities can flourish and the potential for writing or speaking to others is very favorable now.

    Be  on  the  alert  for  positive  trends  in  business  and  finance,  you  may  be  able  to  take  advantage  of  it  for  your  own  personal  use.  The  accuracy  of  interpretations  and  personal  insights  are  profound  at  this  time.  Paying  attention  to  details  can  uncover  some  wonderful  facets  of  your  life,  so  practice  positive  thinking  for  mental  stability.  Your  perceptions  are  right  on  target,  so  make  sure  to  pay  attention  to  your  own  little  voice.  Be  flexible  and  willing  to  bend  when  dealing  with  others.  You  possess  the  ability  to  comfort  others  in  their  time  of  need.

    Courage is abundant to face the future now and any dealings and communications with other people is favored. You can act as a mediator for people experiencing conflicts, or go over your personal finances and make the necessary changes. Advise and council others if you are asked.

Jan 4, 2019      4 AM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 5, 2019)                           a~f z A

    New friends and acquaintances can be through creative or artistic people; get togethers are sure to be warm and congenial; people can support or help you demonstrate your affections; learning how to express your feelings for another person.

Jan 4, 2019      6 AM (Jan 2, 2019 to Jan 5, 2019)                             g b k

    Cultivate new skills now that can bring rewards into your life later. Once in a lifetime chances can bring rewards to you somehow and provide pleasant stimulation in the process. Creative brainstorms can bring new projects and a source of income to you and it seems that opportunities seem to come from out of the blue under this transit. Opportunities can come to partnerships that allow them to advance and grow.

    Inventions  or  research  done  at  this  time  may  spark  a  breakthrough  in  some  area.  Your  desire  for  independence  is  high  and  bursts  of  sudden  energy  and  action  may  take  you  by  surprise.  Auto  or  electrical  problems  can  arise  suddenly.

    Go off the beaten path now with unexplored ideas as positive personal change is possible. Your will power will be very strong at this time and you will be very determined to accomplsh something.  The need for freedom is stronger than normal and premature acts should be avoided. Being at the right place at the right time can bring some very favorable opportunities or benefits that can come from others.

Jan 4, 2019      8 PM (Jan 1, 2019 to Jan 7, 2019)                           g~k x d

    Making plans for a successful future ; a good approach to being organized; your nerves will be a bit on edge, and excess energy needs to be used; you’ve been supplied with it for a reason, so go do something productive with it!

Jan 5, 2019      6 PM (Jan 3, 2019 to Jan 7, 2019)                           f~j z A

    Meetings, associations and contacts with others can be for the purpose of consoling or sympathy; sadness over being separated from others; older people who can help you solve some problems; strong karmic attractions to an older person.